DIRILIS Season 5 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 28

This is Episode number 28 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. I've met with that devil called Almcak. I told him that I don’t have the gold, and... if he wants to wage war, we are not afraid. I believe he already started preparations. What is going to happen now? Nothing is going to happen How can you be so at ease? I went there and told him in his face to come and fight us. And you’re ...


This is Episode number 28 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. I've met with that devil called Almcak. I told him that I don’t have the gold, and... if he wants to wage war, we are not afraid. I believe he already started preparations. What is going to happen now? Nothing is going to happen How can you be so at ease? I went there and told him in his face to come and fight us. And you’re here, telling me that nothing will happen. Alincak will come here. However, not to fight.. but rather to negotiate. To negotiate? I told you to carefully scrutinize the fortress when you get there. Have you done that? I have. I assessed how many troops we need and how many days it will take... to besiege and conquer it. I estimated it all properly. A Mongol must always thoroughly scrutinize every place he goes. Because, we may invade any place and at any given moment. Get everything ready for the invasion of the fortress, and fast. As you order. Alincak. Commander Almcak. I have brought you a great order from Hulagu Khan. What our Khan has order us? To go to the fortress. Well, that's what we were getting ready for. anyway. However, he orders us not to fight, but. . to go to negotiate To negotiate? Where did that come from? Alincak will come here. To negotiate. How can you be so sure? Let that be my little secret. What is your command, my Bey We will change this order, Mergen. We will rewrite this order from Hulagu Khan anew and deliver it to Alincak. As a result we will prevent him from attacking the fortress. But. there is Hulagu Khan's seal on this, my Bey.

We may change the order, but... how will we seal it? Those who informed us about the couriers. supplied me with the seal as well Mergen. Now you just write down what I say. Alincak will come to negotiate a deal. and you will agree. Why should I agree? So that we may purge the Mongols from here slowly but surely. For now, we should only concern ourselves with Turkmen tribes Until this matter is taken care off... we are not to engage in fight with Byzantines. But, they would be dealt with, should the need arise. For that reason he orders us to negotiate a deal. I told that man Dra os that I will come and destroy him. right in his face. I ordered you to organize the Alps. Now I have to go and negotiate a deal, as meekly as a lamb. I have never gone back on my decision to wage war in my entire life. Should we reply to Hulagu Khan? Hulagu Khan is Father Heaven s (Gok Tengri) shadow on Mother Earth. [Khan - the executor ot tiok l engri s will on harthj His command is... the command given by Gok Tengri Spread the word quickly. Keep the Alps on stand-by Beybolat Bey, being the Principality s Bey will accompany me to the fortress. You will accept the cooperation with them and thus. you will get close to them. You II make it look... as if you are hostile to me. As a result, they would draw close to you too. Then, we will destroy them bit by bit] By the way, Bell-ringer will act as our go-between person, from now on. Why Bell-ringer? He has saved my life. Besides, he is someone who would attract the least attention. I laid a trap Now. it s your turn to ensnare them in it All right. I ll do it. Provided, he comes here to negotiate. Now. I have one other request from you.

What is that? I want you to learn... where they keep my son Osman. You will try to pry that out of him How can I do that? Besides, why would he disclose such a secret to me? I will be here too. I will be eavesdropping on our conversation. First of all, listen to what I have to say... so you can lose a knot from his tongue and... goad him into telling you that. Selcan Hatun. This one is finished. Let me have a look. Did you check it thoroughly I did. Here, take this one away. Why is this felt-mat in this state? Are you sending away still unfinished goods? Watch yourself AncL these iire not finished either. These rags will have to be re-woven. Did you ever weave a rug? No other type of yarn can be used for this. Does your brother's Beylik give you the right to teach us how to do it? I couldn t care less about yarn or such. Don’t take it to heart, but these felts and rugs are not a pretty sight. Untrained mule will drop its burden in front of the tent, they say [proverb - incompetent person cannot do particular job] Hey. Masha Allah1 Now the order in our tribe depends on you May Allah help us all. Selcan Hatun. There is no need for pointless bickering. Sirma Hatun is responsible for the hatuns. Whatever she says it will be done. According to the Oguz tradition the authority belongs to the holder of the seal. If I say that these are unbecoming, then they are! Now, first mend all of this, and then you may send it away Look me in the eye. A Beylik is not attained with fraudulent schemes and by Mongols verdict. What beautiful proverbs our ancestors had. A fool mounted on a horse think himself a Bey... a turnip added into the meal regard itself as oil. [proverb - bragging about something one is not worthy of.

Password: OsmanEagle

A slackness run rampant in this tribe, a slackness! I'll show you! To all of you I don t know what to make of this Ertugrul Bey, Sir First, he brought us to the brink of war... and now he wants us to be their allies. What’s going on here, Sir? We have a good thing going, Uranos, a good thing. Let him deal with the Mongols. So, are we doing the right thing by putting our trust in Ertugrul? Password for this Episode is OsmanEagle. They hold his son. His tribe and his tent are completely in disarray. He is now stripped of all his authorities. He is compelled to be with us. Well, what wiM we do afterwards. Sir? If what Ertugrul says is true... then we have gotten ourselves a formidable ally... in such a dangerous enemy as Ertugrul. And we will greatly benefit from him too, Uranos. Greatly What happened in there, my Bey? He accepted our proposal. He will goad Alincak and make him speak. No matter what, we will learn where Osman is being held. We got caught in such a violent thunderstorm, my Bey. It picked up and blew us all the way into the infidel s fortress. While we were expecting to wield our swords fiercely... we were forced to form an alliance with them, instead. Of course, our hearts desire is to strike at every enemy with our bare swords. But. do we exist for our own sake only, so that... we can do whatever our hearts desire? There are oppressed people who look up to us with hope. There is also our commitment to our great Daw'ah. The necessity that brought us here.. is due to the responsibility that lies with us. If, in the end of this there will be a victory, freedom and. the place for us to die. then let us die, my Bey. It's better than living like this. It is harder to live bravely than to die bravely, Turgut. And, we will do the harder of the two, In shaa Allah. We will live until we bring this war to a victorious end. At the moment, everything is about Osman. Let us get him out of their hands first. Then, their turn will come too. First the Mongols... and then Dragos, afterwards. In shaa Allah, my Bey. -In shaa Allah.

Well what is this all about, my Bey? Well, yes, my Bey... why are we being tossed about, like leaves... caught in an autumn storm? We should act as one and "hold fast together to the rope of Allah" [Ali Imran; 3:103] but we are all caught up in our own issues, instead. Some of us have desire for power, while others aspire to attain positions. then there are those who are after material riches. However, our Almighty Allah (swt). in the Surat All Imran counsels us... And hold firmly, all together, to the Rope of Allah (Islam).. and be not divided among yourselves" [Ali Imran; 3:103] We grew apart because we didn't take this verse as our guide (Tilawat). And united infidels have subjugated the now divided realm of Islam. But. there is a spark just waiting for a breath to burst into flames. And that breath will come from us. In shaa Allah In shaa Allah, my Bey. In shaa Allah. - In shaa Allah. Did you come around, the Eagle of the World? Do you believe you can turn me into one of you? You will not be turned into one of us. You will be us! Am I someone of unknown parentage or origin, to make me one of you? It is unmistakable who I am. I am Ertugrul Bey’s son, Osman. Ertugrul Bey s, are you, hah? Ertugrul Bey's who is just a Principality's Bey of that tiny Sogut.

How can such a tiny place contain someone like you, with the whole world within your eyes? You are meant for the greater things You must be in command our Nokers who will invade the entire world. You must be known in every place from Karakurum to Anatolia [Karakorum - mountain range from China to India] Fear of you shall cause every soul to shake. We have already made everyone shake with fear. And we will send you back to wherever you came from Then you will take our reputation all the way to there. Your father is already a dead man by know. His line is extinguished. But you... you will not die. You will be possessed by a Mongol’s souL You will serve the Supreme Cause of Genghis Khan. Forget Kayis Osman is no more! Do you understand? No more! Finished! Gone1 Where are you, father? Hurry come to my rescue. Surrounded by old dilapidated stones Byzantines have been reduced to decay, too. Why do we keep living in our magnificent tents and... spreading far and wide for ever and ever? So that we wouldn't stay in a stone cairn, such as the one we are now in. Commander Dragos is expecting you inside. I have to take the swords of your soldiers. And who do you think you are to ask for the weapons of my Nokerls? The only time my Nokers would separate from their weapons is when they die in a battle. Go ahead, fight them and take it, if you can. Whats going on here? What kind of discourtesy is this! We came here to negotiate a deal, but... you want to take our Nokers weapons, to boot My soldiers only wanted to follow the rules. Then they should learn it well. The rule number one not one Mongol s Noker would ever surrender his weapons Our guests’ weapons will not be taken away. Please, let's go inside. You escaped the sharp edge of our sword, Dragos. Be grateful to our Khan.

I have come to negotiate a deal upon the lofty order of our Khan. Now, I'll keep it short and to the point, then leave right away. I've prepared a feast for you. Shall we negotiate such a great deal on foot, without sitting down? I do not have time to waste on Byzantine’s insipid meals. Don t rush to conclusions. I have very special dishes made for you. And I've got a superb wine, which I believe you will like. It was pumped straight out of the barrel after many years, just for you. I'm sure you did not indulge in such a fine wine since your arrival in Sogiit. You Byzantines.. know very well how to stir a man s blood. Well, since we trudged the road all the way to here to negotiate... then let me sip some wine, while I talk about it at length. What are you doing here? Don t you have anything to do in the main tent? You have a face like thunder, Sirma. Did something happen? These Kayis. Especially Selcan Hatun. she ruffles my feathers! -What s wrong? Don t you see? She cannot accept that Commander Alincak assigned this duty to us. What did you expect, sister? They are furious since they were stripped of the Principality's Beylik. I know what I will do to her Either she will do what I say as meekly as a lamb. or she will pack up her worldly goods and go to her rebel man. You are not going to leave me alone, are you, sister? Do not ever go soft on them. Our duty is important, you know. Don’t worry, my sister I will always stand by you. You weren't around this morning. I inquired about, but no one knew a thing. Where were you? Some things needed my attention.

I had to take care of that. Don’t just go up and disappear. You know, our obligation is not easy. There's nothing we can't handle. I’m with you all the way. To be frank so much blood would be spilled in the war on both sides, for nothing. Your Khan has issued the right verdict. By this cooperation we would benefit from each other, greatly. The best part of this negotiation is to enjoy this red wine Ohh! It's just as well that I didn t leave without tasting it. I brought all that just for you. Please, help yourself. In the capacity of the Principality s Bey... I will contribute to this agreement, as well. We came here to squash those rebels who. scorned our might and disobeyed our rule We will get what we want and then. we will be on our way after punishing the guilty ones. We will not be worrying ourselves with the rest of the things. I know who you're referring to. Ertugrul. He caused so much trouble to us too You know about the latest ones. It was about time he was brought to a halt... and you did that quite well. You took his son Osman hostage. Indeed, that was the most crippling blow Ertugrul could be dealt Ertugrul has to learn well whom he stands against. But hrtugrul knows Sogut like the palm ot his hand. What if he finds his son and rescues him? He is now at such a place that... even if Ertugrul even finds his son he would just ask him who he is. He wouldn t even recognize his own father.

It s just so incredible. What kind of place is that? m curious about that as well. Ahh How can I make you understand what those places are like? It's a place where the spirits are the closest to Gok Tengri [where Heaven and Earth meet] and where the spirits are reborn from the trunks of blessed Beech trees. I miss that so. too. I wish to purge my withered soul. Ee. Beybolat Bey. that would be enough of eating and drinking for now. We still have plenty of work left to do. It's a place where the spirits are the closest to Gok Tengri, and. [mountains - bridges between Heaven and Earth] where the spirits are reborn from the blessed Beech trees [Mongol's belief - trees were once souls of humans] We've established an alliance with Byzantines. Ertugrul and Kayis are besieged now from all sides. I could have mana ed him b m self. But it's still advantageous to be on good terms with them. We were about to send the Alps on them. but, now we can. . send them instead against Ertugrul, when the need arises. I will deal with the gold issue in good time. We would like to welcome you in our tent tonight. I'm leaving Sogut tonight Where are you going? My soul has been withering since I arrived here. I'll go to the top of a mountain to send my soul flying to the Sky. [ritual Ariulga - to bring 3 souls of person into balance] Start setting up your own order from tomorrow morning. All traces of Ertugrul are to be wiped out from Sogut. But if anything goes wrong. I will hold you responsible. Be warned! I’ll be back when Ertugrul brings the chest. Where is Ertugrul Bey? Who are these ones?