DIRILIS Season 5 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 14(Two Parts)

This is Episode number 14 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Attack them! Kill all of them! Did that jackal called Dragos send you? So, you know who will bring about your fated hour. Then, it’s time for you to die. Great. Just in time. We’ve come, llbilge Hatun! Suleyman Suleyman! Ilbilge Hatun! Suleyman Suleyman! My brother! Suleyman Ilbilge Hatun! We learned that ...


This is Episode number 14 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Attack them! Kill all of them! Did that jackal called Dragos send you? So, you know who will bring about your fated hour. Then, it’s time for you to die. Great. Just in time. We’ve come, llbilge Hatun! Suleyman Suleyman! Ilbilge Hatun! Suleyman Suleyman! My brother! Suleyman Ilbilge Hatun! We learned that the one responsible for the raids on... the Oguz’s tribes, is a Turk, by the name of Albasti... who does villainous deeds for the Mongols. Probably he is behind this, too. I want you to know that I'll make every effort with regard to this issue. What is on your mind, Ertugrul Bey? I want to summon all the honor-bound Beys... the members of Akhi brotherhood... and even the State dignitaries... whose names are on that list in the chest, to do their duties. I would like to form an alliance with Sultan Baybars. and to launch the first major revolt against the Mongols. He is telhng the truth He is right, It is obvious that this rebellion will turn into a great war. We are of the opinion that... Sultan Baybars cannot remain too long in Anatolia... despite the fact that his Army has the support of most of Turkmen tribes. Our goal is to keep hold over this homeland, to which... Sultan Alparslan has opened the first door to us. To this end, I must explain how we will bring Mongol's Khan, Hulagu, into a completely hopeless situation... and how to achieve a clean, unconditional victory. Sultan Baybars, along with his army, will enter Anatolia by the way of Tigris and Euphrates' route... and he will advance towards Erzurum. I believe that when he comes, we will achieve our first victory. But the Mongols will spring back fairly quickly, and would want to retaliate. Hulagii Khan will come at us with an army... much larger and much more powerful Now, the question is how to prevent him from coming at us. How to do it? Isthat possible? We will not be content with only telling the Sultan Baybars that... we seek an alliance and that he will be supported by all of the Turkmen tribes. But I’ll also send an envoy to the warlord of the Golden Horde, Berke Khan... [Berke Khan - first Mongol ruler to embrace Islam] and I will propose to him a mutual alliance against... our common and greatest enemy, the Mongols. [Berke Hulagu war, fought in the 1260s] You thought it well, Ertugrul Bey. We will put our specially trained spies at your disposal They are all men who performed their duty from Egypt to the Golden Horde... risking their lives for the cause. You can send them along as your envoys to... Sultan Baybars and Berke Khan any time you want to. . propose them an alliance. It is important to forge an alliance... for a great war will follow, which will last for years. For that reason, we need to get into action, right away. I will start on this by organizing the Turkmen tribes in Anatolia. May Allah (swt) help and assist us. Amin.

Oh my. Oh my Beybolat! Merchant Niko! You traitorous dog! Brother! My sister, are you all right? I will not kill you First, you will tell me who Dragos is Speak up! Who is Dragos? Speak up. Speak Dead ones cannot speak. Who shot this arrow? Run in the direction where this arrow came from! Don t die! Don’t die, you treacherous dog! Don't die! First you will sing! Allah curse you It was him! The one who shot that arrow was him! Suleyman! Suleyman. Qagri, help Apparently, that bandit had planned everything and set an ambush. Hurry up Suleyman Go on, take the wounded ones to the tribe. Afterwards, we will have a long talk. And what are you going to do? I’m going back to Sogut. I’m going to see Ertugrul Bey I'll hear from him about those events when I was not around. Brother, everything was brought into the open during the trial They were not involved in that. Mind your own affairs. I know what I'm going to talk to him about. Suleyman! My brother! My Ertugrul Bey is coming. What’s the situation, my Bey? We will wage the biggest insurgency in Anatolia against the Mongols. In what way, my Bey? We will form an alliance... between the Sultan Baybars and Turkmen tribes in Anatolia. With the Turk s Sultan Baybars from Egypt, hah? We can stop Mongols only if we join forces Sultan Baybars is also aware of that. Organizing Turkmen tribes in Anatolia for the insurgency, is now our duty. It is time for our swords whetted by our revenge, to be unsheathed Enoughjs enough, my Bey. It's about time, my Bey. Let the armies clash on the open battlefield. Let’s wield our swords to the death. The flag of Al-Haqq will rise, and descend upon the tyranny. [Al-Haqq - the Absolute Truth, Allah] From this day forth, everything will be carried out in secret. After all the preparations are completed... it will be time for... the most formidable and the most intense battle Anatolia has ever seen, to take place. It's time to break free from the bondage, and rebel for the sake of freedom. So much blood will be shed. So many lives will be lost. However... from the blood that would be spilled the fire of Turks' freedom will rise again, by Allah's leave. Ya Allah Hey, Masha Allah! Allahu Akbar (Allah is the Greatest) Allahu Akbar (Allah is the Greatest) My Suleyman Savci, give me the clean rag. Open your eyes, my child! Please, open them! Artuk Bey how is my valiant doing? Tell us something. His wound is not deep, Hayme Hatun. But he lost too much blood. But, don’t stress yourself, I will stitch it up now. And he will recover, in no time at all, In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. My Suleyman. Open your eyes, my brave-heart Please, open them. He is feverish. Pass me that. Savci. Who bears you an ill-will, llbilge Hatun? Who and why have ambushed you? No one bear me ill-will. Selcan Hatun. Why did this happen then? You know very well too . who keep attacking us and why, since the day we arrived in Sogut. This is Dragos doing too.j The whole world, and Ertugrul Bay as well, know it too.

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Where is llbilge Hatun? We spilled some blood together. Don’t worry Ata$. My Beybolat Bey. Welcome, my Bey. I wish you informed us in advance. If we had sent the word, we would upset your peace then. While llbilge Hatun was involved in battle... you just set here, eating and drinking, Atag. What battle? My Bey, llbilge Hatun • l a Don t bother now, Atag. We have plenty of time to talk later. For now, you will tell me how my father was killed. Take this away! Tell them to bring me a rare cooked meat. When it’s overcooked, all blood s gone from it I like my meat still oozing blood. I want to see Ertugrul Bey. Is he here? No, my Bey. We don’t know where he went. He’ll come back, anyhow. My father died My sister llbilge was in charge of you until today. But from now, I am taking over the rule. From now, I am the Bey of Umuroglu. My Bey. shouldn t we wait for other Beys’ arrival. We should assemble the Council. Do you see... how honorable Beys we have. But, why would we need to assemble the Council? Is there perhaps another candidate that would challenge me? Allah forbid, my Bey. Who would dare to do that? That’s good. Good then Blood In the honor of my Beylik. Ertugrul is demanding ten thousand gold pieces from Lais. If he refuses to give it, he’ll intercept all roads to the fortress... and he will ban Lefke's merchant from entering Sogut. It is a vicious act to besiege a fortress and let the inhabitants go hungry and thirsty. It would devastate the insiders and force them to surrender. Ertugrul is one great Commander. He knows very well how to put pressure on his enemy. Lais requested to meet him to talk it over and find a common ground. He is waiting for Ertugrul's reply. He did well But he should be well prepared. And he should be cautions. Ertugrul intention is not to get gold... but to learn who I am. What are we supposed to do, Sir? Nothing. Most likely. Ertugrul will take precautions too You should not expose yourself. You will stay here. But. what about Lais? Lais ... well, he knows well what he should do. He would never reveal our secret even if he is to die. Never! Warn the Alps to be vigilant. I might finish Ertugrul off, when he comes in. As of today, we will immerse ourselves in the work for all we're worth. Password for this Episode is gotTraitorHead. We have quite a lot to do in Sogut. And with regards to Ertugrul Bey and Kayis... Welcome back. Glad to be back. EyvAllah (thank you). Glad to see you. Welcome back, Ertugrul Bey You are welcomed here. too. I am Beybolat. The Bey of Umuroglu What’s going on here, have you assembled the Council?

My Beys and I were talking about what happened. About what happened to my Alps, about my father's death.. about the culprits and who was responsible for all that. We did everything necessary, we conducted inquiries and held the trial. I will find the culprit and I will personally draw his punishment. Or is there someone else you wish to call to account? I didn’t come here only to collect taxes... of course I would wish to do some questionings of my own. And to question everyone who has his fingers in this. I swore that I will not let their punishment be determined in court. But first, we need to help our Bey of Principality. We are all subordinate to him. after all. As per the customs, I became the new Bey of Umuroglus My Beys swore their allegiance to me. And, on behalf of my Beys, I wish to swear. . to our Bey of Principality that I will respect his edicts and his will. Those who uphold their customs, who obey and put their trust in us... we will always hold in affection and protect them with our power, evelAllah. I don’t doubt that in the slightest, Ertugrul Bey. Where did you come from, llbilge Hatun? From your tribe, Ertugrul Bey Nothing wrong, I hope? My sister and our Alps have been ambushed when they we e going... to see the location for our tribe’s settlement. Who ambushed you? Dragos’ men did it They attacked us disguised as bandits. There were some Greek traders from the Bazaar among them. Bell-ringer saw them and being suspicious, he alerted Suleyman and Giinduz. They then, went to get their Alps and came over there. And my brother, while on his way to Sogut with his Alps, saw that. . there was a fight and came just in time, may he live long. We killed all of the men. Where are Gunduz and Suleyman now? They are in the tribe. Gunduz is well. However, Suleyman was wounded. isuieg Let’s hurry up to the tribe. EyvAllah (all right). We heard what you did. Bell-ringer. Your mind is as sharp as your eyes I will not let this go unrewarded. You gave me a roof over my head... you gave me food to eat my fill. What more could I wish? I gained your trust. Now is the right time to worm mu way into the tribe. But that would not be enough. I will wheedle my way as far as into your tent, Ertugrul. As far as into your State tent. Is there permission, Irene? Irene. Allah Allah! Where did she go at this time? There’s a letter. Gunduz,

I wanted to stay at your side so very much, but I could not. I realized that we couldn’t find my father’s killer just waiting here. For that reason, I decided to head for Constantinople to talk to my Emperor. I will try to convince him to search for Dragos. Forgive me, Gunduz. Who knows, maybe one day we will come together again." Ah, rene, ah! Why did you do it? Why couldn’t you be patient just a bit more? What happened brother? Irene... went to the Emperor to discuss the issue of Dragos with him. To try to prevail upon him. She didn’t tell me anything, since she knew I would prevent her from leaving. I consulted Artuk Bey. In shaa Allah, our valiant will be up on his feet, in just a few days. In shaa Allah, my Bey. He and Giinduz were caught in the middle of a clash. But Suleyman in particular has shown his warrior skills for the sake of llbiige Hatun. Well done for my valiant. How did they know there were going to be an ambush, my Bey? Bell-ringer from the Sogut's Bazaar got suspicious and he notified them. If you’ll excuse me, sister-in-law. My E ugrul Bey Do you have any news from my Gundogdu Bey and your brothers? I made some initial contacts with them. In shaa Allah, I will receive replies from them soon. Don t trouble yourself with these things, Selcan Hatun. You think of your tribe that is about to arrive and of Suleyman. I will take care of these other things. You are the only one we can trust, my Bey. If you cannot help us, no one can. EyvAllah (may it be so). Brother It pleases me to no end to see you standing tall, llbilge. In my father’s absence we all will stand tall, In shaa Allah. That is worthyjrf my little sister. I will find my father s killer, sooner or later. Death would be too good for him. When I find him... he will beg me to kill him. But, he will not die that easily. Ertugrul Bey will do everything in order to find Dragos, too. We will get hold of him, sooner or later. You have arrived, praise be to Allah Tell me, do you really trust Ertugrul Bey that much? He has done enough for me to gain my trust. Keep in mind that my father and our Alps were killed... on his soil and in his Han. Even if he is not the killer he is still responsible for that. You talk about the Principality Bey whose hand you kissed and whom you swore fealty. They wanted to kill me and our Beys today. What would happen to us if his son and nephew weren’t there? Of course, we will show Ertugrul Bey the respect he deserves.

After all, he is our Bey of Principality, isn't he? What is it then? Sogut is coming apart, don’t you see it, my sister? If this is our homeland now, don’t you think that... we should make it a point to do everything we can... to help put it back in order? Especially when our Bey of the Principality is someone... who is trustworthy and a man of his word, like Ertugrul Bey. It seems that that Ertugrul Bey made an impression on you just as he has mesmerized... his people and his Alps. What do you mean to say, brother? We have a lot to talk about. But, first of all. I want to visit my father’s grave tomorrow. As you wish. His nephew, Suleyman Tread carefully around him and his mother. I heard that her Bey, Gundogdu didn't sit idly in the lands he settled in... but that he rose up against the Mongols. It's not good for any of us, you know. I was mystified by Lais’ wish to meet you at the border, my Bey. He knows that we wouldn’t come to the fortress, Turgut. And he doesn't want to come here. So. to be on the safe side, he wants to meet at the border. Then what are we going to do, my Bey? We will comply with his request, Bamsi. That dog will not stand still. With this audacity that Lais showed us, he went beyond his scope, Turgut. Clearly, Dragos use this dog as his cat’s paw in the fortress What wiM we do. my Bey? What will we do? We are a volcano, Bamsi. We cannot be squeezed and held by fire irons. Apparently. Lais wanted to meet some brave men. So. we will go, then. Warn the Alps. We will proceed with caution. As you order my Bey. There you are, my Bey. Well done. You serve well. Come, sit across me Yina You are my Head-Alp. You are my right hand man. If someone is to killed me... and you were unable to prevent it... what would you do? I would Kill myself, my Bey. Why? Because, we live and risk our lives for the cause of our Beys. We put our lives on the line for our Bays. If they die . there is no reason for us to live. But, what about you, Ata$? You were my father’s right hand man. Of the great Umur Bey. It was your duty to protect him. So, what happened to him? He died, my Bey. Then why are you still among the living. Atag? My meat is not oozing blood. I hate it when it’s like that. S t down You can’t attend to the meat... you didn’t see my father being killed. You’re incapable of doing anything. Then why do you still live, Atag? My Bey... Aa h This matter is between us! You keep away. Bell-ringer! Y...yes. my Bey. I want meat. Let it be rare. And take it to my room. A...as you wish, as you wish. I drew too hard on the bow during the skirmish. Let’s consolidate it really well, so it won’t let us down... in another fight. Savci, give me a hand here. I wish I have been with you. I would go and fight, too. Ee, my Osman, it was not in your destiny. In our father’s absence, you have to stay in the tribe. Osman, bring me some sheep’s fat. I will do it brother. We saw today what happens when we don’t listen to our father's words From now on, when he is away we will not behave irresponsibly. When our father is away, you will obey me, is that clear? It is, brother. It’s now as good as new. It’s because you’ve done it together, my Gunduz. Grandma. - My grandma. How is Suleyman doing, grandma, is he well? He is well, son, he is fine. And he will be even better, In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. For those with eyes to see it, even this work you did... is a great lesson. Someone cam and destroy something that belongs to one of you... but you all get actively involved together... and you make it as good as new.