DIRILIS Season 5 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 36 (Two Parts)

This is Episode number 36 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. You were not even capable to make that greenhorn son of Giindogdu, sing! Sogut's lands have made you lose your touch with Albasti. He burned his own tongue in order not to sing. What other choice did I have but to kill him? And it seems that these lands made you lost your touch with Alincak, too If you were ...


This is Episode number 36 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. You were not even capable to make that greenhorn son of Giindogdu, sing! Sogut's lands have made you lose your touch with Albasti. He burned his own tongue in order not to sing. What other choice did I have but to kill him? And it seems that these lands made you lost your touch with Alincak, too If you were going to let Ertugrul keep the Principality s Beylik... why was there a need for you to go to Sogut. then? He violated your orders. But you haven't done anything about that. Even if the fire was raging in your bosom... you shouldn t let the smoke drift out of your nose, so that. . your enemy won't be aware of the fire you'll blast on them from your mouth. If that fire doesn’t.. burn Ertugrul to ashes... then, we ourselves will go up in its flames. Beware of that, Commander. Measure seven times, cut but once." [Mongol proverb - think carefully before acting] Before you win the battle on the battleground . you have to be the winner in the battlefield of minds. Ertugrul played a trick on us. And, harmed our credibility So, we are going to play the same trick on him. What will you do? An eagle is shot by an arrows made from its own feathers. Ertugrul is prepared against external attacks at all times. Therefore, we will attack him from the inside. You can't use his family for that. And his Alps are tightly attached to him. How would that work then? A woman knows the workings of her man’s mind. We will get under the skins of Ertugrul s Alps through their wives Who are his closest men? Artuk Bey... Turgut and Bamsi Artuk is out of the question And, Turgut doesn’t have a wife.

Then, it will have to be Bamsi. Ilbilge is Umur Bey's daughter but... Si rm a is Albasti’s sister. Tell your sister Sirma Hatun whatever she needs to know. She will know what to do Whatever place her eyes touch... it is scorched as if by the Sun. Wherever she unleashes her tongue, it cut through like a bolt of lightning. And, you go to the Kayi tribe to express your condolences. As you are aware the nephew of the Bey of Principality has just died. Be with them Well what are you going to do? Berke Khan's men arrived when we re supposed to do the hand-over with Byzantines They set us an ambush in the Kizil^am (Red Pine’s) forest. Its out of the question that.. they could have known anything about it beforehand. So. there must be a weak link within us. And. a very weak one, at that How so? If all the doors we kept locked were open to the enemy... that means there is a traitor among us. First. I must find that traitor My Bey, my Bey, there is some writing on that rock s face over there. Albasti That means he has made it this far, my Bey. When did that dog come here? Perhaps he crept in like a snake. And, waited in hibernation So, when the time was right. he emerged from the nest to spit its venom What will we do, my Bey? We will swoop like a hawk and tear off the head of... this snake that has emerged from its nest. He took my nephew. And. I’m going to extinguish his bloodline. Is there permission?

Yes. come in. May it go easy on you I’d bid you welcome. but every time you come to our tribe. the winds of some new tribulation blow in with you. Nothing’s wrong, In shaa Allah. Hafsa Hatun, shouldn’t we remove these from here? Allah forbid, perhaps they came to cast an evil eye on it. Masha Allah These look very beautiful. If hatuns are not cruelly treated and if there is no oppression in the tribe... of course, they would look beautiful, EvelAllah. The animosity between brothers leads to... disaster. Selcan Hatun. That is why we are here. Now we must leave behind what we have lived through and... interlock firmly together Interlocking firmly together and being friends with you... would mean getting in the same bag with snakes. Ilbilge Hatun. I neither forget the wrongdoer, nor what’s been done. Welcome, hatuns Why are you standing there like this? Please, be seated. We've all been through a lot of troubles, Hayme Mother. We fell out with each other for no reason. Well, we were the ones who went through these troubles. And. what happened to you? It was our tribe and our tent that have been raided. They tried to kill my son and my nephews... before our very eyes. So, what was it you have lived through? Let’s give them a chance and hear them out, my daughter. Hold on there. Every Mountain is shrouded in its own mist Selcan Hatun.

Password: SelcanSalman

Do you think we were pleased to see the Mongols brutal treatment of you and. the suffering you went through. the torture you were subjected to? Yes... You two sisters seemed very pleased with that. What brought about this change now? Nothing has changed. Don't you remember that my brother went against Alincak himself .. in order to protect your tent and. . to spare you from even more persecution by the Mongols? Umurs and Kayis are like two great mountains that... have to stand shoulder to shoulder. Could the nail be separated from its flesh? We said: alright, these are the Mongols and we moved on. Ne were acquainted with the Mongols’ tyranny, after all. But we don t quite know what to make of your brother Beybolat? Didn't your brother slap my son in public? Didnt he lock him in dungeon? Wasn't his intention to flog me? Talking about the bygones is of no benefit to anyone. See here... Sirma’s wounds are still not healed. But we bowed humbly and came to your tent. We came, so that we can face the future. Let’s join hands and be of one accord. My sister tells the truth. My wound is not healed yet But, aside from this pain I have no complains whatsoever. Because the pain I’m suffering, confronts me with my faults. This mishap has been a good lesson to me. And. I was wrong. I was unjust towards you. Under the pretext of my assigned responsibility... I broke the hearts of all the hatuns of the Kayi tribe. Yet. making mistakes is inherent to the younger ones. And, it is worthy of the elders to forgive. Forgive me. Since you feel contrite about it and you repented... both Selcan Hatun and I cannot help but... to fore ive ou.

Henceforth, instead of bickering and thinking about the bad things of the past we should look ahead together. For the sake of our unity and brotherhood.. we are ready to do everything we can. Provided there is no discord and apartness Mother, if you will excuse me... I have to o to So ut to get some supplies for the Kilimhane As you know, we need to complete the work as possible as we can. Of course, mu daughter, go on. Don’t be diverted from your work. Go on, may Allah be with you. Ahh Ertugrul regained his old power. Even Alincak has accepted his position of Principality’s Bey. So he is no longer our partner. Whyever not? Because a strong Ertugrul... would make our plans hard to achieve. Ne must provoke hostility between Alincak and Ertugrul. . and bring them into a state of war. Where does it get us? Besides, why would we do something like that, since.. we gained Ertugrul’s friendship and could benefit from his power? Don't be silly! How quickly you forgot our plans' Our aim is not to gain Ertugrul's friendship, but... to erase him from Sogut. Ertugrul doesn't need us. He will take aim at us again. So, before he does, we have to destroy him. This is the wrong time to act. Sir. Ertugrul has routed Beybolat, and even Alincak.

He is a whole lot stronger than we thought. And considering our situation, we need his friendship. Else, we will be the ones who'd be destroyed.. instead of Ertugrul. If I hear you say the word “friend' one more time, it would be.. the last thing you’d ever say! Now act as a brave Commander and do as I say! Welcome here, Selcan Hatun. May you live long. Dumrul. Would you load things I got at the Bazaar into the cart... and send it to the tribe? As you wish, Selcan Hatun. Where is Ertugrul Bey? Our Ertugrul Bey is gone on an important mission, Selcan Hatun. He will return to the tribe by nightfall. What s going on. Dumrul. why did you plant yourself in front of me? Password for this Episode is SelcanSalman. Hope nothing’s wrong! You’re gawking at me like a rabbit caught in the candle light. Your face has gone pale and you're tongue-tied. What is it? Sul.. Suleyman?! What is Suleyman's horse doing here? Answer to me! What is it doing here, I asked you. Se. . Selcan Hatun. I . Eeeh... I've had enough of you! Tell me, anyone, where is my son? Where is Ertugrul Bey? Why my son is not here? Selcan Hatun Selcan Hatun! Selcan Hatun! Artuk Bey Artuk Bey. you tell me! What is Suleyman's horse doing here? Why Ertugrul Bey is not here, tell me that?

Are you hiding something from me? Ou our Alps have. found Suleyman's horse in the woods, not long ago. O my Allah, please You preserve my sanity. Artuk Bey Artuk Bey1 Where did Ertugrul Bey go, tell me that? Where is my Suleyman, tell me? Selcan Hatun our Ertugrul Bey has set off in order to find Suleyman. H ill find him I can no longer stay here. I can’t. Selcan Hatun Selcan Hatun! Selcan Hatun! Selcan Hatun, listen here! Keep calm. My Ertugrul Bey went to find him. Nothing could escape him, you know that. As soon as he finds him. he will bring him directly to the tribe. So. you return to the tribe too. S lean Hatun listen1 Out of my way1 Yah' Selcan Hatun! Alp. don t let Selcan Hatun go alone. Go after her. hurry up Hurry up Hurry up, Alps Translated by Melisa Dirilish. Timing and sync by Jimmy. May it be good. In shaa Allah. Grandma, they carry someone on the sledge. Grandma Son do we have a martyr? Who is it? We were not able to get there on time, mother. Those callous and cowardly ones have slain him. Suleyman. Suleyman brother! Suleyman?! ... My brother .. Suleyman. Oy how could they have slain you. how could they? Oy, the wild flowers of my Giindogdu! Whose ruthless hand has plucked you? Oh, my Allah! I wish that I had died instead, oh grandma's joy. I wish it were me. Oy. my valiant... Oy, my red-legged little lamb. Suleym n. Come on, Alps, let’s carry him inside Oy my viliant Oy, my valiant, my brave-heart! Oy, my lamb! Oy. my brave-heart... Oy, my Suleyman Oy my willowy sapling Oh, my Allah, please help us. What are we going to tell your mother now? What words... what consolation... would be able to quench the fire in her heart? What mother can ever extinguish such kind of fire?

Oy grandma’s heart, oy! O. my Allah Where is Selcan Hatun? She went to Sogiit to get some supplies for Kilimhane father. Ah, a valiant like a mountain has gone... gone just like that. Oy, my young and handsome boy . My sable brave Tug (aigrette, crest). My Allah, what am I going to do? Oy, what will we do? O my Allah , my Allah! Hayme Mother Oy. my lamb, oy Don t be too hard on yourself. Come, sit down over here. My handsome boy is gon My brave young boy has gone My handsome, young boy is gone, my Allah Oy, how could they have slain him? How could they have slain him. how could they? What good this bowl of water would do to me, my girl? If I drink all the water from the pristine river. would it put out the fire burning in my heart? Would it9 Ooy What's going on here? Mother9 Your mother would sacrifice her life for you. Or is it...? Don t remov it' My Suleyman My Suleyman Oy. my brave-heart, the piece of my soul. Suleyman! Mother would sacrifice her life for you. Wish that I had died and you lived. Who did that to my valiant? Who took my valiant s life? Albasti Ertugrul Bey... I am sorry for our loss Who did this? This is done by the one... who licks Mongols' boots. by that scum of the earth. Albasti See for yourself, Beybolat Bey! That Mongol dog you serve and whom you have been glued to. has set fire to my hearth and home. Selcan Hatun... Our pain is great. But these are not the words to say beside the deceased one. Our revenge is greater than our pain Albasti will get what he deserves. My strapping brave-heart is gone, however.. his uncles and brothers will take an eye for an eye! Your revenge is our revenge In this regard, we will do whatever is needed. Ne will not let anyone get away with what they’ve done. Blessed knuckle bones. [ritual - knuckle bones thrown into fire to get answers] Get angry hot in the fire Turn my bad destiny into a bright one.

Destroy the black spirits that are around me Reveal to me who the traitor is, that... is sticking a dull dagger in our back What our Khan orders us to do9 To go to the fortress However he orders us not to fight, but to go to negotiate. Hulagu Khan's edict arrived at the last moment, just when we were... about to raze this old Byzantine fort to the ground. Berke Khan's men have carried out an attack exactly where... we were supposed to take Keykavus from the Byzantines. What does it say. Commander? Ertugrul was not the one who. slayed my Nokers and snatched Keykavus it was work of Berke Khan’s men. Our s ies' messa e came ^recisel at the moment when I was about.. to set Kayi tribe alight like these pieces of paper there. I want to advance but. they tied my legs I want to see but.. they tied a blindfold over my eyes I want to strike, but.. they restrained my hands. This is not a coincidence. There is some force behind this. And. that is a force that knows everything I intend to do. before I actually do it. That is someone that looks like us but he's not one of us. Someone who looks at everything that comes to me. before it is delivered to me. There is only one way that this can be done. Through the messenger that brought the news to us. Now it is the time to expel that poison out of me, once for all. The verses from Surah Al-Baqarah; 2:154-157" Sadaqa Allaah al- Azeem" [Allaah has spoken the truth - Ali 'Imran; 3.95] In the verses of Surat al-Baqarah we recited. our Lord (Rabb) says. And say not of those who are slain in the way of Allah. They are dead." Nay they are living though ye perceive (it) not. Ne shall certainly test you by afflicting you with... fear, hunger, loss of properties and lives and fruits, but... give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere. Those who say when afflicted with calamity. Indeed we belong to Allah. and indeed to Him we will return." They are those upon whom (descend) Blessings and Mercy from Allah.. " and they are the ones that receive right guidance." [Al-Baqarah: 2:154-157] May Allah we Ta ala bless us to be among those who receive these glad tidings. Amin Amin O my Allah when our brows become sweaty out of pain and our moaning intensifies... even when the physicians give up hope on us... encompass us in Your Mercy Amin. - Amin O. my Allah (swt), when we breathe our last and... the soil enshrouds us as soon as our eyelids finally close over our eyes.. when our beloved ones leave us behind... when all the blessings You bestowed us with are taken away... grace us with Your Mercy Amin - Ami O, my Allah, once our names are wiped out of memory... and our decaying flesh is consumed... when our graves become lost and disappear... when the Books of our Deeds are completed... shower upon us Your Mercy. Amin. Amin O. my Allah,