Dirilis Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 58 (Season Last)

This is Episode number 58 of Dirilis Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. I will killiyou with) Kiy append your bodies to your owners. I understood that you were doing something when you set off with soldiers without informing me. My thoughts were right. Catch, if you can. Well done Arikbuka. You did what you could ...


This is Episode number 58 of Dirilis Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. I will killiyou with) Kiy append your bodies to your owners. I understood that you were doing something when you set off with soldiers without informing me. My thoughts were right. Catch, if you can. Well done Arikbuka. You did what you could. Now it's my turn. Go after him! I will take your life Berke Han. And i know how to do it. You were right Ertugrul Bey. You stopped the bertrayal with your trap. You did your duty. Now it's my turn I will kill that traitor among us. We haven't fulfilled our duty. I will keep following Arikbuka. I must break his wings before he takes the’inews to Hulagu Han. I will give two trackers to you. Yuo'll need them. But don't waste your time. Because i will send my men to everywhere. Come to my hunt tent when you're done. There's no obstacle for our alliance now. I will give some documents to you. which will'be necessary for the big war. As you wish. Come on We are going back to the hunt tent. Because there is a hunt waiting for us.

And we'll go after Arikbuka. Come on Alps! Untie my hands. I order you as Sirma Hatun Untie my hands! You will listen to your Hatun's order like this. Sirma Hatun:.. Ilbilge Hatun ordered this. vShe has anotKer-'order. You can't leave your tent. And these 2 Alps will wait at your door. If you need anything.. Get out! Out! I said get out! Get out! Out! It's not done, llbilge Hatun! I haven’t said my last word! I will ask about this! May Allah bless you, Turgut Bey. Thanks to you, we exposed the bertrayal and saved our tribe. EyvAllah llbilge Hatun. Destroying it was our duty. Thanks to Allah, we got rid of the dark clouds above our tribe. Now you should rule our tribe until you become the Hatun of Kayi tribe, llbilge Hatun.

The fur and the tent's is yours. You are the Bey, Battal Bey. You can sit on the Beylic fur whenever you want, it's halal to you. EyvAllah. If you allow me. Ilbilge Hatun. And there is Sirma Hatu issue. You will make a decision about her. Sirma's ambition and anger have always covered her eyes. She is like a child who always wants things No matter how mad i get at her, I always have mercy on her. She might act without thinking. But we can’t make a decision without thinking. Some time must pass first. Then i'll make a decision about her turgut Bey. EyvAllah. But you be cautious. If you allow me.. Turgut Bey. How is Ertugrul Bey? Did you hear from him? Did something happen to him, as he is away? My Bey got rid of many problems,) he will again, inshAllah. He will come back soon. You don't worry. InsAllah. I will take important documents from inside. You can't get in the lent as Berke Han is not here. Berke Han ordered me, i couldn't come here on my own. Whatis the document you'll take? Mind your own business. I told you that it is important.

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Make way. Where are those damn documents? You, Ertugrul and Islam world will be destroyed after Hulagu Han receives the documents. My Bey... we followed them to here.. but they suddenly disappeared. Where did they go? hey are talented in covering their track. We know this place well, ErtugrulBey. But it might be hard to find the traces again. then keep following them. I will go to Berke Han's hunt tent with my Alps. We will get those important documents. nd we’ll see if Kiyat will speak. Come on. Come on valiants. Come on. I see that you have no face to look at my face, Sirma. It's questioning time. tell me. Why did you do all of this? I did everything for our tribe sister. For our tribe, ha? ook at you ■ • I always supported you as your sister... But you always disappointed me. Your were^he dagger on my back when i waited for you to be the shiled infront of me. I didn't want this to happen this way sister. I was tricked by the honour of Bey Hatun. thought I knew a lot... But I was being ignorant. Our father was a victim in a game.

Our brother died in a shame. We have no one to give our backs. Why did you play these games while could support us as two sisters, Sirma? I'm telling you, Sirma! I couldn't understand those games with my small mind sister. My greed stopped me from seeing the truth. My fear is not because of being exiled or execuled. But because of being dismissed from your heart. I am shallow, you are broad. I'm on ground, you are above. Little ones make mistakes, older ones forgive. You can kill me if you want. You can make me suffer. But i swear... if you forgive me one more time, I won't disappoint you. Open your bright heart to your dard-destined sister. I swear, I won't disappoint you. Let me kiss your hand.. Forgive your ignorant and greedy sister. Punish yourself before the punishment I'll give you. Burn inside. Your uncontrollable self might behave. What happened, Turgut? Tell me. Sirma Hatun betrayed after Beybolat, mother. What are you saying Turgut?

What did she do? She took golds from Mongols and gave it to Umur Beys. So taskun Bey attempted to rule with Mongolgolds. Traitors are growing up like plants. EvelAllah we caught the Mongol they collaborted. We punished him and taskun Bey. What about Sirma? Ilbilge Hatun put her in her tent. She'll make her decision later. Ilbilge Hatun must know a thing. Fortunately, her betrayal was exposed before it resulted with a disaster. Ilbilge Hatun has been through many sufferings. But she never gave up even when she was betrayed by her family. I want my Ertugrul to come back and see Ilbilge Hatun as our tent's Hatun. Bad words annoy people. retty words get the snake out of it’s I IUIC. You wanted to forgive me. But I won't forgive you. You ruined my happiness. My brother died because of you. You collaborated with my father's killers. Now you’re being their bride. will kill you with this poison.. just like how you made life unbearable for me. You will die.

So that Sirma Hatun regrets, you will show generosity by forgiving her, my Hanim. Forgiveness is sometimes the best way to educate someone. Yes Mengu. If punishing the criminal is justice, forgiving her is grace. She was regretful. She asked forgiveness. I'd forgive her but.. I have to talk to Beys. She will have a way according to their decision. Can i come in llbilge Hatun? Come in. Sirma Hatun wants to see. She has important things to say. She can come in. ister... I couldn't tell you before. But i have important things to tell you. I want to be alone. You think temuge is the basis. But it goes up to Arikbuka. he real target is not Umur tent... it's you and our margrave Ertugrul Bey. Bring Kiyat to me! So you were a worm that was trying to bite us. You were a poison that tried to kill us.

Now i will kill that worm. Where is Kiyat? Kiyat is not here my Han. What do you mean? Where did he go? He was last seen getting into'your tent, No one saw him again. D(id he get into my tent? He told us that you ordered him my Han. We couldn’t say a thing. I didn't order him. s he got in my tent... Kiyat! What do they want from us? Your lives. You will swallow that poision llbilge Hatun. You wanted to burn, you'll die while burning. Revenge is more powerful than mercy. irst you, then Ertugrul... You will come together at your graves] My Hanim! Sirma Hatun! She poisoned my Hanim! Doctor Hatuns are not here. We'll take her to Kayi trabe, Artuk Bey! Did something bad happen, Berke Han? Yes Ertugrul Bey. the worst thing happened. Did he understand and run? I wish he ran alone. He took the secret documents with him. What was in those documents, Berke Han?

My army, my soldiers, my spies' names.. the preparations of the wat't we'll get in against Hulagu^H an. We can get those informations again. ut if Hulagu has them... the our preparations will be useless. We must catch them before they ran. It's not only a few documents we' save, but hopes of innocent people.. we won't let that war and before it starts. All soldiers will gather! Send trackers first. You will look under of every stone. Search everywhere! We won't let them escape. What? Kiyat came. Let him in. rikbuka.. I'm happy that you are safe and sound. Berke Han and Ertugrul understood who I am. Yes they did. Because you fell into their trap. Go off of me. You stayed with Berke Han for years for this. And you are exposed when you are needed the most All of our games are ruined because of you. There is no need for a man like you! I brought Berke Han's secret informatons! We are the ones who ruined games, Arikbuka. What is that? Get your damn dagger off of me, then i'll tell you. there are secret informations bout Berke Han's army... soldiers and war preparations.