Dirilis Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 52

This is Episode number 52 of DIrilis Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Show us their tracks. Hah. show us their tracks. Hah, show us their tracks, ow us their tracks, Allah here are you, my bey? y bey. my bey. no There's no sign of them o tracks! Nothing! here's no sign of them! y bey is gone and...


This is Episode number 52 of DIrilis Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Show us their tracks. Hah. show us their tracks. Hah, show us their tracks, ow us their tracks, Allah here are you, my bey? y bey. my bey. no There's no sign of them o tracks! Nothing! here's no sign of them! y bey is gone and there are no tracks undogdu Bey. e’re just wandering around in the dark now we can’t give up. o. my bey, but he dawn inevitably follows night t that right, brother? Je can't give up hope now. e won’t give up hope ery good, my bey Very good. on't give up. I won't give up. my bey omeone's coming, my bey! undogdu Bey! Gundogdu Bey! unduz Bey’s found something ood Let's go. quickly! y Bey. the dawn is inevitable, st as you said my Bey. Hah willing, let's go! Let's go! elcome, Turgut. ffere am I? here am I. ? u're far away and you’re close. s neither yesterday: nor tomorrow. u're here. Turgut. ^hy are you planting a rose? as told we have many mart rs. i planting noses along their path come a martyr? martyr is a witness. you don’t know what you’re itnessing, then this is not your time. hen you see it. u won’t have any questions. hat is. instead of asking questions, u’ll ‘simply,-enjoy the gifts of Allah. y xUif 1 CJ J J/JJoo J til their time.cfomes, liurgut.

That does tffat mean? our roots are still to be uried and watered. rose will grow tall and bloom caring hands. ut those who seek uproQtiit will feel its thorns. u were once a heartbroken, phaned child. Hah raised you up, nd made you his warrior. ou became an alp rose to ost importantly of all, ou shed your blood on the battlefield the wars against our oppressors. here will be more battles to fight. d more1 tyrants to kill s there are still those ho would seek to uproot Allah’s cause. falls upon you to pierce (skin with your thorns. ve billed many enemies the field of battle is time I am very dly wounded, my teacher hat plant or medicine uld heal me this time? ledicine and plants re only the means, Turgut. thing happens without Allah’s will braham was thrown into fire. re so hot,it would melt steel. ut because Allah did net wish it, e fire didn’t burn Abraham. he fiife would have a t since Allah did not wish it.

The knife did not cut Isaac w, without Allah's will... at wound cannot kill you. me, liurgut. rink so e water. fresh your roots. ater is mercy. blessing. is Glean and it cleanses. e name "Hayy" means who gives life te everything". rink in his name, Turgut. •euueu siy ui smtllahirrahmamrrahim. h Allah, you bring the day and the night. u light up the sky with the stars. ith your unlimited power, u can create anything u help with our hardships ou have a solution for every problem. erything belongs to you hen Eyyub was hurt, his family ared that he would never recover m such grievous wounds. ut Eyyub himself did not give up hope nd reached out to you. u were the one who healed him. ow heal this brave man o was willing to give his life... the fight for your holy cause ay to me so that I may answer". ease answer our prayers. the name of your messenger ease accept our prayers. d in your wisdom act upon them. ccept them, oh Allah! ccept them! hat is it, my brave man. hat have you found? is is a piece of my father's kaftan. u are right. one of our fabrics owever. somebody might have planted this lead us in the wrong direction 1y bey.

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We cannot know for sure less we follow the tracks to the end ertainly. we ll follow them e will follow them. are the one th power and might on't let us yield to our enemies s not your wish... life won t leave a body our path... ave no fear of death. rant me the opportunity venge our martyrs... r killing my brothers ay I enter llbilge Hatun? ome in, Abdurrahman Alp. re the horses ready? ey are, llbilge Hatun. e will go out to look. hall come with you. ge Hatun... would be better if you stayed the camp for the tribe s sake. Albasti should arrive. ne of us will be here. could get ugly Ibasti won't come to the camp he has Ertugrul Bey here is no point in waiting here e this. nceforth. ave to take on responsibility, too. undogdu Bey is searching everywhere ith his alps. der these circumstances, could be dangerous for you to go that as it may. Abdurrahman Alp, ere is no more time to waste er all the things ugrul Bey has done for us... m ready to give my life. right, Ilbilge Hatun. at is what you think... s head out at once. ay / enter Sister? me in, Sirma. e alps have gathered. ey’re readying their horses. here are they going? hey are going to look for Ertugrul Bey ill go with them. o, Sister on’t come back until you find him keep an eye on the camp on't you worry. ke care. ke care, Sister ke care. e mindful on the road. hey will be looking for Ertugrul erywhere If I don't firfSMiim alive en I get there... en you won’t be alive, Albasti.

Don t worry. t even a bird will see him. capture Gundogdu and bring him there uo ewo hat are you doing here alone ith a sad face Osman'? feeling down am dark inside e the bottom of this well, Master ry to drown my sorrow me. what is it that ma es you sad? y father has been taken prisoner e's in the hands of the enemy here is no word of him ur father may be captive. ere might be no word. our father may never come back this camp again say that. Master, but.. something happens to my father? hat will we do without our bey? Jhen youriather embarked n this holy path, id he trust his father, Osman? id your grandfather trust his father? who walks the path of God... usts only God himself. no matter what... es not show frustration. aster. Turgut Bey is heavily wounded. untless alps have been martyred. on't know what to do en let me tell you what to do. Osman as the first days.. the announceme 1 of IsISm. ur prophet. Ilallahu aleyhi^e seltem. ad gathered his tribe the mountain of Ebu Kebeys veryone from his family. of his relatives, were there. nd our prophet ked that very important question ho will help me.. the path of God? ho will bear this heavy burden with me?

Who will aid cause of spreading the word?" here was no answefF. les. aunts, nieces... h and kin. hey were all silent ur prophet looked upon the faces f the people that were present d repeated his question yVho will aid me the path that leads to Hah?” ain, no answer ur holy prophet s call as about to be to no avail. ight then, a 13-year-old boy rying water in a qirba... waiting to look around. caring who was there... his qirba on the ground. nd said will do it, oh, prophet of God. ill help you " ight then, Ebu Leheb said. h. Muhammed... this boy will be enough r you for the cause you speak of. n't bother with us." made light of our prophet’s words. owever. there was something e didn't know. t boy was to become ne of our prophet s greatest companions spreading the word. hat boy was to become lion of Allah.. e wielder of Zulfiqar, e unbreakable sword of the cause e was to become All ortant causes... re furthered by committed, brave people ho believe in them fe just buried our martyrs. II of them were brave d they believed. cause. ries on because of those... ho sacrifice themselves without king around when asked to help... nd who give their life the face of cruelty. u know, when our bey our brave alps are with us... e say "We trust in God. II u win deliver us. oks down upon us imes like these when ur bey isn't here our brave alps are wounded... r word is true. we do our best and trust in God... r do we trust people?

The time to prove it. e cause of Allah.. uires people like A1i /ho will not look around will say, "I. oh prophet of God." our age, too w is not the time to be sad or unravel w is the time to come forward and say... ill help, oh, prophet of God". od's cause may not be defeated d the cruel may not defeat it. ay I enter, Sirma Hatun? u sent for me, Sirma Hatun hat’s wrong. Atay Bey? Jhat are you talking about? ie thought you were a lion u turned out to be a nervous rabbit oes this uneasiness suit bey of the Umur? ot nervousness but caution, Sirma Hatun. you know, it is not safe now that it is not safe wever. at times like these, the war cries of foes. t the silence of friends is heard. I'd kept silent. y arm would be intact. ord of it being broken ust have reached you, nee you sent for me wever, it is not my arm... ut my heart that is broken fter the loss of our Beybolat Bey ow. tell me. hat is it you want?

I cannot heal your arm h a single word... 11 can strengthen your heart eak, I'm listening. en listen well. e bey of the Umur. ybolat Bey, is alive. is with our Mongolian friends. ey have captured Ertugrul day is our day w is not the time to be cautious... t to step up like a brave man et's see who's loyal to Beybolat Bey d who isn't. ther the beys who will support us re going to set up such a game . at they will see e won't fit into the grave they dug ink. The journey is long. ho told you to do that? food, no water for him. ave my sight Go ring my provisions e waited for the day u would fall into my grasp. w. I will surely not deprive myself e pleasure of tormenting you. u are like a sleazy dog at brings the hunt to its master. r like a rabid dog at chases the bone that is thrown wasn't for your master's shadow... j would jump off a cliff again u certainly wouldn’t and before me like this. ur terms were equal, Ertugrul u also had your alps with you. ut what happened? e slaughtered them before your eyes. ou saw with your own eyes I drove my sword.. to Turgut s chest ok straight into my eyes, Albasti. ee the vengeance at will take your life.

My sword cuts through r wretched body ese will be the last eyes you'll see. ur brother Turgut awaits you, Ertugjrul. won’t be able to avenge him. ut, don’t worry, u will be reunited very soon. e have a long way to go. Albasti n’t go claiming victory just yet ad wM 6 1 id you look into your dear brother's eyes n© last time? you see the fear of death... e terror of Albasti in his eyes? on’t you worry. u will have a similar end. 1y eyes! h! My eyes! ring water, quick. Come on I not give my life... ithout taking out those evil eyes I will not let you die without vengeance our death will be worse. Ertu§rul. ill be such a death... e devil itself will be scared. here are you, my bey? e ll find you e’ll find you, my bey. e ll find you. ell find you. on’t leave my bey behind on’t. I won't. on't. I won't. ind my bey Oh. undogdu Bey. undogdu Bey. undogdu Bey. ere are tracks here. ese tracks are fresh. Bamsi. is way. come on. alps ome on Let's go, alps! rtuk Bey. ank God t last, you woke up. hat kind of a miracle is this, oh God? here is no questioning God's will ow is my bey? ndogdu Bey and Bamsi e looking for him everywhere hey'll find him sooner or later est now. ouldn't protect him ouldn't stop that traitor. on’t trouble yourself ith these thoughts now, Turgut. ou need to get well as soon as possible nnot heal before... e my bey alive and well... last time. . pefully you will, Turgut. long as I have life in me... vill not surrender to you. UO 9LUO atch him, quickly. new you would try something. u had a chance to survive. w you've lost that too.