DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 56

This is Episode number 56th of Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. there are no evil spirits dwelling in this Turk. How many promises and how many gifts... your Sultan has sent me, Ertugrul Bey? The message from my Sultan I will tell you verbally... and the gift that he sent you is in this saddlebag. Ogeday Han. Has your Sultan sent ...


This is Episode number 56th of Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. there are no evil spirits dwelling in this Turk. How many promises and how many gifts... your Sultan has sent me, Ertugrul Bey? The message from my Sultan I will tell you verbally... and the gift that he sent you is in this saddlebag. Ogeday Han. Has your Sultan sent gifts to the Khan above all Khans, to Ogeday Khan... that can fit within that little saddlebag? This little saddlebag contains the fate of your Khanate. Ogeday Han. What did you do, Mergen? Did you get that letter?? P'P 3M All Mongol spies’ activities in the lands of this Beylik of Principality... are documented in there These are very important information. Alangoya. That letter must be promptly delivered to Gunalp Bey. To Gunalp Bey? Why would we do that? That letter may endanger us, too. Ah, Merger) ah! You are a hunter, but you still didn’t learn how to set the bait. Our men will don the Seljuk’s liveries and deliver this letter to t?unalp bey. There must be a secret words of identification used between them and Konya. And, since our men will not know these words... Gunalp Bey will realize that they are Mongols in disguise. Then, he will go after them... in order to track down the spies. Good, and then? We ll steer our three men in opposite direction, in the meantime. And Gunalp Bey will swallow our bait. Thus, our primary mission will remain safely hidden. And moreover, all Gunalp Bey's doubts in us will be removed as well. Make sure the letter is sealed again, properly. Chose three guards and send them to the fortress. Gunalp Bey will lie then in wait like a saber tooth tiger, ready to pounce on. Hurry up bait him without delay. Since when, the fate of Ginhis Khan's Khanate rests in your hands, Ertugrul Bey? I know that you are one great Khan who adheres to the code of laws. . [Yassa a secret code of laws set by Ghengis Khan] your father Genghis Khan has set up, Ogeday Khan. However, instead of bringing the towns to flourish... you ravage them and raze them to the ground. As an envoy of your tax-paying Sultan Giyaseddin. have you come here to lecture me, Ertugrul Bey? Your Sultan should be grateful to God that I have not destroyed... any of his towns, so far. We Muslims do not ravage and raze to the ground the cities we conquered. We bring prosperity to them instead. That is what makes our State a glorious one. We know that a State that is based on pillage and destruction... cannot survive for a long time. Such a State and its Army are condemned to inevitable ruination, sooner or later. Did you come to persuade me to accept your religion, Ertugrul Bey? In the first place, for thousands of years... both the Turks and we have known that... Tengri is the only one deity. And we’ve known that there was no more sublime being than him from the time immemorial. And I, sitting on the throne of my father, Genghis Khan... I am the only representative of the Tengri (Father Heaven)... down on Earth.

Now then, explain to me. how can the fate of my Khanate rest in that saddlebag? Your troops on our borders... do not adhere to the code of laws (Yassa) of Genghis Khan They are disregarding the promises you've given to our Sultan, too. For that reason, our Sultan has sent me to you as his envoy. He wants you to put a stop to this How much does your Bey reward you from the booty after the conquest? Hmph We go to the Holy Struggle for the sake of the Divine Approval. We don't collect prizes. What booty can you even get from. . the famished lands of Anatolia, in the first place And, what happens to the countries that you conquer? Wherever you go, you bring destruction and fear. Your names will of course be erased from memory And our holy Daw’ah will be eternal. EvelAllahJas AllahJias willed it). You are comforting yourself with such nonsense... because your Bey cannot even feed you. But. don't worry. . when our Khan comes into your lands... and if you are smart enough, you will also get your share of his riches. And you will turn into real warriors, too. Guards! Are you the Alps of Ertugrul Bey? We are, praise be to Allah (swt). And who might you be? I am Kutlubay. I am also a Turk, like you. I'm one of the commanders in the Army of Ogeday Khan. What are you doing in Mongol Army, then? I want to conquer the world and to attain the glory and fame. There are many Turks like me in the Army of my Khan. From the mountains of Karakoram to Tabriz, the Turk’s Alps from all the tribes come to us. [Karakoram - Pakistan, India and China] EvelAllah, the Turkmen Alps in Anatolia are still honorable. They will also be willing to join the Army of Ogeday Khan. Every single Alp in Anatolia will become our soldier. Now. go get some rest. I will come again to talk to you some more. Is there permission, my Bey? Come in. Three messengers sent by Husamettin Karaca, have arrived, my Bey. Hah. Show them in. The door. You may come in. Welcome here, valiants^ What news do you bring me from Husamettin Karaca? Everything is written in this letter, my Bey. How dare you tell me that I disregarded my father Genghis Khan’s code of laws? Telling the truth is like a sharp knife, Ogeday Khan. Our Sultan has agreed to pay double the tax he already pays, as you wanted. In other respects, he wants to renew the peace treaty, as the grace period is due to expire. But. on the condition that you stop the violation of our borders.

Password: Ertugrul1ctocOgeday2c

On what basis and by what right you claim that... my soldiers showed disobedience to me, to Khan of all Khans, Ogeday Khan... and that they violated Genghis Khan's code of laws (Yassa)? How will you be able to rule this great world, if... you are unable to control a handful of marauding soldiers at your borders Ogeday Han? Password for this Episode is Ertugrul1toOgeday2. My soldiers are loyal to me You and your Sultan are telling lies If you can't prove what you're saying... you will die by my hand, Ertugrul Excellent. Excellent. I'm so grateful to Husamettin Karaca, for writing... such a detailed account of the actions of Mongol spies at our border. You've come a long way without taking a break. You must be tired. Yes we are, my Bey. How was the water of the White River? We ve drunk plenty. It was pleasant. It was pleasant, was it? Good good Commander. Yes my Bey These valiants are tired from the travel. Take them to get some rest. And make sure to feed them well. As you command, my Bey. Please, follow me. Beys. May you live long, my Bey. Ah. by the way... our waters in these parts are as much sought after as the water of Ak River. So make sure you drink plenty of it, too. Drink a lot. EyvAllah (we will), Bey. This way, Beys. Commander! Yes my Bey These are not messengers These are the Mongol spies. How did you discover that, my Bey? When I asked them, how the waters of White River were they should have said, it's sweet-tasting from the soil. These are the words of identification between us and Konya. But, they didn’t know the right answer. Just give me mandate and I’ll put them all to the sword, my Bey. Hold on there, wait. We won't do anything to them as yet. We won’t even show that we have seen through their little ruse. Let them rest for now. Then we will simply follow them. I’m sure they will lead us to the nest of Mongol spies. Did you understand me? I did, my Bey. Open the door. Noyan himself is the witness that you are surrounded by a deeply rooted deception within. When we got close to your Army’s headquarters... a group of your runaway soldiers have attacked us.

Those rebel soldiers, who attacked us, knew that... my saddlebag contained the names of all your commanders... that do not follow your orders. Is it true that you were attacked along the way, Noyan? It’s true, my Khan. Who were those, Ertugrul Bey? Those were the ones who do not wish you to advance... beyond the realm of the Danube River, but to attack the Seljuk lands instead. Know that, those who were bold enough to do this thing today... tomorrow, given the chance, they will want to... steal your sovereignty from you. Who are those. Ertugrul Bey? Give me the names of those that you have inside your saddlebag. My Sultan, you ordered me to go to Ogeday as your envoy and to... request that he put an end to the violation of our borders by his troops. Ogeday Khan is honor bound to implement Genghis Khan's code of laws (Yassa). And, he abides by his word. So, there must be some other reason why... his troops are violating the peace agreement. My opinion is that there are some commanders... who do not comply with Ogeday Khan's orders. We are not obligated to find out who they are But it is possible to prove their existence. For this reason, you have to carefully observe... everyplace in general, and your Palace in particular to... learn who these commanders who don’t comply with Ogeday’s orders are... and who violate our borders, so that... I can deliver the list with their names to Ogeday. And if I am correct, those very commanders... will ambush us along the way... in order to acquire the saddlebag containing their names. If it is a lie. I will cut your tongue first, then I will tear you limb from limb. Same as my Sultan, I also do not know... the names of those commanders who violate the treaty and attack our lands. However, I became convinced today that.. my claims were correct all along. The soldiers, who have attacked Noyan and me, are the dogs... serving the commanders that violate your orders. It's up to you to find them, Ogeday Khan. As for this saddlebag, it contains only... the renewal of the peace treaty, sealed by the blood of our Sultan. You now go and find the corpses of those rebel troops who rose to the bait of Ertugrul Bey. Find out who they were. As you command my Khan. I will sign this renewal of peace treaty, under the terms of your Sultan. And, I II seal it with my own blood too However, Ertugrul Bey... I have an offer for you. Hayme Mother, did you talk to Sugay Hatun?

Did you learn who those men hot on her heels are? It would be good if we know that, so we may put measures in place. I did. But she did not want to disclose too much. From all indications, this is a very painful situation for her. She doesn t want to be reminded of it. She wants to put everything behind her and start a new life Well, what do you intend to do then, Hayme Mother? Let's leave it alone for a while, my daughter. Sugay Hatun is a bit timid. Let’s leave her space to get used to our tribe. She will confide in us her worries and problems in her own good time. In shaa Allah, Hayme Mother. It would be good to set these matters straight, before any harm comes to Sugay Hatun. In shaa Allah, my daughter. In shaa Allah Is there any word from Ertugrul Bey, Hayme Mother? I wonder if everything is going well. Nothing wrong, In shaa Allah.j They were both fast asleep. Why did they both started crying at the same time? I’m going to have a look, my daughter. I'll come too. Sugay my daughter, why they are both crying so much? I can t fathom it, Hayme mother. I fed them both. And, they were both fast asleep. Then all of a sudden, they both started crying at the same time. I just can’t fathom it Oy my lamb. My valiant. My lion. O, my Allah. O, my Allah. Please, help us. Please, for the sake of these babies bring my Ertugrul and his Alps back to the tribe, safe and alive, o my Allah (swt). O, my Allah, You keep them safe. Amin. qeiiv Aiu o Oy, grandma s heart. Oy, c randma’sjoy. It's all right, it’s over. It's over, my brave-heart. Don’t cry, my darling. Ya Allah (swt). Ya, Ar-Rahman [Most Lovingly Beneficent] Ya, Al Raheem [The Most Merciful, The Most Compassionate]. Ya. Al-Nur [The Light, The Illuminator, The One who Reveals]. Ya Allah (swt). Ya, Ar-Rahman [Most Lovingly Beneficent] Ya Al Raheem [The Most Merciful, The Most Compassionate] Ya. Al-Nur [The Light. The Illuminator, The One who Reveals]. Ya Allah (swt). Ya, Ar-Rahman [Most Lovingly Beneficent, The Most Gracious], Ya, Al Raheem [The Most Merciful, The Most Compassionate]. Ya. Al-Nur [The Light, The Illuminator, The One who Reveals]. O. the One Whose loving Mercy endlessly embrace all of creation, o Ar-Rahman Al-Raheem. O the One Whose Divine light illuminates the whole universe, o my Allah (swt). Beyond any doubt, you are the One Whose light illuminates the hearts of all beings. O my Lord, do not leave those who set forth for the sake of attaining Your Divine Approval... destitute on this difficult path. Make Your Servant Ertugrul and his Alps, victorious in this mission to which they set off.

O my Lord (Rabb), when Your favorite one, Hz. Ibraham (pbuh) was thrown into the fire... You have ordered to the fire: "O fire become coolness and safety for Ibraham." [Al-Anbya 21:69] and You have saved him from being burnt alive. [Al-Anbya 21:68 70: Al-Ankabut 29:24] i uu pi uic^^icu i uui uciuvcu oci vam Muhammad (pubh) with a spider web. [Imam Ahmad (3241; hasan); Refers to - YaSin; 36:10; at-Tawbah, 9:40] We have entrusted to You, Your servants who set forth for the sake of Your Divine Approval. You (swt) keep them safe. Indeed, it is only You Who are the Witness of hidden things. [Surah Al-Ma'idah 5:117] Those who seek to entrap your servants... make them fall victims to their own traps. Make them disperse. O, You Who are the Helper of friends, o the Punisher of tyrants. We take refuge in You "and from You alone, we seek help". Al-Fatiha] Al I man (the true faith). Al I man (the true faith). Al I man the true faith). I am responsible for all the Turks in the Army of Ogeday Khan. Who is who. who does what, I know all about each one of them. The Seljuks are done for. Anatolian Principalities are in a tough s'tuation, the Alps are weary. Of course they will join to Ogeday Khan’s Army, in order to... conquer the world and to gain riches. So, what else could they do? Who would not want that? You shouldn't be so sure about that There are still many brave men in Anatolia who don't covet looting and spoils of war. evelAllah. It's enough if we just want to get someone join our Army. Then, it is certain that we will get hinrL How do you persuade those who don't want to join you Then we mess with their minds in such a way that... they lose their ability to think and forget their past. And they deliver their body and soul right into the palm of our hand. And no matter what we order them, they will do it... without asking any questions. Ah. Ah Ah Why did you do that, Turgut? In other words, you brainwash them. You are brave Alps. And we would like to see you in our Army. May Tengri (Father Heaven) help you.. Brother, this scoundrel can play all sorts of games on us. They can brainwash us through the use of torture. That is the responsibility of the Turks within the Mongol’s Army. They have obviouslysent their spiesto Anatolia to brainwash the Turks there. Brother, our Ertugrul Bey must be informed of this. It will be handy to us when we get back.