DIRILIS Season 5 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 37

This is Episode number 37 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. If Alincak said that he’d be going away. but slyly stayed back instead, then. he must be hiding somewhere difficult to find, my Bey. Mergen. We will learn Alincak's whereabouts through him, Artuk Bey. So, it's positive that the Mongol spies are not gone? We will write another command as if coming from ...


This is Episode number 37 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. If Alincak said that he’d be going away. but slyly stayed back instead, then. he must be hiding somewhere difficult to find, my Bey. Mergen. We will learn Alincak's whereabouts through him, Artuk Bey. So, it's positive that the Mongol spies are not gone? We will write another command as if coming from Hiilagii Khan. Al ncak would need to see that command. So when Mergen deliver it to him. that's how we will know his place. Then he will inform us of his location. Is there permission, my Bey? Come in Bamsi My Bey... we got word from the Alp we sent to meet Mergen. Mergen didn t come to the meeting point, my Bey. What does that mean he didn’t come? Did the Alp wait for him till the morning? He did, my Bey, he did. I also sent our Alps to check the spies' gathering place. however, it was deserted, my Bey. It doesn’t bode well that Mergen didn't show up there, my Bey. If one day I don't make it to our rendezvous and if there is no trace of me... know that I’ve been exposed my Bey. And, know that at that point, I have would have uttered Shahadah with honor [the Testimony of Faith] My Bey, I wonder if he perhaps went on some mission. No, not on a mission, Bamsi. They’ve got Mergen. There is no one else who could have done it except Alincak. They re very cruel There is no torture to which Mergen wouldn't be subjected.

He is our Amanat, Bamsi [Amanat - entrustment] We have to find Mergen at all costs. Notify our Alps immediately. And send word to Turgut. Have them all come here. EyvAllah (as you say), my Bey. As you command. My whip got all frayed from flogging you. If you don't start talking I'll make myself a new whip from your hide. Now, start talking! How did Ertugrul plant you among us? You are trying to throw a lasso at the wrong horse. Alincak Which is why your efforts... always come to nothing. I have no connections... with Ertugrul. Besides, I am. Mongol too You’re a traitor who polluted your sacred blood. You’re a moron who grovels at the feet of those whom.. we have subdued, while you could instead be the master of the world. However. I'm not that much of an idiot to fall for your lies. Now you are going to explain exactly. how did Ertugrul managed to plant you among us . who else is behind this. and what information have you acquired! Where are Keykavus and the chest? Where are they?j And then, if you confess . and tell me where they are, I will spare your life... and make you my personal Noker. I will give you permission to purify your sacred blood Having such a resilient man working for me.. would always come in handy for me.

The mo e you know... the less you say. 0ABLJ | no connections with Ertugrul. All I have to say... is hat. I will learn.. what information Ertugrul got from you if I have to squeeze it out of you. Untie him We will take him to the Tiger's Mouth. Even Almas (Albis) would not be able to find us there. [mythical creatures, inhabiting Altai Mountains] I will beat the living daylights out of you until you start talking. Sir Sir, I've never seen you so deeply immersed in thoughts. Ertug ul! He brought the Mongol Commander Almcak to his knees. in only three moves. He pushed him neck-deep into the mud... this Commander of Hulagu, who came to Sogut with such an overbearing arrogance. And as that one was trashing about struggling to break free... he removed him from here, with his scheming. What's more, trampling over Commander s own appointed Principality's Bey... he reclaimed his Beylik with his sword. And Alincak, then... swallowed in disgrace whatever words he had arrogantly said. Wasn't that just what we wanted. Sir? Ertugrul saved us from a great misfortune. But, now the greatest trouble for us is Ertugrul. The time has come for us to make a new move against him. Against him Sir... Ertugrul is more powerful than ever before And you know it, as well. It is still too early to fight against him. No, not we, but... our new ally would fight against him. Who is that? Beybolat! Sir Ertugrul was as good as his word in whatever he promised us so far. But. Beybolat is not one to be trusted. His loyalty to Ertugrul is hypocritical. Ertugrul has turned everyone against each other. Now it is our turn. He will eventually discover who I am, then he will swoop down on us.

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He is such a formidable enemy. And a mighty warrior, at that. They have their ideals. And. what do you have. Uranos, huh? What's wrong with you? is your cowardice all you gotv For God's sake Uranos don't you ever look at our warriors? Other than eating and drinking themselves into a stupor. they don t do anything else, all day long. Open your eyes now! Ertugrul is picking us apart, day in day out. We must bring him down, before he rips us apart! We have to devise a new game against Ertugrul. One last, major game! Either, we will be victorious and take hold of Sogut, or. . Ertugrul will triumph, and he would take... the heads of all of us right there in the Macellum! [Macellum - an ancient Roman indoor market building] I understand Sir. So, how am I supposed to talk Beybolat into this? Now the time is just right. Beybolat is going to meet Dragos! Not the impersonator, but... the real one! My Bey... now we're certain that Alincak did not go after Keykavus. And, we also know that he will keep Mergen alive until he gets him to talk. However, how long will Mergen be able to hold on, subjected to all that suffering. Allah only knows He will hold on, Artuk Bey. He will hold out until we find him and save him.

I suggest that we send the Alps to all directions, my Bey. And to not stop until we find a den in which he holed himself up. We don't know how long Mergen can hold on, brother. Searching for him all around. won't do any good either to Mergen, or... to us, my Bey. Well, what else are we tojd<^then, brother? Are we going to just stand here and wait until that jackal Alincak... takes another of our lives? If there is no way that will take us to Ahncak, then. we must beat a path that will get Almcak to us... even i we have o drill hroug ie moun ain. There's one person who can to take us to Alincak, Bamsi. And. that is Beybolat Ahh... this jackals little whelp. You have weaned him off his mother s milk, my Bey. So, how will he now take us to her lair? Send word to the fortress that I’ll visit them, Bamsi. I ill give Dragos the Imposter a duty to throw bait at Beybolat. As you command, my Bey. Attack them! I'm going to show you what an ambush is. you des icable dog! I have come here with friendly intentions, Beybolat. Soldiers, let them go! I know that my father's murderer could never be my friend.. you Dragos infidel! What do you want from me? It is time for you to learn something, first.

I am not Dr gos. What are you up to now. you good-for nothing? The game is over. Ertugrul has brought all of us to our knees just like he did Alincak. That's why it’s time for you to learn about the goings-on in Sogut.. and to see Ertugrul's real face. I'm here to take you to meet the real Dragos. May the whole lot of these jackals be destroyed! They swooped down on my fold. They took my little one, mama’s lamb away, Sari. Even if the whole world rushes to my side.. no one can fill the void left by Suleyman. Sari. See, I keep coming to you. For, the scent of my Suleyman still clings to your mane Let me get a bunch of hair from your tail to take it to my valiant. So, he may feel joyful in heaven, ha? Uranos leave me with my partner with whom I ll merge my destiny. You may leave. Uranos? What kind of game is this? Do you think that I would give credit to the word of a man. who doesn’t have courage to show even his face? What do you want from me9 The same thing that you do! Ertugrul's head! If you will form association with me... I will give you a gift in honor of that. The real murderer of your father! Who is it? Ertugrul! Ertugrul Bey is the Bey of Principality of these lands. You won't turn me from my path with your two-facedness. You killed my father! And I’m going to take your life here and now! ,noA uiu q If you are unable to take in what I'm going to say, you can go, Beybolat. And, if you do something like this again. your body will be^full of holes from the trap that I'll spring For me, the secrecy is more important than anything else. If we're going to form an association... no one will know who I am, including you. It's my only stipulation Tell me about it, then. Tell me whatever you know. Come on! Now, think back. Who told you Ertugrul was innocent? Who testified in the court in his favor? Password for this Episode is DE37s5wUS.

My sister llbilge. Come on start talking! Tell me whatever you know, all of it! First I’ll inform you about the schemes that Ertugrul set in motion.. to eliminate your father after he came to Sogut. Password for this Episode is DE37s5wUS But onl if ou have the courac e to stand what ou will hear. If you don t. you know your way out of these dark caverns! Decision is yours! May your roads be open Cut the long story short. Tell me everything you know about Ertugrul, all of it. Come on! Bamsi? My Bey I see you are absentminded. My Bey. I was thinking of my Gundogdu Bey. What’s the matter? Why would you think of my brother? It’s about his grief of losing a child, my Bey. Could that ever be an easy thing to bear? What that Albasti dog... did in our tribe he couldn't achieve in his own hearth and home. What will my Gundogdu Bey do when he hears about this? May Allah watch over him. My own children came to my mind and I almost went crazy. Our flesh is made of clay with blood flowing inside. We are not made of stone or iron. My heart is aching right now, my Bey. The life we lost was my nephew, Bamsi. We gave many martyrs for this cause. My nephew Suleyman was only one of those. With regard to my brother... he will bear it stoically. He knows the essence of our Daw’ah by heart. So. you put your heart at ease. Did you forget those early days when we were girded with swords of bravery. Bamsi? Don't you remember the words we uttered when we made our oaths? How could I ever forget it, my Bey? We have sworn that until the blue sky above came crushing down and. the swarthy ground below split apart we would fight until the last enemy and the last oppressor is gone.

yvAllah (so we did). Well, that s it. brother, well done! And from that day on... our oaths and... our customs have bound us tightly to each other. Even if the whole universe swoops down upon us. this bond cannot be broken, EvelAllah (by Allah s will). EvelAllah, brother. EvelAllah. This eternal bond between us will... protect us against the enemies that have deeply coiled in our bosom. and against those that have enveloped us on the outside. Now it's time to keep our ranks standing strong as a mountain... and to bear down on them like a cyclone. Let’s do it, my Bey Let s bear down on them now! EyvAllah (well done). Masha Allah to my valiants. If you're ready to see the real face of Ertugrul... then let's start with your sister llbilge Hatun. Ertugrul. knew about the close bond between Emir Bahaddin and your father. He was aware that your father didn t come here only to collect taxes... but also to take over the Beylik of Principality. For that reason, he first killed your Alps, and then... he slain your sleeping father, in his own Han. He has affected her mind before the court was assembled. Once he held... the heart of this pure, brave girl in his hands, he bound her to himself He even halted the Kadi's (judge) ruling taking advantage of llbilge Hatun. Since Emir Bahaddin was aware of everything. he used llbilge Hatun yet again in order to kill Emir. How? The night of Emir Bahaddin’s death...

Ertugrul came to your tent with his family. Disregarding your promise to Emir Bahaddin. he asked you for llbilge s hand, looking you boldly in the eye. He took both, you and your sister for simpletons. And do you know why he asked for llbilge’s hand from you? In order to dispose of Emir Bahaddin. In what way? How did he do that? By playing upon your sister's feelings... he drove a wedge between you and Emir Bahaddin. And, while he played that dirty trick on you, he knew that... the theft of gold was simultaneous! takinc )lace in the Caravansar . Thus, he managed to manipulate the Mongols to take... Emir Bahaddin's life while he stayed out of trouble... and with no blood on his hands. So you claim that he killed my father and Emir for the Principality's Beylik? And that is not the end of Ertugrul's games. He brought Alincak to his knees and... seized the Principality's Beylik, which was rightfully yours. But now it is time to stand up and to put a stop to Ertugrul. If we form alliance, we will have a lasting power. Get to the point What do you expect from me in return? Your friendship. I'll have no more patience to deal with yet another enemy, after Ertugrul. For, I will kill Ertugrul. sooner or later! After his death you will become the head of the Turkmen tribes. I want you to protect me from them. Failing that... neither will he leave Lefke fortress to me... nor Sogut to you If we shake hands now, Ertugrul won't know about us And we... we'll be the strong one. Now, I got to know you But... you do not know me yet, Dragos So. if there is some scheme afoot... you will get to know my other side. Beware! Translated by Melisa Dirilish Timing and sync by Jimmy People will start coming about mid-afternoon to offer condolences.