DIRILIS Season 5 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 06 (TWO PARTS)

This is Episode number 6 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. You did not tell me where you came from. You said you went horse racing. What were you hiding from me? Listen to me! If you remain silent, neither we could have Gunduz acquitted. nor we could find the real murderers of Umuroglu's Alps. Now, answer to me! Where did you come from...


This is Episode number 6 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. You did not tell me where you came from. You said you went horse racing. What were you hiding from me? Listen to me! If you remain silent, neither we could have Gunduz acquitted. nor we could find the real murderers of Umuroglu's Alps. Now, answer to me! Where did you come from that day? It was related... to an affair of the heart, my Bey. At the time when Umur Bey's Alps were killed. Gunduz was with a girl he had fallen in love with. Which tribe this girl belongs to9 She is not a Turk, my Bey. Well, who is she? It’s Irene. Tekfur Yannis’s daughter. Father. Father! Father! Calm down Come to yourself, father. Fa he ! Father! Father. Do something, anything, please! Please, do something Don’t let anything happen to my father. Calm down I am doing whatever is in my power. Father, come to yourself, I am very much afraid. Fathe . Please, father? May God may God be with you My gir... Fathe ! Father! Ah Father! -Father! Please accept my condolences. Father! -Father! Father! Father! Fathe . Father! Fathe . Father, what will I do without you? What will I do without you? Father, don’t do this. father. No No, father, no! Capturing Ertugrul Bey's son is a great deed, indeed. How did you manage to do this? Lais. if you wish to become a good hunter, you need to. keep your pray in sharp sight and approach it in a sneaky manner. Karabela, are you positive that Ertugrul did not follow you? I am, don’t worry. What are we going to do with him, Sir? Why did you bring him here? Are we going to kill him and leave him somewhere near the tribe? We will do the worse thing than killing him. If I had left him in the woods... they could have found him. but we need him to stay here till tomorrow. This dagger... will not only bring about his end... but his father’s downfall as well. Tonight I'm going to kill Umur Bey with Gunduz s dagger A Bey, appointed by the State to collect taxes... will be killed in Ertugrul s Ham And with his own son’s dagger, at that. I gave him some drug, so Gunduz will not regain consciousness for a long time. But once he arrives in Sogut... he will be known as the murderer of Umur Bey. All the hel|wi]l^br^aMoosejn S^ogut.) And, amidst that pandemonium, we're going to take control of everything. Once our swords have been drawn, there is no stopping till we reach our goal Tara! Karabela! You will approach Mikis.

Tara will speak to him in his own way, first. If Mikis refuses to see reason, then... Karabela will deal with him in his way. Now, assign one of our men to follow Gunduz. And send me word as soon as he reaches Sogut. I myself will help llbilge Hatun catch her father's killer. Let's go. It's a dog Bahaddin. Ertugrul Bey said that we’ll learn much, if we keep up with these dogs.. instead of killing them. He turned out to be right. Who knows what else we will learn. Emir Bahaddin... how did those men knew about the chest? How am I supposed to know that? Since only you were aware that the chest left the Palace... the information leaked from you. Fr mu You knew about that, too Maybe someone among you leaked the information. What are you talking about? Don't you even dare. Don’t move your hand. Be qui t I’ve got another person in my mind. I suspect that man. Who is he? Ertugrul Bey. What's Ertugrul got to do with this issue? Oh,js that what you think? When Commander Kara Boru... came to the Palace, he was there too. Why*? Moreover . after he left the Palace we learned that he had raided the room where... the documents were kept and killed all the Nokers. Maybe they were also after that chest... what do you think7 Hulagu Khan, will not forgive any of us, including you! What do you mean, Udur? How am I at fault here9 I personally handed over the chest to Kara Boru, as Hulagu Khan wanted it. I have completed my duty. Do not forget! Kara Boru was killed while in your lands. Listen to me. Sogut has already been thrown into chaos. do you understand me? I sent a letter to Ertugrul Bey in which I duly reprimanded him. And I will talk to the Sultan too Then, we will punish him appropriately within a short time I’ll gather the army and we will swoop down on Ertugrul’s tribe. If you do that, then if the chest is with Ertugrul, we will never see it again. Borgigin is right. You need to settle this matter quietly. It is important to take the chest, the rest will be easy. Now, go and.. get the chest from him, if it's indeed in his possession And save all us from this huge problem. Let’s finish them off and leave here, Turgut. Our duty will not be over until we find out Hulagu’s personal spy. Be patient. We are almost there. Oguz. You will go out to patrol the river banks along our border.

Password: GunduzisnotMurderer

Take up to forty Alps with you. As you order, my Bey. Dumrul, you will be doing searches within Sogut. You will go from house to house, from shop to shop, check every single one If you find someone... bring him to me, immediately I will interrogate him. As you order, my Bey. Don’t forget! We are not looking only for killers, but... at the same time, we are searching for Gunduz, too. My Bey, there is a letter from Emir Bahaddin. What did he write, my Bey? He learned that Umur Bey was expelled from our tribe. with dagger being put to his throat and that his Alps were killed. And he will send a Commander in order to get to the bottom of the matter The jackals, they are after the blood, my Bey. The Alps of Umuroglus’ have been killed under our very noses. And they want to put the blame on Gunduz, Ertugrul Bey’s son, Lais. Password for this Episdoe is GunduzisnotMurderer. Who could be these men? I do not know anything, Sir Perhaps there was some personal issue between them. Don’t talk nonsense, Lais! Can't you apply any logic? The Kayis would never carry out such kind of attack... no matter what. Maybe it was done by those rebels who aim to take control of Sogut. Sir, why would the rebels venture to do such a thing? Don't you understand anything, Lais? Their aim is to cause disorder in Sogut. And by doing that, they may achieve their goal much easier. Ah We cannot resolve this matter before we find Teokles’ whereabouts. Since... only he has the information necessary to expose the rebels. We are searching the area extensively, Sir. But, we found nothing, as yet. Find him, L is Do whatever you will... but, find him. This is your most important assignment. Please, accept our condolences, my daughter. Th nk you Please, accept my condolences, Evdokya. Thank you, Artuk Bey You can bury your father according to the customs of your religion. And you’re welcome to remain in our tribe for as long as you wish. However, if your wish is to leave... our Alps will escort you to the very place you wish to go, to ensure your safety. ose it would be better if we make a decision about it after... we regain our composure a bit. Besides... Mydaught r My daughter, pull yourself together. Look, you have a little sister, think about her. You are so kind that. that you were concerned about us and. came to look after us too, in spite of all your problems. I don’t know how we will ever be able to repay your kindness. Would it be possible otherwise? W uld t Evdokya. Your father’s condition was not lethal. Did someone come here apart from you? No, I was at my father’s side all the time. Apart from few times when I went to the well to fetch water. I did not see anyone. I will thoroughly investigate this matter. I’m going to examine the potions in these bottles.

My daughter.. if there is anything you need, I’ll be always here for you. Don’t hesitate to ask. All right? Thank you so very muchj Please, accept my condolences, Nea. Thank you, Osman. Perhaps it’s not the right time, but. .. is this the necklace you mentioned? Yes, that is the one. This is the only keepsake I have to remind me of my father. It will give me comfort now. You are so very brave, Osman. You have exposed yourself to so many dangers for our sake. And now you brought me the necklace. How can I repay you as you deserve. I did what I had to do. If needs be, I would do it again. I stumbled upon an important clue related to those killers too. We are going to catch him. Meanwhile, if there’s anything you need, you just have to say it. May you live long, Osman. Give me the potions I just brought, Savci. My Artuk Bey.. you personally prepared these remedies for Teoklis. Do you suspect that these might have been poisoned? We’ll learn it soon enough, Savci. Now, pass me that bottle next to you. Now give me that infusion I've brewed up with dandelion. My Artuk Bey. but how how is this possible? One must add another plant in there to trigger this reaction. I need to get to the Han without delay, Savci. Where am I? How did I come here? Ahh F th r ueiuso ueiuso Savci. My Allah (swt), please help us. O my Allah (swt) O my Allah, help us please. Eh, everyone... everyone is here... Ha... Savci. Savci is missing. My Osman, where is Savci? And where would he be, Aktemur Usta (master)? He is probably roaming the mountain ridges again... in search of the plants and birds. He won't lose his way back one day while roaming the meadows, In shaa Allah. Is there permission, Aktemur Usta? Hah, come in, my Savci, come in. Aah, a falcon. -A falcon. Ooh, a falcon! -Aah, a falcon^ Is that a hawk? -No, it’s a falcon. This is hawk. No, it’s a falcon, I told you No, this one|s a Goshawk! What’s going on, Savci? Where did this bird come from? While I was walking along the river bank, I heard its call. It was humming sorrowfully. When I took it to have a look, I saw that its wing was broken. It wa injured I immediately applied the ointment I had in my saddlebag. I am going to nurse it back to health. I didn't want to leave it, for something could happen to it. You did well Our beloved Prophet (pbuh) counseled us... Whoever does not give mercy.. will not be granted mercy." [Bukhari, Muslim] He counseled us so, because he was merciful to all creatures. And now your kind-hearted deed... has reminded me of a story about our beloved Prophet (pbuh).

What is this story, Aktemur Usta? Tell us, please. I will tell you, my Osman, I will.1 When our beloved Prophet (pbuh), with the glorious name. embarked on the conquest of Mecca... [in the year 8H/630 AD] at the lead of a ten thousand men strong army... he (pbuh) saw a female dog nursing its new-born pups. on the side of the road. [in the Arch valley] And in order not to upset that dog and its puppies. or accidently crush them... he ordered that the route of the great army often thousand men. be changed. And. not only that, but he (pbuh) summoned a man to... [dog's owner, Juayl ibn Suraqa] stand guard by the dog and its pups until the army had passed... to make sure the dogs would not be disturbed. [ash-Shami, Subulu'l-huda va'r-rashad, VII, 51] He (pbuh) was just like that. Allah, Allah Even on his way to the battle, he (pbuh) would change the route... of a huge army amounting over ten thousand soldiers. just for the sake of a mother-dog and her puppies. Only he, our compassionate Prophet (pbuh) could have done such deed. What a great compassion he (pbuh) had. The mercy of our Prophet (pbuh) encompassed not only human beings, my children. It encompassed all the living creatures. For, he (pbuh) was sent as a mercy to the worlds." [A I - A nbya 21107] Every life created by Allah (swt) is precious and valuable. Every plant, every living creature and every animal. that could be found in nature... exists to be useful to the humans. However, we have an obligation too. In this perfect order of the things we have an obligation. to cherish them. To show them respect. And to protect and watch over them... to the best of our abilities. We should love and value all of them... and we should help them as much as we are able. How blessed you are that you were able... to do such a deed, my Savci. And so, we will cherish and nurture this beautiful bird... following in the footsteps of our beloved Prophet (pbuh). May this bird belong to all of us. May it be so! My Savci, may it? It m y However, tonight it will stay in my tent. And besides, I need to nurse it. I am the chief cook in this Han, hatun. Just tell me what you want, I'd get it ready for you right away. I don't trust anyone in Ertugrul Bey's Han. No offence. I will personally prepare the dinner for my father. Is there anything you need, Mistress? B ll-ring r9 Pass me the salt, then. As you wish. You said that you know about everything that happens here, do you? I know everything, my Mistress. I not only see it, but I carry it on my back. If you tell me what I need to know... I will ease the hump on your back. Gund z Gunduz Gunduz B y Well, kind of a reckless and impulsive boy, isn't he? Like father, like son. He won't bow to anyone, that one. They say that he would not even bow to his Sultan. What they did to the Mongol border patrol, is well known. What else is there though? But. Gunduz Bey is still inexperienced. He doesn't know how to do things. And if he does something, he just breaks it apart. However .. Ertugrul Bey is not like that. When he walks on the snow, he leaves no footprints. even the wolves cannot track him down. But, mind you, you haven’t heard this from me, my Mistress Find his whereabouts for me. My hump has been eased, thank you. Mind you. . if you get me more information... your hump will get eased even more. As you wish. You know where you stand then, bell-ringer. It smells deliciously. I was right in my suspicions, Bey. More s the pity. They have poisoned the potions I made for Teokles. How could they have poisoned it, Artuk Bey? Did you investigate it? Was anyone visiting them? My Bey, the girls said they didn't leave their father’s side even for a moment. Like a sneaky little spider, they’ve woven their web all over Sogut. Until I find Gunduz, I will not return to the tribe, Artuk Bey Keep everyone under careful observation. They are among us. They can be as close to us as our kinsmen, as it is. Until we find that man, called Dragos... we are not allowed to have even a wink of sleep. As you command, my Bey. Artuk B y There's one more important thing I need to tell you. Please do, my Bey. The “White Beards”! [a long-standing secret society] They have deemed me worthy of the ninth pelt [seat]. May Allah (swt) never allow you to be humiliated, my Bey. May Allah (swt) never deprive our State of the wisdom of the White Beards... nor of the brave-hearts willing to sacrifice their lives, In shaa Allah! Amin What do you think about the events in recent days, Mikis?

As if Mongol’s taxes were not enough... now these murders have taken place. Nevertheless... everyone is determined to live in Ertugrul Bey’s lands. And, m too We all owe so much to Ertugrul Bey. Of course, I also realize that the order has changed. But we can get through all of this together. He will get into trouble with his State because of recent events. Furthermore. Ertugrul who has drawn Mongols anger upon himself... will hardly be able to help even himself. Can’t you see, he is not even able to control his own son, Gunduz? There you have it. This is a turn of his fate. And we all live our fates. Ertugrul Bey breathed a new life into this place here. Due to him, we’ve been living a blessed and peaceful life. Now, at the first sign of trouble, we can't turn our backs. As for me. I am very glad to work with the Turks in Sogut. And I will continue to live here. The way things are going, we will all go down with you, Mikis. Open your eyes now. Being in the same boat with the Turks would not take us anywhere. Ertugrul Bey's boat is sinking. Wake up! And once you open your eyes, come to see me. There are very important things I'm going to tell you. Maybe we will find some way to get us out of this whole mess. Do you understand me? There you are, father. First, the son and then his father put their swords to my throat! Don’t upset yourself. We will not allow this to happen again. Come here, I made you a broth. Now, pay good attention to my words, my daughter. Our Sultan is disgruntled by Ertugrul s lack of discipline... and his arrogance. He wanted me to keep an eye on him. So that's why you sent me here in advance to collect information.. before the arrival of our tribe in this lands, am I right? Yes! In due time... our Sultan will appoint me the Bey of Principality here. I don t have any doubt, at all But the situation here is worse than I first thought. These lands will become either a homeland or a graveyard for us! Father. This lands will not be our grave, but the grave of those who have stabbed us in our back! I am so very tired. So tire Don’t leave my father alone, not even for a moment. You get inside As you order, llbilge Hatun. What do you have on that tray? Ah Death What are you doing here? I ve brought the meal Ah Guess whose bells will be ringing tonight, Umur Bey? Hey, it s all right, al[ right, all right. Let yourself go and rest in the sweet arms of death, Umur Bey. Your death has given me a blaze of glory. I am grateful to you, Turk. Ah Let’s go. Is there permission, my Bey? What are you doing here at this time of night, Osman? How quickly you forgot what happened today.