DIRILIS Season 5 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 20

This is Episode number 20 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Mighty Nokers of Hulagu Khan, the Lord on the Earth! Glorious warriors, you who rule this world with your swords! Don’t you want to taste this wine, which is more delicious than the enemy's blood? Yes, we want to! All of this was brought for your pleasure only. Wine like blood! Fill it up, fill it up ...


This is Episode number 20 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Mighty Nokers of Hulagu Khan, the Lord on the Earth! Glorious warriors, you who rule this world with your swords! Don’t you want to taste this wine, which is more delicious than the enemy's blood? Yes, we want to! All of this was brought for your pleasure only. Wine like blood! Fill it up, fill it up Wine like blood! Come here, In-keeper’s apprentice! Right away, Sir. I don't like this wine. Now, serve me that wine you have boasted about so much. Let me enjoy it too. Only if it doesn’t bewitch me, I will drink your blood. I mean it. Hmm Beautiful. How did you describe t? Likeiblood ,J5i rWine jikeblood. Wine Ijke blood it is, like blood! Wine like blood! Like blood! When Mongols are badgering me to death demanding taxes... look what has befallen us. It all went to infidels. You are actually to be blamed for these problems regarding the taxes... we’re now facing, you know it. don't you? What else could I have done, Respected Emir? Should I have left my sister back there? No, I didn’t mean that. Well, at least that gold has been sacrificed for the purpose of... saving llbilge Hatun’s life. We will handle the situation until we get it back. I will make this Oragos suffer very painful consequences for this. Respected Emir. You may count on that. I do Beybolat. If I didn 't. . you would be under the executioner's axe, as we speak. So, know that And also you have to find out... what kind of deal did Ertugrul make with Dragos? I will find it out before long, Respected Emir] Only... Ertugrul proves to be much greater warrior then I have thought. He not only uses his brute force, but he uses the force of his mind very well. Haa. I see you have joined the camel train of those who are impressed by Ertugrul. Don't forget why you came here Not to be impressed, but to establish yourself. Keep your information to yourself. And do what I told you. That would be enough I didn’t put out of my mind, neither... your words nor the reason why I am here. Respected Emir! The two swords cannot fit in the same sheath. You it know well But you too will appreciate the fact that an enemy such as Ertugrul. cannot be so easily defeated in a face to face fight. So I came up with another way. What way?

I intend to offer him my other sister Sirma's hand in marriage. I guess it's the quickest way to sneak into Kayi tribe and take control. Besides, Sirrna|s nothing like IIbilge. She walks through the snow leaving no footprints behind. And she is very devoted to the interests of our Beylik. It’s clear that you gained from education under our knowledge and wisdom, Beybolat It's a very wise move. However... Ilbilge Hatun hasn’t given her definitive consent regard ng our marriage yet. She is not that agile as she seems. Ilbilge is a bit timid and demure. She needs to warm up to the idea of this marriage slowly. I will talk to her in person and I will warm her up to it. To that end, I'm going to stay here for a while. I will soften her with sweet words. I'm sure that I will convince her. I’d like to be present at your dinner tomorrow n ght. I hope you don’t mind. Astaghfirullah (Allah forgive me), Respected Emir. We would be delighted and honored. Besides, you may end up concluding both auspicious deeds at the same time, hmh? In shaa Allah.

Moreover, I can deal with the issue of Ertugrul at the same time. Uff! And there is the matter of that chest, also. They're all dead, Sir. That one is still alive. Looks like he didn't drink enough of your bloody wine. Get the wine Open your mouth! O en it Dr nk it. Drink it! Drink You’ll drink it all! Drink it all. This is the greatest victory I've ever achieved We ve got all the taxes collected in Anatolia. Take all these chests with gold. It's not only the gold we have won. The blood we spilled here will lead to a great bloodbath. That's why I said this is my greatest victory ever. My single action will make the earth tremble. The Mongols will turn Anatolia into a living Hell. They will make a mountain out of the Turks' heads! See if I care! May they all go to Hell! From now on. the wealth belongs to me, and glory to my sword! As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you) Artuk Bey. My Bey Alaykumu as-salam (peace be upon you too). Just lie down. Relax. How do you feel Artuk Bey?

They blinded my eyes, but... my heart is still full of light, my Bey. And, praise be to Allah, that light is quite enough to sustain me. And, what have you done, my Bey? We are close to taking revenge on Emir Bahaddin who... deemed it proper to subject you to this cruelty, Artuk Bey. I will do it in such a way that his example will... serve as a lesson to anyone who grovels and fawns to Mongols. EvelAllah, my Bey. I don t doubt that, even in the slightest I will turn these dogs, who tried to destroy us, against each other. There’s not only one dog, nor two dogs, my Bey They must be eliminated altogether. And, especially the Mongols. The word from Sultan Baybars may be expected any time now. And as soon as it comes... all Turkmen tribes will consolidate themselves... and we will embark on a great war. In shaa Allah, my Bey. With our noble intentions, may the outcome be auspicious. In shaa Allah. Artuk Bey And this beautiful woman will also serve us. You ve thrown your tribe and yourself in danger because of me. The honor of the guest at my table is my honor. For this, not just myself, but I can throw lewioeworc mo e ire, i ge a un. Know this, whenever you find yourself in dire straits, just send us a word. Even if you are on the other side of the world, I’ll run... and come to your aid You are entrusted to Allah (swt). I fell in love with Ertugrul Bey... but I couldn’t confess it to him, for I was afraid. I couldn’t confess it, for fear that what I say would be misunderstood. After he pulled me out of so much wickedness... after all the goodness he did to me, I was afraid of shrinking in his eyes. Is there permission, sister? Yes, come in. Sirma. What is it, are you delighted because I’m leaving? Of course not, why should I be, sister? Then what is the source of such delight on your face?

Password: ilbilgeconsent

My brother... My brother what? My brother... my brother what? Go ahead, get your tongue round it. My brother would like to marry me to Ertugrul Bey. What do you think about this? May it be blessed. What else could I say' Is Ertugrul Bey aware if this? This matter will be discussed over dinner, tomorrow. Our father is occupied with the Turkmen tribes on one side.. and with Sogut on the other, and there are our enemies as well. We should make it a bit easier for him, take some of his burden. I don't know which is more consuming. His position as the Bey of Principality, or dealing with all these tribes. What are you reading so engrossingly, Savci? This is a book about medicinal herbs. Maybe I can find some information for curing Artuk Bey's eyes. Father will turn heaven and earth to find cure for him, brother. Don worry. What’s going on, you re not asleep yet, my lions? Father, we couldn’t get to sleep. My brothers and I shared some of our worries. All right, come here then. Come here, Osman. Come my Savci Tell me about these worries then. It was related to your responsibilities. You have so many of them, but we couldn’t decide which one was more consuming. Your position as the Bey of Principality, or managing the tribes? The most difficult one is parenthood. And most important one is managing the family. How is it so, father? Bring the bow and arrows here, Osman. Now, you tell me. . what these three arrows and bow... represent to you. They are symbol of our ancestor Oguz, the world conqueror A bow embraces the world, from one end to another. And the arrows can reach furthest ends of the world. Is that all? Above anything else, this bow and three arrows represent... symbols of unity, peace and order. These must be applied in order of importance. First and foremost, and most important is the family. A bow. like a hatun. embraces, protects and wraps around you. The arrows, like a man, lunge forward and penetrate. So, unity, integrity and order have to start... first of all, within the family. How can a person maintain order w thin a community, if... he cannot make order within his own family?

For that reason, our forefather Oguz regarded these Items as... a symbol of order in all things, not only the order in the State. Following this wisdom, a family must be made strong, first. Then the tribe... then the clan. and finally the whole nation. Nation. Homeland. Freedom. And finally, there will be the State that would bring the order in the world. That is the advice of our forefather. Memorize it by heart. The root of everything lies within the family. If the order is disturbed, the seed will not grow into a Platanus tree. And now, regarding your earlier dilemma As long as the sons remain to be the offspring worthy of their forefathers... my burden will be that much easier EyvAllah (may we be so), father. EyvAllah, father. EyvAllah, father Masha Allah, there are my valiants Is there permission? Come in, llbilge Hatun, please. You wanted to see me. Please, take your seat. Due to the State matters that occupied us, we didn’t have a chance to say a word or two to each other. What you've been through since you set foot in Sogut... was not easy I know But. I have to g ve you your due. You stood your ground, in spite of everything My father taught me that the State's issues must be taken care off... no matter what. Excellent. Great. You are a brave hatun. Every man of good reputation would want to see hatun like you by his side. However... someone like you is worthy of the Palace. I don't yearn either for stone walls or splendid rooms. My Palace is my unblemished tent. You're right there, too.

A person cannot appreciate the blessings he did not taste. But if you were to taste the splendor of the Palace... you would acknowledge that you have wasted your beauty around here. Ilbilge Hatun you are a jewel who is not aware of your own value. That jewel is worthy to adorn the crown on the head of a mighty man. Pearl Is also a jewel, Respected Emir. But its home is in the ocean. And my home is in the dazzling splendor of this homeland covered with the great trees. If you’ll excuse me. I have to take care of preparations since we have guests tonight sk tsk! Uff! Selcan Hatun There you are. Hafsa Hatun... these haven t been woven as it should. Aha, see here... the colors are overlapping. Didn’t I tell you to examine it carefully? Why didn t you check it? We will take these tonight as presents. Hayme mother emphasized this. How can we represent Kayi hatuns in good light with these? All right. I will get the better ones. If you had better ones, why didn t you bring it in the first place? She will replace it! Selcan Hatun. don’t get angry right away Let me go and check it out. What would you check, Hafsa Hatun? You'd just go and do the same thing again I keep telling you this all the time. Selcan Hatun... Although, it's really my fault. You don’t know the way, as you re not to the manner born. You are not tamiliar with the nomad's way ot lite. Selcan Ha un! Get these out of my sight!! Selcan Hatun I’ve been working hard for this tribe for ten years now. There was no oppression or torment we didn't live through But we never broke each other's hearts like this. I show you the respect that is due to the Bey Hatun. But you went beyond your limits. Password for this Episode is ilbilgeconsent. You didn't see a tough hatun yetj since you unleashed your tongue so Are you the one to teach me my place and my boundaries, Hafsa Hatun? Take these away, I said. And get out of my sight! Selcan! What s going on? Behave yourselfJ And learn to tolerate people. Every single hatun in this tribe is my daughter.

I will not allow one to oppress the other. Don’t overstep your limits My Bey. I wander what has become of the gold? Would these immoral infidels be able to get this done? We’ll just have to wait and see, Bamsi. We will get the word any time now. My Bey Yes, what is it, Dumrul. Merged sent important message. Dragos's men have... taken the gold from the Mongols, my Bey. -Brilliant. Did he also find out where they will take it? He went after them to find out their secret lair, my Bey. Well done. Everything is going just the way we wanted it. As soon as Mergen send us the word, we will... pull that lair over their heads. -EvelAllah, my Bey. Welcome here. Glad to be here. You were invited to our tent tonight. So, we have come to the Bazaar to supplement our provisions. In shaa Allah, we will come over. Come on sister, let’s go. We have things to buy. Ilbilge Hatun If it is convenient to you. . I would like to have a word with you. In private. Of course it is. wait for me here. Welcome here, my Mistress. Do you wish to order something? Is there anything I can offer you? Leave me be! Whenever... you threw yourself Into the fire... I always saw the unsparing determination and ardor in your eyes. For such a long time you tolerated this hatun who has broken... so many hearts due to her obstinacy, Ertugrul Bey. A brave hatun who never deviated from... her quest for justice. However, you don’t talk much lately, llbilge Hatun. And I find you very dejected^ Alhamdulillah (All praise is due to Allah)... I’ve dedicated my life to... my tribe and to our customs. To this end, I gave up on so many people I loved. My dejection and my silence are due to that. Ilbilge Hatun whom I am acquainted with... would never give up. Since the day I came into the world... I was constantly on the migration path with my tribe. This is the first time we settled down.

And settled down in a homeland like a Heaven. I had m ho )es. We would live under the rule of a Bey of Principality like yourself. Our graves would no longer be abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Our children and grandchildren would recite Surah Al Fatiha (Opening Surah)... at our graves. And what has changed now? It is time for me to... leave my tribe and this beautiful homeland behind. I owe you so much, Ertugrul Bey. Since we are on this topic... I would like to bid you farewell. My brother has banished me Why would Beybolat Bey do such a thing, llbilge Hatun? He wanted to force me to become Bahaddin’s hatun. And since I declined it... he said that he no longer wants to see me in his tribe. Consent is essential prior to the marriage. Orders that do not conform to... our customs and religion do not apply. Your brother is doing the wrong thing, llbilge Hatun. my brother has still done something right. For the sake of unity of the two tribes... he wants to give you my sister Sirma s hand in marriage. Great. Open and check every single chest. Make sure there is no fake gold again We will not be victims of yet another game, am I clear? Yes, you are, Commander! Good then. Take these away. It's time for the wolves... to tear the jackals' lair apart with their claws. These Mongols know exactly where to invade. There is no end in sight to these chests. But it all belongs to us now. Go on! Go on! My Bey, Ertugrul Bey’s party has come Show them in. Alaykumu as-salam (peace be upon you too). Wa alaykumu as-salam (and peace be upon you too). Welcome here, Ertugrul Bey. How delighted l am to see you again. If we knew you d be here, we d come to see you in advance. You're welcome here too. This was forged from legendary black steel by Kayi blacksmiths. A head of battering ram The symbol of manliness, courage and freedom! You took the trouble,

Ertugrul Bey. May the hands that forged this black steel never see any trouble. May their glorious eyes never fade. In shaa Allah. I’ll take pride in this. May you live long. EyvAllah (may it be so). Don t keep standing. Please join us at the table. EyvAllah (thank you). In shaa Allah, this dinner tonight... will finally bring the curtain down... on the events of the past. And whatever we have lived through... either good or bad, would remain in the past. Now... we need to turn a new page. Go on, help yourself. Bismillah (in the name of Allag). My loyal warriors! You kept your word and showed me how mighty you are. Now. I will uphold my promise... and I will bedeck you in gold and glory. As we are getting stronger we will keep shedding blood. While we are shedding blood we will keep accumulating gold We will build a great army. And thanks to that army, we will achieve even greater victories! When are we going to give Ertugrul half of the gold? It will never happen. But wouldn't that result in a war? Thanks to this gold we have confiscated, we will build a mighty army. Ertugrul wouldn’t be able to cope with that army. Therefore, it no longer matters to us if the war breaks out. If anything, this can help us, I think. Ertugrul will help us build an army that will eventually bring about his own end. Yes. Ertugrul has done a really great service for us. But he won’t be able to save himself from death. My loyal warriors... there will be a great banquet organized at the forth, tonight. You eat and drink, and enjoy yourself. Victory is ours always Victory is ours Victory is ours! Victory is ours! Victory is ours Victory is ours! Victory is ours Bless your hands. We saw that Umuroglu hatuns are. not only brave fighters, but... at the same time they are hard-working hatuns as well. Enjoy your meal, Hayme Mother We are delighted that you appreciate it. We were elated by your invitation and your table made us joyous.