Dirilis Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 53

This is Episode number 53 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Are you all right? Why did you come out like this? I was going to come see you first, anyway. I didn't want ...


This is Episode number 53 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Are you all right? Why did you come out like this? I was going to come see you first, anyway. I didn't want you to see me wounded In bed like this, my bey. You escaped the hands of the cruel nd came back.. I wanted you to see me on my feet. esides... the only thing that kept me going, despite this heavy wound, was my will to see you one last time. My brother. We undid the torture and trap of that bastard called Arikbuka. Thank God. my bey. Thank God. However. this bastard called Arikbuka will cause us big trouble still. Alincak's blood brother.

He is hellbent on revenge. He will do all the cruelty he can. But we too won’t be putting our swords back into their sheaths. With God's help, my bey. With God's help. We are always ready. You just rest now. You need to get strong and well so that... we may take the heads of our enemies shoulder to shoulder. All right, my bey. Very good, rest now. What did you do, Abdurrahman? He threw us off his trail. But the alps are still looking. We know that they won’t leave tracks, Abdurrahman. Still, keep on looking with more men. Gather a division of alps. And reinforce the patrols. Put guards around the tribes lying in wait. As you wish, my bey. My bey. What is it, Artuk Bey?

Melik§ah, you can go. My bey. the white-bearded have sent this urgent message. What does it say? Very important matters, Artuk Bey. They want me to make haste. I will take some alps and go. Stay by Turgut's side. As you wish, my bey. Artuk Bey. If the enemy's sword spilled our red blood nto the black earth. it is time to ask for vengeance from the black earth. et the souls of my comrades . fly with fire. When the black earth rinks our red blood. when the blue sky absorbs our souls... when the souls mount mares nd head towards Heaven... when my red Mother Fire ith 40 teeth is praised] the fork horned moose at I sucked milked from. the Burkan Kaldun mountain ith its smoky helm... other Rahan in Heaven. rlik Khan in black earth. Tengri up in the blue sky, ask only one thing of me. ntil the rivers run with blood. revenge! Revenge* Revenge! Until the dead of our enemies ile up like mountains..' revenge! Revenge’

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Until we destroy them... revenge Revenge! Revenge! Revenge' Revenge! Revenge' Revenge! Revenge' Revenge' Cowards. They buried you here ike a beggar with no name... like an outcast-with no lineage, Brother. valiant man like you... n alp like you... they wouldn't even leave your sword or your cap on your grave. ut don't worry... will take revenge... who didthis to you. What are you doing here? I brought what the betrayed might desire. Revenge. Now is not the time for empty words. Say whatyouhave to say or else take your shadow and leave. Commander Alincak's blood brother Arikbuka sent me. He has a question. What is it? Is Albasti's fair sister... ready to avenge his brother?" he asks. Like never before. Then wait for word from us. Arikbuka will come to see you. Where? Selamunaleykum. Aleykumselam. Welcome, Ertugrul Bey. Glad to be here.

Glad to be here. From Anatolia to Khorasan, from Transoxiana, all the way to Cumania, all high white-bearded who have heard our call have come to the holy feast to discuss the latest situation in the great war we are going to wage. W£ are in contact with many powerful tribes in Cumania. Alps are ready and waiting for war with the Mongolians. And we know who to talk to in the Turk tribes in Anatolia and the state. We've specified steep winter quarters for the tribes to fall back to when the war begins. It would seem that everything is ready. Now, the crucial thing... is for the alliance with Berke Khan to come to a conclusion. For after this alliance is finalized, it will be time to ide horses, draw swords... and start the insurrection. I met with Berke Khan's spy Torumtay. Even though he fell victim to Arikbuka's trap, he told me that Berke Khan would send us help for the great war.

The first phase of that help has arrived in Anatolia, Ertugrul Bey. It is on its way through Byzantium land towards us. We now need to take delivery of them intact. For the Turk tribes who will enter the great war in Anatolia, we will be able to procure horses, weapons, and all kinds of provisions, thanks to this help. The delivery location of the gold was written in a secret document We have that document. The Mongols might try to stop the gold. I will take precautions and make sure they arrive. It wasn't good that Arikbuka saw you with Torumtay. Arikbuka will report this to Hulagu. e will tell him that... you are in contact with Berke Khan. He will make you a direct target. You entered in a hurry, what's wrong? A secret messa e has arrived. From whom? Berke Khan's marquee. Open it. So, Berke Khan is secretly sending gold to Anatolia. Ertugrul. Only you could receive it. Berke Khan's men are headed towards Sogut. They have crates full of gold.

As you wish. As you wish. Welcome. Beybolat Bey Thank you. Chief Alp Abdurrahman. Ertugrul Bey expects you in the hall. Good. Good. L©1?S go. Brother. Let me drop by to see Hafsa Hatun and give her my good wishes. Excuse me, Brother. Of course, Sister, go. ilbilge. Peace be upon you. Ertugrul Bey. And upon you, Beybolat Bey. Where is Sirma Hatun? Did she not come? She went to visit Hafsa Hatun. She'll be here soon. Please sit down. Thank you. We heard about your bravery today, Beybolat Bey. First Albasti, now Dragos and his men. You stood back to back with Ertugrul Bey and won a great victory. Sogut ]s home to all of us, Mother Hay me.. It is our duty to protect this land, too.

I'm glad we played our part. As I said today. this won’t end with Dragos’ death. There are still a great many enemies to take care of. We must fight them all, back to back. We believe that everything you do, you do for the good of our lands. Whoever the enemy may be, it is our duty to stand with you, Ertugrul Bey. I've no doubt that you' always stand with us in the name of righteousness, ilbilge Hatun. The qualities which will ensure our continued existence in this far-flung land are unity and loyalty. Remember. If a disagreement was to cause a rupture between us, it would only serve to make our enemies more formidable. If we become one, we are strong. No enemy would dare stand before us. Where are you going? Nowhere in particular, my lady. You were whispering something to my sister earlier.

Tell me, where are you going? Are you hiding something from me? Of course not, my lady. How could I ever hide anything from you? Ilbilge Hatun asked me to give a letter to Abdurrahman Alp. He was to give it to Ertugrul Bey, so... As you can see, Mengu, no one listens when it comes to matters of the heart. Give me the letter, I'll give it to him. But she wanted me to do it, she'll be angry. I'm her sister, why would she be angry? All she wants is the letter delivered. I'll deliver it. I brought gifts for Aslihan and Aybars Get them from the bag on my horse and bring them to the tent. As you wish, my lady. Sister! So, you and Ertugrul have been playing games with us all this time. Keep playing your games. We know what to do to destroy them. You were able to outwit both the fake Dragos and the real one, Ertugrul Bey.