Dirilis Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 54

This is Episode number 54 of Dirilis Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. I will talk to him at once. Did you send for me, Sirma Hatun? What happened? As you know, my sister will be edded off to the Kayi Tribe soon. That's why...


This is Episode number 54 of Dirilis Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. I will talk to him at once. Did you send for me, Sirma Hatun? What happened? As you know, my sister will be edded off to the Kayi Tribe soon. That's why we will have a chiefdom meeting. As a loyal chief of Beybolat Bey, I thought you wouldn't want to give his seat to those who betrayed him. The untimely death of Beybolat Bey saddened us all. None of us would have wanted that. However, the truth is out there. We have no chance against a chief that gets llbilge Hatun's support. I see you give up easily, Ta§kun Bey. But I thought you were a man who could overcome any difficulty. And J think it'd suit you to be the chieftain. But I see that Ertugrul destroyed your hopes. My poor brother, he trusted in men who wouldn’t even avenge him. If you want to avenge your brother, then tell me how we can break through the solid doors of loyalty our chiefs have for rtugrul and [Ibilge Hatun. have just the right key... to lock many doors, and open other solid ones.

This should convince the chiefs. But I'm not convinced yet. Chiefdom is a burning seat to sit on. Why would I risk burning myself? I like to stay chilled, Sirma Hatun. Would my heart givei you that chill? Why do you look surprised? I know you’ve been eyeing me for years. You wouldn't dare ask for my hand since I was Umur Bey's daughter. owever.. this is your chance. Become a chieftain and take the girl. What's wrong. Osman? What are you brooding over? You know what. My father is going out on a mission again. It must'be an important mission, since he's all fired up. I wonder where he's going. He never tells us. I'm coming in. What is it. my boys? What are you talking about between brothers? You said you were going on a mission, Father. That it would be a long journey. We'd like to know where you are. going.* Come here. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Father. You often tell us exactly what to do, while other times you say nothing.

Why do you have to keep where you are going a secret from us? It's a necessity of the seat I sit on. I can't mix up my roles as a father and as a chieftain. If you want to be a chieftain, you must know how to be discreet. Plus, our great prophet says: "Hold your tongue, and you shall be delivered." Speech is silver, but silence is gold. Words are of such value that they should never be wasted. We represent a great cause, for which we wouldn't hesitate for a second to lay down our lives. We can't just utter anything to anyone and anywhere. It's not because I don't trust you. It's just a matter of being a chieftain. In the seat of a chieftain, one must keep secrets. You will both become chiefs in the future.

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Pecidewhat to telland to whom, not based on your selfish judgement, but in a manner befitting a chief. Got it, Father. Got it, Father. Thank you. Spring is upon us. Everyone in the tribe has started preparations for the spring celebrations. They're getting ready to go up to the highlands. I already miss our tribe. What's wrong, Selcan? Do you feel unwell here? Not at all, dear. I consider this tribe as my own. Mother Hayme makes me feel like one her daughters. But my fate is tied with my own tribe. LThen why the yearning now, my love?1 Its not just now dear I've always had that yearning. My lltekin. I miss him. I miss him. I always hoped he'd come here, following us. But I couldn't see him here, either. I buried a son under the earth, and the other within my heart. You refuse to talk about lltekin too. How is he? Does he get along well with his uncles? Of course he does. He grew up to be a fine man, he's so reliable.

We fought the Mongols many times and never once has he backed down. God bless. They say a son takes after his father. He must be a nimble, unflinching man like you. But I miss him so much. But I miss him so much. Once we are through with all the trouble, we'll meet our son, too. I hope so, dear. May I enter sister? Come in, Sirma. What happened? What are you. so alarmed about? Is there news? On the contrary. Do you have any news, sister? You resent me, but I'm waiting for your news, worrying. I told you to stop bringing it up. But you won't understand, will you? Chiefdom is one thing, sisterhood is another. I have a sister, too, and she’s getting married. How could I contain my joy? What does Ertugrul Bey say about it? Tell me, do you want me to die of curiosity? He wants to carry out his promise.

I knew he'd do that. Let me send news to the women, and have them start preparations. fter all our crown princess is marrying the chieftain of the Umurogullari tribe. Ertugrul Bey is going out on an important mission. Once he's back safe and sound, we'll start the preparations. We'll choose the new chieftain of our tribe. We'll hold a meeting tomorrow. The future of our tribe comes first. Once that's fulfilled, the rest is easy.. You know best, sister. State your wish and we shall follow. But I'll check our supplies just in case. I want to sew a fitting wedding dress for my sister. Allah, help me come back from this hardship safe and in glory. The future and hopes of my nation depend on this journey of mine.

Please help me carry this burden on my shoulders in a fitting manner. Don’t let me humiliate myself, and lose to our enemies. U0UJV May Allah accept your prayers. Amen. Our men are ready and waiting for us. Thank you, brother. I, too, once left the camp to resist the Mongols in the mountains. And I looked back at my tent just like that. You may not return brother. But if I ever returned, I swore to punish all the cruel bastards. When I'm back, we'll fulfill your oath together, brother. I hope so, brother. I have a long journey ahead. Will you give me your blessing? God bless you. May I enter, sir? Come in, Turgut. I heard you were departing on a long journey. I'm ready, too I can't just rest when you are going on a mission. My brave brother. You must heal your wounds. No missions until you heal.

If you want me to rest, we often sleep on the horses on our way to battle. I shall rest there again. In times of hardship, a brave man can't rest as they say. I'm well enough to swing my axe and fight sir Plus, if I don't come along, I know my wounds will stop healing. You know me well, sir. Let me come with you. God bless my brother. Fine. Come with me. But stay with my brother, Gundogdu, and not with me. My journey is much too long. It'd be better for you to tay with Gundogdu. Thank you sir As you command. You sent for me, llbilge Hatun? Battal Bey you are my father's comrade. There's an important issue. I'd like to consult you and make my plans accordingly. Your word is absolute. Do tell me. As you know, I represent the chieftain in place of my brother. But soon, I'll be the wife of the Kayi chieftain. I'd like to choose the real chieftain in our meeting.

I want to choose someone that knows us and our traditions for the seat of chieftain. You've been a loyal subject of my father since you became a soldier. I've no doubt that you' make a great chieftain. It's an honor for me, llbilge Hatun. But once the issue becomes who gets to sit on that seat, it's a free for all. Plus, people still can't get over the fact that Beybolat Bey is dead. Do you think the chiefs would accept me? Don't worry about it Battal Bey. You have my support and Ertugrul Bey’s. We can't hand this seat to someone we don't trust at a time like this. You should talk to the other chiefs. And let them know about my decision. As you command, llbilge Hatun. Arikbuka! Arikbuka! My prey got away because of you If it's a trivial matter. you become my prey. It's about Ertugrul and Gundogdu. What about them? They left their camp. They’re going in different directions. Which way? Ertugrul goes east, while Gundogdu goesnorth. If Gundogdu is going north, it means he'll meet Berke Han's men.