DIRILIS Season 5 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 01

This is Episode number ONE of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Our scouts. my Bey they have spotted Mongol’s patrolling units near our borders. For ten years these degenerates were collaborating with our Sultan’s dog they have bribed ...


This is Episode number ONE of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Our scouts. my Bey they have spotted Mongol’s patrolling units near our borders. For ten years these degenerates were collaborating with our Sultan’s dog they have bribed What could they be doing here my Bey? My Bey. there must be the reason behind their coming this far. After the battle of Kose Dagh they took over the control over our State. [Battle of Kose Dagh. Seljuk Empire was lost forever] They spread throughout all of Anatolia like a plague... and brought a great distress to the peopT We have obtained these lands by the right of our sword. By the sweat of our brow we have brought it to prosperity Sag lit... it is the heartland of Anatolia it is its heart While our hearts beat for the sake of justice and freedom... the hope will not be lost Artuk Bey. And they are perfectly aware of that... therefore they want to rip our heart out. and lay these lands to waste. Hmph Let them come like a fire into these parts my Bey.

And like steel that cannot be melted we will stand against them as solid as a rock evelAllah. EvelAllah. Put the necessary measures in place. Obviously they won’t turn back before coming to our tribe. As you order my Gey. As yoi^prder. As you order my Bey. Osma qeuiso Osma Osman! Osman! My Osman. My darling what happened to you? Osman Osman! Osma My son what happened to you? My Osman what happened to you? Osma My Osman My son what happened to you? Osman! My Osman My Osman. My Osmaff Osma My Osma My Osman! My Osman My Osman Osman! My Osman My ‘On Osma What’s happened? Who did this to him hatun? I don't know who did this. They were subjected to an attack. We came just on time to save them  Don’t let him lose any more blood my Bey. Get him to the tent immediately. Il^in Hatun you take care of the rest of them As you order my Bey. Who would do this? Who? Hurry up. Artuk Bey. Savci bring my healing bag. quickly. Osman! Osma ! Osman^Op^n^our eyes my brave heart! My Osr ;a i My Osman open your eyes My Bey. Allow me to examine him my Bey. O my Allah (swt)! Do not let us live through such kind of pain o my Lord (Rabb) Amin. He is still breathing. 

Bismillahir Rahmamr Rahim [In the name of Allah swt the Merciful and the Compassionate] My Osman He is bleeding fro here. My valiant! My Osman Hayme Hatun bring me hot water Right away My Osman Restore our Osman to health o my Lord (Rabb) Brother who js this hatun? Is she a human or Jinn? Is she is an angel or a Satan? Where did she come from? In what condition is he Artak Bey? 'Will you be able to stop my son's bleeding? I will put stitches in a minute. He shall be alright after that. In shaa Allah In shaa Allah. Hayme Hatun. give me a hand here. O Allah (swt) for the sake of Your name Al SbaffiBS; remove ttt r? hrso’?’ heal my child o m Amin. May you get better soon Those men... what did they want from you? I don't know. They have captured us and took us along with them Father! I am so very tirec^ father! Nea. hold on. my daughter endjure. V^e will be saved soon Why do you tregt us like that? What do you want from us? You may ask that of this scum Of your father! I don't know what you are talking about. f don’t know anything Let us go! Stop laying Father! Father! Oragos will know how to make you smg. Father We will ascertain then who you are’ Get yourself up! Ah. Who < this Dragos. father?

What will you have to talk to him about? What are you hiding from us? Tell us. They wanted to sell us on the slave market. And where have you been going To N kea We were going to our relatives. Wfc will Vvjait here How will we escape from thefh father? Father Are you all right? The prisoners are escaping! Run into the woods! Hurry up! ? hey' e getting away Where did this brat come from. now? Vou get out of here first! Be quick! Do not linger here! Your flight is useless you can't get away. You run into the wrong men. brat. Death will be your end. Have a go at me. then Let’s see who will end up dead. Father! Father! Are you all right?  No! Don’t do it* Don t kill that boy A low me Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Ya Shaffee (The Only Healer) Ertugrul Beyr I hope he will recover soon Do you know/whefr this incident occurred hatun? I explaiffSd it to your Alps outside. It happened at the foot of the Tuma Hill.  Kill all of them. Sister' They were taking us by force And this brave child saved us from their hands. Mold on there brave boy. Tell me who are you? I.lam.. Er. . Ertu.. . Ertu.. grul Bey's... Bey's so .. son... ueuisQ Who is the man who came with you. along with his family? His name is Teokles. As I understood he was the main object of that attack And Osman... in order to save them got involved in something... that was way beyond his strength. My father should get some rest now Did they tell you why they kidnapped you. along the way .

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Did they give you a clue? Have they mentioned any name? Dragos* They have mentioned a man by the name of Dragos. They said to my father that tfragos will make him talk. Drag os I've never heard of such a name My Ertugrul Bey said that you may remain in the tribe for as long as you want. And now take a good rest May you live long May God protect you How many o'flthese dogs have you stayed Ilbilge Ha un? Did anyone escaped alive? I counted eight persons. Everyone was killed including those that Osman wounded with his arrows. I left their bodies there and brought your valiant back to tribe You’ve arrived there just in the nick of time and managed to save my son May Allah (swt) be pleased with you and your Alps hatun. EyvAllah (don't mention it) Ertugrul Gey But actually Osman is the one to be honored for bravery If it was not for him. this wretched man and his family would be devastated. I still couldn't fathom how a boy of that age had the courage to do it. May Allah (swt) spare him for you my Bey Do you know who these people were? I know only that they were infidels Were they soldiers? They were dressed in civilian clothes but they looked more like soldiers. My Bey The skirmish happened at the foot of the Turna Hill Bamsi. Get out there right now. Take a good look at their corpses at every single one And do not return until you find out who they were and where they come from Bamsi. As you command my Bey. As you command. The Kayis Damn you a I.

Teokies ts in their hands How am I supposed to tell Dragos about all what happened here? Where are the wheat berries? Master Mikis as you instructed fourteen sacs of wheat berries... were dispatched to the villages at the border. And as and Ertugru I Bey has ordered this wagon will deliver it to the other villages from the Han's supplies May God keep Ertugrul Bey safe And. what about you? I've got the food loaded on my donkey... I will take it to the villages in the mountains Master Mikis. All right don't stay longer than necessary. There's a lot to do at the Han. As you order As you order May you live long May you ive long Deh  Ho Wait wait wait* What is this bell ringer doing out here? What are you doing around here bell nnger? The pr test wanted me to distribute supplies provided by Ertugrul Bey to the poor villages. I doled it out And I’m going to Sogut. And what about you what are you doing here? Have you seen anyone suspicious looking along the way the bell ringer? Ahh I didn’t come across anyone suspicious my Bamsi Head Alp. What happened? There was a skirmish tf you notice anything suspicious let us know.

As you wish my Bamsi Head Alp. your wish is my command. May God protect us from the malice of thfe Devil. Good good And. don't linger around here too long. You may run into these Demons. Since you're so hunched don't make me chase after you on top of all My soul is beset now with fear I will go back to Sogut. Well yes. you return to Sogut. Come on. Alps We will fctJntinue on our way too. Let s go! Who are you hatun? Who co you belong to^ I am one of Qobanoglu' We're here on my father's orders to buy supplies. We will stay overnight at the Han. and we will be on our way at dawn. My Bey Osman regained consciousness. My Osman My Osman ather Oh. my Allah Pra se be to you o Lord (Rabb) My baby. Are you well my Osman? Do you feel any pain I am fine father I am well Don t worry. My Bey . don't be surprised if he insists on going hunting again tonight. You went on yet another escapade You gave us a scare son Tell us now Osman. What were you thinking when you involved yourself in that skirmish? Why would you take on those bandits all on your own? Just as you once saved my mother from the wrongdoers... I wanted to save those innocent people too. May she live long this hatun came on time and we got better of them all evelAllah. Ilbi ge Hatun We can never repay your Kindness as you deserve. We have a feast tonight. We won't send you and your Alps on your way without welcoming you first Your invitation is an honor to us we will accept it. Your courage is undeniable my Osman But if you ever found yourself in a similar situation again... you must first take care of your safety and immediately sent word to the tribe.

As you order father. Alps! They fought here.* There are traces of blood all over the place my Bamsi Head Alp. Password for this Episode is BismillahSeason5. If so. where are their corpses then? The corpses brother the corpses. Their corpses brother... they dragged their corpses along the ground Then they carried them away on horses brother The horses were weighted down These horses were carrying at least two people. And one of them must have been a corpse. Apparently they were net alone brother. Lets see... let's see what will come out of this. Come on. Come on. Lei's go back to the tribe quickly and Inform Ertugrul Bey EyvAllah (alright). Come on Alps Alps let's to the tribe. Ho’ What happened. Lais'? Was Bamsi telling the truth Or is it Teokles? With regret he proved to be a spy. Commander Dragos So what happened to the men who were escorting Teokles^ They're all dead What about Teokles They took Teokles and his family. Who did* The Kayis I figured it out by the arrow I found on one of the bodies. So. Ertugrul have sent Gamsi out here for that reason. They're trying to find out what's going on. Stupid idiots Commander Dragos what if Teokles tells Ertugrul everything he knows He can't tell. He is too afraid of my wrath. It poses a great danger for you. to have him brought here. If he recognizes you everything will blow up in our faces Send a man to own to find out what's going on. And to the tribe someone who can come and . without provoking suspicion. Have him learn what happened to Teokfes. We'll take it from there. As you order. Commander Dragos. 

Have the warriors I was expecting from Constantinople arrived? We will meet them tonight at our secret place. Excellent. Now leave here We must handle this matter before Ertugrul get even more m our way. My ey this llBilge Hatun did she say anything to you regarding the villains who attacked Osman? They were dressed in civilian garments Clearly they've hidden their identities. There is nothing common about this case Artuk Bey My Bey I had a talk with Teokles and his daughters Did you find out who were those who abducted them? Teokles wasn't able to talk much due to his condition. daughter gave me one name Drag os Whoever that person is they were taking them to him. Have you heard of someone by that name in Sogut Artuk Bey? I have not heard of anyone going by such a name my Bey Oragos Whoever that is we need to find him He may be residing in these lands Since such a man does not exist in our tribe it means he may he found in the Sogut Bazaar. Apply measures accordingly As my Bey commands. We're going to Sogut Keep this family in your sight. Turgut. They are someone of importance and value.

Invite them to our feast tonight to dine with us. As you orde my Gey. Hatuns. Listen to what I have to say. There will be a feast organized in the state tent tonight. I want you to get the meals ready. Don’t worry Hayme Hatun. Haul the sk rv bottles with Ayran up from thetyell. when it’s icy cold. All right Hayme Hatun. Don't worry yourself mother Hatuns and I took everything in hand and will get all ready for tonight. Bless you all. my daughter. May your work go easy. May you live long Hayme Hatun. We got cold water from the well grandma Hayme Have a sip. Oy grandma Hayme's dear lambs. Please refresh yourself. Would you like some Waterloo mother? I don’t. But. share it among the batons. Alright mother. You're going to be as capable girt as your mother is ha Enjoy it My Bey welcome here. Welcome my Bey EyvAllah (thank you). EyvAllah (thank you). EyvAllah (thank you). Welcome my Bey. EyvAHah(thank you). Welcome my Bey welcome tSlad to see you. bell ringer. Ooh bel nnger When you ring the bell the soundis heard all the way to our triber. That is thanks to our Ertugrul Bey Turgut Bey. If he didn't renovate our church and had the bells made and mounted what would become of Christian s community? I did what I was obliged to do. bell ringer. and you are now doing your part. May you live long my Bey thank you Why don't you look me in the eyes when you're speaking to mel They taught us not to look in the eyes of our lords when we talk to them No one is the lord to anyone You should know that too May God keep you safe. You're our benefactor.

EyvAllah (may it be so) Oh. my Ertugrul Bey. Is your son Osman doing we I? He showed great courage by saving the lives of one family. Beh nnger. Osman and that family both are doing well. But how did you find out about Osman's condition? Everyone in Sogut is upset about what happened to them my Bey Whoever these bandits were may the curse of God be upon them. What did they want from such a small boy? s* rtugrul Bey What »s the matter Mikis I found out who the moneylenders are my Bey And who are they? The three merchants from our Bazaar my Bey. The men whom we nourish in our bosom... have tramp ed on our customs have they not? You are yet to feel the fangs of a snake coiled in your bosom Ertugrul. You are yet to feel it. We have visited so many markets before coming here but we have never seen a market well populated nor rich. It is thriving Masha Allah. Is it always like this? It’s the same comes summer or winter. Caravans and traders come from all over When the other Bazaars all over the land are incurring losses. is there a secret that this one here is so rich and prosperous? The only secret is Ertugrul Bey's justice He doesn't allow anybody s rights to be taken by anyone May Cod protect him EyvAllah (may it be so) You will return it in a month with an agreed interest. What’ in this pouchy What is»n 't here I asked you trader It's gold my Bey. I'm taking a loan from the moneylender.