DIRILIS Season 5 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 35

This is Episode number 35 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Alps wait here. As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you), my valiant. Alaykumu as-salam (peace be upon you too). Where are your mother and father? There is my grandmother. Who are you. what do you want? We're your guests, my lion. Tell your grandmother that we are here. Grandma -Ha, son? Three ...


This is Episode number 35 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Alps wait here. As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you), my valiant. Alaykumu as-salam (peace be upon you too). Where are your mother and father? There is my grandmother. Who are you. what do you want? We're your guests, my lion. Tell your grandmother that we are here. Grandma -Ha, son? Three men are here, they say they are guests. My son. guests are not kept waiting. Call them in As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you) mother. Alaykumu as-salam, son. Come, sit here. May you live long, mother I’ll do it. My vision is no longer good. Who are you who is your family9 Where are you from and where are you going? Just a poor guest coming from Al Hayy going to Hu (swt). mother [Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah, Hu - Him] Son, we have to welcome our guests. Go on, bring us some Ayran (a salty yoghurt). What is keeping this Alincak? They are coming, my Bey. And, what's that supposed to mean Commander? The Yassa of our Khan states that "a man who... [alludes to Genghis Khan] failed to complete his duty is like a horse with a broken leg [Yassa - a secret Code of Law by Genghis Khan] They're both useless! They both must be slain! Those who failed to fulfill their duty are already dead, anyway. You were there, as well. They spirited away both, Keykavus and the chest! And you have done nothing! They dropped the head of my right hand man my lap. And you are also one of those who brought about this humiliation. I went there along with him as you have ordered me to And I did what I could They have killed my closest man, too. This duty was your responsibility, Commander Alincak.

And now instead of sitting down and thinking what to do about this you pulled your sword on me. You better think what you will do when Hulagu Khan learns that... both, Keykavus and the chest slipped through your fingers. Berke Khan’s spies are popping up everywhere under every stone. How come you failed to notice it, Beybolat? They sneaked among us, disguised as Nokers. Besides, they couldn t have done all of this, just on their own There must be some persons in these lands who are collaborating with them. Who could it be9 Ertugrul. Ertugrul? What s he got to do with this? After we left Sogiit, Ertugrul reclaimed the Beylik of Principality. He reclaimed the Beylik of Principality, did he? How was that possible7 Didnt they put up any resistance? He made use of our absence and carried out an attack on Sogiit. He detained my Alps and displayed Kayis banners all over the place. Ertugrul has proclaimed the Beylik of Principality as his, Commander. Who is this Hatun mother? Is she your daughter7 No. son, she is not my daughter. But, I consider her as my own daughter. The infidels have killed her husband. She was pregnant and destitute. She was left all alone. I brought her here and now I’m looking after her. Do you have any relatives, mother? Are you able to be a mother to this hatun, in your situation? I had a son and daughter-in-law. but their time came and a soil shrouded them As for this hatun, well... in this world everyone has to follow his conscience, son. Those left alone can understand the situation of the orphans the best.

EyvAllah (it’s true), mother. EyvAllah (thank you). As I was passing by... I caught sight of your grandson and thought I'd stop by and check in on you. Is there anything you need, mother? What human needs most is to be grateful and to have a sense of satisfaction, son. I have a whole lifetime behind. But I've never met a wealthy person that is satisfied to the full... nor a poor one that said he was hungry. We have few animals and a tiny garden. We eat what we can sow and reap. son. We don't covet any of this worldly goods. The only prayer I always offer when I'm on my prayer mat is for Ertugrul Bey. May Allah (swt) never leave us without him May he always hold the Beylik’s seat and protect our customs and that is enough. Do you know Ertugrul Bey, mother? ve never met him But even if I did I’d hardly be able to see him with my eyes, anyhow Why didn t you go to Ertugrul Bey and ask him for help? Why wouldn't you go and say. My situation is like this: I've got a grandson and I also have... guest in my tent who is pregnant and unwell The fog never leaves the glorious peak of a high mountain, son. There are many poor and destitute ones who are worse off than us. Praise be to Allah we are able to prepare the food we eat. So long as our Ertugrul Bey is safe and healthy. While there are brave mothers with Noor glowing on their faces and prayers on their lips... Ertugrul Bey will never be brought down, mother. Now that I've seen your face as beautiful as a rose... and tasted you Auran, I would take my leave. You’re leaving too soon, son Do you know Ertugrul Bey I’ve met him, mother. May your path be clear and open, son If you ever chance upon him again, tell him that... you met a Turk's mother at the foot of Karacauz summer quarters... living in an old tent with one pillar, and that she said. May Allah (swt) take my life and add it to his." Tell him that. With pleasure. I will tell him. mother. You are entrusted to Allah mother. Farewell son. take care of yourself At your behest, my Bey Take it, my brave-heart I cannot take it. I didn't deserve that It is our obligation to distribute this.. and this is your right. You may take it with a clear conscience, my valiant. May Allah bless you May Allah make your children happy a thousand times more than you have made me now.

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Amin, my boy. amin With the eyes and hearts of such valiants and... self-sacrificing mothers thickly woven into the lands of this homeland the tyrants will never be able to crush it. EvelAllah. EvelAllah. my Bey EvelAllah, my Bey. Have the Alps distribute the rest of what we brought with us. As you command, my Bey Sword may possibly get rusty and a horse may stumble Abdurrahman. However, the supplications of these oppressed ones... that are so responded to, will keep us... [refers to: at-Tirmidhi. Vol. 6, 45:3448: Hasan] as well as our descendants alive and standing, In shaa Allah. Amin, my Bey. amin. Ertugrul plotted a cunning ruse behind our backs. He allied himself with Berke Khan's men, and .. as soon as you left, he sprang into action. Along with Berke Khans men he laid in wait at the spot where he left Keykavus. Do you really believe this could be just a coincidence, Commander? You can't ward off scorpion’s venomous sting... when you come across it. But if you ensnare it and topple it into the circle of fire. the scorpion would kill itself. Ertugrul shoved us into the circle of fire. And, I threw Ertugrul into the fire, too So don t worry. I got hold of Suleyman. He is right now in my hands. Only... these letters of pardon for Giindogdu are not with him.

Then don't do anything to him until he sings. Find out Gundogdu s whereabouts. Then, you know what you should do. Well, what about Ertugrul? He said no one can take what is his by the right of sword. He trampled over you, not over me Commander This scorpion here, has been shoved into the circle of fire. However, all its venom has not been spent yet. I know how to get out of this fire Welcome back, my Bey EyvAllah (thank you). Welcome back, my Bey Glad to see you, Bamsi. In Bell-ringer around9 not my Bey He vanished into the thin air, yet again. He must be gone to the fortress. They have stolen the chest. I send them word. As soon as he comes, send him to me. EyvAllah. EyvAllah (all right), my Bey. But. I wander about something The information hidden inside that chest is not important for us. Why would you want it back now? That chest is a test of betrayal for them, Bamsi. It is gnawing away at their minds, right now Let's see if the chest will just gnaw away at their minds... or they will devour the chest. EyvAllah (let's see), my Bey, EyvAllah. Get the Alps in readiness, Bamsi. We don't know what Alincak may do once he hears that we took over Sogiit. Step up precautionary measures all over the place. We took Sogut with the power of our swords, and we will... retain it with the power of our swords again, if needs be. EyvAllah (all right), my Bey. As you command. What are we going to do now. Sir. Ertugrul has summoned me to the Han.

How am I supposed to take the chest to him in this condition? I see you're afraid of Ertugrul Uranos. You look almost like a Turkmen Bey who submits to him instead of.. the Byzantine Commander who is supposed to stand up against him! Were we not protected from the Mongols with his help? In spite of the fact that Ertugrul is our enemy... right now we need his friendship And breaking of this chest may very well jeopardize this friendship, Sir. Your duty is not to give me your piece of mind But to carry out my orders! You’ve got me wrong. Sir My intention was not to give you piece of my mind. That's enough! What he did for us is nothing to what we have done for him. He requested soldiers from us. we sent them to him. Thanks to us, he saved Keykavus, but he never informed us when he got him back. He tried to use us to win over Alincak. Well if this friendship is based on mutual interest then we must look after our interests. I don't know what I’m going to say to Ertugrul. How can I be convincing? Should I be concerned with that too, Uranos? Do whatever you want, but settle this issue. Masha Allah. An Alp must always act like a leopard Is there no one else to take me on? So say you . but this leopard we took on were as hard as a rock. Masha Allah. Nothing can get at him. neither teeth nor claws. You lost because you saw it coming. however.. I won because I didn't see it coming. How is that possible, my Bey? Your movements were guided by your eyes only Meanwhile your mind and your senses were muted As for me my movements were guided by all my senses. What matters is, not to see what the enemy is doing. . but to sense what he would do An Alp must be ready to fight in all circumstances. You have to be able to survive in the darkness of night... during the black frost of winter. in the heart of fire and even in deep waters Even if you don't see it. you must foresee what an enemy would do... relying on your mind and your senses. You must be able to discern by a small crackle... or the faintest sound of a breath drawing... how and from where your enemy is going to attack.

Did you understand me? We did my Bey Go on Continue now with your training come on! This is Suleyman's horse. Where did you find this horse, Alps? wre is u eyman . My Bey it came in front of us while we were patrolling around the Serpent Cliffs. Take this letter and the horse to Ertugrul Bey posthaste. As you order, my Bey. Hurry up. hurry up, off you go And. we have to hurry up to Serpent's Cliffs to follow his trail Pray to Allah that nothing bad has befallen Suleyman Let s go. Alps, you continue with your drill. My Bey. Hasn't he spoken yet? Whatever I did. he wouldn t open his mouth He loosed consciousness. If you can’t open the lock. you’d think it is too sturdy. But the work of art is not in the lock. but in a hand that knows how to open it. Password for this Episode is SaluteSuleyman. If you don't have a key, then you must break it. Look into my eyes. Suleyman. Those who looked into these eyes went mad out of fear before they died. You ought to know that well. You traitorous dog. I have no fear of you, not one bit carve your eyes out. And you said that Suleyman wouldn't talk. Look how he sings now like a nightingale. And now. he is going to tell us where that letters of pardon are... and to reveal his father s whereabouts, as well. I will not say a single word. even if my mouth gets full of blood. You came into the wrong land to gallop your horses. Ertugrul Bey will turn this place into the hell for you. Ahh! I'll put you through much worse than I put all those rebels through, to date.

Albasti has come to bring the hell to all of you But, my fire will.. burn you first Welcome here You brought the chest after all I did. But it's not how you would wish it. What happened, what s the matter? The chest is broken. And when the liquid inside spilled, all the papers were destroyed. To my regret! It s obvious that this chest had been forced open. Did you force it open? It happened during the fight. The chest was broken there. By the time we got to the fortress. all the papers were destroyed. Ertugrul I am really sorry that I was not able to bring you this chest intact Do not let this endanger our friendship I'm willing to do whatever I have to, to compensate you for this. You have assisted me in every respect since we agreed on mutual alliance. This chest will not cast a shadow on our alliance. However . we now have a more burning issue then this chest. In fact, our real cooperation will start from now. What will it be? Alincak He lost everything he had. He will now attack in all directions like a furious bull that broke loose from its chain. He will want to take revenge because I took Principality s Beylik back. Is there something I can do for you in that? Whatever I needed to be done I took care of it myself.

yself. I took my precautions everywhere. You must also take precautions. A friendship with these Mongols is like a friendship with bears. If they get hungry, they will swallow you. If it comes to the war, we will act in unison. Whatever resources we have, we will put it to use for each other. I will do whatever is necessary You have seen the benefits of cooperation with me I walked all over Alincak and reclaimed the Beylik of Principality I prevented them from invading your fortress. If you are smart and wish to always benefit from it... do not allow anything to come between us. The enemies you see today in Sogiit are like sand scattered on the rocks. The sand will be blown away by the storm. But the rocks will always remain firmly in place. Do you understand me? Now. if you'll excuse me. Ertugrul I have to get back to the fort. EyvAllah (you’re excused). Where is Ertugrul? He is inside. Commander Dragos What are you doing here? Did you perhaps come to extend your congratulations to Ertugrul? Not to congratulate him, no, Commander Alincak. But, to discuss the relations between the Fort and Sogiit. There’s been a change in law and order here, after all.