DIRILIS Season 5 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 38 (Two Parts)

This is Episode number 38 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. What is this thing? We are handing out rations to those in need. We already distributed it to the Muslim community. We didn’t want our Christian subjects to miss out on it My Khodja if you can distribute it only to the Muslims... why would you give it to the Christians, too? Our faith advises us to be just ...


This is Episode number 38 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. What is this thing? We are handing out rations to those in need. We already distributed it to the Muslim community. We didn’t want our Christian subjects to miss out on it My Khodja if you can distribute it only to the Muslims... why would you give it to the Christians, too? Our faith advises us to be just and compassionate. It endorses us to respect the rights of all people, even of all living creatures... with whom we share this world. Is your purpose to show yourself in a good light or perhaps to spread your faith? If my intention was to appear good in people's eyes. I would personaly go and hand it out to them individually. But. as you can see, I brought it to you to hand it out The important thing is to deliver it to those in need. You or I what's the difference who hands it out. For, it is sufficient that Allah is the witness that it was done. My Khodja, I am only one awkward Bell-ringer. But it makes you wonder, doesn t it? Excuse my ignorance. Every religion commands benevolence and compassion. So, what makes your religion different? Islam is the only true religion in the sight of Allah. [refers to Qur'an, 3:19; 48:28] Our religion requires us to believe in the Prophethood of... Hz. Isa (Jesus) alayhi s-salam. [peace be upon him] But Christians do not believe in our Prophet (pbuh). Our faith require us to believe in Hz. Musa (Moses) alayhi s-salam, too. However, the Jews do not believe in our Prophet (pbuh).

Islam complements and completes all other religions. [refers to Al-Ma'idah, 5:3] Our faith is Islam, this religion which... Allah (swt) has promised to preserve. With regard to our purpose, we live our religion by our own measure. Our aim is to set a precedent with our life experiences. And, we pray solely for those who do not believe Because it is only Allah Who can grace their hearts with faith. My Khodja you spoke about being compassionate But, your Alps are very aggressive. How does your religion command both at the same time? We won’t use our swords against anyone other than... those who draw their bow against us or harass any creature that lives and breathes. Allah commands us to be compassionate to the oppressed ■ • and severe against the oppressors. And He wants us to be vigilant at any given time. Due to this, one side of our face is as smooth as silk. while the other is as sharp as a sword's edge. We don t fight enemies out of our Nafs (self, pride, anger). We fight them because they are cruel, and because we are being mindful of Allah’s Divine Approval. Let me tell you a story as an example. There was a brave-hearted man among us by the name of All (ra). The undefeated hero of battlefields Hz. Ali. Karam Allah Wajhah [may Allah bless his face]. During one Holly Struggle on the path of Al-Haqq [the Battle of the Trench/Khandaq, 627 AD] he has subdued a strong, fearless foe and knocked him down [in one-on-one duel with Amr bin Abdawud] At the moment when he was just about to deal him the final blow, his foe, now facing death. spat Hz. Ali (ra) on his face, out of desperation.

In the face of this situation. Hz. Ali's (ra) did not kill him a a but he rather spared his life and released him. His foe, who thus escaped the jaws of death. was amazed by this act of compassion and forgiveness of Hz. Ali (ra). He then asked Hz.Ali (ra) to explain this behavior, for he could not make sense of it. So, Hz All (ra) replied. I will have you know that I use my sword solely for the sake of attaining Allah’s Approval When you spat me in the face while I fought gainst you . the situation turned into the one of Nafs [of self pride anger] Consequently, I thought it appropriate to sheathe my sword. Had I killed you then, I would've been influenced by my Nafs [recorded by Al-Tabari; Rumi, "Mathnawi"] But. I am the servant only of Al-Haqq [the Absolute Truth] And not of the passing desires and base instincts of my Nafs " We divide this world into two Bell-ringer. The oppressed and the oppressors. We fight against the oppressors, so that... the oppressed ones may live at ease. A Muslim doesn't earn appreciation in the sight of Al-Haqq by the number of those he killed. But by the number of those whose lives he saved In our faith there is one rank, which is not attained by taking lives... but rather by giving one's life, so that other people can live... in justice and compassion. That rank is the status of martyrdom. You explained this very well to me. my Khidja. Very well indeed. But there is one thing I don't understand. Why don't we see all these good things you told me about in every Muslim? Don't look from the outside, but look into the essence.

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The essence of Islam. Humans may have short-comings they may be at fault. But, Islam can never. Password for this Episode is Ep38abGM5. I told you about Allah's commandments. You asked about it all the time, so I told you. Now, it is my turn to ask you a question. Did you see any imperfection in the principles of Islam... in what I've told you so far may AMah forgive me for saying this?1 Alincak used to cooperate with them, so pray to Allah, they won't play some trick on us, my Bey. If he does exactly as I told him to then Alincak will bare his sharp claws in vain. There they are, my Bey At what place did you agreed to meet? In the woods bordering Sogut We don't know what this Alincak is going to do. So, I'm taking my precautions just in case. Don’t worry. We are coming with you Coming with us, are you9 Aren't you going to secretly lie in ambush? Alincak has taken his precaution against any ambush. long since That’s why we will follow him more closely. What should we do? Let me tell you. I swear on this tsork (hat) ot yours... and even on your sword that stands erected on your grave... that you will be avanged.

We will find this murderer Albasti. Your mother will take your revenge. Alincak’s sinnister owls have started their hooting, my Bey. And now. their omnious faces will start popping u everywhere Whatever happens do not reveal yourselves until the last moment. Even if I've seen it in my dream that I boarded the Turk's boat on a ride to Hell, I wouldn’t believe it. Well, we're all in the same boat now. If we go down, we go down all together They infested the forest like a swarm of grasshoppers. If it is here like this. I'd hate to think what it's like in their den you intend to go. My Bey. who might be these camouflaged ones behind Alincak7 Albasti must be among them, Bamsi. Turgut, Abdurrahman, keep your eyes on them. That one at Alincak s side must be Albasti. If he stands up against us when we get into their den. we ll kill him first You have my attention, Dragos Well, what is it you wanted to tell me? To forget what happened between us. to forgive me, and. I want you to know that from now on I will be subjected to you. I would rather make a sole for my boot out of you, instead of. having a dog like you subjected to me. If you doubt my words you may kill me and my soldiers right here and now However, I came here to... surrender to you both, myself and my fortress. We're not prepared to believe your Byzantines' perfidy! Kill them all! First, take a look at the letter of your Qa'an Hiilagii Khan! Hold on' I got it from Ertugrul s Han in Sogut So, my Qa’an, Hiiiagu Khan had ordered me to conquer your fortress. And Ertugrul played me false. Is that why he used you7 I'm sure he played you for a fool by hiding many more of such letters from you, in his room. I learned of Hiilagu Khan's order before you did. despite it not being my place. I’d like to open the gates of my fortress to you and to submit to you I would like to rush with you. not only up to the Byzantium. but also to the other end of the world. I want you to know that I am now at your command.

We also found out that he planted his informant in your midst. I would like to offer my help in finding that informant. How did this letter come into your hands? Where did you learned about the informant7 I have my own spy in the Han. He eavesdropped on Ertugrul’s conversations in his room and. . was able to get this letter from the secret cubicle. All the letters that are there can be yours. Provided you accept my submission My spy at the Han. can do service for you too Ertugrul I can bring him to you myself. You can lure him into any trap you want. Now go to your fort Dragos. Wait to hear from me okers Let’s go back. You follow me too, Albasti Wly duty is done here Ertugrul. May God help you Return to the fortress, Dragos. Alincak is going to kill my informant out of his anger. I have to get there in time. Come on, Alps, let s go uos A|/| What s the matter9 Your friends are playing by the creek. Why don t^you gojjutside^ You strained your sight by reading. I don't feel like playing mother I have to study I’ll go out in a little while. Is there permission? Yes, of course. Sirma Hatun. Welcome here. Glad to be here I went to Sogiit to get some supplies for my tribe. I thought I might stop by on my way back. You thought well. Please, take a seat. Masha Allah. Your children are as hardworking as you are. Your daughter winds ball of yarn and your son is studying book. They are my Lord’s Amanat (entrastment) to me. In shaa Allah, their destinies will be bright. In shaa Allah Hafsa Hatun In shaa Allah. They came to my mind while I was in Sogut. Aybars' interest in books and Aslihan’s fame of good housekeeping... have reached the Umur tribe. And. I wouldn't be their sister Sirma if I did not bring them some souvenirs.

But this path still looks treacherous to me. What we saw so far is only part of their traps. Who knows what other pitfalls lie on the path ahead. If we go there using this path, in order to save Mergen... we would get trapped too. and we wouldn't be able to rescue him. My Bey. in that case, we must find a way to get there avoiding this path. We will split into two branches, Bamsi. You II stay back with some Alps., You will bring a hornet's nest about Alincak's ears. Meanwhile, we will go around avoiding this trail and rescue Mergen. As you command, my Bey As soon as we get out of your sight, start attacking them. Bamsi. Draw them to yourselves and keep shooting at them. Hold them back until we get Mergen. Don’t you dare leave your place Bamsi. After they turn back, you are to go after them. In case they come after us, attack them from behind and finish them off. As you command my Bey as you command Co eon Let's be on our way. Alps. EyvAllah (so. here we are). So it wasn't Ertugrul who planted you among us, hah So. you're not acquainted with Ertugrul hah?! There you go The command of Hulagu Khan that has gotten into Ertugrul s hands! It's finally clear at whose feet you grovel. You thought you could lead me down the garden path, ha? There’s no longer need to make you talk. I will first. kill the dog. and then the one who hold its leash. Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah [I bear witness that there is no god except Allah] Wa-Ash-hadu anna Muhammadan Abduhoo Wa Rasooluhu " [And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger] I'll smash these devil's traps of yours over your heads Move on. Gunkut. What is that7 Must be some problem. Got him1 There is raid! There is raid, Commander Alincak! cV SI OIJM The bandits followed our trail. What would the bandits be doing here?

What bandits It must be the men of Berke Khan. Now. I will sink my claws into them too One unit of Nokers will remain here! The rest follow me Come on! Bamsi has managed to pull them toward himself. Come on, Alp, we’re going to bear down on them now. Who has done this? My brave-hearts... keep pouring out a rain of arrows at them. Rain it at them, rain it, until they can't even stop to take a breath. Where are they? Here we go, my valiants, ya Allah! Kill all of them! YaAI-Haq ! [the Absolute Truth] Come on. my brave-hearts. Leave no one alive Come down on them with your swords like bolts of lightning Haktir Allah (Al-Haqq - The Truly Existing Allah! Aag A|/| This is attack warning signal. They’re going to kidnap the spy. Cover us. Be quick about it! We have to get back! Hurry up1 Come-on. keep raining at them, valiants! Keep raining, until they can't even breathe! Haydir Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah) Ya Allah' Hurry up valiants, untie him, untie him! Come on hurry up. be quick Mergen, my brave-heart, are you all right9 Aag A|/| They... tortured me...quite a lot. But...I endured it all. I knew they would. Don't worry, we will save you, hold on. Dumrul. you go ahead first and save Mergen, hurry up Come on, get him way We ll take these on, then come after you. Come on. hurry, hurry up. What's the matter with you. Aybars Is something troubling you?

And, what do you think9 Didn't you hear what Selcan Hatun did to my mother? What happened? She rebuked my mother because of brother Suleyman's meal of comfort. She dismissed my mother in front of all those hatuns Selcan Hatun is in sorrow, Aybars. And, these things happen among hatuns. so don't blow it out of proportion It was not due to her sorrow Savci brother. Also, there is no evil deed that she hasn’t done in the old days. I heard it. What did you hear7 She hurt many with her malice. just like she did my mother. She had even tried to kill our Ertugrul Bey. Know the facts before you speak. Aybars. Don t be presumptuous. I see that you got angry when you heard the truth Hold that tongue. or I’ll give you back of my hand. I won’t let anyone badmouth my aunt Selcan, remember that! Savci. Aybars, what do you think you re doing9 Stop it right now If you act like this, what would the other children do? Aybars tell me, what happened? Aybars What happened, tell me, come on. He’s angry because you rebuked his mother, Selcan Hatun. Hafsa Hatun. you’ve left your duties, and now you started to put ideas in children’s heads? What do you want, tell me? I just want piece. Selcan Hatun. I don t want to bicker and quarrel with you. So, just stay away from us Come on, let s go Selcan Hatun, you are the Bey’s Hatun She is not your equal Leave her in peace. We will withdraw now! We will go to where they left their horses. We must not let anyone get away with their lives. The horses! The are headin for our horses. Go after them quickly Alps Come on This here is called the Tiger’s Mouth! And those who fall into the tiger s mouth will get torn to shreds! What’s keeping you, Bamsi? My sword is stained up to its hilt with the blood of those I've killed. And now it will be stained with your blood. Albasti.