DIRILIS Season 5 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 26 (TWO Parts)

This is Episode number 26 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Enough of this! He is just a little child! How can this fit in any tradition, whose heart can approve this? Sister, enough If you have any score to settle, settle it with me Osman! I’ll make you suffer dearly for this, I’ll take it out on you! Gunduz -Gunduz! We will send you filthy head to that dog-hearted Hulagu! I will make you ...


This is Episode number 26 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Enough of this! He is just a little child! How can this fit in any tradition, whose heart can approve this? Sister, enough If you have any score to settle, settle it with me Osman! I’ll make you suffer dearly for this, I’ll take it out on you! Gunduz -Gunduz! We will send you filthy head to that dog-hearted Hulagu! I will make you suffer the consequences for this! How dare you utter the name of the Khan above all Khans, Hulagu Khan, ha? Leave my brother alone! -No Get that one here! Get me the bow! Death of the Bey's son must be according to the tradition. No! Hayme Hatun, Artuk Bey, since your son is so courageous... why doesn’t he come out of hiding, so that I can see his bravery, too. Don t! No, don't do it! Don’t do it! Let go of my brother! Or, I will kill him! No no, don't do it! Gunduz! Don't do it! - My brother! My Gunduz' Ertugrul will eventually fall into my hands and I will kill him. My brother! Do you assume that I, who have brought both, the Persians and the Chinese down to their knees... can’t tame that Ertugrul, who tucked tail between his legs and fled, with a handful of Alps, ha? Don’t do it, don’t1 -My brother! Answer to me,

I asked you something! Enough, stop! Spare him, please! I don t know Ertugrul’s whereabouts. But, he will find you eventually. Then he will give you a taste of his wrath! Ah, is that so? Then it will be time to show off your bravery. You dog! You, Mongol dog! Leave him alone, let go of my son! So that's how it is, huh? You were disobedient and didn’t listen to reason! So, I will kill Ertugrul's whelp] Don’t! -Brother! I will put you and your tribe to the sword, all of you down to the women and children. and I will raze everything to the ground Leave my brother alone! Commander Almcak! Ohh... Beybolat, welcome here. Here you are, come to your master whose dog you play. Lick his boots well, Beybolat! Stop it now, hear me out first. There is a pressing matter I have to tell you about. Gunduz! -My son! Oh my b by' If anyone among you step out of line once again... I will forget my word to Hayme Hatun... and I will let you experience the most ignoble of deaths. Follow me, Beybolat.

Don't touch him! Don't take my valiant away, don't take him away! Let go of him! Oy, don’t take him away! We will lead our Army as far as to this area here. This way, we will pull half of Hulagu Khan's Army aft r us, to the north of Tabriz [The Berke-Hulagu war, fought in 1260’s] The rest will be up to you] And we, for one, will focus on the Turkmen tribes dwelling in this area here. Thus, we would ensnare the rest of Mongols that would be left behind in Anatolia. Hulagu Khan's army will be split in two. As a result, they will neither be able to send support from the North of Anatolia... nor will those who remained in Anatolia, be able to pass to the North. Hopefully, you will be able to put an end to these Mongol's raids, within the shortest time. EyvAllah (thank you). I will be pleased to inform Berke Khan that the alliance has been concluded. If you allow me. Of course. Praise be to Allah, we’ve overcome a great hurdle. Now we have to attend to the other one. What will we do about Mongols raiding the tribes, my Bey? The one thing they want from us is that chest with our most vital information. Everything now depends on that chest, Turgut. Well, what will youdojthen? Stop right there! Turgut! Bamsi! Hold on there. Mother U UJ O^IAI Where did they take my baby? They are burning everything to the ground. These butchers will not spare my grandson. Hayme Mother, don’t be upset.

My brother is here now, he will do something. Your brother who licks boots of these Mongol dogs, will do something, llbilge Hatun? I knew who you were, but now everybody knows it too. You will regret what you just said, Selcan Hatun. My brother talks inside for the sake of all. If it wasn’t for him, Gunduz Alp would be dead now. O, yes. Enough' Enough!! Enough!! Our tribe has been invaded, my grandchildren are missing, and you still squabble and quarrel. Did your brother know that the Mongols were going to attack us, ha? What does that mean, Hayme Mother'? If he knew that the Mongols were coming, would he leave us here then? My brother came here for the benefit of everyone. Tell us then, llbilge Hatun. did you brother intend to invade our tent and. get his hooks into us, as that Mongol dog said, ha? Is that why he slyly got close to us and insisted upon this marriage? Your words cast aspersion upon our honor, Selcan Hatun. You went beyond your limits and boundaries. When we need to stand as one, your tongues is busy sowing strife among us. Keep your tongue on the leash. My little one -Mother. Oy, grandma's heart! Oy, grandma’s joy, I would sacrifice myself for you. Oy, my little one. My Ertugrul, where are you? O my Lord (Rabb) keep my children safe. Where is my grandson, o my Allah? Ah, my mother We have entrusted you with the duty of finding that stolen chest, which Hulagu Khan is after. I know. But. Ertugrul is not someone you may just grab by the collar and ask for the chest. I had to proceed wisely here. For. Ertugrul would not tell me where the chest is, even if he were to die. Therefore, you choose to send your sister to Ertugrul’s bed, did you? If you did your duty, it would not come to this, in the first place. Who is now going to extricate all these tribes from my clutches? No one would do it, of course.

Password: ErtugrulisBackAlancak

But, give some consideration to my point of view, too. It’s within your power to trample and crush the Kayis, just like other tribes. However, that would accomplish nothing. What would happen after you leave here? What do you mean? If all the tribes are gone, who would be left here for you to rule over? And how would we be able to handle that dog called Dragos, and cope with Byzantine’s intrigues? Commander Alincak, this is a frontier. How do you expect me to protect this waste borderland. with just a handful of my own Alps? And what about the taxes? The taxes paid by the tribes and by infidels? If you extinguish all life around here, where would you get the taxes for Hulagu Khan? For that reason I wanted to gain trust of all the tribes dwelling at the frontier... and most particularly trust of the Kayis. Therefore. I gave impression that I swore my allegiance to Ertugrul. Taxes you say, hah? What happen to the ones you already collected? All gone up in smoke! I know who is behind that. Who? I will personally deliver the stolen gold to Hulagu Khan.

Who did it, I asked you! Dragos That demon again? I will crush his fortress over his head. To cut it short. Kayis are the most powerful tribe in these lands. It seems more appropriate to have complete hegemony over them... instead of destroying them. Commander Almcak Ertugrul's Alps have come to surrender, Commander Alincak. Our Bey didn’t want any bloodshed to happen, Commander. For that reason he wanted us to surrender. Then, whyjlidnT he come himself, instead of just sending his whelps? He said he will come to you too, In good time, Commander He didn’t want to fight. If he did... What would happen if he did, ha? Would he attack me? Commander Almcak. if Ertugrul said he will come, then he will do it. Take them away. So you know where the gold is, huh? Well, you will getj<ayis and .. indeed all Turkmen tribes into your service. Put your trust in me, Commander Alincak. I will not let you down. I am here on behalf of all seven Ak Sakalli (White Beards) members, Ertugrul Bey. So, you may count my words as their words. It was necessary to convene our blessed Council in the wake of recent incidents. This blessed Council is well-timed. Mongol’s Commander Almcak has invaded Sogut. We’re aware of it. In light of this situation, we have to bring new decisions. And that’s why we invited you to this blessed Council. First of all, you should know that... Alincak is Hulagu Khan's most reprehensible executioner. He brings destruction and death everywhere he comes.

He is capable of doing all kinds of cruelties in order to achieve his goal. The upcoming war in these lands will be a very cruel one. We are ready for any kind of war, evelAllah. While he thinks us to be powerless, we have already... established the alliance with Berke Khan’s representative. This alliance was well-timed. And when we forge an alliance with the Sultan Baybars, the Mongols will be caught between two fires. This tyrannical Army has scattered the Islam realm and left it in disarray. They left neither minaret nor... a dome standing. This war will not be fought only for the liberation of Anatolia. but also for taking our revenge and.. for the resurrection of the realm of Islam. As for the gold from the taxes that we took from the Mongols... I wish to distribute it among the tribes at the time of war. It would be appropriate. When the war begins, the Mongols will... cut off all the roads. They would try to prevent the passage of gold, weapons, horses and... even food supplies to us. At that time, the gold that you possess will be even more appreciated. So, you need to guard it closely. When we incite Turkmen tribes to rise up in arms... they will see how broad our horizons are and how great our force is.

As long as the Earth and the Sky exist... the Turk’s State must be there to rule in-between the two. The concept of our State has been shaped in this way since the time of our ancestors Oguz. For that reason, unless our consciousness is eradicated... the only things they can destroy are the throne or the crown. And now, from a great Platanus tree that they believe... has been destroyed, a more noble State will be born. Thus, we have set up a whole new order from the ground up, accordingly. The foundation stone of all that is Sogut... you know that don tyou, Ertugrul Bey The fire blazinc from Soc lit... will unsettle all the others. And, first and foremost, the Lefke fortress. If there are a thousand friends, it's not enough. If there is one enemy, it’s more than enough, Ertugrul Bey. It's time to reduce the number of our enemies by means of knowledge based politics. Now, if one of the enemies is afraid of the other.. then, we have to make them thrust their swords into one another. To that end, I want to devise a game, accordingly. They also know thatjf we're not here. no one can put out that fire except us. However... you know well why the Mongols really came here. They came to take that chest containing our State’s secrets. And to achieve that, they will resort to committing all kinds of cruelties. Now I’m going to tell you what you need to do regarding that. After I apply this balm, you'll be better, brother. That dog will pay for the cruelty he has done, of course. There is still no sign of Osman. Password for this Episode is ErtugrulisBackAlancak.

We need to find out where they took him. Calm down, brother. Beybolat Bey is talking to that dog. Didn’t you realize it, Savci? He is one of their loyal men. I told you that these Umuroglu’s are not to be trusted They would even draw swords against us, to stay in Mongols’ good graces. We tucked the snake in our bosom by our own hands. The moment I set my sight on Beybolat, I felt suspicious of him. Now, lets see what he’ll do next! Now is not the time for that, Suleyman We have to learn what became of Osman. We have to find a way to expel these dogs from here. It won’t be an easy feat to expel them, Gunduz. What do you mean Alincak he is not like any Mongol you encountered so far. He descends like a nightmare everywhere he set his foot. Well, if he is not eliminated, he would dry up all the rivers. shatter the mountains and turn the hearths to ashes in his wake. Is that all right? -It is, Sir. It’s a fine-looking fortress. It commands the armies’ route. And it towers over the trade route It would be very lucrative to own this place. What does that mean? If you don't return our stolen gold to us... we will raid this fortress and take it from youj Raiding this fortress... would not be anything like raiding the Turkmen tribes, in the first place. Secondly your gold is not with us.

So, if you're here to get the gold, then you came in vain. Because, your gold is in Ertugrul’s hands. You previously admitted that you stole the gold. But now you say that it’s in Ertugrul’s possession. You are either so very stupid or... you take me for a fool. Didn't you occupied all the trib s? Then do a good search everywhere. Perhaps you’ll stumble upon the place where Ertugrul hid the gold. That gold must be returned, Commander! Do not let it be only your corpses hanged on these walls... that would enjoy such lovely views from this fortress! Ah, by the way since you work with Ertugrul... you may as well pass this message to him. Everyone in his tribe has been taken hostage. His son Osman was taken by our Nokers. If he doesn’t gives us what we want... his son will die! A rather fine-looking fortress! I kept telling him that the gold is with Ertugrul, but... the Mongol would not even believe it This is an intrigue plotted by Beybolat. By Beybolat? What kind of game could he have played? He found out who has the gold... and he intends to take that gold for himself. But, I’m not going to let him do it!

My Ertugrul Bey does not want any bloodshed to happen. Hayme Mother... you did the right thing by surrendering to them. That is why our Bey sent us back, too. Whatever my Ertugrul Bey does, he does it for a reason. Ertugrul has betrayed his State and... and Hulagu Khan to whom he was subjected. His verdict has been issued. There will be nothing else in store for him, but death. His Alps have surrendered. And if you submit to us too... I will spare your lives. We will do what Ertugrul Bey wanted us to do. There will be no bloodshed.. Commander Alincak! Well, since that is settled... the new Bey of this tribe will be Artuk Bey, from this day on. Artuk Bey will not go against my words The captured Oguz Beys are here to be brought into your presence, Commander Alincak. Bring th m in, then You wait for me, here. Ertugrul the last time you’ve been in this fort, we’ve made a deal on joint action Which^oi^ broke it^soonjrfter^ So, what brings you here this time? That's all behind us now. I've come to talk to you about much more important matter. We heard the Mongols invaded your lands. Is that the reason for your visit9 There is a much greater trouble out there, than the one you heard about. I'm here to make an alliance between us. This alliance is to keep... both of us safe.

The Mongols didn’t invade our lands... but yours You think that the bloodshed happening yonder today... would not cross over and happen here too, do you? You believe that the Mongol’s sword wielded yonder today... won’t come to strike here tomorrow, do you? If you’re a shrewd man, you must have realized that Mongols will eventually come to haunt you here. Then you will be in trouble too. If we do not forge this alliance, then... this scourge would oppress everyone on both sides. Well, what do you have to bring to this alliance? Your tribes have been invaded. Turks are miserable. And we have the fortress and our army. What do you have? Your Ertugrul Bey run away with his tail tucked between his legs. He is no more. I’ll skin him alive and I'll make food out of him... to take it on the road on my way back to my tent. I will raze to the ground every tribe that helps and shelters him. From this day on, your new Bey of Principality is... Beybolat Bey! Is there anyone who disputes my words? What’s earned by the right of sword, won’t be surrendered to tyranny. Ertugrul Bey conquered this land. As far as you are concerned... for putting my tribe to the sword and for slaying my sons... you will burn in Jahannam (Hell), Alincak Ertugrul Bey will tread you underfoot, all of you! I will show you what it means to tread underfoot! You witnessed m wrath towards.. those who rebels. Is there anyone else who would dispute my words? Well then, the Beys may return to their respective tribes. This evening... we will celebrate our victory... in Ertugrul s tent... and hatuns of the tribe will... spread the most lavish table for... my Nokers and me. As for you... Selcan Hatun.