DIRILIS Season 5 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 13

This is Episode number 13 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Eeh, Selcan Hatun, come on, tell us all about my brothers now My older brothers Gundogdu and Sungur Tekin, and especially. about my little brother Diindar. How I miss them so. Come on, my daughter, tell us all... about their hatuns, their children^ and about your elder son. Iltegin. All of my grandchildren... must have grown into brave-hearts, just like Suleyman. Oh, how I yearn for them. Gu .. Gundogdu... Will you forgive me, my mother! ...


This is Episode number 13 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Eeh, Selcan Hatun, come on, tell us all about my brothers now My older brothers Gundogdu and Sungur Tekin, and especially. about my little brother Diindar. How I miss them so. Come on, my daughter, tell us all... about their hatuns, their children^ and about your elder son. Iltegin. All of my grandchildren... must have grown into brave-hearts, just like Suleyman. Oh, how I yearn for them. Gu .. Gundogdu... Will you forgive me, my mother! My Selcan? What is it, my daughter? What happened, come on tell us. My Gundogdu Bey. together with my SungurTekin Bey, said to me... Take your son Suleyman and go to our brother Ertugrul. He will. protect you and find the way out of this situation, surely." They insisted! From whom my brothers wanted me to protect you and your son, Selcan Hatun? It’s not only about us, my Bey. It’s about our tribe, too. My daughter, my Selcan. Get a grip on yourself. Come on. tell us, why did they send you here? What happened to your tribe? Talk to us. Come on. my daughter. I wish I’d ripped my tongue off, only that I don’t have to tell you this, my mother. When we first came to your tribe, you were in dire straits... so I said to myself, I will keep my silence. I told myself that I will not add more salt to your wounds But I don t have any strength left. Selcan Hatun Look me in the eyes, come on. And, tell me what happened to your tribe? The Mongols. They kept harassing our tribe. So, our Beys had to take shelter in the mountains along with our Alps, and they sent us here. However, the Mongols are now after them, joined by . the Seljuk’s killers. O. my Allah O my Allah, You (swt) keep me sane. What does thatjrnean, Selcan? Huh? What do they want from you, my daughter? My Bey. they sent this to you. Brother Ertugrul will make sense of it, they said, my Bey. Respected Emir, Beybolat Bey has come. Show him in. Our State will always be... indebted to you for the suppression of those Turkmen tribes... that dared to stir up an uprising against the Mongols, Beybolat. I’ve brought you some presents, Respected Emir. Get out. I brought you what you wanted, Respected Emir. Uff! Soldiers, take this away. Close that and get it out! Remove it, remove it! What about Gundogdu? Where is his head? Gundogdu. He took refuge in the mountains along with his brothers and his Alps. We ve lost their trail. But my men are hot on their heels. Sooner or later they will be found.

I took to the road, as soon as I heard that my father was murdered. We found out who killed your father. Ertugrul and his son Gunduz. aren’t they the ones? Come over here, take a seat. Ertugrul and his son Gundiiz were acquitted at the trial. They said that the killer was a rebellious Byzantine commander, by the name of Dragos. Well, what about my sister, what llbilge had to say? Since she withdrew her complaint, she must have been convinced of that too The case has been dismissed, Beybolat. That matter has been dismissed. But now.. you’re going to pursue a much larger matter, here in Sogut And of course, you should not allow your father's blood to go unavenged. We’ve heard that the leader of those killers who harassed our tribe... is a degenerate, who calls himself Albasti. And. what is worse, he is a Turk. Have you seen him? Do you know who he is. Selcan Hatun? I’ll find out what happened in the shortest time possible. But now, it is time to show our fort tude. You finish all the necessary preparations before your tribe arrives. You two are head hatuns of our two tribes. Don t give way to despair. Promise me, my Ertugrul Bey, give me your word that.. you will find our brave-hearts and bring my husband back to me. I have an obligation to find my brothers, Selcan Hatun. Have faith in me. You are our hearth and our home. Don’t leave my children without a father, or me without a husband. Don’t allow your mother to suffer the pain of losing a child. I will find my brothers. However, no one must be made aware of what we talked about, here. Selcan Ertugrul is right. First, we have to stand tall... so that our people would, too. If we buckle under, our great Platanus three will flip over. The Mongol scourge have separated us from each other, mother. And now, thanks to the Mongol's scourge we came together once again. My Selcan, it is enough that our children stand as one... and that they are alive. As for the Mongols, they will get what they deserve, all in good time. They will not get away with what they did... with all their persecution... and all the blood they shed. My beautiful daughter. My beautiful bride. Praise be to Allah.

Password: iLbilgeErtugrul

What did they say in that letter, Artuk Bey? Our Beys informed us about their hiding place. Everyone is well. Praise be to Allah Gundogdu Bey collected some secret information from the Mongol spies... that he captured. And, when the Mongols learned that these spies were caught, they attacked the Kayis, my Bey. Did they write what they learned from those spies? Password for this Episode is iLbilgeErtugrul. Every single craftsmen and scholar who resist Mongol tyranny... will be killed, my Bey. We have to talk to the White Beards (Ak Sakalli). Send them the information we’ve got, in the usual way, Artuk Bey. Tell the Alps to come to see me! I have things to tell them. As my Bey commands. Albasti! Albasti! Do Selcan Ha un and her son know you’ They don t. I completed my duty without exposing myself, just as you ordered. They know me only as Albasti. They know nothing beyond that. Excellent. As soon as you get to Sogut, get acquainted with the goings on. Selcan Hatun and her son coming to Ertugrul, doesn’t bode well. But first, you must establish yourself as the Bey of your tribe. Then it will be your duty to find out why Selcan came here... what does she know and what they are up to. And of course, there is the matter of that chest. What chest? The chest that contains secret information. I suspect that Ertugrul has taken that chest. The content of that chest is very important, Beybolat. So very important. The names of all the Beys, State Dignitaries and the members of Islamic guild (Akhi) who are... preparing a rebellion against the Mongols, are recorded in there. Selcan Hatun is doing preparations for the migration of her tribe to our homeland. We will show hospitality to our brothers and welcome them among us, in our tribe. Their tents have been destroyed. We will help them to get organized and to settle down. Artuk Bey, get Aktemur to take interest in this too. As you command, my Bey. Selcan Hatun will need some supplies for her tribe. Mikis knows merchants very well. He will know where to find what Let him come to the tribe and give a hand in this. As you order, my Bey. Bamsi, we will take to the road tomorrow with our Alps.

Are we going to our Gundogdu Bey, my Bey? Are we going to take the head of this dog called Albasti? All in good time, Bamsi. But for the time being, we need to get information. As you order, my Bey. As you order. Whoever raises your suspicions within the Bazaar... swoop on them like a nightmare. Don’t let anybody take even a breath. That Dragos and his dogs must be made feel... like pheasants caught on a branch, smeared with birdlime. Did I make myself clear, Turgut? As you command, my Bey. You will pay visit to Lais, tomorrow, Turgut. When dealing with my brothers' situation... we still cannot be neglectful of Dragos. What you want me to do jmy Bey?j Lais believes that he triumphed over me when he captured my son and got ransom from me. However I have an unfinished account to settle with him. I will deal him the first blow in the language he understands best. His tactlessness has cast a shadow over our peace. Therefore, I demand my pound of flesh as a punishment, which is ten thousand gold pieces If he refuses, inform him that I will not let any Lefke s trader in Sogut. And I will intercept all the roads leading to the fortress. EyvAllah (as you say), my Bey. Mikis. Yes, my Bey Be ever vigilant in the Bazaar Dragos’ men could be everywhere. Dragos’ man could be the one from whom you least expect it to be. We can’t be certain whether someone is his man or not. As you w h, my Bey Ah... your hatun and your children were on their way back. What happened, didn't they come yet? They made a stop at our acquaintance. They will come any time now, my Bey. That’s good then. You are so beautiful, my Mistress. Your beauty and liveliness deserve to be complemented by a brave Bey. That is the fate, Mengu. Besides, we cannot come across a brave Bey that easily, as you said. You don t need to look for him far and wide, my Mistress. A bird of fate is flying around you. Don’t be Tngry with me but that brave Bey worthy of you can only be Ertugrul Bey. Halime Sultan has passed away immediately after she gave birth to Osman And Ertugrul Bey has been both a mother and a father to his three sons, ever since. Why didn't Ertugrul Bey get married, all these years? The love story of Halime Sultan and Ertugrul Bey was so fabulous and incredible. Legends are still spoken about it... and my Bey could not lay his eyes on anyone else, I guess. Just as you said,

Ertugrul Bey is a brave-hearted man. But, that can hardly come to pass, Mengu. Why not, my Mistress? The love story of him and his late hatun was like a fairytale romance I don t think that there is any room left in his heart for another hatun. Don’t think like that, my Mistress. It’s beenyears. He has brought up his boys all by himself. Surely he would now want a companion for himself and a hatun for his tent. And, is there anyone out there, more suitable then you? Is there permission, llbilge Hatun? Yes. come in, Atag Bey. Go on, I m listening to you. Our Beys have arrived in Sogut, llbilge Hatun. Praise be to Allah. I should go and inform Ertugrul Bey. The things I’ve heard don’t seem to augur well, llbilge Hatun What is it? Selcan Hatun What about her? Clearly, she didn't come all the way from the east with her son, just to pay a visit. Whatareyou getting at, Atap Bey? It is obvious that Ertugrul Bey's brother did not sit idly. Else, why would he send his wife and son on such a long journey? They must have gotten into some sort of trouble. My inner voice tells me that Ertugrul is like lone tree standing in the middle of a meadow... just waiting for the lightning to strike. Stop nurturing grudges Atag Bey. Inform our Beys that I will be coming to the Han with our Bey of Principality. My Mistress. What is it. Bell-ringer? Everything has been revealed in the court I am very pleased for you. May God protect you from all evil. May you enjoy good health. My Mistress, I will continue to supply you with the information that may be of help to you. Know that I will always serve you. I no longer need it. You supplied me with quite enough in exchange for the gold I gave you. From now on I’m going to put faith in Ertugrul Bey. We will support each other Whatever you say, my Mistress. Whatever you say. Everything has been revealed in the court, true. But the real killer is yet to get what he deserves. Along with Ertugrul Bey, I’ll find that villain, named Dragos and drown him in his own blood. Dragos! What kind of Devil is that one, what kind of Devil is he! Hopefully you will, my Mistress, hopefully. You can always count on my services. You may supply Ertugrul Bey with any helpful information, from now on. And, in particular with those related to Dragos. I’m off. Stay in peace. Since you ’ve joined forces with Ertugrul. you will end up just like him. •Aag A|/y Ak Sakalli [White Beards] sent the answer we were waiting for, my Bey. They are expecting you. EyvAllah (thank you), Artuk Bey. I will take to the road after the blessed Jummah prayer. Also, Lais sent a messenger, my Bey. He accepted to meet with Turgut Bey in the fortress. Now he is going to learn how the real trap should be set. Ilbilge Hatun is here, my Bey. She wants to see you. Show her in, Abdurrahman If you’ll excuse me, my Bey. The Beys of my tribe have arrived to Sdgut They are downstairs. If you would agree, they would like to meet you and talk to you. EyvAllah (alright). Ertugrul Bey We are going to settle in these lands that you have conquered. Thus, I want you to know that I’ll stand by you in every issue, including my father’s killer. If my Ertugrul Bey would approve it, we’ve found an appropriate place for us, mother. I will personally attend to this matter.

And with the help of our Alps, well have all this sorted out, in no time at all. Lets hope for the best, my daughter. Selcan Hatun you don’t have to trouble yourself. Together with other hatuns we will take everything in hand. You should take rest. This is not the time for taking rest, Hafsa Hatun May you live long, but this is not time for that. I need to be at work. Rest of the people from my tribe is on the way. Their arrival is imminent. That’s why we must get down to work, as soon as possible. My daughter. For such a long time, my tribe has longed for the Bey Hatun. You know very well what the responsibilities of the Bey Hatun are. You arrival has added new strength to our tribe. I am too tired now. And, In shaa Allah, you will now ease the burden on my shoulders too. What kind of words are these, mother? You have trained the hatuns of the whole tribe, for such a long time. You took care of and managed everything yourself. You brought up all your sons and grandchildren. How can you get tired? I don’t have my old strength and energy, my daughter. You will be in charge of all hatuns from now, won’t you? We are here, mother. Be it as you say. We will take everything in hand, evelAllah. Hafsa, my daughter, you will help Selcan Hatun, won’t you? And you will ease some other burden. All right Hayme Mother As you wish. Mother, I have a meal cooking on my hearth. I’ll go have a look, and I’ll be back. Go on, have a look. Go on, my daughter And take a look at the children too, while you are at it. I will, mother. Mother - Hah? There is something I wish to say... but I am not sure whether to say it or not. Just say it, my daughter Ilbilge Hatun. She is in love with my Ertugrul Bey, mother. No, my dear. She holds Ertugrul Bey in high esteem. I recognized it, mother. I knew it by the look in that woman’s eyes. There was not only esteem in her eyes. The fire from her heart was reflected in her eyes. All this time she didn t marry. Of course, she would lose her heart to a Bey like our Ertugrul Bey. Selcan, let’s not wrong the girl. I’m sure there is nothing of the kind, my daughter. Tsk-tsk! Nothing of the kind. I m just saying what I know, mother. Now, you consider it carefully and decide. Welcome here, my Beys. Glad to be here, my Ertugrul Bey. We hear what happened, my Ertugrul Bey. That degenerate by the name of Dragos is our mutual adversary. Therefore, we want you to know that we are ready to do our part. EyvAllah (thank you). Rest assured that this villain will be found sooner or later, and that he will get what he deserved. I only have one request, do not do anything on your own. If you see or hear something, you let me know first.