Dirilis Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 51

This is Episode number 51 of Dirilis Ertugrul with Urdu Subtitles only on www.giveme5.co. It is your end, Ertugrul. u've brought this upon yourself. . d in so doing, destroyed your family


This is Episode number 51 of Dirilis Ertugrul with Urdu Subtitles only on www.giveme5.co. It is your end, Ertugrul. u've brought this upon yourself. . d in so doing, destroyed your family ough! Enough, Albasti idn't I tell you that I wanted th Torumtay and Ertugrul alive? ou underestimated the might Hulagu Khan, Ertugrul ou thought you could save urself by killing Alincak. u allied yourself to our enemies. ut it's over now haven't said my last ords yet, Arikbuka! I gladly hearVour last words one day. rtugrul will never talk. ^should kill him here. e'll cause us trouble otherwise. u said Ertugrul wasn't alone. ath means victory for Ertugrul. re taking Ertugrul with us t's go before his alps turn up. ay I come in, sister? om£ in, Sirma. hat are you doing, sister? athering together Beybolat's belongings on't want anything of his in this tent. u don't have to do this, sister have the women do it. u look exhausted. e been noticing things. s obvious that a woman w rules the tribe. uch has changed here’s much to be done u're right specially considering the good news other Hayme mentioned hat good news? hat are you talking about? hat do you think m talking about, sister?

i talking about marriage, of course hen we are beset by many problems. s not the time think about such things, Sirma s not wise postpone such auspicious ents with endless excuses eybolat Bey's corpse s still not been found. e cannot celebrate a marriage hile we wait to hold a funeral /hat would people think? beholden on us... wait^atiently. on’t put it off, sister. cause I think Mother Hayme is right. on't think about my brother anymore. time to look forward d start a family. agree that it's not od to delay matters. ut Ertugrul Bey has to have e last word on the subject at's true. ow that Hayme Hatun expects rtugrul to marry woman such as yoursejf he will be anxious see you in her tent soon. he knows very well the terrible ffering we have been through 'hy else would she offer uch a wonderful thing t a time when we are ssailed by so many problems? essence, you must marry Ertugrul Be.y soon as possible, sister r all the games our brother played he stain of his dishonor upon our tribe an only be washed clean your marriage. ell the women to come d take these away Go on. h Allah! thers, what has happened here? h Allah! Allah! Ips, stay alert! that Mergen?

Mergen! ergen, Mergen! ather! Father! ather! Allah! lergen, brother! umrul. DumrulK id you say Dumrul? that Dumrul? that Dumrul? y Bey1 hese are my father’s! hese are my father’s! e’ll find your father, son. ps! Look for Ertugrul Bey] earch everywhere! Come on! here isrErtugrul Bey? here is my brother Turgut? rother Turgut! Brother Turgut! urgut! urgut Bey. Turgut Bey. e's alive! undogdu Bey. Gundogdu Bey! urgut is alive! urgut is alive! y strong man. pen your eyes. Open them pen your eyes. iat's it! Come on me on. brother Come on I us Who did this? rikbuka? ugrul. Where is ErtuQrul Bey? rgut Bey. Turgut Bey. here is my father? he alive? Do you know if he lives? ome on come on, brother, tell us ey'll torture him. ey'll torture my brother make him talk. rke Khan's... nd.. Find it.. Find it II right, brother, we'll find it. Find... it. e’ll find it. Alps! ind the spy! Search his clothes Go on! n’t tire yourself, brother. e ll patch^ou up. II take you to Artuk Bey euij eq ||,n u'll be fine.

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Don't exhaust yourself other, don't tire yourself. lean, daughter s. Mother e work is never done in the bey’s tent. me and sit beside me s take a breath. lell me to rest, Mother but... e'll have a marriage soon. e should have everything ady as soon as we can hey say honey can be poured om a jar which held vinegar. ilge Matun has shown that e's an honorable woman. w. we must stay true to our^i/ord, other, just as you commanded. u're right at we must do now hold a great wedding feast r all our friends and family to enjoy ankfully... veryone has seen the Kayi tribe's rength and the sharpness of our swords ow they can come Ertugrul Bey’s wedding feast see how plentiful his table is d how generous its host can be. ope so. dear undogdu Bey and Gunduz ft some time ago to go to the bazaar hy do you think they're still not back? ecause they'll not ished yet. daughter ey’ll be back soon e've been busy talking nd I forgot all about it* was cooking. I must take it the fire before it burns o take care of your food. on. dear. undogdu Bey. ho is this Arikbuka? buka is Hulagii s best spy in Anatolia

He's the most dangerous ongol I've ever heard spoken of. sten to me well now. e'll take Ertugrul to the brink of death make him tell him everything. y bey will never talk. f course he won't, Bamsi, don't worry ut it means we must act ickly to save him. y Bey1 y Bey1 found these documents den in^he lining of his clothes must find Ertugrul Bey. e won't return home without him. erever in this world you flee to atever hole you hide yourself in. find you. Beybolat kill you. 1y Bey. we re ready to take rgut Bey back to the tribe elik§ah, listen carefully. I them everything that's happened ve them come and take our martyrs I them Ertugrul Bey is alive... d that we’ve gone to find him. very member of the tribe to look for Ertugrul II the other tribes too. verywhere is to be searched. II Abdurrahman to go to the Umur. ilge Hatun must be told that ybolat is still alive. e should be on her guard s you command, my Bey. on, then. Allah protect you. hief Alp Bamsi. t him go. e need to t^ke Turgut Bey now. ome on, Bamsi. me on Come on There he goes t s go. Let's go, alps the horses!

Quickly! Let's go! t on the ground. t his back against the wall. can stay like that until he wakes. ed wine refreshes a man ho has just spilled blood can refresh you. then. er all this bloodshed. e Kayi Tribe will mourn. eve e killed their most important alps. hy am I here, Albasti? alute the enemy with blood hey respond with screams of fear sword unties all knots ist as blood unties the tongue ugrul is a tough one. be warned id you spend too long rtugrul's lands and... get about the past, Albasti? o you have any idea how many times e made tough men like him talk? hat tongues hides Keykavus. e chest, the gold, d the secret deal with Berke Khan. ou know how to dig u will find treasure. make him give me everything erything he knows. ust take your treasure and ave the rest to me. bury him in the hole you've dug ce vengeance is mine id they grow wings and fly, my Bey? eir tracks end here ulagii's most skilled warriors and spies e under Arikbuka's command. must know we were following them. ey've hidden their tracks. ow will we find my father?

Bamsi. you know this place best. II right, my Bey e are here. hen Melikf ah tells the tribe what's ppeij^S" the alps will search the forest. tV e others will seardh ount Semadirek and Mount Papaz. y Bey, we will take this valley. here does it lead? divides into two, ne leading into Byzantine lands d the other down to the river, my Bey. e ll split up to search. derstood. e II search the whole valley. unduz. take the side the right with Gunkut. amsi, you and the alps ill take the left with me. ry good, my Bey. e'll continue through into the night o sleeping! ooner or later we will find ErtuQrul Bey. nderstood? s you command, my Bey! s you command, my Bey! e'll search with torches. hen they see the light from the torches ey'll come out and reveal themselves. ope so. my Bey I hope so. hope they do. so that e can kill them and save our bey > od willing Let’s go! Let's go. brothers! ven if Ertugrul dies. Gundogdu ill continue from where he left off.

we want to avoid further trouble our fear of the Kayis can be seen in ur eyes and heard in your words. already know what to do d to whom, don't worry. that so? hat will you do? o destroy the alliance y made with Berke Khan, d to put an end to their endless ots and conspiracies in Anatolia, vill take Gundogdu. s not enough to catch the eagle. ot when there's chicks in its nest. hat nest must be destroyed those chicks don’t become eagles. s stretching his wings. seems Hulagu Khan no longer values you nowing I've killed the Mongols here sent you to me. y favorite enemy is the one o is brave even in captivity. on't like the easy ones anyway will give me great pleasure peel away your courage, layer by layer, hurting you. Ertugrul o. you found another master to Id your leash. Albasti. w raise your tail and bark cause I plan to cut it off. hen I had your nephew Suleyman. talked like that too. ut when I crushed his head spoke a lot less. Ertugrul remember it clearly makes me happy whenever I think of it. igured you out very quickly, Ertugrul. u should understand how I work too. en my darkness falls... e mountains are mine.

You cannot escape d no one will save you at's why... u should give me what I want, easily u say you know me. t they clearly didn't tell you enough. n if the mountains are yours. u'll never control me. u finally made me bleed. Ertugrul. his means we really are enemies now. on't leave a single drop in your body ikbuka... t’s crush him now show him his mistake. u have spilled so much blood... t you still haven't irned to enjoy it. Albasti ou must see your enemy e slowly in agony. u must make it last so that.. the words pour out of him... the blood empties from his body. ring the torture fork! ho is this coming? t it be good news the alps, Mother here’s someone behind them /hat's going on? ey’re carrying a wounded man wounded man? and aside urgut Bey! 1y son! My son! What happened? n. what happened? hat happened? Artuk Bey! rgut is badly wounded! ou must tend to him immediately! ke him to the healing tent. ©W& 00. ome on. ome on! 'ho did this? ere was a fight. Mother Hayme many martyrs. mrul and Mergen are dead. that did you say? ^here is Ertugrul Bey? isked you a question.