DIRILIS Season 5 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 22(TWO Parts)

This is Episode number 22 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. In our Great Book, Noble Qur’an, Allah Subhanahu we Ta’ala... [subhanehu we Ta’ala - the most Glorified, the most High] gives His first Divine commandment. Bismillah, "Iqra bismi rab bikal...", which means. [Iqra/AI-Alaq; 96:1; the 1st revealed verse] Read in the name of your Lord . " I love reading books ...


This is Episode number 22 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. In our Great Book, Noble Qur’an, Allah Subhanahu we Ta’ala... [subhanehu we Ta’ala - the most Glorified, the most High] gives His first Divine commandment. Bismillah, "Iqra bismi rab bikal...", which means. [Iqra/AI-Alaq; 96:1; the 1st revealed verse] Read in the name of your Lord . " I love reading books very much, too, Khodja. Masha Allah, Aybars. But this command "to read" does not apply only to reading books. What else should we read then, Khodja? You should read the order of the Creation. And look carefully at this order after we accumulated the necessary knowledge. In the Verse 191, of Surat Ali Imran, our Lord (Rabb) counsels us. Those who remember Allah (always, and in prayers)," while standing, sitting, and lying down on their sides, and.. contemplate the (wonders of) creation of the heavens and the earth, (saying)." Our Lord! You have not created this without purpose.. exalted are You [above such a thing] Give us salvation from the torment of the Fire.” Ali Imran, 3.191] Observe everything that Allah Subhanehu we Ta’ala has created around you... and draw your lessons from it. You will see the manifestation of... the Allah we Ta’ala's name, AI-'AIjmin every form of creation, living or nonliving. Consider your body parts, for example. How all of it is created in a perfectly balanced way. Is it not? If our ears are a little bit more sensitive to the sounds we hear... we would not be able to stand the noise around us. If our nose has a bit sharper sense of smell... who knows how uncomfortable and queasy we would feel. You can also reflect on the profoundness of our Lord's Divine name AI-'Alim... [AI-'Alim - mentioned 157 times in Qur’an] by observing the wonders of nature. There are thousands of different species of flora and fauna, unlike to each other. Different colors and patterns that decorate them... testify to the Glory of the All-Knowing One's knowledge. Almighty Allah wants us to build up our foundation of knowledge... to be able to read the universe and understand the signs He (swt) has placed in creation.

For as we are advised in the following Hadith. You should be a scholar or a student.. or a listener or a lover of llm [knowledge] and scholars... but, you should not be the fifth [kind], for it will make you perish. [reported by Abu Bakrah; At-Tabarani: Al-Bazzar] The whole point of acquiring this knowledge is so that... human beings may get to know themselves. As per this aphorism: "He who knows himself (Nafs) knows his Lord." [Yahya ibn Mu'adh; Ibn ’Arabi: The Futuhat Al-Makkiyyah] As you get to know yourself .. you will discover your aptitudes. By advancing your aptitudes... you will also rip benefits in the A Vcourse o a aining e ivine pprova. Consider, for example, Ibn Seena (Avicenna). [a Persian Philosopher and Physician, 980-1037 AD] He discovered his aptitude for medical sciences, and he became... a Physician whose medical knowledge would leave the whole world filled with awe. [Ibn Seena - considered the father of modern medicine] Then, there was Nizam al-Mulk who excelled in political sciences and . [1018-1092; author of Siyasatnama - "Book of Government"] due to his abilities was a Vizier to three Seljuk Sultans. [Sultans: Tughril, Alp Arslan & Malik Shah I] and was the backbone of the Seljuk Empire during his time. [also the de facto ruler of the Seljuk’s for 20 years] Then we have Ismail Al Jezzari, who combining mathematics and geometry.. [1136-1206] made a number of inventions that were beyond comprehension. [the most outstanding mechanical engineer of his time] One of his inventions is the mechanism for performing ablution. [air and vacuum based mechanisms] What kind of mechanism is that, my Khodja? I will tell you about it in due time. The person who is predestined to be the ruler. . must study the creation and its order well... must know the needs of his people... he must show respect to scholars, and... he must place his sword, whetted to a sharp edge, at the disposal of the blessed book.

And if you too discover your inclinations, and work hard to advance it.. you will bring prosperity to the realm of Islam in all aspects. And don't belittle yourself and say how such great people could... emerge from such a small township of Sogut! Today, Sogut is small border district. But, who knows, perhaps tomorrow it will... surpass its borders and become a great Home State that will... expand in every direction. And if you are willing and strive hard, you may be... granted the opportunity to rule over the Creation. And through you, the world may achieve justice for all. In shaa Allah. -In shaa Allah And do not forget if Allah subhanehu we Ta’ala wishes it... He (swt) can turn small drops of water into an ocean. Welcome, my Mistress. I don't feel like welcome, Mengii. What's wrong? Whatever I do or say... I cannot make either my sister Sirma... nor Osman see reason. No one understands me. What else could you have done, since Ertugrul Bey sought your hand? Would you have refused him, despite the fire that burns within you, my Mistress? Be at ease.

Password: ErtugrulAttack

You listened to your heart and gave your consent. You did the right thing. Password for this Episode is ErtugrulAttack. Time will cure everything. Everything will be all right, In shaa Allah. I have no dilemma about my consent. But this needs to be clarified. They make innuendos about my honor and dignity, Mengu. What happened to yourneck?j Sirma did it, didn’t she? I will show her! -Forget it, my Mistress. She was looking for someone to vent her anger on and I was on her path. She doesn’t know what kindness is! Let me go, let go Please. You know Sirma. She is the one to hold grudges. I have only one request from you. my Mistress. If this all ends favorably and you move to the Kayi tribe... don t leave me behind. Or, Sirma would not let me live. Don’t worry, Mengu. I won t leave you on your own here. But, now. let me go to her. I know how I will deal with her! All right? Ertugrul should have come by now. What s keeping that man? What happened? What is this chest? Sir, it was brought to the guards with a request that it be given to you. Tara! How is this possible? Ertugrul While we wait to entrap him in the fortress... he got to us long since! Uranos, how could this have happen? How could this have happened, huh? How did they find our cavern? What were your men doing? We will make it up to you, Sir. No! I expect nothing from you You play your role in the fortress! I can manage on my own What will you do. Sir? No more games now! I'm going to kijl ErtugrulI today, in the Han Ertugrul s death will put an end to this game!

Today, I will be neither Bell-ringer nor Commander Dragos! I’ll only be the angel of death I will be Ertugrul s appointed hour, today An Alp must be cautious and ready at all times, brave-hearts. Tonight’s mission is very important. Your Alpship will be tested in a formidable mission. With an unshakable sword and a steady heart... and a reliable friend to watch each other’s back, we will... prove that we are Alps worthy of the Kayis, my Bey. evelAllah. I don’t have any doubt in that, but... do you think these are sufficient to be a worthy Alp. Suleyman Also, an agile horse and a sturdy armor. The first requirement is wisdom, son, wisdom! For brave-hearts the battlefield lasts for a lifetime, sons. You will come across all kinds of enemies. Sometimes a simple thrust of the sword is enough to defeat the enemy. Other times you will have to make peace treaty, so that... you may prepare for a bigger battle. If you go into every battle in the same manner... after a while, the enemy will memorize what you do. And there will come a day when they will know how to defeat you. That's why even if you are as brave as lions... you will still need to learn how to devise a stratagem. The jackal and hyena are both enemies of a lion. Is it possible that they can beat the lion? The lion is stronger than both of them. His strength is enough for jackal. And for hyena too. But, if the two of them get together for the common goal of killing a lion... what would the lion do, then? Brave=hearts, every lion have the courage. But, not every lion has the wisdom.

A lion that lacks wisdom would count on his courage... and would go into fight with both of them, at the same time. And when that happens, he gets tiredJ He may get wounded, his claws may get severed and... he may even die. However, a wise lion would never... fight both of them at the same time. First, he would turn these two against each other. He would throw them bait. While the jackals and hyenas fight tooth and nail to snatch this bait from each other... the wise lion would lie in wait. When one of the two enemies destroyed the other... the lion would have the one enemy less. And in the proper moment, he would tear apart the remaining enemy with his claws. If the enemy employs a hundred of tricks... you will employ a thousand. Do you understand now what it means to be an Alp? Strong and bold like a wolf... Brave and smart like a lion. And as fast as a panther Hey Mash Allah, there are my valiants. Come on. go back to your duties. Let’s go, Abdurrahman. We will go to the Bazaar to inspect it and.. to hear the people’s petitions. As you command, my Bey. What did you think you were doing? What have you done to Mengu? You think I don't know what you're up to do you? And that she knew about this shame?

You went behind my back Be careful about what you say. Sirma! You’re really testing my patience What if I’m not? Didn’t you just return from Ertugrul Bey? Didn’t you get close to him to make sure he doesn t change his decision? I told you, but you wouldn’t understand! Instead, you went and wreaked your anger on an innocent girl! This is not like it seems. Stop that prattle, sister' Since it’s not like it seems, tell me... why did you pounce like a hawk and accepted the proposal, then? What were you doing with Ertugrul Bey, you tell me that. I had no idea that he would ask for my hand. So, I went there to find out why he did it. And why he did it? Tell me, so I learn it to. He saw it as appropriate. He desired it. If you want more answers, go to Ertugrul Bey yourself. This is a humiliation for me. Do whatever you wish, but that will not come to pass! My brother would never give you to Ertugrul Bey! I no longer care if you understand or not! If you have a score to settle, come to see me. And you're not the one to decide. Ertugrul Bey proposed, and I accepted This matted is closed now! And that’s final! What would happen when llbilge Hatun, comes to our tribe. and establishes herself in our tent as the Bey Hatun... what would you then? There you are, the sheep have been sheared, Selcan Hatun. Our Ertugrul Bey asked for llbilge Hatun’s hand Praise be to Allah, a Bey Hatun worthy of the Bey’s tent will move in. In shaa Allah. Your hands work, but you run off at the mouth. Hafsa Hatun. Who are you to stick your nose into his tent’s affairs Mind your own affairs! Allah forbid, it’s not my affair, of course. But, I was thinking that llbilge Hatun will... suit the Bey s tent just fine. Ah, Hafsa Hatun, ah! You don’t know these things, of course.

The Bey Hatun must have good manners... must be of good breeding and must know her traditions. Besides, what’s all the hurry for? Shsh! Don’t drink the water from a bowl whose bottom you cannot see. You may get bally cramps for a while see, just like this. A daughter of the great Umuroglu Bey... knows her good manners and her traditions. She handled all her issues on her own. She will make a good Bey’s Hatun, just fine. Is it up to you to decide who qualifies for the Bey Hatun? As if you know it! If I don’t know it, then who has been running things in our tribe, all these many years? Who kept things in order? There were no any complain before your arrival. But, as soon as you got here, you started complaining about everything. If you are the Hatun of the tribe... then llbilge Hatun can manage it just fine, as well. It’s all done. Where do you want me to put it, Selcan Hatun? It’s no use talking to dull people. How many times I told you the right spot to put it? Get out! Welcome, my Bey. Glad to see you. Where have you been. Bell-ringer? The Reverend Father has sent me on an errand... and I was taking care of that. What errand was that9 I have visited the poor Christian families and... I handed them the donations you provided. Stay around here Go on, may t be easy on you My Bey. The mission is completed. The Alps will store the gold in the place you indicated.

Did you send Dragos his present? We did, my Bey And. what’s more, we sent him that dog Tara. My Bey... this is Mikis's wife and their child. Are you well? We are obliged to you, my Bey. May God protect you. If it weren’t for you, only our bodies would leave that cellar Where is my father? I missed him so much. Will I be reunited with him? You will, child. Him noA Go on, Turgut. take them to him. And give them a purse with gold coins. Assign the two Alps to escort them out of Sogut. EyvAllah (as you say), my Bey. Follow me. There! Bamsi, Ertugrul Bey will finally get married. There will be a celebration. A new hatun will come to our tribe In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. May it be blessed, my Hafsa, may it be blessed. But you look so very pleased with that. One would think that you are the one to get wed. Why you are so delighted, tell me. How could I not be delighted, Bamsi? With this wedding we will get new Bey Hatun. And a new Bey Hatun would end the rule of Selcan Hatun. My Hafsa, Selcan Hatun is not obsessed with Bey Hatun s title. Don t you know that yet? Mongols swooped down on her tribe and ripped her family apart. And she is worried, for she believes that these Umuroglus kiss the Mongols’s boot. That worries her. For that reason she doesn t like Umuroglu’s much. Don’t tell me that. Bamsi She is as tightly stretched as an overstrung bow, for she’ll lose her power, I know. For Allah’s sake... For Allah’s sake, hatun, I fought in so many battles. I came across all kind of spies, I faced so many acclaimed enemies... but I have never dealt with the likes of you hatuns! Hey, my Allah, please You help us. Please, help us, my Allah. Ertugrul Bey, knows better of course... but being blood related with Umuroglus makes me uneasy, too