DIRILIS Season 5 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 03

This is Episode number 3 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. In his days, our Sultan Alaeddin has decided to make secret preparations, in order to. . be able to withstand the Mongol’s assault. As part of these preparations, he had the scribes to. .. neatly record all the details in a document, including. the names of all valiants who would...


This is Episode number 3 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. In his days, our Sultan Alaeddin has decided to make secret preparations, in order to. . be able to withstand the Mongol’s assault. As part of these preparations, he had the scribes to. .. neatly record all the details in a document, including. the names of all valiants who would participate.. all the secret meeting locations, as well as. the names of all spies who successifully infiltrated the Mongols, one by one. This document placed in one chest, was hidden in a secret niche in the Palace. The chest in question... contains the names and duties of.. all Beys, elders, influential people and State Officials who can... keep the ideal of the Turks State alive. Regrettably, the Mongols have learned about the existence of this chest... and have found the niche in the secret room. And they have slayed the State Dignitaries who were responsible for keeping the room. This is a disaster. It must be prevented. This is a betrayal. It must be prevented immediately. Gunduz Alp, let my father go Don't you even think to talk to me, hutun. When the time comes, I know very well how to make you pay for your lies. Gunduz Alp It seems your father did not raise you to be an Alp loyal to your State, boy. You deviated from the stnght path if you put a knife under the throat of a Bey serving the State. What do you know about loyalty to the State, old man? You only know how to lick the Mongols' boots Gunduz! Brother! I will not allow you to collect the taxes neither from this tribe nor from any other tribe, before our Ertugrul Bey returns! Know your limits, young man. Gunduz Alp, that s enough You still did not realize why they came to our tribe? They are Mongols’ henchmen and they will force their way into my father’s tent. Know your limits, youngster! Hey! Else, I will kill you. Father! Gunduz Alp Father, are you all right? Gunduz Alp, put your dagger down. Gunduz! Put it down! Father Father This greenhorn brat will suffer the consequences for drawing his weapon against me Our spy in the Palace notified us that the Mongol Commander... by the name Kara Boru, would be coming tomorrow... to take the chest with the secret documents. I'm going to the Palace tomorrow to see Emir Bahaddin regarding the taxes. So then, I will get hold of that chest and remove it, before it falls into Mongols’ hands. Otherwise, we may be too late. It is no longer your duty, but it is the duty of your valiants to remove it, Ertugrul Bey. Now, you are an important member of our Divan.

We no longer want you to put your life in jeopardy, from now on. Seljuk has become a de facto State, since it is occupied and is no longer even functioning. But, no matter how difficult the current situation is. the Turk's State has existed since the time immemorial and so it will remain. And eventually, sooner or later, a new world-wide Turk’s State will have to be formed. Now, we cannot risk the lives of all those valiants whose names are written on... the secret list, in that chest. Therefore, what is more important now is not my life. but that chest. Now, tell me who our spy in the Palace is? Someone who was at one time, one of your greatest enemies, Ertugrul Bey. Umur Bey, listen to me now. Get out of here] Go to the Han, and take a rest there. I will come there tomorrow. And we will discuss what we will do next Well, since our State has assigned you an important task... then it is my duty to provide you with all the help you need. so that you can fulfill your task properly However, if you overtep your boundaries, you will suffer the consequences. Escort Umur Bey to the Han. And, llbilge Hatun as well. Or, whatever she is called. So you're a liar. Wh t t pity Gunduz Alp, get into the tent. Alps Aag A|A| What did you do Oguz9 We sent the wounded back to the tribe, accompanied by other Alps. Come on, let's continue our search Brother, brother, they went in that direction. This road leads to Kor Valley. Brother, what if they did something bad to our Bey? We won’t think of the bad things right now. Come on, to the horses, let's go there! Come on, come on, come on, let's go Deh! Come on! Deh! Come on1 Come on! As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you). Alaykumu as-salam (peace be upon you too) F ther What is it, my daughter? There is no water left. Your sister went to fetch it from the well. Go help her, and return quickly. Right away, father. Are you all right, my brother? What do you want9 Ugh I'm a merchant from the town. My name is Teo. I bring supplies to the tribes. Since I was coming here... the Reverend Father has asked me to check in on you. He wanted me to give this beg to you and your daughters. Why would the Reverend Father be concerned about me? As per Ertugrul Bey's order, Muslims and non-Muslims in Sogut... have been taking care of each other, for years now. And if there is any unsolvable issue, then they inform Ertugrul Bey Reverend Father said that if you and your daughters need anything... you can turn to him without hesitation Dont you see, I am under the patronage of Ertugrul Bey?

Password: SecretChest

Are you all right, my brother? My medicine. You want your medicine? Do you want this9 Do you feel better now7 Convey my gratitude to the Reverend Father. G tb tter soon. Of cours I II tell him Meanwhile, if you need anything. our church is always at your disposal. Translated by Melisa Watch More Turkish Shows with us on WLEXT.NET Artuk Bey. Maybe I exceeded my limits, but why did you back down? Why did you agree to go to the Han tomorrow to discuss this issue? Gunduz1 You exceeded your limits, you are right there. Grandma There is no question of who is in the right here. the question here is who will emerge the winner, in the end. Our Bey is the Bey of the Principality of our State. We are obliged to protect our father’s reputation in his absence, brother. Osman, I do not have to ask you for advice on what to do and when. Brother! Our father invested a lot of sweat, blood and pain over ten years to build the order in Sogut.. and we cannot ruin it all because of your anger, brother. Osman! Osman is right. We are not only responsible for ourselves. but also for all the tribes living in these lands. If the order is destroyed, they will all perish. We can not take such a sin on our souls. For the time being, the swords will remain sheathed. Artuk Bey will go to the Han tomorrow... and instruct Umur Bey and his daughter how to do this job properly. What if they don’t listen to Artuk Bey? What if they do their own way? We have to try to convince them with words, firstly. And if they do not accept it, then our swords will speak, since everything else... would be useless. Brother... didn’t you realize yet what kind of man Umur Bey is? Hmph? How do you expect that kind of man to know his limits? Should we respond to their bullying and be seen as unfair, even if we are justified? That's what they want, in any case. We have to do whatever is necessary. You’re still dreaming. That hatun who wormed her way into my father’s tent by her lies and intrigues... returned now with her father not because of taxes... but in order to infest our tent. The language that they will understand is not that of your diplomacy... but the speech of our swords. With your permission, grandma. Gunduz1 Artuk Bey, it is necessary to follow every step those Umuroglus take. It is clear that they can not be trusted. Come here, father, stretch yourself out. There is nothing wrong with me!

Don’t put that on me! My ailment has relapsed again, but it will be over soon. Password for this Episode is SecretChest. I will teach them their place! I will bring them into line! Take it easy, father. Don't think. about them now. Come on, rest a bit. We will not pay any attention to Gunduz or to anyone else. We will collect all taxes, until the very last Dirham, EvelAllah. We will do justice to this duty, assigned to us by our State. And if needs be, we will bring them all to their knees, but we will do our duty. But you . you just rest for now Come on, father Take a sip of water. Come here. There you are. Ilbilge, my daughter. This duty is now yours. The order issued by the State must be fully executed Do not even think of showing weakness while dealing with this matter. Do not let us be humiliated before the Sultan and our State. A tag.. you will give your full support to llbilge Hatun. As you order, my Bey. Do not stress yourself. We will deal with all the issues. We will collect taxes from everyone, even if by force. If anyone resists, we will talk to them in a language they understand. Atag Bey, gather all the Alps straightaway. I will assign them their duties. As you order, llbilge Hatun. There's no place left that we did not search in detail, brother. There is neither a wisper nor a sign from our Bey. We have to find him before anything happens to him. Umur Bey does not feel well. However, there is no reason to be concerned. In a few days time, he will be his old self again, In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. You are all aware of the importance of our mission. Umur Bey has assigned this duty to 11 bilge Hatun, until he has recovered. Although, Kayis have definitely overstepped the line... we will fulfill our mission. And at any cost, at that No one should have even the slightest doubt about it, am I clear? As you order, llbilge Hatun Now... neither Artuk Bey... nor Ertugrul Bey's son Gunduz, are to be trusted. This Han and these lands belong to Ertugrul Bey. As a result... we must tread carefully. So, either Artuk Bey will come tomorrow and ease the way for us to complete this task... or we will know how to do it ourselves, even by force. So that's how things stand, hah, llbilge Hatun... are they not? Very soon we will visit all the tribes and all Greek viliges. as well as all the merchants in the Bazaar, every single one. We'll estimate the taxes they should pay. We will collect the taxes and send it to Konya as our State demanded from us.

We are not afraid of anyone, evelAllah (by Allah!) To that end, if needs be... we will not shy away from shedding blood! Atag Bey... increase the number of guards tonight. Don’t forget where we are. Now... go and get some rest. May your eyes be as sharp as your swords are. Keep in mind that those we are facing now, consider us to be their enemies. Go on EyvAllah (as you say), eyvAllah. You couldn’t have found me, though. I have found you my valiants. My Bey has come. Nothing bad has befallen him. He is very much alive, Masha Allah. Hey, Masha Allah. Aag A|/| Hey, Masha Allah, there are my brave-hearts. Hey, Masha Allah. Praise be to Allah, you are well. Masha Allah. My Bey, praise be to Allah, you are fine. When Mongols run off with you, we turned this Stone Mountain upside down. My Bey, what’s this ... a golden bow, my Bey? Aag A|AI come, tell us a thing or two. Where did those Mongols take you? Where did that horse come from? And that bow too, my Bey? You will learn everything in due time, Bamsi. oweve , now we must complete an important mission, first. What kind of mission is that, my Bey? Let's find a cave to spend the night. I’ll explain everything to you there. Aag A|/m Aag Aiai EyvAllah (thank you). Hey, Masha Allah. My Aktolgali EyvAllah (thank you). EyvAllah (thank you) Let’s go, brave-hearts May you live long. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [In the name of Allah swt, the Merciful and the Compassionate]. Watch what you're doing, man Otherwise, I'll make you lick the entire floor with your tongue Are you only strong enough to intimidate that poor man'? May you live long. May you live jong. May youjive long.1 Do you wish to ord r anything? Are you a bel-rmger? When I don't ring the church belUT1 I serve customers I clean also the Han. And if there is time, I clean the horse stables. I clean the Master Mikis house, if there is still time remaining. And if Master Mikis allows me, I sleep. That Mikis is he the Greek to whom Ertugrul Bey entrusted his Bazaar? Yes, my Bey, he is the one.1 They say, in ten years it was never heared that he violated his trust. And it’s just as well, else they wouldn t let him live. Who? Do you mean Ertugrul Bey? Or his son, Gunduz? Or, maybe] is it Artuk Bey? You d better mind my words, mind the words of this poor bell-ringer. And keep away from Gunduz Bey. What are you hiding from us? yo see Talk to ua. Why did you warn us to keep away from Gunduz Bey? He, he is the first light of his father's eyes, his firstborn. And he is ready to die and to kill for him The more information you get me. the more gold you will get. May you live long, may you jive long.1 I told you that we can't trust these people. Ertugrul has established his own Sultanate in Sogut. I told you that he doesn't even care about the Seljuk State. You just heard it yourself. My Bey, why is that chest in the Palace, important that much, my Bey? This is not just a matter of saving that chest, Bamsi. It’s a guarantee of the survival of our nation and. our State, from the time of our ancestor Oguz until the end of time. It's enough that you know this much for the time being. How will we be able to find the chest my Bey? Where is it in the Palace? There is a secret passage leading to the chest’s location. While I am engaged with Bahaddin, you will. go through that secret passage and reach the room containing the chest. There will be a person to welcome you there. A person who at one time was one of our enemies, but now he is one of us. A someone who used to be one of our enemies in the past. And, now he is one of us. Who could he be, my Bey? My Savci, add some of that herb in here. Oh, Grandma's heart, see how he helps his grandmother. Grandma would sacrifice her life for you. Grandma, were you acquainted with the Umuroglu’s tribe in the past? I was, son. It was a renowned tribe at one time. Clearly, they have bowed down before the Mongols' persecution... and they struggle to somehow keep their State on its feet. But, this was the most callous act on their part, so far. Hatun has sneaked right in our midst... and has freely observed the state of our tribe. With my father gone to Konya, they obviously thought... that we will show weakness. As soon as tomorrow, that hatun will visit the other tribes too, grandma. Are we going to just watch them violate my father’s rights? Gunduz, that would be enough The right thing to do is to wait for your father’s return. We cannot accept their intimidations that easily, grandma! Gunduz, keep calm. I'm not saying that what this Hatun did was right. But, while you were trying to protect the tribe... you didn't think that this issue may have far-reaching consequences. May Allah preserve us, if that situation resulted in a fight... much blood would be shed. It doesn’t suit us to shed the blood... of those in our State's service, who didn’t have intentions to attempt on our lives! Now, don’t think about these matters. and comport yourselves in proper manners. Your father will find a solution to thi of course, once he returnes from Konya.

Where is Osman? Doesn't he know that it is dinner time? Osman, what are you doing in the Han, at this time? I want to see Iblilge Hatun, is she inside? She is inside, but they will not let you in. I know how to get in. Where are you going, child? I have a few things to say to llbilge Hatun. Tell her that Ertugrul Bey’s son, Osman, has come. Go away, child, and don’t ruffle our temper tonight! Or you’ll get yourself burned! What’s going on here7 Did you just draw your swords against a child? I have a word or two to say to you, hatun. Let’s talk in there, Osman. Yes, Osman, I’m listening to you. First of all, listen to the voice of your conscience. What does this mean? EyvAllah (thank you), you have saved my lifeJ You were put in a place of honor in my father's tent, like a crown. Why did you have Jo do all this, ha7 Did you have to unite with your father and make all sorts of intrigues... and create troubles for us? What kind of talk is this, Osman? I have considered you as my brother. Does one lies to one's brother and loved ones, Iblilge Hatun? Let's say that your father is an arrogant person. but what about you! What are you? I won't let anyone speak badly of my father, know this. Since you came here on the State's orders, and... since you desire to settle in my father's lands, then. my father would have gladly given you winter and summer quarters. But you have crossed the line of decency and customs. Your brother Gunduz is the one who crossed the line! Your father wanted to invade our tent like a brigand! And my brother couldn't control his anger. However, you. you have destroyed our faith in you with your lies. You have betrayed us Since you put me on your horse and brought me safely back to him... my father now considers your life to be more worthy than his own. So, this is going to hurt my father the most. If you had only left me there, we would be spared to see your true colors. Osman! What’s going on, Bamsi? In my head it feels like a herd of horses had run over the wheat-field, brother. I don’t feel at ease. Just say what’s on your mind, Bamsi. My Bey, we have taught these Mongol dogs their place, evelAllah. Even if there are thousands of their troops, I wouldn’t care. But, my Bey, if the hope for the Seljuks is lost... what will we do then, my Bey? Turks can go hungry... and they can go thirsty... but they cannot exist without their State. Now is the time for those who will rule the world with faith and justice, Bamsi. We are going... to declare our own independent Principality in Sogut. Because the State is no longer ruled by its head only. [being under Mongol’s occupation] the ravens will swarm around it to feast on its carrion. [having State - basic existence ideology of Turk nation] Those scums of the earth gave Anatolia to the Mongols on a golden tray. My Bey, apart from us... is there no one else left to fight these Mongol infidels... and to sacrifice their lives for the sake of our State? From now on not only Sogut... but rather the whole of Anatolia is our homeland, Bamsi. We are the sons of the martyrs who made the Anatolia their homeland. First, we will remember our martyrs, then... we will think about our children... and then we will cosider our future. Those who who are not willing to risks their lives to this end. are not one of us, and we will memorize them well. EvelAllah (as Allah wiHs it), my Bey. EvelAllah (as Allah wills it). We will rely on our sharp minds, as well as... on our faith and on our traditions, inasmuch as on our swords.