Dirilis Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 55

This is Episode number 55 of Dirilis Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. We won t take him captive now. Wp’re here, sir! Kill him! Allah is great! This is...


This is Episode number 55 of Dirilis Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. We won t take him captive now. Wp’re here, sir! Kill him! Allah is great! This is not the end of your troubles. Ertugrul You will die on this journey. uew jno pue ueuuijejjnpqjgf jis are still fighting We followed you here We can't let that bastard run. There might be another trap. You go and help Abdurrahman, now! As you command, sir As you command, sir On your horses. We are being attacked! Where did they come from? You wereifollowgH you clueless fool! Come on, everyone! Allah is great!] Allah is great! Comeion! We will take the gold quickly Get the chestsyo«the cave as €lla We ll Jake them tO'JheMsIeSignated place Come on. The fact that Ta§kun Bey is now the chieftain does not oblige you to accept his hand in marriage. Sirma. You're struggling in vain. Ilbilge Hatun Your sister made her decision completely unbiased.

Keep your nose out of our conversation I want to hear her say she wants to marry you. I can't turn down this prize that fate itself offered me I'll accept Ta§kun Bey s offer and carry on... our traditions and cause, sister There, you heard it You no longer have command of this tribe, or this tent You are not the chief of Umuroglu Tribe now merely a visitor This roadthatyoujittered with traps will lead to your own death! It s not Arikbuka He played one of the devil's tricks again, sir. Where is Arikbuka? What's the hurry? Wherever you go, Arikbuka §hall find you himself Should we track him, sir? He must have erased his tracks. Going after him is a waste of time. We ll carry on our journey We should go back to AbdurrahrtlTrtljnd the oth&s Understood sir I set the game. I manage it and I’ll finish it as I like. Ertugrul.

What happened. Temuge? Where are the others? We watched the skirmish from afar as you ordered They were all sent to heaven, Ankbuka. If they couldn't beat the enemy. they’re better off dead We still have work to do, Temiige. Ertugrul survived this ambush. But we will lay more traps. What will you do now? Ertucjrul found out about Jhe spy close to Berke Han If that spy is exposed, we are done for. That's why we'll set the last and greatest trap. Are we going to send this plan to him9 Ertugrul finds out about news we send to Hulagu Khan That's why I won’t send anyone. I’ll go personally I'll get there before Ertugrul That way. our spy won’t be exposed. And we ll prevent the deal Ertugrul wants to agree with Berke Han. And I'll kill him before I'm back We should gather our men then You shall stay here, Temttge.

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I ll take some men with me. What should I do here7 Our men captured the goods Berke Han sent Ertugrul. You must protect them. If something happens to them, kill yourself before I'm back. Temuge. Keep in touch with Sirma, sister of Albasti She'll be useful As you wish, Arikbuka Are there any wounded? We killed them all. Well done Ankbuka knows that we re going to meet Berke Han He will surely set another trap. He.may even get in touch with his spies over there Sir could he set a trap on the ship we re going to take9 Everything has been arranged beforehand. Bamsi. He can't even find out where we are going to take the ship. Its likely that our struggle with Ankbuka will continue on across Berke Han's lands as well We must be prepared for any and all kinds of treacherous traps Bg alert,at-all times.

A tiny mistake now will cost us dearly. As you command sir As you command, sir. Let’s go Come on! Calm down Take a breath and tffink, madam. How can I calm down. Mengu? How could all thqs^ chiefs.. choose Ta§kun Bey over Battal Bey who I’ve been supporting? All the chiefs pledged their loyalty to you It should be impossible There must b6 £ reason They must have been enticed by something big Nonetheless. I won’t let this one slip What are you suspecting? I think there's a plot behind it all. Mengu. And I thiffk Sirma has a hand in it Why do you think that? Sirma accepted Ta§kun Bey s offer of marriage. And she^hoved it in my face. Ta§kun Bey asked and Sirma,Hatun accepted.

It's not that easy. Mengu. It's obvious that Sirma knew about this* marriage beforehand She accepted the offer since he became the chieftain. So. she mu 1 have known he^be elected. How could they so sure that Ta§kun Bey would be elected? Now I see what you're getting at. I'll solve it all. I ll find out what Ta§kun Bey and Sirma have going on here I'll follow them like a shadow You got what you wanted. Sirma Hatun. Now all we need for you to be my wife is to have a wedding ceremony. Of course I d like to become the wife of a chieftain. but I must make sure that the man who will take me is a worthy man What does that mean? You know what. I'm telling you to prove yourself Ta§kun Bey.

Do you doubt me as a chieftain? I’m not sure. But if you want to prove your strength then you need to carry out your duty like my father Umur Bey And how is that? What duty would that be? Collecting taxes You know that we came here on the orders of our government That’s only possible with a decree. c\ SI 0J0MM That is a warrant to collect taxes from the UmuroQlu Tribe signed by the sultan himself it's time you proved if you are worthy of me and how strong a chieftain you are. You shall prove your strength to the Kayi Tribe first One can hunt birds with wits However. . one can hunt the lion only with strength They were attacked. Check the gold at once. There is nothing inside. Damn it! Incompetent idiots! What should we do now What do we say to Arikbuka T e only way is to find the gold.

Arikbuka will shred us all to pieces. Everyone is dead. There is no one left alive Sirma Hatun. Arikbuka said she'd be of use to us Now is the time. Loolf what happened in tfre Umuroglu Tribe, Mother Somebody other than llbilge Hatun’s candidate was elected chieftain. There’s a cunning game behind it all. It should come to light sooner or later What happened. Mother? What are you brooding over7 Things are going awry jn the Umur Tribe. I was just bothered by the news Is it something serious? ilbilge Hatun called a chiefdom vote. But her candidate wasn't chosen. Whoever the chiefs see fit, sits on that seat. True But there is something strange about it. Gundogdu The elected Ta§kun Bey wants Sirma Hatun as his wife. How about that Shameless of her to take up the offer, huh? I have faith in our traditions. Son. However, after all they have gone through^ it s not good news that they are still opposing llbilge Did all the chiefs decide to pull a trick on ilbilge Hatun?

They must be trying to take advantage of Ertugrul's absence Let us head there with Turgut and see the situation with our own eyes. We can also visit the new chieftain, and congratulate him Excuse me Help this poor man. please1 Help this poor man Help this poor man Help this poor man Help this poor man Help this poor man Why did you come here7 We need to talk. Sirma Hatun. Talk now We can t do it here. It's urgent. In the name of Allah May Allah bless you Where do we meet? Come to Albastis grave I'll come wait for me. Thank you. lady. Help this poor man I wonder what you were talking about in secret for so long? There must be something going on since she left the camp nght afterwards Ill find out what you're playing at. Sirma Come on It’s been so long since we last saw the sea I’ve never traveled by the sea before. When I think about those who rule over the seas in ships.. , I wondeMf we ll ever be like that, Father. The oath that was passed down to us from Oghuz Ata says, "Conquer more seas and rivers. Those days shall come, too.