DIRILIS Season 5 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 25

This is Episode number 25 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. What happened in there, my Bey? The Reverend Father has passed away, Abdurrahman. Notify Christian community about this. As you order, my Bey. Abdurrahman! Abdurrahman' My brave-heart! Course it! WhaUiappened^ I didn't shot him! Ahh' Bell-ringer! -Ahh! Bell-ringer! Bell-ringer! My Bey -Abdurrahman! My Bey! ...


This is Episode number 25 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. What happened in there, my Bey? The Reverend Father has passed away, Abdurrahman. Notify Christian community about this. As you order, my Bey. Abdurrahman! Abdurrahman' My brave-heart! Course it! WhaUiappened^ I didn't shot him! Ahh' Bell-ringer! -Ahh! Bell-ringer! Bell-ringer! My Bey -Abdurrahman! My Bey! Shield our Bey! Go after them quickly, hurry up! Come on! Come on! Bell-ringer! I am well, my Bey. I am fine I am all right The Holy book! I always carry it tucked in my bosom... the Holy Book has saved me. Praise be to God, nothing happened to you. I owe you my life, Bell-ringer. Compared with your life... is my life worth anything at all, my Bey? What's the matter? What are you doing here? Sir, Commander Uranos sent you this. Emir Bahaddin's Aide came to him to offer cooperation. The Mongols are in pursuit of one particular chest that contains a very important secrets of the Selcuk's State. They suspect that Ertugrul is in possession of that chest. I understand. So, it's like that. To protect ourselves from the Mongols... I have to get that chest. I’ll have to worm my way into Ertugrul’s tent, then. Thus, you must not die today, of all days, Ertugrul You must not Abdurrahman, my valiant, hold on Hold on! We will save you We have to press on it really hard, press on it!! Hang on, my brave heart. Aag A|A| Aag A|A| We dealt with that infidel, my Bey. Should we send word to Artuk Bey? There is no time for that now, Dumrul I'll attend to him myself, at the Han Find out who those degenerates were. As you order, my Bey. As you order, my Bey. Come on, Alps. Ya Allah! Come on, come on, Bismillah! Bismillah (in the name of Allah) Come on, hurry up, come on My father is still not here. He has never let us wait this long. The last time I saw him was at the Han. I would have known if he was going to visit the traders or the people.

I assumed he was going to the tribe. On the other hand, if there wasn’t some pressing matter... he would have come on time. Did he not say anything to you, brother? He didn't, my sister. I saw him the last time at the Han, same as Artuk Bey. If there was some urgent matter, we would have known about it. Hang on, my brave-heart! H Id n< Hang in there! When we dig that arrow’s tip out... you should feel just fine. Aag A|/| I would sacrifice my life for you. That's my lion. But, I need you alive, my brave-heart. All right, Bismillah (in the name of Allah) What kind of wounds have you not survived, so far? You will get through this one too, in shaa Allah. Ya, Shaffee [the Only Healer] Ya, Shaffee [the Only Healer] There, it's out. Praise be to Allah. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [In the name of Allah swt, the Merciful and the Compassionate] My brother a precious legacy of my father, my valiant. Until you stand up on your feet again... there is no peace for me. Let's dress his wound quickly, Dumrul. As you order, my Bey. We checked the dead archer, my Bey. He was Dragos' man. EyvAllah (all right). Is there permission, Hayme Mother? Come in, my lad. Hayme Mother... Ertugrul Bey has been attacked in Sogut. What are you talking about? nan < Ertugrul Bey is well. However, Abdurrahman Alp... Do not beat around the bush, man! What happened to Abdurrahman Alp? He is in a grave situation. Ilbilge, Sirma you stay here. Now it is time to be idle. I have to go to our Bey of Principality. I will come too, Beybolat Bey. Ertugrul Bey has charged you to stand at the helm of the tribe, Artuk Bey. I will go, then. As those bloodthirsty attacked our Bey of Principality right in Sogut. .. it means that they are really gone raving mad. You all stay here, so that we don't have to worry about you as well. My sisters are entrusted to you. Mother You have the luck of the devil, Ertugrul.

You are terribly lucky. The Mongols are in pursuit of on particular chest that contains... very important secrets of the Selcuk's State. They suspect that Ertugrul is in possession of that chest. If I didn’t get this news. . you would be already dead by now. But from now every day that you are not dead, you will curseit a thousand times I will become your most trusted man, Ertugrul. For all the suffering you have caused me... you will now go through an indescribable agony of pain. Now, even more blood will be spilled, Ertugrul. More and more blood will be spilled. Is there permission? Come in, Beybolat Bey. Ertugrul Bey, I set off as soon as I heard about this. So, are you all right? Praise be to Allah, we are all right, Beybolat Bey. And how did this happen? They ambushed us. They kept shooting arrows at us like rain.. An arrow was just about to pierce me... but Bell-ringer sacrificed himself for me. Were they Dragos's men. Well, see those rotten blackguards, well! Yesterday it was my father, today they aimed at our Bey.. Ertugrul Bey, just issue an order and we will... bring their world crashing down over their heads. Eyvallah (it will come), Beybolat Bey. Keep your rage alive. But, for now, we have to keep calm. The priority now is Abdurrahman’s recovery, the rest would be easy. Because, a wolf that is filled with rage... can bring a raving jackal down. But, where did these troubles come from? And just when we were supposed to talk about the wedding. The butcher thinks about meat, the lamb about the knife. [proverb - One man's loss is another man's gain] I said this because of our unity and brotherhood, Selcan Hatun. You don’t even know what you are talking about?

Password: CommanderAlcan

They have just ambushed your Bey of Principality. And his closest Alp is in the throes of death. What wedding, what feast would you talk about at such time? Don’t be so distressed, Hayme Mother. It’s easy to say, my daughter. What if something happens to Abdurrahman? Our Ertugrul Bey will personally attend to Abdurrahman Alp. Don t you know that? He loves him like his own brother. I know it How could I not7 I still remember the day when Abdurrahman, whose mustache barely started to grow... went to the mountains for the Alp s training. From that time to this very moment... he planted himself in front of this very tent and. many times he stood up against an enemy with his bare sword... There were times when he fought against the Mongols. Once, he fell their prisoner and was subjected to torture. Many times, he put his life on the line to make the Bazaar what it is. Now and then, ho would snatch the lives from the enemy’s clutches. However... he never ever complained, not even once. He never regretted any of it. He never expected praises. Whatever we asked him to do... he’d just put his hand to his heart in acceptance, and would do it. He is. my legacy left to me by my Suleyman Shah. May my Lord (Rabb), keep him safe. May He (swt) spare him for us. Amin Tomorrow at dawn, I'm going to Sogut. I want to see both, my son and Abdurrahman. Hayme Mother, with your leave I wish to go with you too. Are you feeling better, my lion? So long as you are well, my Bey... I wouldn't grieve even if I were to die now. Masha Allah, that’s my valiant.

Abdurrahman Alp How could they have done this to you? May you live long, BeM-ringer. You threw yourself in front of an arrows to protect me. Why did you do th V> What else was I supposed to do, my Bey, what else? If those traitors did something to you, what would we do? You became a hope for all of us. If something happened to you, what would this people do then? And the Reverend Father has now died, too. What will I do now? I m left a I alone. You are under our protection, Bell-ringer, just like everybody else in Sogut. Don’t upset yourself. What are we here for? You just continue p rforming your duties in the church and the Han. May God protect you. May God protect you, my Bey. Whatever I do nothing is too good for you, nothing is. May God keep you safe. Bell-ringer! Bell-ringer1 I owe you my life, Bell-ringer. iruturiQ The security in Sogut must now be on the highest level. Keep everyone under strict surveillance. And most particularly Bell-ringer. What Bell-ringer has done for us goes beyond the boundaries of his concerns. There might be something shady behind that. And tell Mergen not to let him out of his sight. But make sure he doesn t notice it. As you command, my Bey. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [In the name of Allah swt, the Merciful and the Compassionate]. EyvAllah (thank you). Come, join me, let’s share the meal. EyvAUah (thank you), my Bey., It’s just as what we thought, my Bey.

Ertugrul made an arrangement with Dragos to jointly steal the gold. But, Ertugrul took it by himself, in the end A clever man, this Ertugrul. However, there is always someone cleverer than you. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Shall we notify the Mongols now? Don't you dare! No one must know about this. Both, the Mongols and the Sultan, must believe that the gold is with Dragos. But, we will be the ones to take that gold from Ertugrul. It will help us strengthen our power, in the long run. Did you understand me? What’s the matter, Yinal? Is someone hot on your heels? Aag A|/| Subutay is here. Subutay? What is he doing here so early in the morning? Nothing s wrong, In shaa Allah. But if Subutay came here... I see you found yourself a forest to make It home, even here. Subutay, what are you doing here? I wander if...? The breakfast must be ready, brother. Let’s go to our tent. We are being attacked! Password for this Episode is CommanderAlcan. There is a raid! A raid' Brother, there is a raid. Osman! Let's get our swords. Run! Let's protect the tent There is a raid!! The ongols. Grandma, there is raid. The Mongols are here. Now is time to protect our honor. Take your swords! ueiuso Mother What do you think you are doing, you degenerates'? Aline k The laments of the oppressed will call down judgment upon their oppressors. [proverb] Who comes into our blessed tent with oppression in mind. won’t leave here, without tasting our revenge first. What do you want from us? Your speech is what a blessed mother's speech should be. You're obviously Ertugrul’s mother. Hayme Hatun First of all, surrender your swords to my Nokers. I'll be talking to all of you individually. I wouldn't want to take my vengeance on you for Ertugrul’s faults Did you have to find us here too, you dirty dogs? Ahh!! Ah, there you are woman, long of tongue and short of wits Both of your tribes have been invaded. Surrender now. Otherwise, all of you, this whole tent will go up in flames. Collect it all Osman! Gr ndma' Mother! Mother! All Turkmen have been invaded. Except yours. Kayi tribe? That one was the first. Alincak won't leave a stone on the stone over there.

He went there with the intent to put everyone to the sword. Are you gone completely off your head? My sisters are there. If anything happens to them... Nothing will happen to them. Don’t worry. Just as we never forget betrayal, we don’t forget loyalty either. Albasti (a nightmare) Weren’t you supposed to wait for my word? Weren’t you supposed to notify me about the raids in advance? After the last happenings, everything got in a state of confusion. Since he didn’t hear from you... Hulagu Han, personally assigned Alincak with this duty. We didn’t come here to tarry... we came to settle the score with blood. It was not a good move, Subutay. Not a good move at all. I was just about to set everything to rights. If Alincak is not stopped, everything will come apart at the seams. Yinal, get the horses ready. We are going to the Kayi tribe. I’ll be going to the tribe, Dumrul. If you hear from Mergen, send me word at once. Don’t leave Abdurrahman. As you command, my Bey. Is there permission, my Bey? Yes, come in here, Bamsi. My Bey. Where is Turgut?? We have completed the task, Sir. We’ve brought the envoy safely. My Turgut brother is with the envoy, waiting for us. Excellent, that’s good. Then, let’s go there, right away. EyvAllah (all right), my Bey.. Blackguards! Snakes! Tyrants! Blackguards! Get out of our tribe! Mother! Mother! Let go! Let go of me! Children! Children, wait! Mother Leave our mother alone, you tyrants Don’t be afraid, my daughter, they won’t do her any harm. You will not get away with this Leave my Hayme mother alone, you tyrannts! Leave her alone! Now! Now, everybody, listen to me. I am Commander Almcak!

I came here upon the order of our great Khagan, Hulagu Khan. If I see a stir... a head rise up. . I will crush it with my black sword I will reap everyone like a harvest of Heaven. [Yunuz Emre] then I will stuff your body with straw.. J and give it to my Nokers to kick it around Comm nderAlmcak1 I am Ertugrul Bey’s closest associate, I am Artuk Bey. If you seized them, take me then, as well. Get him inside, too. I have some questions for you too. My Bey! My Bey What is it, Melik§ah? Our Alps on Patrol duty sent you a message. Mongols have raided the tribes. They came in a very large numbers, my Bey. And, their Commander in charge went straight to our tribe. Our tribe! Our tribe, did you say? How come, brother? Hafsa! Hafsa! My children, my Bey. These callous and cowardly ones Like hungry hyenas and rabid dogs foaming at the mouth, they crowded together, circling around us. I will make them suffer dearly for this perfidy? JVIy Bey, let’s hurry up to the tribe, let’s hurry, my Bey] Now is not the time for that, Bamsi. It's the chest they’re after. My Bey! My Bey, if we don’t go there, what will we do then?

As long as that chest is in my possession... they will not harm anyone, Bamsi. If we go our wings would be clipped and we would be useless. We will stay abroad and fight against them from outside. My Bey! My Bey, our families are in their clutches. Our Daw’ah, which we treasured and protected for so long, is threatened, Bamsi! Is it time to think about the children? I raised my children to be ready to die for the sake of this Daw’ah. If it comes to that, they will die there! In order to protect our Daw'ah from any harm, we will not be swayed. . even if a great deluge spreads out! We will not be hurt and perish even if a volcano erupts, or... an avalanche comes rolling down! Whatever needs to be done, we will do it! You will all go to the tribe, Alps You will not allow bloodshed to happen. What about you, my Bey? You do what I told you Let this storm blow over first, then I’ll decide upon... the right time to get there surging like a flash-flooding. And, tell that Mongol’s Commander this If he hurts a strand of hair of one single person, he will fail to achieve his goal. And take Abdurrahman with you, tooJ Tell my mother and Artuk Bey that they should gather the Beys for consultation. They are not to do anything that would bring harm to our people. Go on, now. As you command, my Bey. Why did you attack our tribe with your evil dogs? A tiger wearing a bell will starve, don’t you know, great Hatun? [Mongol proverb] I didn’t come to your tribe with music and dancing girls... I came bringing blood and tears. That is what you deserved. And you will all get what you deserve. What do you want from us? I want to put all of you to the sword and... to set your tent and your entire tribe on fire. The smoke rising from your burning corpses, I wish to present to Sky spirits (Tangris)... [Father Heaven, Ulgen, Erleg, Usan and Keiden Khans] and your flowing blood to the spirits of Mother Earth. Would that be enough? nan < Now... I have no patience left. Hayme Hatun... where is Ertugrul? We don t know where Ertugrul Bey is.