DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 60

This is Episode number 60th and last of Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Well, what happened next, grandma? Well, that’s all from me for now. After the Council meeting tonight at the Han... your father can take it from here. . and he can tell you more, then. Are you taking me to the Council, grandma? It is befitting of a gallant Bey like ...


This is Episode number 60th and last of Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Well, what happened next, grandma? Well, that’s all from me for now. After the Council meeting tonight at the Han... your father can take it from here. . and he can tell you more, then. Are you taking me to the Council, grandma? It is befitting of a gallant Bey like you, Giindiiz. Y u deserved it. Do you really mean it, grandma? Will they invite me to the Council as the Bey? I mean it. lad. Your time has come. Everyone would wish to see you there as the Bey. I have become the Bey, too And. I'm going to go to the Council, too I will strike fear into the hearts of tyrants I will become the hope for the oppressed I will be a valiant Bey, worthy of my father! In shaa Allah, my child. How happy he is, Hayme Mother] May Allah always keep the smile on his face. May He (swt) grant him favorable destiny. May his happiness be everlasting. Amin. Seeing how the Nikea s Prince has come personally, they must have... found themselves with their backs hard against the wall. Well, brothe , have we left any Tekfur at the disposal of the Emperor? So, he sent his son, as his only choice. What else could he do, the poor man? They are pushed against the wall due to their fear of Mongols, Bamsi. They are aware that if we are not here in these lands... then at the very time when the Mongols invade Anatolia... they would go up in flames, they know it very well. For that reason, they want to make peace with us. Prince Teodor was really serious about concluding the peace, my Bey. If everything goes without mishap... they will not dare break this peace treaty... at least until this Mongol scourge is done with, my Bey. I’m of the same opinion, Artuk Bey. This Prince... gives me confidence. However... let's still be cautious, just in case. EyvAllah (you’re right), my Bey. EyvAllah (you’re right) my Bey. EyvAllah (right), my Bey My Bey, these infidels have realized that... another round of hostilities against us would not bring them any good. I pray to Allah that these Mongol’s hounds of Hell... will realize that too, In shaa Allah, my Bey. siueg if the world wishes for peace and tranquility, they’ll have to... learn that being hostile to the Turks is not the way to attain it. If the true Turkmen’s streak shows up... they will all see what will happen to them. Put your heart at ease. EyvAllah (you’re right), my Bey. EyvAllah. EyvAllah. My Bey, people are working hard in order to get ready for the migration. That’s good. You two stay by people's side, Turgut. If they need something, help them. EyvAllah (alright), my Bey. EyvAllah (alright), my Bey. EyvAllah (thank you), broders. You used to be like a bird of prey. Now you look as a timid as a sparrow, great Kam.

There is a report from Karacahisar, Noyan What happened Kam9 Talk to me. Ertugrul s Alps . attacked the tannery . and killed everyone there. How is that possible? How is that possible? How did Ertugrul find out about it? What about Alangoya? Talk to me, Kam! What happened to my sister? She... she has fallen into the trap... that was set up by Ertugrul and his mother in their tent... Ertugrul Ertugrul Ertugrul May your work go easy. Give me a hand. May your work go easy. Come, brother, let's find out how they are doing. Konur Bey, Qalik Bey... may your work go easy. May you live long, my Turgut Bey. Welcome, my Turg ut Bey Glad to see you May it be easy on you. May it go easy. It seems that... the tribe is almost ready. It is, my Bey. Everything will be ready by evening, In shaa Allah. EyvAllah (well done), eyvAllah. All the animals that will drive the wagons are well-fed, Masha Allah. They’ll move smoothly across the mountains and through the towns. Masha Allah. - Masha Allah, Masha Allah. Father, you are tired I brought you some water. Offer some to Turgut Bey and Bamsi Head-Alp too, my daughter. Oh! Alhamdulillah. May you live long, may you enjoy good health. May you be as precious as water, In shaa Allah. May it do you good, Bamsi Head-Alp., Masha Allah. Do you want some water too, Turgut Bey? May you enjoy good health. Go on, my daughter. Give some to the others, too. Masha Allah. Eh, is there anything that you need? No, there is nothing, Bamsi Head-Alp. The wagons are sturdy enough. They II be sufficient to carry our goods That s good We also began to dismantle our tents. Every one of us is pulling their weight. Eyvallah (well done). If you need something, just tell us.. Come on, may it go easy. EyvAllah (thank you), my Bey. May your work go easy. Our Bey of Principality, Ertugrul Bey! Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [In the name of Allah swt. the Merciful and the Compassionate], Please, be seated, my Beys. In the name of the Creator.. Who fills our hearts with the light of faith Almighty Allah (swt) Who is named with 99 names.

Password: Alhamdulillah

May our Council bring us blessings. Am n. You went to the Mongol s Khan, Ogeday as an envoy and... you returned safely, Ertugrul Bey. Praise be to Allah You also disposed of the Mongol spies in these parts. Password for this Episode is Alhamdulillah. EyvAllah (it is so), my Beys Ogeday Khan has di d. Some of the Mongol spies nestled within us have been disposed of However... the Mongol threat is not overyet. Since Ogeday Khan has died... the peace treaty sealed with him is now null and void. Mongols are going to attack Anatolia, yet again. Just as by being united... we have eliminated all dangers we faced so far... by Allah's leave, we will eliminate this Mongol scourge too. In shaa Allah, my Bey. We are about to embark on a new and blessed path. When we settle in Sogut by the leave of A lah... we're going to make our fire bigger. [to grow, multiply and strengthen] In shaa Allah. -In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. -In shaa Allah. We have been through a lot of trials and tribulations. . until we got where we are now. We fought many enemies. Our blessed path will not be limited to Sogut only. Just as the doors have opened to us once before, and.. brought us from our ancestral homeland all the way to here... so a new doors will open to us and... take us beyond Sogiit, to the all corners of the world. In shaa Allah. -In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. -In shaa Allah In shaa Allah. -In shaa Allah, my Bey. Ee, minstrel, they say... As the horse is quick of foot, so the minstrel is quick of tongue. [the Book of Dede Korkut - Wisdoms] Recite to us some folk poems from our fatherlands and gladden our hearts, Ozan (minstrel). EyvAllah (alright). The Khan's tent has been erected My Tugh (Tug), pieced together is being flown. [Tug - a pole adorned with tassels] The Khan s tent has been erected" My Tugh (Tug), pieced together, is being flown. Enemy has cut the grass" How'd he get away, how he'd he keep at it? Enemy has cut the grass Row’d he get away, how he'd he keep at it? Hey' I’ve fallen victim to my anger. I roared like a lion. I’ve fallen victim to my anger. I roared like a lion. I cut the Head of your Alps. Who will hold me back now? I cut the Head of your Alps Who will hold me back now?

The Alps fight in battle heroically They compete in strength with one another." The Alps fight in battle heroically. They compete in strength with one another." They sing praises to each other They shoot their arrows without a thought' They sing praises to each other. They shoot their arrows without missing. I’ve fallen victim to my anger. I roared like a lion. I’ve fallen victim to my anger. I roared like a lion. I cut the Head of your Alps. Who will hold me back now? I cut the Head of your Alps^ Who will hold me back now? I cut the Head of your Alps. Who will hold me back now? I cut the Head of your Alps Who will hold me back now? [ Han gadiri" - Anatolian folk poem] Alangoya. Have you seen Ertugrul? As per your advice, I played upon ErtugruPs sense of... honesty and chivalry and have secured myself a place in the Bazaar. And I gained his trust. Moreover, when I went to his tent, I even got to meet his mother and hatun. You've taken away from me everything I loved, Ertugrul Now, it's my turn. Wait for me I will come. I will come along with the Dark Spirits. I will eradicate your family line, and... I will make myself a tent from the skins of your family members. And from your children s, I will make rugs. Wait for me, Ertugrul Wait for me Bamsi Head-Alp. You spoke of Templars. How did you beat them? Gunduz Bey, they had surrounded us from all sides. Those Templar infidels were like a fireplace in our neighborhood. But, we were like a fire! Strengthen by our faith like steel, like steel... with our unshakable courage and our unyielding wrists.. and with our swords that cut through armor... we defeated them, evelAllah (as Allah willed it). How did we get here, father? After my father, Suleyman Shah passed away.. we took to the road with those who believed in us. my Gundiiz. That s how my Gunduz, It was hard to leave your brothers behind, wasn't it. father? It was, indeed, my Gunduz. How could it not? Those were the most painful, the hardest days of my life. Father, you went through very difficult times. Indeed, my Gunduz, indeed. However, all of that were tests and trials But then, because our aim is to attain the Divine Approval Allah (swt) has helped us in our difficult days. Praise be to Allah, we lived to see these days. Praise be to Allah. Praise be to Allah. Tomorrow the migration caravan will set off ahead of us. We will go to our graveyard first. . then we will catch up with the caravan in the Yellow Valley. And, In shaa Allah, we will arrive to Sogut all together. As you command, my Bey. EyvAllah, valiants. Off you go, my Gunduz. It's time to sleep. As you command, my Bey. Let s go. Alps Son My Ertugru Do you think we have shaken this baseborn Noyan off?

Will he stop bothering us? Noyan doesn’t plan to give up, mother. He'll come again. But this time he will come with his army to conquer Anatolia So what are we going to do? Whatever we have done so far, we will continue to do so, mother. We will neither oppress anyone, nor will we bow down to the oppression. If he wants, let him gather all the armies of the world and come at us... we will either be victorious... or we will attain martyrdom, mother. We went through so many tribulations... we squared up to so many difficulties, but... the pains this villain has inflicted on us are so vivid in my mind, as if it was yesterday. I'm afraid that we may live through the same things again. Most of all, I’m afraid he will be haunting our children. May Allah not let us go through the same pain, Ya Rabbi Put your heart at ease, mother. If he comes, he will have to face the consequences. We will put all measures in place against him, once we are in Sogut. In shaa Allah, my Ertugrul Now, by Allah’s leave, we will migrate to Sogut Along this blessed path, we have lost our loved ones. Your father, my Suleyman Shah passed on. We went separate paths from your brothers. My Halime. my beautiful daughter. We laid her to rest in these lands. We endured all our sufferings and we never deviated from our path. All of these were leading to these days. I wish they could have seen these days too. The pain for each one of them is sitting like a separate mountain in my heart, mother. But our sacred path is full of tests and trials. And, the pain left after the passing of our loved ones was a test for us. With the Mercy of Allah, we have been patient in our grief... and we continued to walk down this path. Our perseverance was rewarded by the Grace of Allah (swt) Sogut will now become our home, mother. The light of the blessed fire that we will burn in Sogiit with compassion and justice... our children will carry around the world, In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah, my son, In shaa Allah. I'll have a look at my children now mother. Go in peace, son. My Gunduz, my first born. My Savci. My Savci. My pure-faced, angelic-eyed son. S eep my son Sleep, my child. My Osman. My Osman My blessed son. My lion-maned son with the wolfs gaze. Our great ancestors heralded your arrival in our blessed dreams. My father, Suleyman Shah gave you your name. Your noble mother bore you on the day of a great Spring Feast (Nevruz). 111 o i iaa 11 tay yuu mo ^raiucu iu uvv up in our blessed fire (ocak) in Sogut. [Fire (ocak) represents hearth and home; important value in Turk culture] May you forge ahead, flanked by bold-hearted valiants with unyielding wrists, on one side... and an army of prayerful ones on the other. In shaa Allah. May the armies follow behind you. May all the paths of our Holy Struggle be open before you. Ey, son. may you take the blazing torch from your blessed fire in Sogut... and carry it forth, from dawn to dusk. May all the seas and all the rivers belong to you. May the blue sky be your tent, may the Sun be your flag. May your only aim in life be to attain the Divine Approval, son. My mother. My brothers and I miss you so very much... we are yearning for your warmth, mother. Now, we are going to our news home, but don’t be worrying yourself. I will be good big brother to my little brothers. We will come to visit you, again. You always wanted us to grow up into good Beys. Praise be to Allah, mother. We will grow into valiant Beys... worthy of you and our father. Mother. My Gunduz. My valiant. Come on, grandma’s joy It3s time to go. Come on My Gunduz. Come on, my amb. Com My Halime, My faithful hatun with gazelle eyes. My yearning for you feels like a hot ember in my heart It is burning my insides. Now is time for us to migrate to Sogut, my Halime. The time has come to light the fire on our hearth in Sogut... of which you and I have dreamed so many times Don t be anxious about us. my Halime. May you sleep in heavenly peace.

I will raise our children to be... worthy of their forefathers, and to do not disgrace their mother's milk. Put your heart at ease. I was well-pleased with you, my Halime. And, may Allah (swt) be pleased with you. May you reach the highest rank in Jannah (Paradise). In the honor of our glorious Prophet, Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh). who was named with a beautiful name I implore my Lord (Rabb) to reunite us in Akhirah (afterlife). We recited Al-Fatiha for the souls of our martyrs and watered their graves, too. You did well my valiants^ You did well. Today, they have entrusted our Daw ah (cause) to us May Allah bless them with the highest rank in Jannah (Paradise). Am n. May our peace and unity continue in Sogut. may it be everlasting. Amin, my Bey. - Amin, my Bey Am n. Come on then, it's time now to take to the road. As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you). Wa alaykumu as-salam (and peace be upon you too). Welcome to you. -Pleased to see you. We, the Mongols, were sent by Tangri (Father Heaven) to carry out his punishment on Earth. If they knew how to obey... if they had not drowned in the sea of arrogance... Tengri wouldn't send us to on them. Noyan! May our flesh, our blood, our lives be sacrificed for you. May t be so We will now take to the roads for the purpose of invading Anatolia. Turks will be the ones who will lose in the end. For not kneeling down before me, Noyan, they will pay a dear price. I know you're loyal to me unto death. But this is not enough. Even if my skin would be like a dry a leaf in the Gobi desert... you will not turn off your path. You are my most brave commanders. When we get into Anatolia... Turks will stand against us like a wall. But the strength of the wall depends on the courage of its guardians. First we will break the courage of the Turks. With all of our spies who infiltrated every pore of the area. . with the traps that will be set by those who swore fealty to us... we will turn Anatolia into a lake of blood. We will make the Turks fall apart, so that we will... gather their heads, just like picking up the rounded pears from a tree. The greatest joy for a warrior is a triumphant victory! And to hound them, to subjugate them... to deprive them of their possessions and of their loved ones! Afterwards, we will sit at the table of then broken down Seljuk's... and drink Koumiss and get ourselves drunk. [Koumiss - fermented mare s milk] We will celebrate our victory! May the Spjrits be with us. Noyan! Noyan! Noyan Noyan! Noyan! Noyan Noyan! Noyan! Noyan!