DIRILIS Season 5 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 09

This is Episode number 09 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. You may say the Testimony (Shahadah). Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah. [I bear witness that there is no god except Allah] Wa-Ash-hadu anna Muhammadan Abduhoo Wa Rasooluhu " [And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger] Irene. Irene Release Gunduz, or you will die Irene. At the time when ...


This is Episode number 09 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. You may say the Testimony (Shahadah). Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah. [I bear witness that there is no god except Allah] Wa-Ash-hadu anna Muhammadan Abduhoo Wa Rasooluhu " [And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger] Irene. Irene Release Gunduz, or you will die Irene. At the time when your Alps were killed... he was together with Irene, Tekfur Yanms’ daughter Why didn't he say it, then? Because, he was unsure how we would react to his affair of the heart, he decided not to disclose it, but to hide it from us. So, you are Tekfur’s daughter... Irene! Drop your swords down, drop it! Drop it, else you will die! Soldiers, stand ready! Don't meddle in this affair, Hatun! I told you drop your sword down, hatun! Drop it! This is my last warning. Archer! Alps... drop your swords! Just as you killed my Alps and my father, you now mean to kill me, too, don’t you? If I were indeed a killer... I would slay you and your Alps, right now and here. Don’t you ever let me see you again. This doesn’t end here! Irene. Gunduz, are you well I’m fine. You have saved my life. Who is that dog, by the nameof Dragos?, Until we die, Commander Dragos Tell me... say it, who is Dragos? How did you find me9 When I heard that you fled, I thought that you might come to our place. I saw you while I was on the way there. And, just as well I did come along. Else, this woman would kill you You came to my aid on my darkest day, Irene. What will you do now, Gunduz? Sooner or later they will come after me. I have to stay hidden until I decide what I will do next. Buth w? The safest place for you is the fortress. I'll hide you in the fortress. And, what about your father? Mara and I will be the only ones who'd know where you are. We can't do that. The soldiers will inform your father. I will handle my father. Sold er I’m going to escort Gunduz Bey from here. And you guard them, to make sure they don’t go after us. When we get out of your sight, release them and return to the fort. All right my Lady Don’t think that you got free of me. Even if you run to the other side of the world, I will find you. Don’t ever show up before me again, llbilge Hatun. I will not spare you, then. Aag A|AI this, this was not a simple trap. They came very well organized. My Bey, where did they learn from, that we would be coming this way? My Bey, this man said that he saw Gunduz. Where did you see him, tell us? I saw him along the caravan route to Sogut, Ertugrul Bey They were heading towards the North. Osman was at his side, too.

It seems that the man. who informed us about Gunduz and Osman, was... Dragos’ man, Bamsi. My Bey, I will strangle that man with my own claws... right there in the Sogut’s square, my Bey. Take the wounded Alps back to the tribe immediately As soon as we return to Sogut... go and run that villain to the ground, Bamsi. Come on, Alps, to the Han! Evdokya.. tell me everything now. I know that your father was carrying a secret to Tekfur Yanms. Because of this secret. all sorts of troubles has befallen both, you and us. Now... stop denying it. and tell me why you were going to the Tekfur. Before my father breathed his last... he asked me to take this necklace to the Tekfur. And he said that our lives are depending on this necklace. I can't see anything inside it. Did your father say anything else regarding this necklace? TurgutB y. I swear to you that I don't know anything else about it. We have no one left to turn to. Help us, please. Don’t worry. We will shelter you. I'm going to Sogut to report everything to my Ertugrul Bey. Mergen. You see them off safely to the tribe. And then come to Sogut incognito and wait to hear from me. EyvAllah (as you wish) Go on, eyvAllah (take care). Irene. Gunduz, I'll go now to the fortress and wait for you there. Mara will meet you near the fortress, and she will get you inside. But. in order to get you inside... you will need to put on this military outfit. That’s impossible. Something like that is unacceptable, Irene. I am an Alp. I'm not dressing like a Byzantine soldier, no way I’d do that. Please, Gunduz, put it on just this one time. If you don’t, how would we be able to get you inside? Is there no other way, Irene? Some secret passageway, perhaps? There is no other way, Gunduz. Do it just this one time. Please, do it for me. I'll do this only for your sake, Irene. I'll go now and let Mara know that she may expect you. Welcome, jpy ^rtug rul^ Bey. Welcome, my Bey Welcome. Welcome, my Bey Where are these ones coming from, my Bey? We will find it out, Bamsi Where are you coming from in this manner, llbilge Hatun? Do we need to get your permission to roam over the lands we want to settle In? Do we have to give you an account of every place we go, Ertugrul Bey? What’s the matter with you? Why are you spitting fire? I have nothing to say to you. Come on Something happened, Bamsi. We will learn what it is. My Mistress. Ilbilge Hatun Welcome back, my Mistress. Welcome back. How can this be? Welcome, my Bey What’s the matter, Bell-ringer? Your face suddenly turned pale. Noo... Nothing, my Bey. I’m well, just feeling a bit under the weather.

Password: Dragos

Let me take care of your horse. EyvAllah (thank you). Ertugrul Bey.. there is a guest waiting for you inside. How could he have survived from that trap? How could this man have survived from that trap? Kara Bela! Kara Bela! Emir Bahaddin. Just as you now killed the taste of meals in your Han... so you have ruined these lands that Sultan Alaaddin have entrusted you with. Take this away. Respected Emir. Ilbilge Hatun... I want you to know how sorry I am for your painful loss. Your father was a very close friend of mine. I feel a deep pain in my heart for the loss of... my soul brother... and a brave Bey, a loyal one to his State. May Allah bless him with the highest of ranks in Jannah! May Allah bestow His Mercy on him in abundance. May Allah be pleased with you. I want you to know that... I came here to find the perpetrators and... personally hold them responsible for this crime. Seat yourself here. I know that you will not leave my father's blood unavanged. Is what Atag Bey told me about your son correct, Ertugrul Bey? Firstly, you will show your respect to the blessings placed in front of you. And then, you will show your respect to the authority of your Bey of the Principality. You will show respects, so that your own words may be valued. Ertugrul Bey, know you limits Everyone is obliged to know their limits, Emir Bahaddin. Everyone shall know their limits. And you shall know it too, so that... we may speak with decorum in presence of this blessings laid down in front of you. Now... I'm listening to you Ertugrul Bey, I will keep it short and to the point. I'll talk to you in a manner that you understand. Ata$ Bey claims that you’re helping your son to flee from justice. Is this true? You will surrender him to us, else... you will also be baring your own neck to the executioner, so be warned. My first and foremost obligation is to ensure that justice has been served. Bear that in mind. Of course, assuming that... the scales of justice are not unbalanced. I came here... to get your son and bring him back to Konya to be judged. Why to Konya, Emir Bahaddin? Why not here, in Sogut? That is the correct way for the fair implementation of justice, Ertugrul Bey. Since you consider your son and yourself above any suspicion. then you have no reason to object that his trial be held in Konya. Where are you going? To my Lady Irene And who is this one with you? From the new guards’ unit. We have never seen you. What is your name? Mara Theodor. What’s been keeping you, come here! You've arrived in the nick of time. Irene. If you had not, blood would be spilled.

I'll wait for you just outside the door] You will be safe here, Gunduz. Only Mara and I know about you being here. This room is not in use, so no one knows about it. You put yourself in danger for my sake. Password for this Video is Dragos. How can I ever repay you this favor. For me it is enough that you are safe. I’m not afraid of anything. I was afraid that this woman would do something to you. Don’t be afraid, it's over now. In due time, I will settle the score with all of them. Whatever we have to, we will do it together. I have to go now, but I'll be back. We have to lock the door. We will bring you whatever you may need. Are you afraid that I will not accept the verdict of Kadis and that I will rebel against it... in the event that the trial is held in Sogut... or are you afraid that I may aid my child to flee from justice? I'm not afraid of anything, Ertugrul Bey. And particularly not from you, never. Sogut is the place where unfounded allegations were made. In the event that the trial is held in Konya... the implementation of justice, as well as the hearing may be compromised. And as the Bey of Principality, I consider it more appropriate to have this case solved here in Sogut. Your son is not yet present, but and you find it fitting to negotiate with me about the trial. You first find your son and bring him here. I will bring my son to Sogut and surrender him to the law. And, will bring my witnesses, of course. Is there anything else you wished to say I said that I will take your son back to Konya, didn't you understand it? And I say. why do you insist on it so, what is not clear to you, Emir Bahaddin? Or do you consider that the Bey of Principality, to whom... the State has entrusted its far west, would hide his son from justice? Enough How do you dare to stand up without a given order? Sit back on your place! Hold on Sheath your swords! Obstinacy! Obstinacy! You’re always obstinate! This obstinacy and disobedience of yours will be the death of you, Ertugrul Bey Respected Emir.. I also wish the trial to be held in Sogut. Ilbilge Hatun, how canyon say that? The trial of Gunduz Gunduz Alp and his execution must be in Sogut It must be, so that... the same pain Gunduz Alp made me live through. I may see in Ertugrul Bey's eyes. While Gunduz Alp walks to the hangman, I want you to bear witness... to the shame of Ertugrul Bey in front of the people, he used to preach about justice. For that reason the trial must be held in Sogut. Since Ertugrul Bey believes injustice and he has faith in Gunduz Alp... th n let him bring Gunduz Alp into your presence, by tomorrow. Know this... if by tomorrow you don’t find Gunduz, and if you don't bring him. to me . you will also be sentenced, together with your son.

Don’t you dare underestimate my words, Ertugrul Bey Osman? ueuiso Where have you been, Osman? Where is Gunduz? I need to see my father, where is he? I'll tell to him. He is talking inside with Emir Bahaddin. Wait a bit, he might come soon. You may tell me whatever you want, Osman. It's important, must tell it to my father. I'll see him when he's done. Oh, come on, Mikis, I'm telling you try to recollect it. Remember! That day when you were with our Ertugrul Bey. who was that man who came to us and said that he saw Gunduz Alp? Believe me, I don't remember, my Bamsi Head-Alp. That day was full of disasters, how can I remember it? Come on, how can you not remember? How can you not remember? What happened, pray tell, so I know it also You take care of the merchants, this matter is our concern. Now think carefully. You were there too, you know. there was my brother Dumrul, and in front of you our Ertugrul Bey. Then that man came dressed in a cowled garment. He had boots, and he was that tall.j My Bey, this man said that he saw Gunduz. Did you? Where and when did you see him, tell us? Covan. Covan! Who is this Covan? He is a European ... He takes care of one European merchant's shop, he does menial tasks. Where is that shop? My Bey, it’s no secret why Emir Bahaddin came here. But I don't understand why libilge Hatun is adding even more fuel to the fire. That Hatun, who said that she would put her trust in me, now began breathing fire There is something behind this, Artuk Bey. I will learn what it is. F th r. * ueiusq where have you been? Where is your older brother? He went to Turna Hill, father. Under the pretext of getting us the food, I came here to notify you. Abdurrahman, tell the Alps to take to the road, right away. They are to search Turna Hill with a fine-tooth comb. Tell them notify us at once if they spot any sign of Gunduz. As you order, my Bey. Why did you go with your brother, Osman? Why didn’t you send us word beforehand? I couldn't leave my brother in such a situation, father. We get out together, or we die together, I said. I thought I'd persuade him to return while on the road. But as he didn't, I came under the pretext of getting food. Now, go back to the tribe. Your grandma must be sick worried about you. Don't dare to leave the tribe, Osman. Fa her... are you angry with me? You said that you went along to save your brother. Then again, you came back to notify us so that he can be saved. You fulfilled your brotherly duty the best you can, Osman. Now, pray that your brother returns safely to the tribe. Welcome Tell me your orders, Master. Ertugrul escaped the ambush, Covan.

I have to leave Sogut immediately before they find me. Ertugrul has returned long since. No escape for you, they re looking far and wide What do you want me to do, Master? To die! They went to Turna Hill. My Bamsi Head-Alp? I will kill you, you jackal’s whelp. Where could he be off to in such a manner? Nothing wrong, In shaa Allah, brother? Let’s go, my brother. Where did this one come from, now? What happened to you? What happened to you, who did this to you? Dra...gos. My Bamsi Head-Alp! My Bamsi Head-Alp! My Bamsi Head-Alp! Bamsi! My Bamsi Head-Alp! My Bamsi Head-Alp! My Head-Alp Who did this to you? Who was it? The back door... The back door! Gunkut, go after him quickly! Go on My Bamsi Head-Alp! My Head-Alp, hang in there. Come on. Come on, bismillah (in the name of Allah). Let’s move slowly. Come... Here we go, my Head-Alp, come on. Hold on to me Hold on. Move out of my way! Back off! You wanted to see me, dear father. What were you doing with Gunduz, Irene? What does that mean to go out with the Castle's soldiers to rescue him? I saw that he was in danger, father. Hatun called llblige was about to kill him. What else I was to do, if not to save him? My daughter... these are not things you should interact with. Gunduz is accused killer. They are looking for him everywhere. We shouldn't get involved in the affairs between the Turks Or else, these situations will backfire on us. Now tell me. where is Gunduz? He's gone and I don't know where to. Besides, Gunduz is not guilty. How could you be so confident? And why would Gunduz be so important to you' Is it up to you to protect him? Yes, it is, father. Gunduz i so very important to me Why, Irene? Why is that? I am in love with him, father. My Bey. EyvAllah (well done), my brother. Thanks to you two the cho t and the secrets within, are now safe. May Allah be pleased with Mergen and you, both, Turgut. EyvAllah (may it be so), my Bey. What will happen to the chest now? When the time comes, its rightful owners will come to reclaim it. ' Aag A|/| I didn't find anything in this necklace’s locket. If Teokles wanted this necklace to be taken to Tekfur, it means... he is the only one who could solve its mystery, my Bey. Take this necklace and go to Tekfur, Turgut. Could we trust Tekfur? All of these happenings indicate that... Dragos is our mutual enemy. Tekfur holds the outermost point of Byzantium... and we hold the outermost point of Seljuk. We have a mutual enemy, Turgut. He will cooperate with us. You re right, My Bey. If he can't solve the mystery within this necklace. these troubles will befall him too, make sure he understands it. Now take this necklace to Tekfur, Turgut. As you command, my Bey. Nobody knows you in Sogut, Mergen. Stay here in Sogut, move around. Try to gather any information you can about Dragos. Whatever you find out, let us know] As you comm nd my B y EyvAllah (all right, then). Artuk Bey Yes, my Bey. From now on. both.. the key and the chest are entrusted into your care. Your word is my command, my Bey. Hold on, Bamsi, hang on there, keep going. Notify Artuk Bey at once. Run! My Bamsi Head-Alp! May I help you somehow, Bamsi Head-Alp? You hardly have strength to carry yourself, and you would carry me? Go, get us some water, and give hand to Artuk Bey. Go on, be quick about it.