DIRILIS Season 5 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 23

his is Episode number 23 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. I I’m curious what Artuk Bey has done? By Allah, we will not get some bad news. I don’t get how this came about, mother? There is no trouble that has not befallen us. I wonder how he got poisoned. What s going on? What poison? Beybolat Bey... he has been poisoned. Artuk Bey went to the Umuroglus, my Bey. And we are ...


This is Episode number 23 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. I I’m curious what Artuk Bey has done? By Allah, we will not get some bad news. I don’t get how this came about, mother? There is no trouble that has not befallen us. I wonder how he got poisoned. What s going on? What poison? Beybolat Bey... he has been poisoned. Artuk Bey went to the Umuroglus, my Bey. And we are waiting for the news. It would be appropriate if I also go there. But, first I need to inform you about an important issue. Emir Bahaddin has died. One more traitor within our State has been eliminated, however... we have to put measures in place to be on the safe side. You are right, son This will surely raise a lot of dust within the State. Whatever else he was, he was still the State’s highest ranking Emir. Everyone in the State is thinking only of their own self-interests. Those who were eying Bahaddin's position will see his death... as a blessing. And those who do, have already started rubbing their hands in glee. So, the Monols will choose the next Emir among them. When this incident spreads out, how will it affect us here, father? There will be a misty haze lying ahead of us. The Turkmen tribes may not be able to see through that misty haze. It is necessary to prevent any wavering back and forth, on their part. However, we will be there to show them the way. It is our duty to make sure they do not deviate from their course.. until that misty haze ahead of us clears away. What will we do if they revolt, my Bey9 What if they want to part with us and leave? The hardships on the right path are always beneficial, Selcan Hatun. It allows us to separate the bold ones and from the faint-hearted ones. The bold ones will come out of this fire as hard as forged steel. While, the faint-hearted ones will burn down to ashes. It is essential that in these difficult days for us... we keep the people united. Son, you are talking about being united, but.. what’s happening with that marriage matter?

Beybolat Bey has agreed to give me llbilge Hatun, mother. However, there’s no longer any need to rush with this matter. Firstly, I have to see Beybolat Bey. I must find out where the poisoning took place and how it came about. Is there permission, my Bey? Yes, come in, Abdurrahman. Mergen sent you this, my Bey. Send the word to Bamsi and Turgut, posthaste. Tell them to come to see me, Abdurrahman. As you command, my Bey. Did he vomit at all before my arrival? No, Artuk Bey, he didn't, not once. What does his eyeball look like? It looks like stained by the blood. It’s not the normal state of an eye. He is feverish. llQin Hatun, add the castor oil into warm water, and bring it to me. Ne have to induce vomiting. Ahh, my brother, ahh. How did this happen? While we were talking, I noticed that he was swaying. And then, at one moment he just tumbled to the ground. It is ready, my Bey. Bring it here quickly. Make him drink it, be quick. Aag A|/| He swallowed it, Artuk Bey. He needs to vomit. llQin Hatun, bring me the Devil Weed (Asafoetida) quickly. Yinal, hold it under his nose, let him sniff it Give it to me, sister. Come on, come on, brother. He is bleeding from the mouth, Artuk Bey! Artuk Bey! Please, do something! My Bey. Has my brother died? Berke Khan’s envoys have arrived here to negotiate our alliance. [Mongol ruler of the Golden Horde; 1257-67] Their men will meet you and take you to them I need to stay behind. Bahaddin's death on one side, and Beybolat's poisoning on the other... might cause some discontent around here. I might need to take control in my hands. You will present this letter to these men, Turgut.

They’ll identify you by this Tamgha that I stamped on top of it. [Tamgha - the seal with an emblem of a particular clan] You will then hand this letter to the head of envoys. Later, I will hold a meeting with them to form a real alliance. As you command, my Bey EyvAllah (as you say), my Bey. In that case, we will take to the road right now, my Bey. Don’t forget, you are to go in disguise, Bamsi. This meeting for the alliance will mark the start of a great war against the Mongols. The Mongols might have already got the wind of this. So we must not throw caution to the winds Be on the alert and keep your wits about you. EyvAllah (you’re not to worry), my Bey. EyvAllah, my Bey. I’ll expect the word from you in the shortest time possible. May your paths be open, my brave-hearts. What is happening with my brother, Artuk Bey? He lost consciousness because of pain. This is not just a common case. Beybolat Bey was not poisoned by something... he normally eats or drinks. Someone has poisoned Beybolat Bey. What are you talking about, Artuk Bey? Who would find courage to do that9 My brother would be all right, wouldn’t he, Artuk Bey? If it's a poison I suspect, I have not heard of anyone who has survived it so far. Did it come to the boil yet? It did, my Bey. What would you like me to add? Add vinegar and garlic, and top it up with Hemlock poison And pour in the syrup I’ve brought with me. Get it here quickly.

Password: BeybolatPoisoned

The antidote is ready, my Bey. Make him drink it, at once. Give it to me, sister. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [In the name of Allah swt, the Merciful and the Compassionate]. Come on, my brother. Go on Come on, Bismillah... Bismillah (in the name of Allah). Would you all excuse me now Leave Beybolat Bey and me in private. Let me stay at least, Artuk Bey. I might be of some help to you. IIbilge Hatun, we may take steps, but the decision is at Allah’s discretion. Form now, everything is beyond the comprehension of His servant. Ne've done everything we can do. The rest is up to al-Qadar (the Divine will and decree). [al-Qadr - one of 6 articles of faith] Wait patiently in your tent. Let’s go. Was it Ertugrul who attacked the Caravansary? Are you sure? I am, Sir. They have killed everyone in there. If Ertugrul was the one who launched attack on Caravansary... then he was not the one who drank that poison you left there. And if someone else has drink that poison, then... they may locate me fairly quickly. I need to remove it from there. Ertugrul has dealt them a heavy blow with his attack on Caravansary. But isn't he aware that their action will raise... such a violent storm, that will eventually turn on him? Yes, he sure is. He knows it, of course.

He worked everything out. He took taxes from the Mongols. And he used us to do that. In addition he killed Emir Bahaddin. Now he will progress to his next target. What is that? The fortress, Uranos, the fortress. He intends to conquer the fortress. Therefore, he will bear on us hard. We need to reinforce the walls and increase the number of soldiers. Unless Ertugrul is killed, it would all be completely useless. We have to kill Ertugrul. And,no 1 I am going now, Uranos. And no matter what, I will kill Ertugrul today esjen Aiu AAq My Hafsa. I'm going on an important mission. Get me quickly some food for the road and.. set off on the journey. I’ll get it ready right away. Go on, my hatun, do it. I'll get it ready, but... when will you be back, Bamsi? Why9 What’s the matter, my Hafsa? When you are not in the tribe.. I feel very lonely, Bamsi. My Hafsa It’s not as if this mission is something new for me... I’ve been going away for years. But, I’ve never heard you say something like that. That’s true, but the situation has changed now, Bamsi. This tribe is not as it used to be. Selcan Hatun is pestering the life out of me, ever since she arrived. Hayme Mother tries to restrain her, but how long will she be able to? isiueg You are my only consolation, my only support in this tribe. My Hafsa, don’t speak like that. See now, Hayme Mother is here and our children are here. Besides, so many sisters are right beside you. It’s no longer enough, Bamsi. But, perhaps... Perhaps what, my Hafsa? Perhaps it's time for us to leave the tribe, Bamsi.

What kind of talk is that, my Hafsa? How can you say that? Our hearth and home is right here in this tribe. Where would we go? Anything I do, is now being treated with contempt, Bamsi. I feel as if I’ve been left twisting in the wind. I feel like I exist on the margin of this tribe. Besides, aren’t there other places where we could go, Bamsi? Having our children with us would be enough. My Hafsa, this talk about going away... is not worthy of you. When so many problems have befallen us... what is the meaning of that idea of yours to walk out? In fact, we must firmly stand by our tribe, be as steady as a rock. My Hafsa, you've been managing things in the tribe for so many years. Now, because you came up against one obstacle, you would just... throw away all the years of your hard work, would you? My Hafsa, I’ve been going from duty to duty... from battle to battle, for such a long time. I’ve never had reason to worry about the things I left behind. Because I was sure how solid you were. So. my Hafsa, beg you don’t let me go now worrying about the things behind. Now do the right thing, as it suits you. Will you? Will you, my pearl-eyed? Will you, my pearl-eyed? Come here, come, come to me. Come on, come on, act like yourself again. Come on, hatun of mine. I’m now leaving. May your path be open. EyvAllah (may it be so). Ya, Ash Shaffee (the Only Healer). Ya, Ash Shaffee (the Only Healer). Ya, Ash Shaffee (the Only Healer). O my Lord (Rabb), I know that the glory is. a force that may shatter one's dignity. That the conceit (ego) is a curse that destroys wisdom. In the honor of Your respected name [Ash Shafee], I reach out toward You. Password for this Episode is BeybolatPoisoned.

We are weak and helpless, but... You (swt) are the sole owner and possessor of all kingdoms [Malik Al Mulk]. [Qur an: 2:107] We are needy and destitute. . but, You (swt) are the Lord of the ‘Aalameen (worlds). [Qur'an 5:54’ 17:102; 40:64] There is no one we can resort to and seek refuge in, other than You. I seek shelter in Your (swt) Grace. For You are the Curer, there is no cure but Your cure." [Saheeh Al-Bukhaaree, Muslim] To You (swt) alone, I turn for Your Guidance. [refers to Qur’an: 2:120; 10:57] For, there is no other Healer (Ash-Shafee), but You. I take refuge in Your respected name of Ash-Shaffee. [the Only Healer] O my Lord (Rabb), I reach out to You for Your Favor. Do not leave us empty-handed, o my Lord (Rabb). What if something happens to my brother? What will we do then? Bite your tongue, Sirma. May Allah protect him, my Mistress. First my father, then now my brother. Who wants and what from us? Who would want to poison my brother? I'll find him and bring the world crashing about his ears. Now is not the time to get into rage Ne have to take refuge in Allah. Let our brother recover first, then.. we will do whatever needs to be done. Didn't you hear Artuk Bey9 I did, but didn’t you see my brother’s condition? Besides, why did Artuk Bey send us away? Ne should have stayed there with our brother. Artuk Bey is a reputed physician well known among all the tribes. He will find recourse, In shaa Allah. Put you heart at ease, my Mistress. How can I be at ease, Mengu? My sister heard his words with her own ears. He has not heard of anyone who has survived this poison yet. What are we going to do9 O my Allah, please help us. Spare our brother for us. Amin Amin May all praises be to Allah. Praise be to Allah Are you all right, Beybolat Bey? Artuk Bey9 I feel like I've been in a battle from morning to evening, Artuk Bey. My Bey. Just relax. Praise be to Allah, you recovered, my Bey. Praise be to Allah, you recovered, my Bey. As soon as I learned about this I came, Beybolat Bey. EyvAllah (thank you), Ertugrul Bey. How are you feeling? My head is throbbing. It feels like a mountain has crushed on me, Ertugrul Bey. Even the Iron Mountains would not be a threat to you, Beybolat Bey. Masha Allah, you’re doing fine. Only, I don't know what came over me. My Bey, with your permission... I would go to let llbilge and Sirma Hatuns know.

They’re worried sick about you, you know. Go on, Yinal Did you find what it was, Artuk Bey? My Bey, they put poison either in Beybolat Bey’s meal or in his drinks. Poison. Who would have courage to do that, Artuk Bey? Byzantines are behind this, my Bey. How did you come to that conclusion'? That poison is produced by boiling mercury with Hemlock extract and gold This is Byzantine’s autochthonic poison. Then, it cannot be the work of anyone else except Dragos. Well, that canine whelp of a dog, well! I'll make a drum out of your skin, and beat it all over Sogut! Lie down, now Was there some situation that might arouse your suspicion? Where could you have been poisoned? I don t know, Ertugrul Bey. I ate and drank in many places. Praise be to Allah, this kind of poison acts very slowly. So, we were able to reverse its effects just on time. Or, it would be nigh to impossible to survive from it. EyvAllah (thank you), Artuk Bey. May you live long. If it were not for you, I would be in a grave situation now. Allah (swt) is the One who heals. Ne are only means by which Allah facilitates it, Beybolat Bey. Hoo! Brother, this is the place our Bey has indicated. Where is that man, I wonder? It must be them. What are you looking for? We re going hunting Where is the head of envoys? The head of envoys is waiting for you. But, first you are going to meet someone who will take you to him. Aa, some other person. And who is that one? He's the only one who can take you there. Come on. Let’s not waste any more time. Deh1 -Hah! Yah' Deh! Brother! Praise be to Allah, you recovered. We were worried sick about you. I’m well, my sister. I don’t have intention to pass on before seeing you wedded. Welcome to you too, Ertugrul Bey. Glad to be here. May he recover soon. May you live long. Artuk Bey, you did everything in your power, may you live long. We can't repay your kindness in the manner you deserve May you live long, Artuk Bey. Who do you think might have poised our brother, Ertugrul Bey? The only one we can think of is Dragos. Isn’t it a high time we pull that fortress about his ears? Take it easy now, Sirma. He, who gets up in anger, is set to lose. Now is the time to keep a wise head. Ilbilge Hatun is right. They know their end is approaching.