DIRILIS Season 5 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 42 (Two Parts)

This is Episode number 42 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. My loyal daughter. Translated by Melisa One State can rise only if illuminated by the light of the Noble Qur'an and in the shade of the sword, whetted to a sharp edge. that will preserve it. What is this place? This fortress is the conquest of Sultan Alaeddin Alanya fortress. [between Taurus Mountains and ...


This is Episode number 42 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. My loyal daughter. Translated by Melisa One State can rise only if illuminated by the light of the Noble Qur'an and in the shade of the sword, whetted to a sharp edge. that will preserve it. What is this place? This fortress is the conquest of Sultan Alaeddin Alanya fortress. [between Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea] It is the symbol of the most glorious golden age of Seljuks. This here is the apex at the end of a challenging slope . Noble Qur'an, glorious banners and a sword, whetted to a sharp edge... are the roots of the Platanus tree of our Resurrection. Every Oguz clan will be a branch of this Platanus tree. . and you and your descendants will be its trunk, In shaa Allah To receive the glad tidings of the birth of a new State, while standing in this fortress... that was the symbol of the most glorious age of another State... what a great blessing this is. The Grace belongs to those who know how to take responsibility... in the path of Allah's Dawah. It belongs to those who would willingly risk their lives for His cause. We turned our wind-maned mares toward the horizons.. We are waiting for permission to illuminate the new era with lightning bolts coming from our branches. Still waters are troubled. The time has come to gush forward like a river and break the barrages. You have a fast cantering horse that will breach horizons. You have the black steel sword that will bring oppressors to their knees. You have the wisdom that will spoil traitors' traps. And you also have the blessed bloodline that will... surpass your own boundaries. and spread across all the rivers, beyond all the seas. What is stopping you Ertugrul Bey? It is time for a new resurrection with "Bismillah" on your lips. Ya Allah" Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [In the name of Allah swt. the Merciful and the Compassionate] Keep me and my descendants always on the path of the righteous. Grant me and my ancestors to be standard-bearers forever... in the Holy Struggles against the oppressors. O my Lord (Rabb) let our hearth and home ... become the hope for the entire realm of Islam.

May our pristine tent be a refuge for all those who are oppressed Let the glorious Platanus tree that we have planted last through to post-eternity. O my Lord, make us so powerful and so stout-hearted, that... there would be no innocent left we did not show our affection to. . nor a tyrant, whom we did not force to bow his head in submission. Amin This mirror is very charming, sister Hafsa. I'll take this one for Aslihan. May she look at her reflection. praising Allah for her a beauty. I have a mirror, sister Sirma. May you live long Don't say that. Sooner or later, that one will shatter because of your beauty. And. you can keep this one as a spare. Take it. Sirma Hatun. may Allah bless you. We're glad we came here. It will do a lot of good to children. Don't mention it, Hafsa Hatun? But we didn't get anything for Aybars. These traders don't sell books. It's all right, Sirma sister. I get plenty of books when we go to Konya. My Aybars Khodja, where did this Konya idea come from? My father would like me to be an Alp but I wish to study science. So. we found the middle ground, in the end With my father's consent, I will go to Konya to study . and eventually become both. a man of knowledge and an Alp. I believe your father will give you his consent. Your father loves you so very much. And, I've heard about the renowned Madrasahs in Konya. In shaa Allah, you will go and become someone who will serve his people well. It is worthy of a boy like you. who aspire to attain the qualities of both of a scientist and of a valiant. May you live long, sister Sirma.

Because you didn't leave my mother alone and you took care of us. In times of trouble it becomes clear who is a true friend, my Aybars. If we keep chatting away like this and visit few more stalls... we will return late to the tribe. We had better start back slowly You're right, sister Hafsa. The Alps have loaded the fabrics into the cart. So, let us be on our way. Deh! I've beaten you to a pulp. That would be enough to untie your tongue, wouldn't it now? What do you reckon? I am so proud of my own whip. It proved to be sturdy enough... to beat up even a man like me. As for my tongue... apart from my Khan.. no one is mighty enough to untie its knot. I flogged you with your own whip and humiliated you. And my Ertugrul Bey will bring you to your knees... using the same metods that you used on your enemies. And what would that be? Just as you tried to brainwash those in your captivity.. so will Ertugrul Bey brainwash you. only in a much worse manner. You will be brought into such a state, that... you wouldn't even realize that you have losened the knot on your tongue. That scum of the Eart, Albasti, will... come to us with your help. Albasti has coiled around Ertugrul, just like a Boa snake. He wiil break his bones first. by squeezing him. then he will sufficate him, until he finally die a slow agonising death. And, he will eventually swallow him. No matter what he does he will no longer be able to escape Albasti. Deh. Deh. They are coming, my Bey. Just take the child. Don't kill his mother. We need her in the Kayi tribe. And, do not harm Sirma!. She knows what to do very well. Deh. Deh Co e on. Who are you? Get out of our way We have no issue with you We just want the boy.

Password: 12345

What do you want with my little one? I may die, but I won t give you my child! We will die but we won’t surrender him to you! Do you know who we are? Move out of our way! Or else, you will be in trouble! Don't come near! Don't come any closer! If it's gold you're after. we'll give you as much as you want! Just let us go This boy is more worthy than any amount of gold Children' Come here then, let me see you. Don't come near! Don't come any closer! Don t come any closer! Don't come any closer! Le o! Moth r1 Mother1 Leave my mother alone! Let go of my sister, you blackguards Leave my mother alone! M ther Take your hands of my mother! Let go Take your hands of me! Leave my mother alone! Let go Let go! Let go! Leave mey sister alone! Take your hands of me! Take your hands of me! Take your hands of me! Leave my sister alone, you villains! Let go! Take your hands of me! Let me go Ay bars! Aybars! Aybars Mother! Le o! Ay bars' Let go! Take your hands of me! Let go Mother! Mother, are you all right Aybars Mother! Son! Mother Aybars! Mother, they’re taking Aybars away. Aslihan. stop There are too many of them Hafsa! Mother, stop! Let go of me! Hafsa. hold on there! Mother, stop Hafsa! Stop, mother1 Go to Sogut quickly! Let them know1 Hafsa, wait! Hafsa, hold on there! Let's go back to your tent and inform your man. He will deal with them Ay bars! M A bars' M A bars' Aybars Ay bars! Gold is being loaded. We will grab it before they leave. Spring is coming We will need plenty of ties and felt mats... to refurbish our tents There are new felt mats are coming from Alaniya, Selcan Hatun. As for leather ties, we have supplies, here. Good.

When can you supply us with felt mats? They'll be here shortly. In a few days. May you live long. Is Ertugrul Bey in the Han, Selcan Hatun? He is not, llbilge Hatun. What is it? There is a pressing matter I need to discuss with him. Alps, a wounded Alp has come. What's going on9 What's all this commotion9 Hafsa Hatun and the rest were attacked. Whit? Who would do that? Where was the attack? Sirma was with them. The bandits wounded her too And they abducted Aybars. On the road leading to the tribe What are you talking about? No bandit would dare do something like that. That was Albasti's doing. We will not lose any more of our children to him. Let's be on our way! Alps! Albasti has attacked Hafsa Hatun and her children To the horses, catch up with me quickly You stayjiere, llbilgeJHatunj They attempted on my sister’s life, too. Aybars is our child too This matter concerns both tribes. Come on. let’s get there on time All right, then Deh! Deh! Albasti, hah! Bell-ringer! Yes. my Oguz Alp Come with us. let's go Did my Ertugrul Bey' come7 He wanted to see me Ertugrul Bey has a pressing matters to attend to, today . You are coming with us, Bell-ringer. Where are you taking me, my Melikfah Alp? You will see when we get there. Let s go. Drop your swords. Else, everyone will die! Excellent. Now, uncover those. Let's see what we've got there. You won’t get anything, except death! Ertugrul' Course it! We were lured into a trap Don't try to hide your face, it's futile. You fell into my trap I will bury you in the pit of betrayal that you dug yourself This game has become distressing enough. rtugrul This place is going to be a grave for one of us now. Soldiers! Attack Haydir Allah! [Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah] Haktir Allah! [AMHaqq - The Truly Existing Allah] Degenerate! Where is my mother? Don't worry I didn t kill your mother I have no issue with her You are a blackguard My father will take you to account! Password for this Episode is 12345.

They are following us. Tell the men who are not from our tribe to stay here. They are to lie in ambush and kill all the followers. Go on. As you order Let's go You had enough of rest. Let's be on our way. Take your hands of me! You will all die, you scum of the earth! Let go of me! Let go of me! We shook hands with you in friendship and mutual agreement. But, we still kept the sword in the other hand Just as you did This is going to end of coursej And it will end here and now. Ertugrul. The hand I extended to you in friendship, you tried to cut with your betrial And, now I'm going to take your life First yours, and then Dragos’. I knew from the very beginning that you were only his cat's paw Now you're going to reveal his identity to me. You have lost your mind because of your fear. Dragos is in front of you Catch him if you're strong enough What are we doing here, my Oguz Alp7 My Ertugrul Bey was very concerned about your life, Bell-ringer. He wanted to ensure your safety. Who would want to do something to a miserable Bell-ringer, like me? My Ertugrul Bey must have known somehing. Bell-ringer. No more questions. Until our Bey's return, you will stay in dungeon Run1 Run' We arrived. Hafsa sister, we are back Hafsa Hatun and Sirma Hatun are coming, uipu j6 Hafsa? Deh! Deh! Grandma, Hafsa Hatun is injured. Hafsa, my daughter! Hafsa.. my daughter! What happened? The bandits! Take it slowly. The bandits! O my Allah! Bandits' Hafsa Hafsa! Hafsa1 Hafsa. what happened to you?

What happened to you9 Aslihan! Aslihan! Aslihan My Hafsa! My Hafsa. Tell me, what happened to you? Bamsi, they set our home and hearth on fire! Ay bars' Where is Aybars? My Hafsa. where is Aybars? They abducted Aybars! Aybars. brother. Where did they take him, brother? Who has done this, my daughter? Who was it? Hafsa! Move out of the way! Stand aside, now! Out of the way Who was it, my Hafsa? What's happening here? Bamsi. my son. Artuk Bey, we were attacked. I was wounded. And, my child has been abducted. Did you see their faces? We didn’t, Artuk Bey. They were bandits. I was wounded, too Take Hafsa Hatun to the healing tent, lest she loses more blood. Well, hurry up Come here, come, my daughter. Sirma my girl, you come too, let s see to your wound too, come on You will all die by my hand! You will die by my hand1 You will die by my hand! I will find you in your lair! I will find you in your lair! They stopped here.

They went in that direction! To the horses, quic ly! Co e on! Dirty dogs Where is Aybars? You'll never learn it My Oguz Alp Why would you lock in dungeon a miserable Bell-ringer like me? Your game is up My Ertugrul Bey will settle the score with you and with those infidels in the fortress, as well. Get in' Ertugrul. so you were going to kill Uranos and me to . weren't you So, you lured us into the trap And. the letter was just a ploy. If you didn’t appreciate friendship. then you’ll suffer the consequences of betrayal. There was no betrayal. Ertugrul. Everyone just played their own games. When we went to capture Alincak. you told those archers where we were. Those were Albasti and his men. I don't know which dream world you live in... but we have nothing to do with them. We're here to take back the gold you took from us. Actually, you are the one who is traitor here. Your game is up. now. I will deal with you first, and then I will settle the score with your master. If you don't answer to my question. then I will not kill you. What I will do to you, will be worse than death! Even your Emperor would not be able to save you from my clutches. Now, answer to me... who is Dragos?