DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 54

This is Episode number 54th of Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Sugay, my daughter . put this warm blanket over, too. The nights here can be chili, so you may not get cold overnight. Hayme Mother... we were also harassed by this villainous Mongols. They were regularly raiding our tribes. They didn’t let us live in peace for a ...


This is Episode number 54th of Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Sugay, my daughter . put this warm blanket over, too. The nights here can be chili, so you may not get cold overnight. Hayme Mother... we were also harassed by this villainous Mongols. They were regularly raiding our tribes. They didn’t let us live in peace for a day. These evil tyrants have slayed my family without mercy. I hated them all my life. May Allah (swt) protect us from their evilness. You went through so much suffering, my daughter. May Allah (swt) grant your family the highest rank in Jannah (Paradise). What you’ve been through is not easy. Am n. Now, our struggle against the Mongols will be much greater. May Allah (swt) help Ertugrul Bey and our State Amin, my daughter. Am n. As soon as we ward off one trouble... another trouble comes upon us. Just when we thought that we repulsed that pest called Kopek... now that villain Noyan has returned to haunt us too. May Allah (swt) help us all. So, now a new scourge has... come knocking on our door. Now we are obliged to tread waters cautiously. If we stand united and take a tough stance against the enemy, we will not be defeated, evelAllah. In shaa Allah, my daughter. In shaa Allah. May my Allah (swt) help and assist us all. isweg Take Abdurrahman and Oguz with you. And, take five more Alps along, too. Have Noyan stay in the Hanli Bazaar overnight. As you order, my Bey. Will you not welcome me in your main tent, Ertugrul? We do not refuse hospitality to our visitors, Noyan. You will be my guest at the Hanli Bazaar. What time we are setting off on the road? You'll be notified about everything early in the morning, Noyan. What is that supposed to mean, Ertugrul? Aren t you going to act as your Sultan’s emissary isweg Escort Noyan safely from my tribe... and make sure nothing bad happen to him. This is all I have to say to you, at this stage. Hmh. Alps. What they are up to Dum ul? They keep eating like bears that woke up from hibernation, my Bamsi Head-Alp. They have even put me in the shade. Take care, lest they choke on their food and die on us. For, apart from our Ertugrul Bey’s order... it's fitting that this infidel's death comes at our hands, Dumrul. EvelAllah (if Allah willed it), my Bamsi Head-Alp.

It will come, In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. Come over here, you mighty boy. Come, share the meal with me. With a demon such as you, I wouldn’t even consider sharing my worst sins, Noyan. If you won't share a meal with me now... how are you going to share your foul-smelling and moldy State... these glorious lands of yours... and even your rosy-cheeked women, when that time comes, ha? What s the matter you mighty boy? What’s stopping you? Or maybe you don't want to let me get a share of your great happy hatred, ha? The time will come, Noyan. The time will come. And, when that time comes, I will surely cut this serpent's forked tongue of yours. Do you want me to explain what will happen when that time comes, mighty boy? When that time comes. the spirits that dwells hidden in the beech trees will come out into the open, one by one. Your horses braying will be drowned by the screams of our spirits. You Sultan Giyaseddin, who has soiled his hands with his father's blood... will make such false steps, such unwise moves, that... he would eventually be obliged to share his Palace and then his concubines with me. After that, I’m going to come back here. I will collapse Ertugrul’s established order around his ears. And, I will burn him to a crisp with my fire, in the shelter of his tent. As well as his roots, up to the seventh generation of his ancestors. Ah ah. Guards! And so, all the Av§ars... the Kiniks. the Dodurgas, the Qavdars.. and many more, they will have nowhere to run, none of them. On the slopes where Tengri’s (Sky Spirit) Mountain rises, they will bow down to their fate. Just like the earthenware water jugs with pouring spouts, they will... line up on in front of me and kiss my boots. But, when it comes to the Kayis... they will not be kissing my boots. I will let them have a taste of the black doom of death And I am going to remove the skins from Ertugrul s ancestors... up to the 7th generation back, to make myself a sacred tent out of them. First of all, Noyan, you’ll need to flay the hides of your dogs to seal... all the holes my Bey will cut through your rotten flesh.

Password: BaycuNoyanEnvoyc

My Bey would not lower himself so as to make even the sole on his boot.. out of the hide from your moldy and foul-smelling rotten flesh. L ugh Laugh, Noyan, laugh, go on When the cooling breeze of morning blows", Noyan. When the bearded grey lark sings his song When the Bedouin horses nicker on seeing their masters' And the long-bearded stranger chants Adhan ' At the time of twilight, when the white tread becomes distinct from the black" When the daughters and brides of the teeming mighty Oguz..." adorn themselves for the battle and freedom ' When the beautiful-breasted mountains are touched by the Sun" At such a time, when the valiants and gallant chieftains come together" [the Book of Dede Korkut - The legend of Bugach Khan] at such a time, Noyan, Allah's wrath will. come upon you. Allahu ekber (Allah is the Greatest) Allahu ekber (Allah is the Greatest) Allahu ekber (Allah is the Greatest) Allahu ekber (Allah is the Greatest) I see you continue to seek refuge in the tales of your ancestors. I didn’t come here to spin tales... I’ve come here to write a history, the history. Allahu ekber (Allah is the Greatest)!! Allahu ekber (Allahjs the (Breatest)! Allahu ekber (Allah js the Greatest)^ Allahu ekber! Allahu ekber (Allah is the Greatest)!! Allahu ekber (Allah is the Greatest)! Our Sultan chose to send you to Mongol’s hell, my Bey. But, with that dog Noyan keeping us company along the road... our journey will be foreboding one. Our Sultan is aware that you are at daggers drawn with Noyan, my Bey. Why would he even risk sending you with him as an envoy, in view of that? Oy, oy, my Savci. Give him to me. My son, who will be brave and dashing when walking the paths. My son, who will go beyond his fatherlands, mounted on his horse. My son, who will make a name for himself handling his sword. My heaven-faced son with the wolfs gaze, like my ancestors Oguz. Why is the Sultan sending you on this mission as his envoy, son? It is an important affair, mother. I've never seen Ertugrul Bey so brooding before. He didn't get over one pain, but another one came in its wake, Gunalp Bey. His Alps and valiants have been martyred. The pain of losing Halime Hatun has set his heart on fire. Then all this, that followed before he could mourn his Hatun at peace. Demise of our Ahmet brother, then arrival of this dog Noyan And then, there are his children.

Three brave boys like three lions, have been left motherless. Of course, our Bey will come to a decision regarding this. And when he does, even if the whole world came crashing down around him... he would fulfill his obligation, evelAllah. EvelAllah. -EvelAllah. Do you remember mother, that time I brought my Halime back to our tribe... back then, I have also been sent to Aleppo as an envoy. Now. I no longer have my Halime. But now, I have a duty to perform acting as an envoy yet again. That’s where fm going, motherj I remember it all. How can I ever forget it? Although your task is important, my son... still, when you leave to go to the Mongol s Khan... accompanied by this demon, by the name of Noyan... we don’t know what kinds of disaster you may encounter or what lies ahead. Father, will you leave us too, and go away? What will we do in your absence? I am big enough But what will Savci do? And Osman too? See how quiet Osman is when you take him in your arms. What will we do if he starts crying again and asks for you? My Gunduz, my brave-heart. You said you have an important task to do. But what if you go and never return? My mother is gone. How could we bear your absence, too? What are we going to do if you pass on from this world, too? I was waiting for you, Alandoya. Is it true what I ve heard, brother? Ertugrul will go with me to Ogeday, as an envoy, yes. And you intend to kill him along the route. It depends on the decisions that Ertugrul will bring. What does that mean? It means that Ertu rul s decision will influence the way I will soothe my hatred. What do you want to get from him, brother? I want victory, Alandoya. Victory A victory gained without bloodshed. Ogeday requested from me to persuade... the brave Turkmen's Beys to submit to him. And Ertugrul in the first placed Now, since Ertugrul being an envoy will come into Ogeday’s presence... it means he will personally hear about that ruling from Ogeday. In such a case, we will win this war without our swords spilling a drop of blood. And. with regard to you Alandoya... you will be my eyes and my ears in these lands. Wake up the sleeping gentle hen in you, now. So. that you can win a special place in the hearts of.. Ertugrul’s sons and his mother, Hayme. Neither Ertugrul nor his family should realize who you really are. Until we achieve our goal What if Ertugrul does not submit to Ogeday?

Then, they will all die including his son Osman in the cradle. May your sword be sharp, may your heart be soft.. like a snow in the foothills of the Tengri Mountain, Alandoya. It is obvious that the fate of our State depends on the success of our task, again. We need to fulfill this task, without... harming even a strand of hair on someone's head. Password for this Episode is BaycuNoyanEnvoyc. Tomorrow morning we will take to the road in order to meet with Ogeday Khan. Turgut. Bamsi and Alps will come along with me. EyvAllah (as you say so), my Bey. The fortress is entrusted to you, Giinalp Bey. 'Ey Y All ah (as you order), my Bey, The tribe, along with the Hanli Bazaar is in your care, Artuk Bey. As you command, my Bey. Everyone have to be on the alert, at all times. Every visitor, anyone incoming and outgoing... everybody, in each tribe must be thoroughly examined. Find out who they are, where they are from, what they are doing. Noyan has returned once again I have no doubt at all that he infiltrated his spies every place. In these dark days for us, we are embarking on such a formidable task, as well. May Allah (swt) help and assist us, my Bey. Amin Turgut. Even in our darkest days, if it is for the benefit of our State. we will harden our hearts if necessary, and we will take to the road again. For the sake of this blessed path, we drew apart... from our ribe and from our brothers, once before. And if the need arises, we will forsake our loved ones... as well as our tents and our tribe. Next to the everlasting existence of our State... next to the prosperity of our homeland... what importance could we have, or our children and our tribe? Providmg that our State lives! Providing that our homeland is safe Providing that our flag is flying free To risk our lives on this blessed path... is only an honor for us. My Savci. My Osman. My Savci. My Gunduz. Praise be to my Lord (Rabb) Who has given you to me. My son, at the time when you have just laid your hatun to rest... and you have still a very small baby in diapers... now comes this parting, too. When the decree comes from our Sultan, we must bend our necks obediently. You know that, mother. Our path is the path of those... who can forsake their lives and their loved ones. Go, my son. Go. The State has given an order You, who patiently overcome so many difficult problems up to now... you will overcome this one, too, evelAllah. In shaa Allah, mother. Father! Now. you are leaving, too. What are we going to do with my brothers? Can't you just stay? Can that ever be done, son7 Could we disobey our Sultan's order? Your grandma will always be with you. And Sugay Hatun will be here for you, as well. Thanks to her, our Osman is now healthy and robust. Besides, what did I talk to you about? Aren't you now the Bey of this tribe? Can one Bey ever be disheartened? As you command, father You are taking to the road to perform a very difficult duty. And my duty is to keep my brothers safe. Hey, Masha Allah, that is my brave-heart. I entrust you, first to Allah (swt)... then to your grandma and to Sugay Hatun my valiant. And now, it’s time to show what a courageous Bey you are, my Gunduz. In my absence, I entrust your brothers and our tribe to your care. Whenever I am absent, the Bey of our tribe... is you As you command, my Bey. Hey, Masha Allah, that is my brave-heart. You don t worry over us. my valiant. Sugay Hatun and I will do our best and we will take care of everything. May you live long, mother. No other duty is more important than looking after them and protecting them. Don’t you be worrying yourself over us, Ertugrul Bey. EyvAllah (thank you). Sugay Hatun.

If you’ll excuse me. mother You are entrusted to Allah (swt) Ertugrul Be carefu I. There is no way of knowing what that villain Noyan may do. Put your heart at ease, mother. Since he didn t die and since he came all the way here... he will surely bide his time to catch me in a weak moment. And I will not give him that opportunity. EvelAllah, my son. Besides, we will not allow this pest to become thorn in our flesh. Go on your way and return safe and alive, in no time at all, In shaa Allah. By Allah’s leave, I will return, mother. And, meanwhile you put preparations for our migration in motion. We now have no longer any obstacle to proceed with our migration. In shaa Allah, my brave-heart. I will make all necessary arrangements together with my sisters. Sir, your Messenger has arrived. Show him in, at once I hope you bring me some good tidings. Noyan stayed overnight in Ertugrul s Han, Sir. In all likelihood, he will set forth together with Ertugrul. V Va That is what I call good tidings. Noyan is both, Ogeday’s best commander, and his personal emissary. If Noyan is killed, Ogeday will destroy the Seljuks. We're going to set such a large fire here, in which. . the whole Seljuk, Ertugrul and all the Turks in Anatolia will burn down to ashes. Gather the men at once; we will take to the road right away. And, I will personally lead them. My gazelle eyed. My faithful hatun. You mounted the pale horse of death and passed on to the lands of no return. I know that nobody pas es away... if his appointed hour hasn't come yet... and that those who pass over cannot come back. However, your absence is so very difficult for me to bear, my Halime. I'm telling you about this, but still... I don’t have words to describe that fire burning in my heart. Only my Lord (Rabb) and I know... how that fire is burning hotly in my heart. Our beloved Prophet (pbuh) stated that... a human being is only one half of the whole. When he marries, he becomes complete. [refers to : Al-Tirmidhi Hadith 3096 ] You have made me complete. And now. I am a half of the whole, again. Now, I am embarking on a formidable path, strewn with many dangers. You would have always seen me off and... you would have prayed for me How my heart longs to hear those sweet words of yours, my Halime. At the end of every separation, there is a reunion in paradise. [refers to: az-Zukhruf 43:70: at-Toor 52:21] Just, as you have been my life companion in this world, I plead with my Lord (Rabb)... to reward us with the reunion on the Akhirah (Eternity). [refers to: az-Zukhruf 43:70] You erased the scars of the past from your heart. Turgut. I see you are as tensed as the strings of a bow.