DIRILIS Season 5 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 07

This is Episode number 7 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Whoever that villain was... who has slain... my father and my Alps... I will find and kill him! I ll make his life miserable under the dome of this Sky! Gunduz Alp They are Mongols’ henchmen... and they mean to force their way into my father's tent. This dagger belongs to your son Gunduz. He is ...


This is Episode number 7 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Whoever that villain was... who has slain... my father and my Alps... I will find and kill him! I ll make his life miserable under the dome of this Sky! Gunduz Alp They are Mongols’ henchmen... and they mean to force their way into my father's tent. This dagger belongs to your son Gunduz. He is the one who killed my father. Murderers! I II kill you too! If my son is indeed the killer... I will personally bring his head to you, hatun. The life of your son Giinduz is no longer enough. All ot the Kayis and the entire Sogut will sutter in greatest agony Tawbah Astaghfirullah [O Allah, I turn to You (swt), and seek forgiveness] Abdurrahman! The situation can escalate at any moment. Send word to the tribe posthaste. The sentinels must be on guard. Sogut's safety must be ensured. We may be attacked at any moment. Bamsi, Artuk Bey and the Alps must be on standby. Whenever he is seen, Gunduz is to be detained on the spot... and he is not to be taken anyplace, but to wait there. Am I clear? As you command, my Bey. They are traitors Ah How could that be possible? These have saved our lives. Don tyou understand, ha? They have played a game In order to get amongst you. You imbeciles! This traitor, named Mergen is responsible for Bayou Noyan’s death. I'll kill them' Hold on there! There was quite enough of your foolishness, as it is! No more of that! Their death would not be useful to us right now. First, we'll find out who these dogs belong toJ We don't have anything to say. I know how to make you speak. Don’t worry. Tie them up. Aag A|/| Who do you think you are to draw your swords against us, ha? Allah It's not good that my fatherjeamedj that Irene and I are in love, Qagri. Forgive me, brother. I had no choice but to tell him. Don't upset yourself about that. They were bound to learn about it one of these days, anyway. I have to get out of here as soon as possible, Qagri. Bring me a sword and food to take on the run and get me some clothes to change. In my opinion, it would be better if you give in before Ertugrul Bey gets angry even more. Qagri brother... if you changed your mind because you are scared tell me, so I know. Listen to me, I thought about everything well. I will get myself out of this predicament. And I will clear both, my father’s and my name, as well. There is no other way. Now tell me... are you going to help me ... or not? I will, broth r. Take the Alp’s oath, Qagri. I take the Alp’s oath. I am ready to die, but I will never desert you in difficult straits. Eyvallah (thank you).

Ah' Ooh' How so lovely. Whoever is willing to deprive his mother of her son, or to.. make his hatun a widow or his child an orphan, he may come at me. Hayt! Ya Allah Yah Yah Hey, look at these scoundrels, look at them! Trying to sneakily our ambush Bey on our own lands, didn’t you, ha! Withdraw the Alps, Bamsi Aag A|/| Withdraw them I said, Bamsi Alps! Withdraw And take this wounded Alp with you. Have Artuk Bey attend to him. Your sorrow is my sorrow. Your revenge is my revenge. Until the killer is found, all of you will be patient. Your son, Gunduz is the killer As long as you do not hand him to us, our pain will not subside. If my son is indeed responsible for Umur Bey’s death, I will not spare him. I will draw his punishment myself. That duty is not yours, do you understand? Now... from this day forth.. whoever acts violently and... whoever doesn’t keep their sword in its sheath and attack even one of Kayi Alps... his punishment will be death. Let this be known Ya Allah" Translated by Melisa Watch More Turkish Shows with us on WLEXT NET My gallant father. My courageous father. If I don’t take your revenge... may the ground I walk on become my grave, may the bed I sleep in be my shroud. May your unsullied tent be my coffin, my father. They will not confess the truth unless we skin them alive. The path to make them confess is clear, llbilge Hatun. Send a messenger to my older brother Beybolat without delay. Inform him about all that happened. Let him know that.. Ertugrul Bey s son, Gunduz, has slain our father. Let him and our Alps gird themselves with their swords and come to Sogut. Notify our tribe to stop relocation and wait to hear from me. Now... the time is for taking revenge. The time to fight! Where did you get so much gold to be able to suck people's blood? This issue stretches all the way... to your tribe and to your tent. Speak up, I said. Speak up, so I know who it is. He is. your son Gunduz Alp Gunduz Alp What have you done? This was your doing. What are you talking about, hatun? You have assaulted my Alps and killed them all I will take revenge on those who... put me in this situation, father. I will prove that I am a son worthy of you. We have sent the Alps to find Gunduz, my Bey. And we have increased security measures at Sogut's gateways. Also, all employees will be retained in the Han until. the investigation is completed, as per your order, my Bey. We don’t need to put measures only against another disaster. The enemy's eyes and ears are everywhere, as it is.

Password: ChagriGunduz

Therefore, you must be on the alert and keep your wits about you. Beware even if a gust of wind sweeps in, so that... it does not carry even our whisper to the enemy. I won’t give you another warning, Alps. As you command, my Bey. The dagger belongs to Gunduz. But if w can find him and bring him back, we’ll clarify this issue in no time at all, my Bey. To find Gunduz would not be enough. We have to find the hand that placed this dagger in here. If we find Gunduz, this issue may be solved for today However... if we don't find the hand that brought this dagger in... it will cause us even more disasters. As you ordered, I wrote a letter and sent it urgently to Beybolat Bey. He will come here like a raging wind... leaving nothing but wreckage in his wake. In shaa Allah, they will arrive here before our mourning is over. We will retaliate against the killers in kind, an eye for an eye. Com in What’s the matter, bell-ringer? You haven't eaten even a bite because your sorrow. I brought you some dinner, my Mistress. What dinner, bell-ringer9 Our stomachs are filled to the brim with sorrow. You are strong one, my Mistress. Don’t let yourself go to pieces. I'm sure your father would want to see you strong. Now all his responsibilities rest on your shoulders. The only responsibility is taking his revenge. And I will do everything in my power to get his revenge. Ah, how did they manage to get in here and kill a Bey like him? Come on, Bellringer, leave it be. All right my By II ight. How could they have slain such great Bey like him? How could they? What kind of devils are they? What kind of devils are they? Whom do you suspect, my Bey? Dragos. This kind of situation would be of most benefit to him, Bamsi. I am convinced that he is the one behind this. We have reached the Gordian knot. [a legend of Phrygian Gordium] If we can find a loophole to loosen Gordian Knot, we’ll get to the end of the rope. There is still no news from Turgut too, my Bey. Password for this Episode is ChagriGunduz. I wonder, if he managed to take the key from those Mongol dogs? Turgut is aware how important this key is to us. He will do everything necessary to... fulfill the orders we have given him, then he will safely return. EvelAllah (with Allah’s help), my Bey. Meanwhile... our imperative is... to do whatever it takes to shed the light on this matter. Well, what are we going to do with Umuroglu s Alps, my Bey? They are mourning, Abdurrahman. They are filled with anger. But they’ve seen what would happen to them, if they do any stupidity. As long as they don't cross their limits... we will try to pacify them and we will console them. We shall be patient. Otherwise, if we allow the fire to flare up between us... we would hand the schemers a victory on a silver platter. Well, what about llbilge Hatun, my Bey? The smoke of her anger reaches the sky. There is time for everything, Bamsi.

Let her mourn, for now. And when her an er subsides. I will do everything I can to open her eyes. EyvAllah (all right), my Bey. You should have seen Ertugrul. How he went wild when he saw dozens of swords. drawn against him... and flew down as if he had grown wings. I just love the fighting spirit this man has. I really do. Whoever is willing... to deprive his mother of her son... or to make his hatun a widow or his child an orphan, he may come at me." he said. You should have seen then Umuroglu's Alps. They suddenly turned to stones in front of him, as you did just now We have lit up a fire. And we lured the Turks into it. They’re doing their best toj’Uin each. other, unaware that these are... their good days; they'll be all consumed by the fire, eventually. What do you intend to do with the murderer, Gunduz, Sir? I will deliver him right in front of llbilge Whyeverfor, Sir? Teo, do you think. . it’s too much if the girl avenges the murder of her father? A girl who wails in anguish at her father's side and calls for: "Revenge, revenge". And I, being a benevolent person, will assist this poor girl. So then, when llbilge finishes Gunduz off... Sogut will be taken to the edge of doom, beyond the point of no return. Both sides will fight till the bitter end. Sir, what are we going to do then? Kara Bela. You and TarawiHgo to Mikis^ You know very well how to bring him round to our point of view. Niko and Teo, you go and destabilize Sogut’s Bazaar. Spread the news that Umur Bey has been killed... that Umuroglu’s tribe is already on their way to Sogut... and that outbreak of a great conflict is just a matter of time. Get the merchants to leave Sogut. As you order, Commander Dragos. Who is it at this early hour of dawn? I’m coming. I’m oming Let go of me. What are you doing? Leave me be! Please, have pity on me. Why are you doing this, Tara? Your Ertugrul Bey has now reached the end of his road. Now. either you are going to die along with him, or you will serve us. Tara, what are you talking about? Who are you? We are the blessed warriors who are ready to die for the liberation of Sogut. Do you understand what you just said, Tara? You will leave the Turks and will work with us, from now. You will serve our Holy Cause, or you will die. No power can make me do this. You better kill me, right now! Do you recognize this? These items... belong to my wife Helen... and to my son Leo. Where did you get it from9 Where did you get it from? On their way back from Constantinople... we welcomed both of them as our guests. Don't worry, they are safe with our men. So. watch your step otherwise they will die along with you. You have a choice, either to go and see your family... or you may go inform your Ertugrul Bey about all what happened here. But if you doth t you can neither save them nor yourself from a certain death. No, no! If you do what we ask of you, then we will reclaim Sogut. And you will be put in charge of Bazaar, and you will reap riches.

The decision is yours. What do you want from me9 When will I be able to see my wife and son? We will take you to them in due course. And there, you will learn about everything. First you killed our Alps. Then you spilled the blood of our Bey Is it now our turn, Ertugrul Bey? Listen to me well, Atag Bey. What is there to listen to, Ertugrul Bey? You joined forces with your son in order to intimidate us. But you will not succeed in that. We are going to take our revenge. I understand the anger all of you feel. So, this is the word of Suleyman Shah’s son, Ertugrul. I will find the killers and I will draw their punishment. There is no need to search far and wide. The killer is among you. We don't trust either you or your Alps. Artuk Bey and I will go in there to conduct an examination. This matter concerns us as much as it concerns you. We will not allow anyone to come close to our Bey. But if you still want to, you can go over our dead bodies then. What would be another sin to add to all of your past sins? We're neither afraid of you nor of death. We do not believe any of you, since... in our eyes your son is a murderer, and furthermore. we suspect that you are involved in that, as well See here, hatun. I consider everyone in this Han to be... a suspect. I will interrogate everyone single one of the Han’s employees. Artuk Bey and I want to understand how this murder happened. We intend to investigate.. how the killer sneaked into the Han and how the murder was committed. You also come with us and be present there, llbilge Hatun. Let's seek the truth together. Now... get your Alps out of my way. I will not warn you twice We will not give them the motive Come on, Alps, withdraw In shaa Allah, you will conduct a proper examination. The cutting edges found on Umur Bey have marks of Gunduz Alp's dagger, my Bey. What about the other Alps that were killed? I inspected them before I examined Umur Bey, my Bey. They were killed with two completely different weapons. That means that the killer wasn't alone. He was not, my Bey. There were three persons, hatun. They silently killed the two Alps on guard duty outside. Then the killer came inside. Firstly, he killed the Alp who was in here. Then he came at Umur Bey. They didn't grapple for long . it was a short struggle. You found this dragger over here, didn't you, llbilge Hatun? That's right. Listen to me, hatun. I have... brought up my son as one brave and decent Alp. And not to be a killer. But, even if he is the killer... he would never be stupid enough to... forget his dagger behind, in the absence of any duress. You may ask your son about this, not us, Ertugrul Bey. Of course, if you are able to find him. What are you getting at, Ertugrul Bey? After the killer has finished his act... he purposely left Gunduz’s dagger behind, to put the blame on him. You may tell that to the Seljuk’s Kadis (judges) and soldiers, who are... on their way here to hold you accountable, Ertugrul Bey We have seen and heard... what we needed to see and hear Either you take your son's head yourself... or we will do it ourselves. Well, that s It, you can go now! Leave me alone with my father. Give me the dagger. It's clear that Gunduz Bey is not behind this act, my Bey. We must find him now to protect him from llbilge Hatun'sfury, my Bey. When they learn about this event in Konya, they will not come... to carry out justice, but to take the life of my son, Artuk Bey. We won't be able to solve this issue unless we find a man named Dragos. My son's life depends on that man, called Dragos. Ertugrul Bey. If you would allow me, there is something I wish to say. Go ahead, say it, Bell-ringer. Ertugrul Bey... I'm not saying this because... you gave me the job and provided me with a roof over my head. Aag A|A| I’m saying this because you taught... a miserable, distorted and poor Bell-ringer like me. that I am my own master and... that justice is not reserved only for those of your own religion... but it belongs to everyone. Well, say what you will. Aag A|/| the son of such a just Bey, could never get involved with moneylenders... nor would he soil his hands with the blood of an old man. I know that. Gunduz Bey is innocent. He is innocent. He is young and inexperienced. But, he is innocent. I want you to know that I pray to God... to have mercy on the son of a just Bey like yourself. In this world, in which we cannot control even a small moment... only Allah's Justice and Mercy keep us alive. That Justice... enables us to stand up to this merciless world, Bell-ringer. This Divine Justice will serve the just reward to. . all the oppressors, to all those who lay traps and who are throwing slanders. May God keep you safe. Today they have set up a trap for my son. Th y did But, they don’t know that they may... plot and plan, and Allah too plans. but the best of planners is Allah. [Surah: Al-i'lmran, 3:54; Al Anfal, 8:30] And when the time is right... their appointed hour will come at the hand of Suleyman Shah’s son, Ertugrul. Sooner or later you will realize that justice lies. in the shadow of my sword, Ertugrul Sooner or later, you’ll feel the sharpness of my blade. My gallant father. My courageous father. You always stood behind us like a mountain.

Now that you have left, our wings have been clipped. How wiM I get used to your absence? Those who sent you to your grave under the black soil. will pay a dear price for what they have done. It is my obligation to find Gunduz . and serve him his deserved punishment. You are the only person Gunduz can rely on, Qagri. Therefore, you need to tell me whatever you know. The last time we were together was in dungeon, my Bamsi Head-Alp. Since then... Umur Bey was killed with Gunduz’s dagger. The man you call your "brother", they now consider being a killer, don’t you understand? We have to find him as soon as possible, to be able to acquit him. And, if y u think that by hiding whatever you know, you are doing him a favor... you’re so wrong, Qagri, you are wrong, son. This is such a trap that they did not... ensnared Gunduz only, but ensnared all of us. They ensnared all of us. They set it up for all of us. Therefore, if you want to do the favor to a man whom you consider as a brother in your heart... you will tell me everything you know, and now. I will get myself out of this predicament. And I will clear both, my father’s and my name, as well. There is no other way. Now tell me, are you going to help me... or not9 My Alp’s oath. I’ll die, but I’ll never desert you in difficult straits. No, my Head-Alp. I don't know anything. That’s good. That’s good. that case... you are free to go. But, if you learn something, you’d let me know. Wouldn’t you, my Qagri? As you order, my Head-Alp. iruuinQ Follow every step Qagri takes. As you order, my Head-Alp. Go on, go, brother. Come on, Qagri. What’s keeping you? Come on. Why is this shop closed? Don't they know that we can’t leave even the stone unturned? No point to search in this shop, it’s been closed for a long time. Come on, we still have things to do. Praise be to Allah. Praise be to You, o my AllahH Come on, Qagri. Com on hurry up I have to get out of here, without delay, come on. Baycu Noyan died because of you. Say it, you traitor, whom do you serve? Why did you betray Baycu Noyan? Baycu Noyan's eyes were blinded by his greed. He became an arrogant scoundrel. And I made Hulagu Khan aware of everything. And so, thanks to me... you've been all saved from a scourge like Bayou Noyan. You are going to tell me whom you serve. I found th right path the path of Al Haqq [Al-Haqq - the Absolute truth, Allah] Alhamdulillah (All praise is due to Allah). And I only I only serve Al-Haqq (Allah). So, you have become a Muslim, haven’t you, ha? I will add your blood to that of the other Muslims that we spilled in Anatolia, you traitor. You traitor! Enough! He has told you all that he knows. What more do you want, ha? You will tell me whose dogs you are. Otherwise, I'll make you drown in your own blood. We are not anyone's men.