DIRILIS Season 5 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 04(Two Parts)

This is Episode number 4 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Where is Umur Bey? He is tired, he is taking his rest. From now on, I will rightfully perform my father's duties. Ilbilge Hatun, I want you to know that I'm a physician. If you allow me, I will take care of your father. There is no need. Our Bey will recuperate in a day or two. We will not let ...


This is Episode number 4 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Where is Umur Bey? He is tired, he is taking his rest. From now on, I will rightfully perform my father's duties. Ilbilge Hatun, I want you to know that I'm a physician. If you allow me, I will take care of your father. There is no need. Our Bey will recuperate in a day or two. We will not let those we do not trust near our Bey, Artuk Bey. A tag Bey! You came into our tribe, as bold as brass And you still continue to behave tactlessly. Atag Bey Go ahead. We are listening to you, so say what you mean to say. The tribe's papers are all ready. By nigh fall, we ll get ready and deliver the Bazaar’s papers to you too. And if everyone knows their place and boundaries we will done all by evening. And whatever we need to discuss, we will discuss it then. This is suitable. We will talk in the evening, then. Emir Bahaddin has taken the chest. Bahaddin will surrender the chest to a Mongol’s Commander called Kara Boru. Now... we are going to discuss taxes and reach a common ground on the matter. Don't worry, I won't allow anyone of you to be wronged. Welcome among us, Commander Kara Boru. Hulagu Khan has entrusted me with the duty to collect the taxes in Anatolia. So, who do you think you are, to give yourself the right to discuss taxes? This tax-increase will create so much unrest. We've just gathered to talk about this. We know how to suppress those who provoke disturbance. Of course, we will pay our taxes, Commander. We only wish that its amount is slightly reduced. Whatever Hulagii Khan has said, it will be so! And you are obliged to pay the exact amount that is estimated for you And anyone who refuses to pay taxes will see what will befall him! We will all pay our taxes. But there is an obvious issue. We have to consult about it and reach a solution. If there is an issue, this is the way how we solve it. You will do whatever you were told This will be the end of anyone who dares to challenge our words. The subject of taxes is now closed. And now hand that item over to me, Bahaddin. couse. Right away, Commander Kara Boru. Please, follow me. Hulagu Khan has been after this box for years. You did a great job I hope I will be rewarded somehow, in exchange. Don't worry Hulagu Khan doesn't let any favor done to him to go unrewarded. In shaa Allah, our Bey managed to achieve some result. In shaa Allah, brother, In shaa Allah. How did it go, my Bey?

In my entire life, I have never felt... that we were this helpless, my brothers. That Mongol dog has just slayed three of our Beys, inside. And I couldn’t have done a thing. May he be a thousand times grateful for the existence of that chest. Else, I would have to rip his heart out, then and there. My Bey. Brothers... let’s follow along. Ya Allah There it is! Hulagu Khan will be so very pleased about this. Let's pounce and seize the chest, my Bey. The Palace is under occupation, Bamsi. Moreover, it must not be known that we took the chest. Come on . let's take to the road. I must deliver this chest to Hiilagu Khan, without delay. Farewell, Commander Kara Boru. Convey my respects to Hulagu Khan. Take care of the Palace while I am away. Have all the taxes collected, by the time I come back. Come on, move on! They are setting off, Bamsi. We will make their journey a living Hell for them. Haydir Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah) Haktir Allah (Al-Haqq - The Truly Existing Allah) Haydir Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah) Haktir Allah (Al-Haqq - The Truly Existing Allah) Haydir Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah) Haktir Allah (Al-Haqq - The Truly Existing Allah) Haydir Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah) Haktir Allah (Al-Haqq - The Truly Existing Allah) Haydir Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah) Haktir Allah (Al-Haqq - The Truly Existing Allah) Haydir Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah) Haktir Allah (Al-Haqq - The Truly Existing Allah) Haydir Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting^Allah) Haydir Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah)1 Haktir Allah (Al-Haqq - The Truly Existing Allah) Haydir Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah) Haktir Allah (Al-Haqq - The Truly Existing Allah) Haydir Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah) Haktir Allah (Al-Haqq - The Truly Existing Allah) Haydir Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah) Haktir Allah (Al-Haqq - The Truly Existing Allah) See here Our effort has produced a gem. Hey, Masha Allah. There is no hero like Hz. Ali (ra), there is no sword like Zulfiqar". [attributed to Prophet Muhammad pbuh, at the Battle of Uhud] First, remembrance of Allah Ta ala. [Zikrullah, surat: 3:191; 62:9-10; 63:9] Then, the Holly Struggle and many conquests will come afterward. Your father has opened the door toward the West. And may it be in your destiny.. to go beyond that door . to reach distant places in the west, In shaa Allah, Osman. When your sword is finished, may it make. the oppressors vomit their blood, while it’s in your hands. But it will also spread the justice around the world, ha? Daughter, where is the necklace that I gave you? Where is your necklace, Nea? What did you do with the necklace. Nea? Father, I’ve lost that necklace. I think it has fallen off when those men captured us. How could you lose that necklace? It’s all right, father. Take it easy. Ah Nea, ah Nea! Shall I go in s arch of it. father7 Don’t you dare leave here!

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Don't you dare get out of the tribe] Father, forget about the necklace for now and don't wear yourself out. Else, your condition will worsen. You are getting feverish. Come over there, take a bit of rest. Give me my medicine, daughter. Right away Take it easy. Come on, father. Deh! Deh! Deh! Deh! Ertugrul Bey Mergen Alps... Mergen will be with us from now on. In due time, he will explain what happened to you all. Now we have to go before we lose the Mongol’s tracks. Where are they going, Mergen? They are heading toward Karakoyak, Ertugrul Bey. It s almost nightfall They will probably stay there overnight. That’s just as well. We will go and surround them, then. Come on, Alps. Let's go, and keep a sharp lookout along the way. Co e o Deh! Hah! Deh! What’s the matter, Nea, is something wrong? Password for this Episode is ErtugrulProperty. Why are you sad? My father is not doing well. I am sad because of him. Also, I had a necklace that was a gift from my father. He was very upset because I lost it and got very angry with me. Why would your father be angry with you because of the lost necklace? I don t know. He always asked me to keep it hidden But I must have accidentally lost it when those men have grabbed me I asked him to let me go is search of it, but he didn't allow me. He said it is dangerous out there. Your father said the truth. It would not be safe for you to go out of the tribe. I know that area like the back of my hand. I can bring you that necklace. Would you really do this favor for me? I would. But, what if my father gets angry with me again for telling you' Don’t worry I won't tell anyone that I’m going out in search of the necklace. Nea! Why is that Teokles taking so long? He was supposed to arrive here a long time ago. Our soldiers are continuing their search. We will find him in shortest time possible, Sir You're still standing here and keep repeating that you will find him. You can’t even begin to imagine how much Teokles is important for us. Get out there and find him. I will personally deal with this matter. Either we will find Teokles. . or a great war might lie ahead of us. There is no other way out of it. I will show you another way out, Tekfur Yanis. Irene, my only daughter, how are you doing? Are they fulfilling all your wishes? They do it, they do, but.. What is it9 Or is there something you’re missing? No, there’s nothing, father. It’s just that I am in the Castle all the time. I never go out. I feel so bored in here. Ah, alright, I understand now You want to get out for a bit I wanted to ride a horse for such a long time, dear father And you promised me that, too. Can I go out to ride a horse tomorrow?

It’s enough if you just make a wish, and I'll have your horse ready. But you can’t go too far away, is that clear? It is, it is, dear father. Do not worry at all. How could you not know which earnings are halal (lawful) and. which are haram (unlawful)? F th r I Don’t you dare call me a father. You are making yourself miserable, Gunduz, don’t be so hard on yourself. Else, you will break that dagger. My father will not forgive me... even if I show him my regret a thousand times over, brother. He wants me to suffer the consequences for my mistake. My Ertugrul Bey acts in your best interest... he wants you to realize your mistake and draw your lesson, brother. And, you have realized your mistake I acted wrongly. I regretted it a thousand times, Qagri. We made a lot of mistakes, but my father has always been forgiving. But this time, he slapped me. He didn't even allow me to kiss his hand. It was too much for me to bear. Don’t give way to despair. Think about tomorrow The day you've been waiting for so long has come. You will talk to Irene for the first time, unattended. That's my only comfort, brother. However... now that I made such a mistake, I feel that... I have no right to see her or even to think about her. Don't feel that way. brother. You are just a human, and you may have acted negligently. What is important is not to repeat the error. You will see, when my Bey returns, he will see your remorse and... he will welcome you into his bosom again. I hope that everything will happen as you said, Qagri. Is there permission, Aktemur Usta (master)? Hah, come in, Osman, come, come in here all. Hah, did your bring those things? Place them around here Now, open up your ears really well and listen to me... so that you may comprehend what I am telling you. Sit down Ah Hah, if it was not for this stone. for this iron. and for this fire... none of you would be here today. I wonder why? - How so? As fhe fire burned furiously, it flared up and. roared towards the stone. Then, the stone burned from within and its heart split open. And from its raptured heart, the black iron poured forth. And with the hard work invested, the iron became. a sword. Aktemur Usta we gather, you are talking about the forging and shaping of iron... but what does this have to do with our fates?

My hasty and impatient, Osman. Not so fast, wait, the talk has just started. I came to learn science, and here I am in the middle of sword talk again. O my Allah, what I have to put up with? Every element in nature has many hidden worlds within. The main thing is to know how to see them. Now, let's move to Osman's question. Many centuries ago, in ancient times, our laws ruled from. [it took place around 2637 B.C.] [Legend of Ergenekon - story of Gokturk Turks Empire, 2763 B.C.] And our mares were running wild across the endless plains. When our nine-tasseled Tugh stood erected, the order reigned all over the world and. the tyrants were bowing their heads before of our swords. [Tug/The tugh - a pole adorned with tassels of horse tails] And while the Turks ruled thusly over everything that spanned between the Earth and the Heaven... the enemies became envious of the Turks’ supremacy over the world... and they started to think like this. What should we do to usurp them"? All the enemies then decided to unite against our ancestors. [the Chinese and other non-Turkic forces] And they concluded. . We can only defeat those Turks by deceptions. So, let's declare war on them and lure them into our trap " At the time when the enemies were setting us the trap... and when the Devil desended upon us with all kind of deceits. but the enemy never sleeps [old Turkish proverb] We were misled by our belief in the strenght of our abilities, and let our guard down. Al-Haqq, and the arrogance overtook us. [Al-Haqq - the Absolute Truth, Allah] We ignored our enemies and went at each other hammer and tongue. And, what happened then? Th n then came a disaster The end of our world. And captivity All our babies were... put to the sword. all our tents and. our tribes... it was all destroyed. Our hatuns... were taken into slavery. And so many of our young valiants. were reaped like a Harvest of Heaven. [Yunuz Emre - verse] Everything was turned... into the lakes of blood. Have they all been vanquished? Only four of them survived. Two men and two hatuns. One of them... was the son of the Khan. And his name was Kayi Khan. But Kayi Khan, unlike his father, was endowed with wisdom and foresight. Those four have climbed over the steep rocks. they crossed formidable hills and impassable terrains... they walked day and night. And finally, they stumbled upon a lush valley surrounded by great mountains on all sides. Ah, it was such kind of a valley that... the Eastern Imperial Eagles were soaring high above. nn Masha Allah. And the deers with antlers were roaming around its mountains. All over the valley, clear rivers flowed. Kayi Khan then said... Let's settle in this valley. Let's set up our shelter and our tents on this glorious grass. . and make this place our homeland' [they named the valley - Ergenekon, meaning "the location of mine"] And it really went like that. As the centuries went by, their clans flourished and multiplied. [they lived in Ergenekon Valley for 400 years] And their rulers came from the Kayi Khan’s descendants. Meanwhile, so much time has gone by. Eventually, the time came when... they became so numerous that the valley was overpopulated. The Khan of that time, a descendant of Kayi Khan, was one who held firmly to his traditions... who was a believer and had a true determination. So he said This place can no longer accommodate all of us. Moreover, we have heard from the stories of our ancestors that many centuries ago... our own true homeland was beyond those mountains there." And that our enemies defeated us by deceptions.

So, staying here like prisoners wouldn't suit us. The time has come to get out of here. And to go back to our real homeland. Let's go take our revenge on the enemies, and let’s reign over the whole world yet again " He had issued an order and sent four armies towards the four mountains. He sent them, but not one of his armies was able to find the passageway. Then later. inside of one of the mountains. they discovered an enormous iron door as big as the mountain. The Khan said: "The way that will take us back to our real homeland... is behind this iron.' We will build up such a fire that.. we will show that even the Iron Mountain cannot stop us. They stacked 70 rows of wood and 70 rows of coal under the Iron Mountain. They ignited a massive fire and... and they fanned the flames with 70 bellows they had invented. And the fire kept growing . it kept growing And it kept growing Aa. And it burned continuously for days. Oh my1 The Turks... waited with patience and with an unshakable faith. They went even without sleep, while waiting to see that this mountain has melted. Days later... the fire subsided. And the Iron Mountain has melted down. [guided by the grey wolf called Asena through the labyrinthine mountain] Did they reach their own homeland? They did, of course. And they took their revenge on the enemies who deceived them. And they established their great State once again. [the Goktiirk Turks won back their importance] And they spread around the world, in all directions. [Legend of Ergenekon - The Rebirth of Turks, 2637 B.C.] Now, let me see... tell me, what great advice this legend has given us. What wisdom can be gained from this legend? What could their intentions be by sending these Umuroglus to Sogut? They will have them take over the tax collection duty from us... and then, they will have them settle in Sogut. This matter can't be only about taxes, my Bey. There must be other pitfalls under that, their intentions are evil. They want to set the Umuroglus against us and... to slowly bring us down to our kness. Eventually, they may take our Boylik of Principality away from us... and may even eliminate us. Why, my Bey, why would they do it9 They see our growing power in these parts as a treat, Turgut.