Dirilis Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 48

This is Episode number 48 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Give this to Abdurrahman Alp when we get to the camp. Tell him to give it to Ertugrul Bey. As you wish, my lady. What are you ...


This is Episode number 48 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Give this to Abdurrahman Alp when we get to the camp. Tell him to give it to Ertugrul Bey. As you wish, my lady. What are you uptoTJ'll figure it out. Praise be, Bamsi. You opened your eyes earlier than we expected. Thank you, Artuk Bey. The only thing worse han losing my life • • ■ would be to wither away without asking for forgiveness from Ertugrul Bey. Permission to enter! As-Salaam-Alaikum Wa-Alaikum-Salaam, my bey. As-Salaam-Alaikum. my bey. With your permission, my bey. Thank you. Ilgin Hatun. How are you Bamsi,? Are you all right? I'm fine, thank God, my bey. You know sword wounds, my bey. It will heal in a couple of days. However, my bey... rewound in my heart won't heal. It burns me up inside. What is it that burns you up? You, my bey. You do My bey, I wanted to come to you.

I was afraid you wouldn't see me. I wanted to call out to you, my bey. I was afraid you wouldn't hear me. My bey, when you were angry with me... it was like the whole world was angry with me. Even if the whole world was angry with me, I still wouldn't be angry with you, Bamsi. We do not fight the ignorant, but ignorance. Not the faulty, but the fault. My bey, I hurt you so badly with my witless head, I know. But I’ve repented for my mistake a thousand times, my bey. My bey, I've taken you on as my bey. I've accepted you as my bey My bey, Most my mind.1 That’s all my fault. But it falls on your dignity to bring me back to my senses. My bey, making a mistake was my fault again. But it falls on your dignity to forgive me. y bey, maybe... Maybe I don't deserve to be forgiven. But I learned from you that being a bey means to give. Oh, the feelings that pass through his poor man’s heart • • • I cannot find the words to express them. My bey, I seek the kindness in your heart.

We have been together through thick and thin. Bamsi. We have shielded each other with our lives in many a battle. We've shared days of joy and days of sorrow. Don't think it was easy for me to push you away. However, the path of the bey is filled with tests. A day comes when you are tested by the ones closest to you. If I should stumble in this test, what would become those who come after me? ince you know your fault... nd repent for it... our God wants us to be forgiving, just as he is. y bey ust order me to carry them. and I would lift the mountains themselves on my shoulders. You order me to gnaw on them, and I will eat every coal and ember from the stove. My bey, just tell me, has your heart warmed to this hot-headed Bamsi? Bamsi, even though y heart grew cold to you • • » your regret and sincerity have warmed it through. Did you ever doubt y heart would thaw... after being assured of your sincerity and regret? ever again.. dive into a fight without your sword. Get well, don your armor, and return to me. As you wish, my bey. As you wish. As you wish.

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Peace be upon you. Ertugrul Bey. And upon you, Beybolat Bey. Where is Sirma Hatun? Did she not come? She went to visit Hafsa Hatun. She'll be here soon. Please sit down. Thank you. We heard about your bravery today, Beybolat Bey. First Albasti, now Dragos and his men. You stood back to back with Ertugrul Bey and won a great victory. Sogut ]s home to all of us, Mother Hay me.. It is our duty to protect this land, too. I'm glad we played our part. As I said today. this won’t end with Dragos’ death. There are still a great many enemies to take care of. We must fight them all, back to back. We believe that everything you do, you do for the good of our lands. Whoever the enemy may be, it is our duty to stand with you, Ertugrul Bey. I've no doubt that you' always stand with us in the name of righteousness, ilbilge Hatun. The qualities which will ensure our continued existence in this far-flung land are unity and loyalty. Remember. If a disagreement was to cause a rupture between us, it would only serve to make our enemies more formidable. If we become one, we are strong.

No enemy would dare stand before us. Where are you going? Nowhere in particular, my lady. You were whispering something to my sister earlier. Tell me, where are you going? Are you hiding something from me? Of course not, my lady. How could I ever hide anything from you? Ilbilge Hatun asked me to give a letter to Abdurrahman Alp. He was to give it to Ertugrul Bey, so... As you can see, Mengu, no one listens when it comes to matters of the heart. Give me the letter, I'll give it to him. But she wanted me to do it, she'll be angry. I'm her sister, why would she be angry? All she wants is the letter delivered. I'll deliver it. I brought gifts for Aslihan and Aybars Get them from the bag on my horse and bring them to the tent. As you wish, my lady. Sister! So, you and Ertugrul have been playing games with us all this time. Keep playing your games. We know what to do to destroy them. You were able to outwit both the fake Dragos and the real one, Ertugrul Bey. Now, Lefke Castle is as vulnerable to attack as a nesting sparrow. One more assault is all that's required. You're right. But this is not the right time to lay siege to the castle. It would deal with the Byzantine threat, too.

You've already cleared it of the jackals within, now it's time to pounce like a tiger. The Byzantine must have sent their envoy when they caught wind of it. The envoy had another motive. I dealt with it as was appropriate. I didn't give him what he wanted, but took what I wanted. It's not so easy to lay siege to a castle, Beybolat Bey. You won't know as you've never conquered one before. Before I deal with the castle, there are other jackals I need to take care of. I'll get my claws around their throats first. Who might they be, Ertugrul Bey? Albasti. Albasti? Albastfs dead. I killed him. Albasti is not dead, Beybolat Bey. You killed a man who had disguised himself as Albasti. y, my' Catching a man like that is no easy feat, Ertugrul Bey. On the contrary, my sword is at Albastfs neck. One more step and I'll have him caught. May I enter, Hafsa Hatun? Come in, Sirma Hatun. Welcome. Thank you. Where arethe children? Just help me put this on. Now, I feel like flying free like the birds, and running as fast as the panther. Don't worry about me. Come on, help me. Is it done, Hafsa? Yes. Bamsi. Come on, Hafsa. My dear husband, how young at heart you are! Stopping you would be cruel, that's why I'd never do it. She's gone into the caves, my bey. So, that’s where he’s hidden. Oh. Ilbilge! I'll make you pay for doing this to me. It looks like Ertugrul hasn't arrived yet. He will, don't worry. Two of you come with me The rest of you stay here and wait. I'll get into the cave and kill the man. If Ertugrul gets here before I'm out of the cave. you know what to do. Let's go! How can there be no one here? They can't have just disappeared. Where is she? Where did she go? There's light coming in over there, my bey. It could be a passage. What are you up to, ilbilge? Well go after them. Come on. We'll follow the tracks. This way. Let's go! Why is our bey still inside? Why haven't they come out yet? Who are you? What do you want? So. this is where she was going to meet Ertugrul. Get hold of ilbilge before he comes. Be careful. Ertugrul could get here at any moment. Don't hurt llbilge in any way. Go on. Who are you? What do you want from me? Ertugrul. The game's over, Albasti! You knew I'd come, so you set me up. When your brother returns to his tribe, he'll have already found out that you went after the man with the scar, and that he was killed so that he couldn't reveal anything. He'll employ all sorts of tricks to try to find out what you know. It's important that you behave normally, as if nothing has happened. Don't do anything at all that might put you at risk, llbilge Hatun. Don't worry. What do you want me to do, Ertugrul.

They are with their father in the healing tent. They wanted to be with him. I was getting some clean clothes for Bamsi. Please, sit down. Here. I brought gifts for the children. Please give them to them when they get back. I thou ht the mi ht raise a smile during such a difficult time. I appreciate it, Sirma Hatun. I was saddened to hear about what happened to Bamsi, sister. It was inevitable things would end up this way. From what I hear, he went to fight the enemy without a weapon. None of this would have happened if Ertugrul Bey hadn't taken his sword. It has nothing to do with that, Sirma. If there is a battle to fight, Bamsi would rush there even if his hands were tied. Anyway, other things contributed to what happened in Sogut. Fortunately, Ertugrul Bey has eliminated them. Have Selcan Hatun and Mother Hayme troubled themselves to visit you? They have, indeed. God bless them. They haven't abandoned me. It must be a guilty conscience which made them come here. Sirma, dear. They bear no ill will towards us. I thought that when I was angry, but I was wrong about them. Ertugrul Bey saved my son.

They'd have killed him and Bamsi if he hadn't got there in time. While I was waiting here in agony, Mother Hayme and Selcan Hatun gave me strength. Now, it's only Bamsi I'm worried about. If he could just get back on his feet, I want nothing else. Then, excuse me now. ay Allah help heal him. Amen. Once we have these ointments ready, you’ll be back on your feet in no time. God willing. We'll get you back to your tent very soon, Bamsi Artuk Bey. Artuk Bey, Allah bless you. he prayers you offer up... and the ointments you make, heal both our body and our mind. I can never repay you, Artuk Bey. It's Allah's wish, Bamsi. Just the wish of Allah. If you can just get your feet on the ground, the rest will be easy. Artuk Bey, everything is easy now. I fear nothing anymore. Ertugrul Bey forgave me. Artuk Bey. I was so scared Ertugrul Bey would never talk to me again, that he'd never so much as look at me again, Artuk Bey. I've never been so scared in my life, really. He was afraid of losing you too, Bamsi. He burned your wound himself. My Bey. My Bey. Yes, Bamsi. That is the way of beys. On one side are flames, earth on the other.

Steel on one side, velvet on the other. Just as he knows how to judge and punish justly, he also knows how to show compassion. Indeed, Artuk Bey. My bey always knows best. May we come in, Artuk Bey? My children! Come in. We were told you'd let us see our father, Artuk Bey. We're here to see Father. Come on then. Father. Father! My dear Aybars! Don't hug him, my children. His wounds are still fresh. Artuk Bey, let them hug me! Feeling their caress and hearing their laughter will heal me quicker than anything else. God bless you, my children. Are you all right, Father? My brave son. ,My sweet flower! I'm fine. I'm fine. traditions are given new life, and the banner of Islam is flown for all the world to see. God willing, my bey May Allah make our way clear. Amen. IN ever stray from the ri that is the day I die It would be better to die than to live with such shame The person who shot that man, or who ordered him killed, was your brother. I won't believe it unless I see it with my own eyes You'll see it with your own eyes. Ilbilge Hatun.