DIRILIS Season 5 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 16

This is Episode number 16 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Your proposal is well-timed, Ertugrul Bey. I find it suitable too. EyvAllah (all right then). Don t make a wrong move, Ertugrul Bey Else, your will and up like these Alps. This has nothing to do with you Just give us Konevi. Failing that, all of you will die We may all die... but we will not surrender ...


This is Episode number 16 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Your proposal is well-timed, Ertugrul Bey. I find it suitable too. EyvAllah (all right then). Don t make a wrong move, Ertugrul Bey Else, your will and up like these Alps. This has nothing to do with you Just give us Konevi. Failing that, all of you will die We may all die... but we will not surrender Konevi to you. Who are you? Show your face and fight like men Commander Dragos send you his greetings. You, degenerates! Ah. You, scum of the earth! Don’t bother your head about them. You II follow your Alps too. You will answer for this, every last one of you! We will, we will. But you II have to answer to my questions first. Get our dead men and remove them from here. Attack them! And kill that one! Nokers. kill Konevi! You said that this has nothing to do with me. But let it be known... whoever dares to attack scholars in these lands, his executioner will be... Suleyman Shah’ son, Ertugrul May Allah be pleased with you, Ertugrul Bey May He never allow Islam world to be deprived of brave-hearts like you. EyvAllah (may it be so). Please, let me escort you. There you are, Selcan Hatun May you live long. Aren’t you in charge of hatuns? Don’t you supervise their work, Hafsa Hatun? I do. Selcan Hatun. The faces of these felts seem ready to fall apart. Selcan Hatun, I kept the felts in my sight all the time If you kept it in your sight, then why is it in this sorry state? How am I supposed to furnish a tent with these? Take it away. Welcome, mother What’s the matter, my daughter? Why did you rebuke Hafsa? The hatuns of this tribe need to be taken firmly in hand, mother My daughter, while you were not here, the entire responsibility for the tribe rested on Hafsa’s shoulders. Besides she is as quiet as a lamb. Do not break her heart unnecessarily. It was not unnecessarily, mother They’ve been spoiled by your beautiful smiles and grew slack in their duties. They say "Who laze around in autumn, will make his bread from snow in winter. But. you shouldn't worry. Everything will be done on time. Look, my daughter. I have no doubt about your managing skills, not in the least. But don’t go around braking hearts needlessly. Mother. I know you got tired of me putting this matter before you, every now and then. But. I have to.

That Sirma Hatun’s words keep preying on my mind. What words? bhe hinted something about llbilge Hatun's getting married. You know what I think about Umuroglus, mother. Do you think they may have Ertugrul Bey in mind? Come on, fold up these felts, we still have a lot to do. Come on. Alps, take measures! Brother! It’s an ambush, take action! Take cover, Alps Ilbilge, you stay here! Alps, protect jlbijge Hatun! We will take precautionary measures without anyone being the wiser. Turgut, get some Alps and follow them from afar. As you command, my Bey. Come on, Alps, come on Come on, Alps These are Ertugrul's Alps. Turgut B y Haydir Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah)! Haktir Allah (Al-Haqq - The Truly Existing Allah!) My Bey I’m all right, my Bey Come on, my lion, move over there. Come on, we’ll give this infidels what they deserve, come on. Oguz' Hold on, my valiant, you’ll befinej Take revenge.. for me, my Bey -Oguz! Oguz! Oguz, no, Oguz! Run after these scums! You will be fine, my lion, you will. Alps Hurry up, take Oguz back to the tribe, be quick You should be safe here, llbilge, while we go to rout them. Alps, you keep llbilge Ha tun safe. Come in, please. As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you) Alaykumu as-salam (peace be upon you too). We are delighted that you have graced our tribe and our tent with your presence. Welcome to Glad to be here. Pleasure is all mine. I'm particularly honored to be a welcome guest in the tent and the tribe... of such a clan as the Kayi tribe. -EyvAllah (thank you). This is my oldest son, Giinduz. My nephew, Suleyman. My middle son, Savci. And the youngest one, Osman, So many of the youngest ones have grown to become great men... Ertugrul Bey. That’s true. May you extend your family line, and increase your tribe. In shaa Allah. Eyvallah (may it be so). Please, be seated. Sadreddin Konevi will be our guest for as long as he desires. We prepared a tent for you, ahead of your arrival. You greatly inconvenienced yourself. Bless your hands. Astaghfirullah (I seek forgiveness from Allah). You were a disciple of Ibn Arabi, whose spiritual wisdoms have... illuminated our tents and our hearts. How could we be inconvenienced? We feel blessed to have you here, among us. You took care of everything for my comfort, to the last detail, Ertugrul Bey. I really appreciate it. EyvAllah (don t mention it). It is our duty. Both, you and us, are worn out due to this struggle against the Mongol plague. We don't know how long this situation will last. We have been drawn into such kind of struggle that if... we allow ourselves to admit, not our defeat, but our fatigue, we will be destroyed.

Password: Uranos

This struggle is a fight for the resurrection of the realm of Islam, again. We sense the presence of death at every turn, and feel its cold breath down our neck. And when we walk, it feels like we walk over the top of musalla's stone. [where the coffin with corpse is held for the funeral] However, Almighty Allah (swt) in the Noble Qur’an counsels us... So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief." [Al-lnshirah; 94:5-6] So, no matter how tough the struggle to resurrect the realm of Islam would be... the reward that would come with the victory will be that much greater. And this reward will be the establishment of the order in the world. In shaa Allah. And all of you, strengthened by your faith, by your devotion to the Daw'ah of Allah and. . by your perseverance will be the most awe-inspiring standard-bearers. of this struggle for existence. You will become a hope for all the oppressed around the world... who are waiting for a breath of life, and a hope for the Ummah of our Muhammad (pbuh). In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. Who are you' Your new owner i 'll cut that tongue of yours and feed it to the dogs You’ve encircled one hatun like a pack of rabid dogs. You think I'm afraid of your black steel? Slit it! Come on, s it it! So much anger doesn’t look nice on such a lovely face. Besides, why should I kill you, when I can make you my captive? I'm going to lock you in the castle. And, I’m going to possess both, all your goods and your sweet life. That would never do. Get the gold. The girl too! We are going back to the fortress. Be quick about it! Where are these degenerates? Where did they go? Alps, look under every rock! They are not here. There's no longer need to go after them. We should go back, now. You re right, Turgut Bey. We ve slayed most of them, anyway. They won't dare attack us again. Alps, withdraw! Ohh it’s still uncooked! Nothing is cooked yet. Oh, my Hafsa, we’ve returned from a battle, and we re about to take to the road again. Is there no meal, no water, nothing? My Hafsa. What s the matter, my Hafsa, what’s wrong with you? You seem very agitated. No. there’s nothing wrong. Ahh, ahh my Hafsa a if I don t know you. As if I don’t know you well. Well, tell[me then, or ... or did the children perhaps displeased you? If so, if so, let me call them. And I II make rawhide sandals out of their ears It’s not my children, it’s not them. Wei I then, my Hafsa, tell me, tel I me then, what’s wrong with you? isiueg Selcan Hatun. What happened with Selcan Hatun? She rebuked me because of the felts.

Hatuns and I have been making the felts this way for so long. There was never anything wrong with them. But, however I did it this time, Selcan Hatun didn’t like it. Ah my Hafsa, ah my Hafsa. Troubles have descended on Selcan Hatun like an avalanche and buried her beneath. She left her man over there and came here with her son and her tribe. And now, she is wearing herself out, while striving to put her tribe in order. Else, Selcan Hatun would never nurture any resentment against you. You are telling the truth. You are telling the truth, but I've invested so much hard work in this tribe. It was so painful for me. when she gave me a dressing down, as if I didn't know how to work. Ahh, my Hafsa, ah hatun of mine, everyone in this tribe recognizes your work. Don t be upset about this anymore^ My Hafsa, even Turgut brother and I have a row. every so often. Why? It s always only to make the th ngs better. Mt Hafsa, once we overcome these tribulations... everything would be a bed of roses between Selcan Hatun and you. In shaa Allah Bamsi In shaa Allah. Ay, that’s my hatun. Ay, hatun of mine. Oy, hatun of mine, hey, Masha Allah. Password for this Episode is Uranos. Come on, come on. feed you husband now, so that... I may go to another battle, go on, my hatun. -All right. Beside, besides, it must have been cooked by now. It must be cooked now. put it here, come on. My Bey. May you live long, sister-in-law. Son what’s wrong, what is it? Artuk Bey. He must have handed over the gold to Beybolat a long time ago. So, why didn't he come to the tribe yet? What s keeping him? Didn’t he tell you anything? No, he didn't. Perhaps, he was taken up with something, something that needed his attention, He was aware of Sadreddin Konevi’s arrival. Of course, he would have come. I'm going to the Han. Maybe he's still there. Besides. Turgut will come there too. You saw how we stayed your men in front of your eyes. If you want to live, you will give me the answers I want. You think I’m afraid of death, huh? There is nothing I have to say to that dog Dragos How about that chest? You have nothing to say about that chest, either? I don't know what chest you re talking about. We don't have any chest We wouldn t kidnap Ertugrul Bey s man and bring him here, for no reason. You know where that chest is, and you are going to tell its location! Do whatever you will, but I have nothing to say to you. All right. All right. Then I’ll keep asking you until you breathe your last. The gold. Where is llbilge Hatun? Where is the gold? Ilbilge Hatun has been... abducted, my Bey. For...fortress, they took her to the fortress. How could you allow the hatun entrusted to you to be abducted? Enough What do you think you’re doing? They abducted my sister and took her to the fortress. I’ll crush that fortress around their ears. Alps, get together, we re going to storm that fortress.

No you won’t, You can't do it Come to your senses. You cannot go to the infidel’s fortress, just like that. Do you want to cause the war between the two States, ha? A State? What State huh. what State? They abducted my sister. Do you think I would care if the whole world is at war? Out of my way, or III crush you, too Aaa. I said, we will go and explain the situation to Ertugrul Bey, first. Bit, if you continue to be obstinate... I will run you over, so be warned. Am I supposed to wait for Ertugrul Bey’s order to save my own sister? You will wait! The Bey of Principality is him. And he is the one who knows what needs to be done the best. Take a look! See here! See what happened when you didn’t listen to his advice, for once. But this time, you will listen. They’ve set up a trap for us in the fortress, long since. If you go there, barging in like this, they will slay both, you and llbilge Hatun. Now... for the sake of your sister’s life... you will go to see Ertugrul Bey. Do you understand me? There is no other way about it. Tara. -Sir. What happened? - They ve sent a word. Uranos anaged to get the gold. Excellent. Excellent. With that gold, Tara, we're going to secure many new soldiers to serve our Holy Cause. And with the help of those soldiers, we will seize Sogut a lot faster. Sir, U anos has managed to seize something much more important than gold. What is it? -Ilbilge. She was going to Konya too. Uranos killed her Alps and took her hostage, in case she could be useful to us. That’s g eat. That’s great news. That is much more than I expected, Tara. Uranos has made his arrival known, right away. Tara. God hears my prayers a lot more these days. A lot more. After all this torture, you must have come up with the right answer. Speak up! Come on, tell me where the chest is? What did you say? What did you say? I’ll cut you to pieces You got my answer, you inglorious dog! Yellow dog Open your eyes! Open up. look at me! Open your eyes I wonder if... Let go of me, let go! Let go of me! Degenerates! You scum of the earth! You devils! I will make you all regret the day you were born! Shut your mouth! Keep this woman in your sight. Do not move away from the door. I will make you all regret the day you were born! You scum of the earth! I'll crush this castle around your ears! I’ll make it your grave You did such a great job, Uranos. You did an excellent job You've kept my confidence. You didn’t disappoint me, either. To prove myself a warrior worthy of our Holy Cause and of you. I would... go to the ends of the earth.

Since we would’ve been satisfied if you only took the gold... getting llbilge into the bargain means a really great victory. In that case, let us see the rewards reaped from our victory, Sir. So beautiful. Welcome, Ertugrul Bey. Glad to see you, Mikis. Where is Artuk Bey*? He is not here, my Bey. He went to the tribe, after handed over the taxes this morning. EyvAllah (all right). Continue with your work, Mikis. All right, my Bey. My Boy I wonder.. What’s going on, Beybolat Bey? You came back, sizzling with anger like red-hot steel. Gather your Alps, Ertugrul Bey, we’re going to storm the fortress. What fortress, pray tell. My Bey, the mfidejs attacked the caravan with taxes along the road. Several of Umuroglu Alps were martyred. Oguz is wounded, too. They took the chests to the fortress, didn't they? What's wrong, sir : It’s painted These... j OUBJf) These are all fakes! Sir, how could this be? How can this be possible, Sir? Tell the Alps, Artuk Bey. Tell them to fill the chests with the fake gold coins, instead of... with the gold ones, collected for tax purposes. Even if Dragos takes the gold, the gold he would find will be fake. That way we may save the taxes What if they get attacked, but manage to ward it off, my Bey? Then they can't go to Konya with the fake gold coins. The Alps will take the gold up to Konya’s border, by secret routes. There, you will hand over the gold to Beybolat. EyvAllah (as you say), my Bey. How can this be7 We didn’t check it, since we had to leave in a hurry. Curse it! Raise your head. I don't want to see in front of me a failed commander, overcome with his anger. Raise your head! I’ll take my revenge on them for this, Sir. Ertugrul played a game on usj He’s a shrewd man. He predicted that we would attack them. Most of the time... the sword of mind is... more powerful than the sword of rage, Uranos. For that reason you have to act using your brain, and not act out of your anger. Well, since Ertugrul has played this kind of game on us... now it’s my turn to play a real game on him. What will we do, sir? Shall we throw the head of that woman, llbilge at their feet? Throwing llbilge's head won't be of benefit to us. We need her alive. Now, pay good attention to my words. Frustration is the end result of a mindless bravery, Beybolat Bey. You were framed by your own bravado. You didn't heed the advice of your Principality Bey, so you were stricken by this disaster as a result. You’re now on fire because the gold was stolen aren't you? I don t even care about the go d, Ertugrul Bey. My sister llbilge has been abducted. Perfect, let go of it, mother, I got it now. Let's have a look at this one, too. UTT And you were upset with me because I lost my temper. Look at the state of these felts. Didn't I send it back to be mended? Just look at the felts they returned. It’s full of holes. What am I to do with this, now? Neither can I use it for saddle, nor to furnish the tent. Is there permission, hatuns? Come in, my g rl. come. Why asking for permission, you are welcome here. What is it. Sirma Hatun? What are these felt mats for? Migrants are best understood by a migrant. and settlers by the one who is settled. As you know, we are settling down our tribe. And, you're in a hurry to organize your tribe, too. So I said I may get you something. The work in the Bey’s tent is never ending. Let us take a seat and catch a breath.