DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 58

This is Episode number 58th of Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Would you take me hunting one day, Almila Hatun? I will. Gunduz Alp. You should grow up a bit more and practice shooting with bow and arrow... then, we will go hunting, of course. I’ll teach you how to catch birds. Would you really, Almila Hatun? I would, Gunduz Alp. Of course, if your ...


This is Episode number 58th of Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Would you take me hunting one day, Almila Hatun? I will. Gunduz Alp. You should grow up a bit more and practice shooting with bow and arrow... then, we will go hunting, of course. I’ll teach you how to catch birds. Would you really, Almila Hatun? I would, Gunduz Alp. Of course, if your grandma’s gives you permission. Of course I would give you, my Gunduz. How could I not? Hunting is your right, of course. As long as you continue to be a brave Alp. I’m going now to check on my Osman, my daughter. And, you and Gunduz continue with your talk. Don’t worry, Hayme Mother. Oy, grandma's joy! How he gives a hand to his grandmother Oy! un O my Allah, I implore You (swt)... please protect Ertugrul and his Alps from... every kind of evi. . in this formidable mission to which they have set off. For the sake of these innocent children, bring their father back safe and alive. Make them victorious in every battle they participate. Indeed, You [Allah] have power over everything." [An Nur: 24:45] In the honour of our belved Prophet (pbuh) with the beautiful name... grant Ertugrul to be at the lead of his tribe for a long time to come. Please, do not deprive me of my son... nor leave these innocent children without a father, o Lord (Rabb). My Allah (swt) Am n. Why they hit the drums in a kick and snare manner, Carmagun? Is it because of Ertugrul? Ogeday Khan s messenger has arrived, Noyan. Let him in, then. Why are you in this state?1 Why the tears drip out of your eyes and stream down your face? Talk to me! Ogeday Khan... What happened to Ogeday Khan? During the feast, he has died and... he ascended and has flown back to Tengri (Father Heaven). [belief - soul of the dead ascends and fly back to Sky] Ogeday! Og day Ogeday Ogeday! What are you talking about, ha? What are you talking about9 How could my Khan ascend and fly back to the Tengri... when only this morning he was still full of strength? It happened all of a sudden, Noyan, all of a sudden. I was with him when he died. His splendid body went slack and he just fell down on the floor. My Khan, who was like the "Sacred Burkhan Khaldun Mountain" that cannot collapse... [ cradle" of Mongol’s nation; "Sacred History of Mongols"] has died and ascended, and has flown back to Tangri, in haste. The fire of mourning descended into our desolate bosom. Let’s tear out our black hair in grief. Let our black eyes shed bloody tears. May the Mother Earth weep, may Eternal Sky rejoice.

May my great Ogeday Khan reach the status of flying. [Mongol s belief that good souls fly to the Sky] May Gok Tengri (Father Heaven) and good spirits receive him. May he occupy the place next to my Genghis Khan. Send the word to his wife, Toregene Khatun and to his son Goyuk Khan. [Ogeday’s 2nd wife served as regent after his death, 1241-46] As you order, Noyan. The sacred grave-site of our Khan will have to be kept secret His slaves who will bury him. and.. 01:19:14.823 ~> 01:19:18,890 They will have the honor of being buried along with Our Khan’s belongings. The spirit of Ogeday will... protect his Army and his state tent. Ogedayi What's that noise outside? You, ominous Turk! Ogeday Khan died the day you arrived. May the wrath of Spirits be upon you! You won't get out of your tent! So our promises written on water have sunk, Noyan Ogeday has died and our ageement is over, Ertugrul Now, I’m going to send to to Kizil Tamu (Read Hell of Underworld). Ertugrul! Ertugrul has escaped Ertugrul run away! Everyone to the horses! Nokers. everyone to the horses, I said. To the horses! Don t come back without finding him. I'm going to hunt you down, Ertugrul. First I will tie your feet. Then, I will rip your heart out. And, I'm going to squeeze it. I’m going to squeeze it so, that... it will shake the Seljuks. In all the riverbeds, from the Red River (Kizihrmak), to the Euphrates and Tigris... water will no longer flow, but Oguz blood will rush instead. Is there permission, Gunalp Bey? Come in Did the messengers left the fortress? They did, Gunalp B y. Everything is in order? Yes it is, Gunalp Bey. Our soldiers lay in wait along the road. We are everywhere. Good, good Since Mongols have swamped these lands, then. . it’s up to us to drain that swamp. EyvAllah (may it be so), Gunalp Bey. Come on, let’s go. Open the door! His horse is wounded. He may have escaped into the woods. We will leave the horses here. Leave one soldier to guard them. And we are going to get him. Welcome to you. Glad to see you, my Artuk Bey Almila Hatun has told me about your request. Of course we would like you to benefit from the expansion of your trade. Our Alps will escort you and ensure your safety. We were sure that you would not leave us alone. Artuk Bey. May you live long. EyvAllah (may it be so) Eynece, Karami§. Proceed with caution. Whenever you come across hornless and needy, feed them. And, don't forget to give gifts to children As you order. Almila Hatun. May your roads be open. Go in peace. Stay in peace, Almila Hatun.

Password: cHowccOgedaycDiedc

Come on, Alpsj He went this v ay. Make haste! I’ll put you all to the sword, you Mongol trashy Come on, bravehearts. Come on, bravehearts Haydlr Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah)1 Haktir Allah (Al-Haqq - The Truly Existing Allah) Sh-shh! Save your breath. You’re going to tell us all about Mongol activities in these lands, everything, the whole lot. I will makeyou sing like a nightingale. You're surrounded on all sides, Ertugrul. You have nowhere else to run. When a wolf falls into a trap, ... he does not think about the way to escape... but rather how to strike back. Is that so? However, it’s my turn now to settle the score. You’re going to pay for everything you’ve done to me, so far. Attack him! Trachery has become your law and custom You are going against the decree of you Khan My Khan has died and flown to the Tengri, Ertugrul And the promises he gave, flew away along with him. It’s been a long time since I've seen you tied up hand and foot. Do you remember those days, ha? Have mercy. O Allah help me O Allah, help me. Help us We haven’t done anything to you. And who are you? I am a Demon of this Hell. Welcome to the world of Mongols. See, I ve got your life in my hands, yet again. This life I have, I put on the line for the sake of my blessed Daw’ah. Not to bow down in front of degenerates like you. You're going to die, and you still keep talking? Ev n if I am to die.. my Daw’ah will continue until the end of time. My descedants will... take their revenge for this, sooner or later, Noyan And now. . do what you will. As the weight of this stone drags your foot down... so will your flesh gradually separate from your bones. The sooner you start talking, the better for you Or e se you are going to d e a slow p inful death. I don t know anything. Who are the other spies? Where can they be found? Are you getting the orders from Noyan? You will tell me everything, the whole lot. I don’t have anything to tel you. You don’t, do you? Dumrul, it seems, the pain he suffers is not enough to start him talking. Then, we may apply some more pain... to loosen his tongue, Gunalp Bey. Do it, then.

You are a courageous man, Ertugrul You even managed to deceive my Khan with your wiles. You put me in a lot of trouble. Ertugrul. Someone like you should not die that easily. Whatever you will, just do it, Noyan, I am not afraid to die, not in the slightest. Firstly, I'll cut off your legs, for daring to attempt escape. And then I'll sever your arms that dared to draw a sword against me. You will die a long painful death, Ertugrul, slowly but surely. Do whatever you want. Noyan. Do whatever you want. Noyan You barely caught me with a whole troop of your men. You could never bring me down. We ve come my Bey! Off you go! Deh! nan. H^h! Hah! nan Let's see what the Mongols will do without their horses? And you, I will keep you for my Ertugrul Bey. Come on, my boy. come on, let's go. Noyan Noyan! Noyan! Noyan Noyan Come, let me see you, Ertugrul, come on. It’s not the blood of that mighty boy that would... revitalize my sword, but rather yours blood. Peace is not something that can be made with perfidious ones like you, Noyan. It's time now to spill your contaminated blood, once for all. Peace is invented for cowards, Ertugrul We are one too many in this great world It's still not clear to you? I'll take your life no matter what. Go on then, go on. Noyan. Let's see which one of us is surplus in this world. Draw back, Alps Retreat! Nokers are coming Run straight to the horse, let’s go Come on1 Shoot the arrows! Shoot the arrows on them! Come on! I will not let you slip away to Anatolia alive, Ertugrul. Go after them! Enough! Alright! Enough! Enough, I II talk Get me down. -See? This has loosened his tongue. You will first tall me all, then I’ll get you down. Noyan has sent us as scouts. What is your duty? To carry out surveys, and to report the findings to Noyan. What those spies pretending to be traders were supposed to do? They were going to infiltrate the Bazaar. Who are the other spies deployed in these lands? Who else did Noyan put in here? No one yet. but he is going to. Who are they? They didn't come to these lands yet. They are coming from the East. There are other things I know too. But. get me down. I know who is there in every tribe, and what they do. Get me down! Dumrul. get him down. Soldiers, get him down. I will personally deliver this one to the Kayi tribe. When Ertugrul Bey returns, he will tell him everything, the whole lot. We’ll find out who is coming to these lands, and we’ll acquaint ourseves with them. EyvAllah (we will), Gunalp Bey. Password for this Episode is HowOgedayDied. My Bey, I let the Mongol horses lose. But I kept one of them for you, my Bey.

EyvAllah (well done), my brave-heart, Masha Allah to you. Let’s hurry. We need to get to the shore ahead of them. Deh! Deh! Hah! Deh! Our horses are missing, Sir. What do you mean, they are missing? Ertugrul and his men must have let them lose. Could one be called Noker if he can’t keep track of his horse, ha? But, Alangoya will finish this, once for all. Send the word to Alangoya. without delay. She must kill Ertugrul, as well as all his children. When I arrive to Anatolia, I will trample over their graves. Grandma, look, I’m beginning to ride a horse pretty good. Hey, Masha Allah, that’s my valiant. Masha Allah. EyvAllah (thank you), grandma Over time, my Gunduz is also going to tame the wild colts. . just like Ertugrul did. Come, sit by me, my daughter. Almila. my daughter. Now you are regarded as a hatun of this main tent. For that reason I wuld like you to reside in our tribe. There is no need for you to live among men any more. May you live long, Hayme Mother. You don't know how great pleasure you gave me. I'm delighted that you consider me as part of you and want me to live in your tribe. However, I don’t wish to inconvenience you. I will come and go. What inconvenience are you talking about? On the contrary, you are always of help to us. There is always room in Ertugrul Bey’s tribe for a hatun like you. Well, if you feel that way, then I wiN regard. you as my mother and your tribe as my home. That's better. Let’s get a tent ready for you tomorrow, huh? As you say, Hayme Mother. Nothing's wrong. In shaa Allah. Gunalp Bey. What happened, Gunalp Bey? Who is this. Gunajp Bey? This is a Mongol spy who sneaked into our lands, Hayme Mother. I will lock him in a cage until Ertugrul Bey returns Take him away. Gunalp Bey, a messenger from Konya has arrived. Nothing’s wrong, In shaa Allah. What is it, Gunalp Bey? In shaa Allah, there's nothing bad. It is a decree from our Sultan? Our Sultan summons me to Konya, to assingn me a new duty. Pardon me for any wrong done in this world. You are pardoned till the end of time You are entrusted to Allah (swt), son. Amin, mother. I’d like you to convey my Salaams (greetings) to Ertugrul Bey With pleasure. Deh! Deh! Ho ho. Let's rest the horses before they drop down from exhaustion. We must get to the ship before they do. They have no horses, my Bey, we ll get to the ship before them evelAllah. Come on. let's give the horses a bit of rest. Brother, we must tell our Bey about that perfidious Almila. Wait a bit, Bamsi, we will tel] him. There is time for everything. My Bey. Why did you tell Ogeday that you accept his offer? With the peace treaty, I wanted to... gain us more time before Ogeday attacks our lands with his Army, Turgut. If I was to say to Ogeday what was sitting in my heart... it would jeopardize the survival of our State. Eyv Allah (you are right), my Bey I wanted also to learn to what degree Noyan has infiltrated our lands. But, because he suspected that I was playing a game on him... he didn t disclose anything. We found it out, my Bey. What do you mean, Turgut? He infiltrated, not only our lands... but even our tents. What you mean to say.