DIRILIS Season 5 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 47

This is Episode number 47 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Ertugrul Bey! Ertugrul Bey. Stop in the name of our Emperor Mihail! We want you to stop this execution in the name of our Emperor Mihail. How dare you stop the execution? What does your emperor want? I'm the messenger of Emperor Mihail. I want you to listen our emperor's offer, and justice ..


This is Episode number 47 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Ertugrul Bey! Ertugrul Bey. Stop in the name of our Emperor Mihail! We want you to stop this execution in the name of our Emperor Mihail. How dare you stop the execution? What does your emperor want? I'm the messenger of Emperor Mihail. I want you to listen our emperor's offer, and justice will be served. Tell me, are you working with my brother? I got wounded in a bandit attack. I'm a merchant. You're lying! You'll talk, or you'll die here] There is norther way. Speak! That's enough! It loo '3-like you-won't listen to me. What are these heathens doing here? Brothers, what are these heathens doing here? Calm down, Bamsi Alp. They're not from Lefke Castle. They're messengers from Constantinople Why are they here? We don't know either. They're here to talk to our bey. What are you doing here? i came to the mosque. And now. I'm going to apologize to Ertugrul Bey. It's not the right time, Bamsi AlpJ Giinduz Alp, what's going on here? ou’re hiding something from me. Brothers, since that bastard, Dragos, will be beheaded today I want to watch it. Then I'm going to apologize to Ertugrul Bey, to ease my conscience. I'm not going to stay here. It's not the right time, Bamsi Alp. is en o un uz. You'll apologize to him when the time is right. Dumrul Alp, it isn't the right time for what? What’s going on here? Let me go. Bamsi Alp! Since you came to apologize to Ertugrul Bey, then listen to me. It's the bey's order. He said nobody comes too close to the execution area.

So, wait here. And when the bey comes, you can talk to him Okay Since it's the bey’s order, he must have his reasons. Okay, I'll wait here. hank you. alps. What does your emperor want from me9 Our emperor wants you to hand this bandit over to us, he's a vicious enemy of the Byzantine and he shall be punished. ell your so-called emperor... he couldn't capture me dead, let alone alive! What was your emperor doing up till now? He'd forgotten about justice until we caught this bastard. Ertugrul Bey, it’s our emperor’s right to punish this bandit in front of his people. This was once a reputable commander of our emperor, but he betrayed him, shed a lot of blood, and finally captured Lefke Castle. Your emperor is too late. This bastard set his eyes on my land, and killed many of my alps. And it's my right to punish him. Ertugrul Bey, I understand your anger. But, please, understand our emperor, too. There is an extradition agreement between our states. Since he's a Byzantine, you have to give him to us. And for this bandit's worthless head, we'll give you a great amount of money as a ransom. No ransom is worth as much as my martyrs. Your words endanger the peace between the two states. And you’re opposing your state. I'm the margrave of this land! I have the last word on behalf of my state! This bastard will pay for what he did. under my sword! I'm warning you for the last time. Tell me! Did my brother order you to kidnap Aybars? Tell me! nough. Okay. I'll tell you. I kidnapped Aybars I'm going to get you I'll find out what's going on. If you don't give this rebel to us, it’ll cost you dearly, Ertugrul Bey! I'll only give his head to your emperor.

For Commander Dragos! Attack! Soldiers, attack! Alps, kill all the traitors!. Where did he go? You won't get away. 1JS I won't let you cause us any trouble. Sister. Alps, don't let any of them get away! Alps, kill all of Dragos's bastards! Come on! Where are you going, you bastards? Bamsi Alp! Bamsi Alp! Bamsi Alp! Bamsi Alp! Bamsi Alp! Alps! Bamsi Alp! Alps! Alps! rtugrul Bey... ell Ertugrul Bey... to forgive me. Forgive me. Bamsi. open your eyes. Bamsi Alp! Bamsi Alp! Open your eyes! Alps! Bamsi! Open your eyes! They got what they deserved, Turgut Bey. What's happening. Ertugrul Bey? Who were they? You still don't understand? Your improvidence caused this. Do you understand now, why I didn't give Dragos to you? I said. I'd only give his head o your emperor... here's his head. Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! But I still have things to get from you. And I'm not done with you, messenger. Your emperor's requests are no longer valid. Now it's time for my requests. What do you mean, Ertugrul Bey? Abdurrahman, take the messenger to the inn. I'll come later. As you wish, Bey. Their foolishness has killed them, Ertugrul Bey. May God bless you. You took my father's revenge. And established the peace in Sogut again. Justice has been served. But it's too early for peace, Beybolat Bey. It’s too early. Father! Bamsi Alp was wounded. He's in bad shape. What are you saying? Where is he now? They're taking him to the inn. jisaieg Bamsi! He still has a pulse, thank God. Good. What happened? Tell me? He came to apologize to you, Father. Suddenly the combat broke out and he went in without a sword. He sacrificed himself for me. Before he closed his eyes, he said, Tell the bey to forgive me." Get him inside. Come on! Go and get Artuk Bey, too! Come on! Come on, alps, go! Ertugrul Bey. You took revenge as our margrave. I'll go to my tribe to give the good news.

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We’re always with you. Remember it Thank you. You fought well today. Beybolat Bey. But the treachery is great. A lot of blood will be shed to correct this treachery. We'll talk to you again after the dust has settled. You'll be okay, my brother. You'll be okay. Where js Artuk Bey. alps9 Now is not the time to waste your blood, my brother. We will see many a battle with you yer Hold on. Fetch some embers, Dumrul. Quickly! Go! My brave one. Come, Artuk Bey. Come quickly. How is he, my bey? He has lost a lot of blood. His wound is deep, Artuk Bey. His pi*se is low. We must cauterize the wound immediately to stop the bleeding, my bey. Dumrul, where are the embers? I'm corning, my bey. Hurry, Dumrul. Come on. Here they are. Put them down here. n the name of Allah.. n the name of Allah. Allah, the healer. Oh God, the healer. Where would he go? How could this be? Is he not dead? Sister, this stubbornness of yours means trouble for us all. Ertugrul Bey, I will tell our emperor that after the attack, you were forced to kill the scoundrel Dragos. Which is the truth. My duty as an emissary ends here. I have nothing more to say. I will listen to you now. Has your emperor, using the peace agreement he has with our sultan... knowingly and willingly let Dragos' unruliness slide? Or would he have paid a ransom o get Dragos back... only to unleash him upon me again? These accusations are unacceptable. You are aware that Dragos is our enemy, too. This accusation is completely baseless. Your words are an insult to our emperor. If that is so, there's only one other explanation. Your emperor is incapable of dealing with Dragos, who has captured Lefke Castle.

I have taken Dragos' head, the one your emperor couldn't deal with. Henceforth, it is my right to rule Lefke Castle where he has failed to. What is the meaning of this, Ertugrul Bey? My alps are holding the road to Lefke Castle. They await my orders to lay siege. Before you can even reach your emperor... just as I conquered Karagahisar Castle... I will have conquered the viper's nest that is Lefke Castle. This is an act of war. Lefke Castle has already declared that war on us. The only way to dry this venomous swamp is to strike it with our swords. My emperor sent me here with full authority. We can find an alternative to war. The reason I want this castle is to take precaution against future threats. If the castle won't do, I demand rule over certain lands. Which land? The other side of the border river, and especially the land called Inhisar. What do you mean? That's impossible. Ertugrul Bey. In that case. wilI have to give my alps.. the order to lay siege. Although I have come here ith full authority... this is not an easy decision for us. Give me until tomorrow to think it over. Go and rest now. Be my guest at this inn. We'll discuss this tomorrow and come to a decision. Tell me, did Ertugrul Bey put an end to Dragos? As Ertugrul Bey moved to finish Dragos, a great battle ensued with the enemy that lay in wait there. Dragos and his men were killed. Our bey has crushed the head of the snake. So that's why Ertugrul Bey didn’t take us, Mother. He knew something was wrong. Is there anything else, son? Bamsi Alp was heavily wounded in the battle, Mother Hayme. What was he doing there? What did you say. son? How is Bamsi? They treated him at the inn. Artuk Bey was also there hat's all I know. other... If Hafsa hears this, she won't sit still. She'll be frightened to death. You're right. Let’s go tell her. She should hear it from us.

And if she tries to leave, we can stop her. Come, my girl. He's still burning up, Artuk Bey. It's because his wound is fresh. If we give him something to drink, he might bleed internally. For now, keep wetting his mouth so that he doesn't run a fever. If only we had jugs of ayran r a feast of meat laid out here.. you'd see how quickly he would come to life. Once, Artuk Bey, hen we were riding off to war... he had forgotten to put meat under his saddle. Then he was wounded in the battle. It was as if I was wounded myself. Artuk Bey, it isn't easy. e blended our blood together... and became blood brothers. Then we dressed his wound. He came to. He wouldn't stop saying. "Get me meat! Get me meat!" He just went on. Or else he wouldn't be able to feel life in him again. So with my own hands, I severed the meat under my own saddle... and fed it all to him. There wasn't a bite left for me, but... when I saw life back in my brother, I forgot about hunger and everything else. We returned to the battle together and drew our swords together, nd I felt myself come to life. Just let my brother open his eyes again... et life return to him... and I'll feel life in me again. God willing, Turgut Bey, God willing. Bamsi doesn't need to stay here any longer. Password for this Episode is dS5wUsubep47.We need to take him back to the camp now. My tools and medicines are there. He will be better tended to there. All right, Artuk Bey. He got what was coming. Our bey punished him. He deserved it. You’ll get your head severed like that. We came just as soon as we heard that Aybars was abducted. We fought. Did you see anything suspicious? There was someone. Hei ad a^ticea leiscar. Like a sword had cut him above his eyebrow.

He was reluctant to wound me. And he ran when I got hurt. Would you recognize him, llbilge Hatun? pinoM | We will look for him. Tell us if you think of anything else. I promised I would inform Ertugrul Bey about the man with the scar What if this man has something to do with my brother? Then there II be no end to the blood that will flow. If I tell then I take one side the other if I don't. Oh God what should I do7 Showme a way out 11 bilge Hatun ( Dragos's men infiltrated the inn and caused trouble. But we handled them. And Ertugrul Bey beheaded this bastard who killed your father. Thank God. Where is Ertugrul Bey now? He is at the inn, ilbilge Hatun. Excuse me. It was good of you to come. Mother. Let me pour you some sherbet. No need, sister. We won't drink. Aslihan. Aybars. Savci was going to tend to the flock. Go on and help him out. Yes, Grandmother Hayme. Yes, Grandmother Hayme. Mother Hayme, something is wrong. Tell me Don't keep me waiting. There is word from Sogut, my girl. Ertugrul Bey and his alps fought with Dragos and his men.1 Bamsi was also there. Mother Hayme, did something bad happen to Bamsi? He was wounded in the battle. He was wounded? Is his wound serious? How is he, Mother? Tell me! Stay calm. They're/taking care of him. Artuk Bey is there. I can't rest until I see Bamsi! My girl, calm down now. Keep calm. Sogut is not safe right tow. Ertugrul Bey didn't even allow us to go. nd Bamsi. has survived many wounds like this. Then tell me what to do, Mother, tell me. Just sit down a little. Look, my girl. Bamsi is your husband... but he's also our son. If we needed to go to him, we would. But they will surely bring Bamsi here. It is not your role to wail and grieve... but to care for your tent and children while you await his return. Sister. Permission to enter, my bey. Come in, Melik§ah. My bey, llbilge Hatun has arrived. She would like to see you. Let her in.

As you wish, my bey. Come in, ilbilge Hatun. elcome. Ilbilge Hatun. I am pleased to be here, Ertugrul Bey I had faith that, sooner or later, you would keep the promise you made to me. You didn't let my father die in vain. You brought us justice. May God bless you. Justice does not come ith the blood of one killer.. but by destroying all the enemies that surround us and satisfying everyone's hearts. Are there more enemies? Your father's killer is dead. owever... either Umur Bey... nor the honorable people of our tribe... have seen justice. What do you mean? Albasti. Dragos was in league with Albasti, ilbilge Hatun. As far as I know, y brother killed Albasti. He is not dead. He tricked us. Now he continues to spread poison by expanding the conspiracy. How will we catch this bastard? When you went after Aybars, you told me about a man you fought with a scar on his face. Did you ever see him again? What are you doing with my brother?' /Did my brother order you to abduct Aybars? Speak! I'm asking you, llbilge Hatun. Did you see that bastard? This information is very important in finding Albasti. ilbilge Hatun. If you are keeping something from me... know that you will cause the death of many innocent people. Where? At our camp. n the name of Allah. Not even 40 cunning foxes would have thought of it, my bey. Even I was baffled by your game. Both sides of your sword should be sharp, Batur Alp. When everyone thinks that one side will cut them, you make your move with the other side. Ertugrul Bey set up a strong trap to capture Dragos' men. Do you think he wanted to oust us with that trap too, my bey? He has no evidence to make him doubt us. Besides, he saw how we fought for him, how we put our precious lives on the line for him, with his own two eyes. If he had even a shadow of a doubt. I did away with it all with the move I made today. Permission to enter, brother Come in, dear sister. What is it, Sirma? There's steam coming out of your ears. It is the smoke from the fire that burns around us, brother. What do you mean? Tell me. That man, the one you brought to camp to be treated. What about him? My sister was getting restless again. Something must have troubled her She followed the man and intercepted him. So, I shot him with an arrow, so he couldn't speak. Did he die, Sirma?

I don't know, brother. Our sister came after me, so I set loose my horse as a diversion. And then I walked back to where I shot him. But his body wasn't there Someone came and took it. Who would take it? Where to? Could it be llbilge? Well, it wasn't the vultures or ravens! It was most probably our sister. ilbilge. You’re in way over your head this time, sister. You swim in uncharted waters. Where is she now? She hasn't returned to the camp. Maybe she went to Sogut. Sogut? Why would she go to Sogut? She would have gone to see the head of our father's killer. Don't reveal anything when she returns. I'll find out what she's up to. He was wounded when he came, and dressed as a merchant. Then he left the camp, and I went after him. I followed him, walked up to him, and asked him what he was doing in our camp. I asked him who had ordered him to abduct Aybars. I asked him if they were in league. ust when he was about to answer... he was shot by an arrow. I couldn't see where it came from. Did he die? He was seriously wounded. I hid him. just in case I might e able to get him to talk, but... he died of his wou ds. You put yourself in such grave danger... knowin that they might take your life. Do you think I care, Ertugrul Bey? he day that I stray from justice... is the day that I die. I would rather die than live with that shame. Why did that man come to your camp? Is there anyone you suspect? Was there anything that made you suspicious? Ibilge Hatun... you heard what happened in Sogut today. I intended to capture Albasti, who was hell-bent on saving Dragos by teaming up with his soldiers. Every moment you keep silent will come back to us, and to our tribes, as blood and treason. Many times our alps have returned to camp wounded. My brother was hurt, too. I was suspicious, I asked him what happened, but he brushed me off. I was afraid something bad might happen to our tribe. I'm still afraid. You have proven that you always seek justice. Will you seek it still? Will you be able to bear anything on this path? I will, God willing. Albasti was your brother?