DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 57

This is Episode number 57th of Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. So, these three persons in messenger’s attires were in fact Mongols spies. And, with a stolen secret jetter in hand... in messenger's attire they penetrated all the way into the very fortress, ha? Not only here, Artuk Bey, but... these poor excuses for Mongols have seeped ...


This is Episode number 57th of Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. So, these three persons in messenger’s attires were in fact Mongols spies. And, with a stolen secret jetter in hand... in messenger's attire they penetrated all the way into the very fortress, ha? Not only here, Artuk Bey, but... these poor excuses for Mongols have seeped into every pore of our State. It’s true. Gunalp Bey. So, are you going to question these three blackguards closely and force them to speak? I need to let them leave the fortress safe and alive. I'll let them leave, so that they may lead me to their very lair. That way we can lay bare the entire network they've woven. That's goodth inking] In that case, I will assign Dumrul to stay here. Take him with you. It would be wise to send word to our Sutan regarding this situation. I already took care of that matter, Artuk Bey. I've sent a letter to our Sultan explaining to him the whole situation. He will increase security measures all over the State, In shaa Allah. Eyvallah (may it be so) Gunalp Bey, the one who organized all this. . is none other than that Devil named Noyan. Now that the Mongols have gone blind with madness and rage... Ertugrul Bey going to Ogeday Khan, n his company is not a good thing at all. We have to take care of these evil-doers here... and once Ertugrul Bey completes his mission there . he will return unharmed and safe too. In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. I am the Seljuks’ Bey of Principality. I’ve got many Turkmen tribes under my jurisdiction in the west. However, I would like to know why you presented me with this offer. Ertugrul Bey, you would understand that while... I am conquering the world, having to deal with your Sultan is time-wasting for me. I'm striving to establish my hegemony over the world following the path of my father Genghis Khan. And know that, to that end no obstacle will impede me. What about the Islam world? Islam world... does not jeopardize me. It never did Your Caliph and the Sultans of the Islamic States... will be guaranteed the freedom of worship and belief... provided that they swear their allegiance to me... and continue to regularly pay their taxes. I am aware how strong your devotion to your religion is I hope you are satisfied with my answer to your question. I do not consider Islam my enemy. On the contrary, it is a religion I hold in high esteem. But, you are also witness that Sultan Giyaseddin. obstinately refuses to give up on his desire for power... despite the fact that I have increased his taxes.

I reckon that ensuing bloodshed in such a challenging struggle comes with a price. Of course you will be recompensed... for the services rendered to me, Ertugrul Bey. When you swear your allegiance to me. .. I will make you the Sultan of the Seljuk State. Brother, our Bey should have come our a while ago. If he stays a bit longer, I’ll not stand for it, I will break in. Welcome here, brothers. Some sheep stew with a goat milk for you. It's one of the most traditional Turkish foods. You must have missed it. Help yourself. I wonder if you are a Turk too Yes, I am a Turk too, brother. Are you with them for the glory and prestige, as well? No, Pm not, brother. Sometime ago, we fell prey to them. And both, I and my tribe, have been dragged into a great disaster. After that, I joined the army of Ogeday Khan. Did Kutlubay lure you into their trap? It was not Kutlubay’s doing, brother. It was Noyan’s. How did he lure you into his trap? Noyan has a younger sister. By the name of Alangoya. That one, along with her men... wormed her way into our tribe, pretending to be leather dealers. And soon enough, they have brought us to ruin. Leather dealers, were they? Yes, leather dealers. Who else was with her, with this Alangoya? She had a brother with her. He was an outstanding hunter. At least he claimed to be so. There were other men as well, but we didn't meet them. A hatun, who is a leather dealer... and whose brother is an outstanding hunter. That must be Almila. Aim la Aim la1 Being graced with the special favor of Khan above all Khans, Ogeday Khan... makes me feel extremely privileged. Did this axe in my hand convince you to make this decision or... did the scales really fell from your eyes, Ertugrul? I want to know that for sure, Ertugrul Bey. I knew in advance, that I would be presented with such an offer. Oh did you, now? How did you know it? While we were on the road, Noyan has . spoken to me and put in a lot of effort to bring me around to the idea. His efforts were not in vain. My decision is final. I would like to swear my fealty to you. I will send my Alps promptly to deliver the signed peace treaty to my Sultan, and... it would serve to raise my reputation in his eyes, for yet another notch. That is good reasoning My Khan, with your permission. I have few words to say. What about Oguz Beys? What will happen if you fail to beno State Dignitaries to your will, Ertugrul? In that case, on behalf of Khan of all Khans, Ogeday Khan... if there's blood to be shed, I will not shy away from that. All I want is for Muslims and non-Muslims alike, to be left in peace.

Password: ccErtugruliSultaNc

Ertugrul Bey . under Genghis Khan’s Code of Laws (Yassa)... Persons who are dedicated to religious practices and leaders of the Riyaset... [Rjyaset = Main executive body of the Islamic communities] the Muezzin, and those who bathe the bodies of the dead. [Muezzin - a Muslim crier who calls for daily prayers] lawyers, physicians and scholars, are to be exempted from t xes. . and will not be obliged to work. [Yassa the ecret Code of Laws] And of course, those who swear their fealty to me and regularly pay their taxes Abiding be the laws of my father is more important for me then anything else. Put your heart at ease, Ertugrul Bey. When we went after the bandits who raided the caravan of leather dealers... Almila Hatun and her men have already killed all the bandits. My Ertugrul Bey thought that to be strange at first, but... But such a possibility did not come to mind to any of us. That Hatun is Noyan’s sister, brother Well, as it turns out, she coiled in our bosom like a snake. I wonder what is the situation in our tribe now? And if that hatun has done some mischief already? Ah, brother, she did. Of course she did. Making use of our absence she has done something evil for sure. And we are still being held up here When will this be over with that Ogeday or whatever he is? Hold on there, brother Hold on there. Now we have no other choice but to wait for our Bey. And to pray that nothing bad befalls our tribe until our return. Hmph Do you have anything else to add, Noyan? After all, you will lay your hands on Seljuks, Nikea and Constantinople. . together with Ertugrul, being as one. I do. my Khan. We need a little more from him than his words, in order to be. . convinced of the sincerity of his intentions, my Khan. You used to say that Ertugrul Bey always keeps his promises I did not hear that he ever broke the promise. But, when it suits him... he is capable of flexing the truth like steel on anvil and... turning it into a sword which would pierce the heart of his enemy. Hmh. Therefore, he must pledge one of his sons to us, as collateral... that he will be true to his word. That way, if he breaks his oath... he would pay for it with his son’s life. Thus, he would not be able to escape... from yours as well as from my wrath, wherever he goes in this wide world. Since you claim that you have confidence in me... then you can entrust your son to me, to bring him up as... a mighty commander of the Mongol s army.

I ordered this Tugh (Tug) with golden tassels to be made . lu ua(jiii Liy icpi uocifi u ic oyi nauui of the new Anandolian Sultnate. [Tug • a pole adorned with horsehair tassels, symbol of sovereignty] An agreement between us will come into force when you deliver your son to us. And once you lay the whole of Anatolia at my feet... I will hand this Tugh (Tug) over to you. Thus, you will become the Sultan of Anatolia. To ensure the continuity our agreement... I will personally hand over my son to you. I will honour my word, and will extend peace treaty with your Sultan for another two years. And, I will use that time frame to get my Army ready to... conquer Anantolia. The rest will be up to Noyan’s and your capabilities. Showing your prowess, you will either take over the State without bloodshed... or I will not leave a stone on the stone, nor head on the shoulder. I will lay waste to the entire land. Alangoya. Password for this Episode is ErtugrulSultaN. Yes. say it. What did you learn? Gunalp Bey welcomed our men whom you sent as messengers in his fort. Gunalp Bey is one clever and capable Kaledar. Most likely, he realized who they were, long since. And now, like hungry wolves attracted by the smell of flesh... they will pursue our men He will watch our men to see where they are heading. He will believe them to be the Mongols who sneaked into these lands. Thus, even the slightest remnant of his suspicion in us will be dispelled. That way. you will thoroughly; establish yourself in Ertugrul's tribe. In due time, both their State and their tribe will collapse around their ears. I am sorry for one thing only. That we ourseves cannot take now the life of that poor excuse for a Kaledar. His turn will come too, Mergen. Just have a little bit more patience. At this moment, it is not important for us to take lives... but to build up our reputation. Ba§imiz yolunuz uzeredir efendim! This gold coins will be given to your families They will all realize that you are great Mongol’s warriors. Your souls will be hallowed forever. Qok ya§ayin efendim! May your blood not be spilled... before you take their heads. May Satan himself be envious of the fire burning in your souls! May all of them end up in Kizil Tamu [Red Hell of Underworld] Alangoya! Alangoya! Alangoya! Now go, swoop down upon their heads like the black cloud! We’ll be descret, like walking through the snow leaving no footprint. I m going now to see Artuk Bey. After all, we have to develop our trade And he needs to provide us with the support for caravans. Afterwards, I’m going to pay visit to Hayme Mother. I’ve miss her very much.

I will tear them to shreds. A’udhu billabi min ash Shaytanir Rajidi [I seek Allah’s protection from Devil, the Accursed one] Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [In the name of Allah swt, the Merciful and the Compassionate] Sadaqa Allaah al- Azeem" [Allah has spoken the truth] [Ali 'Imran: 3:95] Praise be to my Lord (Rabb) for bringing us together... in the heart of this lush, green mountain... by the spring of this babbling waters, gushing under the rocks. May Allah make our brotherhood be everlasting. Amin. In these Ayats (verses), which our brother just recited... our Lord (Rabb) orders us to be unified in brotherhood... and advises us the following. And hold fast all together by the rope of Allah (Faith of Islam) and" be not divided among yourselves" And remember with gratitude Allah's favor on you, for you were enemies... and He joined your hearts in love. so that by His grace..." you became brethren." And you stood. on the brink of the abyss of fire... and He delivered you from it. Thus Allah makes his signs clear to you." that you may be guided to the right way." Let there arise out of you a band of people... inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right..." and forbidding what is wrong, they are the ones to attain felicity. Be not like those who are divided amongst themselves.. " and fall into disputations after receiving clear signs," for them is a dreadful penalty." [Ali Imran; 3:103-105] My brothers This rope that Allah Azza wa Jal advises us to hold tight... [Azza wa Jail - the Mighty and the Majestic] refers to Islam, the Glorious religion of Allah, and it is Sunnah of our Prophet (pbuh) Our Prophet (pbuh) and his Ummah advise us that. There is mercy in unity and punishment in division." [Musnad Ahmad 17982; Sahih Hadith] We are certainly obliged to draw lessons from this. Throughout the history no society have been successful... without involment of the whole community. Our beloved Prophet (pbuh) was all alone when he set out on the path of truth But, he was under Allah's protection. At first his immediate family members gathered around him. Soon, they were followed by small communities which embraced his holy cause (Daw’ah). Over time the circle of his followers grew larger. Those who were in our Propher’s (pbuh) circle .. closed ranks around him. very tightly. No matter how much they were subjected to maltreatment by Mushreekun... [Mushreekun - Polytheists] they clung even tighter to each other against the persecution they faced. They went through great trials and tribulations... they passed difficult tests. The Mushreekun did all kind of things to intimidate them from the r path.

They even forced them to flee from their own homes. They became Muhajirun when they migrated to Madinah. [Muhajirun - emigrants who made the Hijrah] And as Allah (swt) never abandon those in distress... He did not leave that sma I group who took refuge in Him, either. [refers to: At-Talaq, 65:2-3] rimm iniiiD miAA ‘c»inrtnm in idciiw.iw lovingly with great self-sacrifices... [Al-Ansar or "Helpers" - those in Medina who embraced migrants] closed their ranks around them. They bonded thoroughly with each other, forming Brotherhood. They became the greatest representatives of the Brotherhood of believers. Ultimately, as a result of... their patience and unity... of their Brotherhood and much self sacrifice... those who were once forced to leave Mecca... were able to return to their hometown together in triumph, yet again. [December 629, or 18 Ramadan 8 hijrah] And in a very short time, all people living there, in these lands... hastened to join this Brotherhood What was it that made this Brotherhood unified and triumphant? They "held fast jail together by the rope of Allah (Faith of Islam, Qur'an) [Ali Imran; 3:103] They were bounded by steadfast resolve to the holy cause (Daw’ah)... of our beloved Prophet (pbuh) They become brothers. They become as one. They did not engage in personal disputes... they had only one goal, to attain the Divine Approval. In Surah Al-Hujurat, our Lord (Rabb) counsels us that... The Believers are but a single Brotherhood." So make peace and reconciliation between your two brothers," and fear Allah, that ye may receive Mercy. [Al-Hujurat; 49:10] My brothers. Believers are like one body in their mutual love and mercy." When one of the limbs suffers.. the whole body responds to it with wakefulness and fever." [Sahih al-Bukhari 5665, Sahih Muslim 2586] we can not remain inditterent and ignore the trouble and distress of a beloved brother. [refers to Al-Bukhari (2442). Muslim (36)] We are like hoops in the chain that are closely clamped to each other. If one of the hoops is broken... the whole chain will suffer harm. And, may Allah preserve us, we would all be shattered. For that reason we are obliged to stand united and... to hold fast all together by the rope of Allah (Faith of Islam).” [Ali Imran; 3:103] I’m going to join the hunting feast and bask in my own victory. I have confidence in both of you May your Alps go and deliver the peace treaty to your Sultan. As for you, you sit down with Noyan and... discuss what are going to do next. You will inform me of everything, once I return. Open the door. What are they guilty of. Noyan? What crime have they done to be executed m front of Ogeday Khan's tent? They didn’t keep their promises and.. they showed disobedience. Genghis Khan's Code of Laws is one of the strictest laws. Whoever doesn t uphold his word... and who show disobedience... is executed on the spot at once. Ughh! You always manage to surprise me. Ertugrul The State for which you fought and put your head in lion's mouth... you now sell for reign after all these years, just like that. Turgut. Og day Han has. signed and sealed the peace treaty requested by our Sultan, by his own blood. It is in this saddlebag.