DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 53

This is Episode number 53rd of Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. My beautiful son. Eat well, so you may grow up into a glorious Alp, In shaa Allah. Come here, my Gunduz. Come, sit here by me. Will you always look after us, now that our mother is no longer with us? Will you feed Savci, too? I will feed him, of course, my son. I will feed him And I will ..


This is Episode number 53rd of Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. My beautiful son. Eat well, so you may grow up into a glorious Alp, In shaa Allah. Come here, my Gunduz. Come, sit here by me. Will you always look after us, now that our mother is no longer with us? Will you feed Savci, too? I will feed him, of course, my son. I will feed him And I will help you, father. I will feed and support both of my brothers. I will keep them safe. Hey Masha Allah, that s my brave-heart. Go on Father, my brother seems to have eaten enough. Most likely he ate enough, son, he must be full. Masha Allah to you. That is how such a brave older brother like you... feeds his younger brother. Well done, my valiant. And. well done to you too my valiant. My Sultan, the fact that Ogeday has sent Noyan as his envoy... doesn't bode well at all. Their intentions are clear, Husamettin Karaca. We already agreed to pay our taxes, my Sultan. What more could they ask for? Mongols have reached the Danube River. They already got hold of Desht-i Qipchaq and the Black Sea [Kazakhstan, southern Russia, Ukraine, to southern Moldavia] And now they are putting pressure on us. And there are those evil groups too, that take courage from them... and work hard, day in day out, in order to destabilize the Seljuk lands. Ogeday took it all into account, and will increase his demands accordingly. May Allah deliver us from their evil, my Sultan. Alps, my brothers! Be on the alert! These are dangerous times. We may be wise to err on the side of caution. Do you think that Emperor has landed us now with a new trouble? We wiU see it, brother, we will see it. Alps, be on guard. -As you order, my Turgut Bey Just to be on the safe side. I am the new commander of the Fort Bilecik. My name is Romanos. Welcome to you. -Welcomed Glad to meet you We heard that Ertugrul Bey has lost his hatun. I am here to forward our condolences to him and... to conduct peace negotiations. Haa. What peace? Our Emperor has assigned me to deal with this matter personally. I would like to speak with Ertugrul Bey, if it’s convenient for him. Wait here. I will inform my Ertugrul Bey. My Sultan, Noyan is waiting to be granted an audience with you. Don’t you know how to pay obeisance to the Sultan Noyan? I am the representative of Ogeday Khan, the Khan above all Khans. If I am to pay obeisance to some person, then... that person must be greater than my Khan. And I do not see anyone here who deserves it.

What your Ogeday Khan wants... from me? My Khan’s requests are written in this letter. Bring it to me. How my Allah created you beautifully, praise be. My lion son. My valiant. Is there permission, my Bey? Come in, Turgut. What’s going on out there. My Bey, someone by the name of Commander Romanos has come. He would like to meet with youJ What does he want? He wishes to forward their condolences to you and to conduct peace negotiations with you. Easy, my lion. Don't cry. My Osman. Don t cry. my valiant. Turgut, you and Bamsi meet with him and speak to him. You can explain the situation to me afterwards. As you command, my Bey. If you’ll excuse me. My valiant. See, my valiant, I didn't leave you. I'm here. I stayed with you. Don’t cry, my brave-heart, don’t cry. The kind of taxes your Khan requests would debilitate my State. If you were a fire, you could only burn a site of your size, Sultan Giyaseddin. Since you are Ogeday Khan’s protectorate, you are not obliged to be strong... but rather obedient subject I will accept the requests of your Ogeday Khan. I will pay double the taxes I've been paying so far. Of course you will Sultan Giyaseddin.j The survival of your State and your rule will depend on that. However I also wish to make a request of your Khan. What would that be? I want my own envoy to accompany you while you convey my response to your Khan. I have something important to tell to Ogeday Khan, too. I already pity that envoy of yours. So. who will be your envoy? Ertugrul Bey. Ertugrul? Husamettin Karaca will hand you my decree. May your journey go smoothly and without accidents. You are free to go now. I will be proud to have Ertugrul Bey as my companion on the road. However, take care that your requests do not infuriate Ogeday Khan. For, if Ogeday severs Ertugrul’s head, it would tear my heart out. I convey my Emperor's greetings and condolences to Ertugrul Bey. He wishes to express his great sorrow over the loss of his esteemed wife. EyvAllah (thank you). Commander Romanos. Our Emperor also sent this letter to Ertugrul Bey, extending his hand of friendship. We want to build a stable and lasting peace with you. Your Emperor has pledged peace to our Bey and our Sultan on every occasion he got. But he was always the one who undermined that peace by treacheries. Your peace offering has brought us nothing but deceit and bloodshed. Now, given that, how can you expect us to believe you, ha? Because of Mongols. What the Mongols have to do with your peace offering?

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The Mongols have conquered the Crimea. They already hold the Black Sea under their jurisdiction. They will come to Baghdad any time soon. They will invade Anatolia from three fronts. Listen, there's only you and us here. To protect Anatolia against the Mongols, we have to make peace. We are certainly familiar with what you are talking about. We, as the State, are putting our own measures in place. But your words are simply not enough to give us confidence in you In exchange for signing this peace agreement, our Emperor... will not create you problems regarding your relocation to Sogiit. You can relocate any time you want. It's enough if you support us against the Mongols. Your Emperor should not be convinced that he has given us a favor. Sogut already belongs to us. It would be unseemly for us to turn down the peace offering. Have no quest on about it. However, Commander Romanos, if you ever give us a reason to doubt you... you will suffer unpleasant consequences. Keep in mind that if you betray us one more time ... you will be crushed under the hooves of our horses. May our peace be blessed. Then, in that case... may you have a safe trip. Osman, what a beautiful baby you are. He just fell asleep, hatun Do not disturb him. What is this resentment for. hatun. Masha Allah, how you keep this poor child safe. You treat this child with the same tender care, as his mother wou d. Perhaps you do not trust me? You brought the head of Ertugrul Bey's enemy into his tent. Ertugrul Bey has faith in you. However, despite the fact that I did not give birth to Osman. I feed and raise him. I look after him as a mother. He's for me like my own son. What's the harm if I fondle him. why are you against it? Osman went hungry for quite a while. Regardless of how much I suckle him. he still needs his sleep. What’s the matter, hatuns? We were attending to Osman, Hayme Hatun May Allah protect him for you. In shaa Allah. Password for this Episode is OgedayKhan.

Masha Allah he is such a healthy and adorable baby. You can clearly see that this is a blessed baby. Sugay, my daughter What is ailing you? You look very tired. You’re in good health, In shaa Allah. You’re right, I’m just a little bit t red. Hayme Hatun, When Osman recovers a bit more and gather his strength... I will take a rest then. Well then, my daughter. Ertugrul Bey is in the tent now. You may go to him. Your brother fell asleep, praise be to Allah. Father, you've been taking care of us ever since my mother left us. You nourish us. you dress us up and you settle us down to bed. Of course I will take care of you, son. But your duties and responsibilities are many. How will manage to always attend to us, too? You are not considering bringing us a new mother, are you, father? Is there permission, Ertugrul Bey? Come in, Almila Hatun. May it go easy on you, Ertugrul Bey. May you I ve long. I’m listening to you. I'm here regarding a trade issue. But, as I see your obligations are many. Please, come take a seat. Speak. I’m listening to you, Almila Hatun The people are very pleased with our hides. I talked to the Greek gentry, too. They are also impressed with our hides. Theywant tobuyjt, jn larger quantities. This means that our earnings will increase... more unemployed people here will be able to find work... and consequently you will be able to collect more taxes. I’ve come to ask your permission to negotiate with the Greek traders and to organize all this. By your behavior at the Hanli Bazar you proved yourself to be... an upright person and you helped us to apply justice, Almila Hatun. Furthermore, you've gain our trust, when you took Kritos’ life... during the attack on your tannery. I'd like to invite you to be the guest of my tent tonight. We may then discuss your request in more detail. As you wish, Ertugrul Bey. May you I ve long. May Allah grant you to see your sons gird themselves with their swords, Ertugrul Bey. Am n. The Mongols killed my parents.

My brother and I grew up as orphans. How blessed your children are to have such a father like you... and grandmother as Hayme Mother, to raise them. Despite all your other duties, you still manage to care for your sons. May Allah never allow them to feel your absence. Amin. Almila Hatun If you will excuse me. EyvAllah (you’re excused). My Gunduz, pull back the beddings so can put your brother in bed. Brave-hearts, this path leads to Sogiit. One unit will go ahead to ensure the security of the settlement s site. Another unit will disperse along the route to ensure the safety of their passage. One more unit will set off with the convoy guarding them from the front and back. Is there permission, my Bey? Come in. My Bey, a commander from Konya has come. He said he brought an important letter from the Sultan. A letter from the Sultan? Send him in. Go, set the preparations in motion. As you command, my Bey. Hope all is well, what kind of letter did the Sultan send? It is the Sultan's order that Ertugrul Bey goes to Mongol Khan, Ogeday, as his envoy. To go to Ogeday as his envoy? This is his decree stamped by his own seal, my Bey. And this is to be entrusted to Ertugrul Bey. Is it some burning matter, commander? I don t know, my Bey. These papers contain all the details and special requests of the Sultan. This must be delivered to Ertugrul Bey urgently. EyvAllah (alright). In that case, I will promptly deliver it to Ertugrul Bey With your leave. My Osman. My valiant, who has been heralded to us in our dreams. May Allah smooth the path of your destiny. Praise be to my Lord (Rabb) Who sent you to us. Sugay Hatun. May Allah be pleased w th you. You showed up on the darkest day of my life and you brought.. health and new lease of life to my Osman. You brought hope to Osman... and to all of us. You took him into your heart as your own son... in the absence of his mother. It was very difficult for me to bear the pain of losing my child. But. Osman... he came into my life like a rising Sun. My Allah has blessed me to be a milk-mother to this beautiful child. And I would like to bring him up too, in the right and proper way. We both are now going through a time of difficult trials, Sugay Hatun. To whatever comes from Allah... we have to bend our necks humbly. Now, my tri 3e. . is your tribe. UBLUSQ ‘PU/ he is your son too, from now on. It will be my great pleasure, Ertugrul Bey. My beloved mother. My mother with gazelle eyes. If you only knew how I felt your absence all too soon. If only you could get out of there and come back, so... I can cuddle with you to the content of my heart. You would tell me: my Gunduz, my brave son. I would never make you sad, I would never again defy your word. You have no idea how much I miss you, mother My brothers are still too small. My father is struggling to provide us with everything we need and want. But how can he carry that entire burden on his shoulders alone? What are we now going to do without you, mother? uos A|/| Respected Ibn-ul Arabi. Did you come to pour water on your mother's grave and pray, son? Yes, Efendi. Masha Allah. The son who is visiting his mother's grave, watering the soil under which she rests and... send prayers for her soul, is a good and dutiful son. May you live long, my Efendi. But I'm so very distressed about my mother’s passing. I wish to be sto cal. But this is too heavy for me to carry. Come with me. Sit here, son I will tell you a story about one man. [the story about Prophet (pbuh)] While that person was still nestled under his mother's heart... he lost his father. He was born to this world already as an orphan.

Shortly afterwards, while still a child of a tender age, he lost his mother and then within a year... also his grandfather, who watched over him and sheltered him. Seeing him unprotected polytheists (Mushrikun) came at him mercilessly. They wanted to intimidate him so he would give up on his blessed cause. They deemed it proper to torture him in various ways. When he (pbuh) would pray, they would pour down the dirt over his blessed head... and they held him (pbuh) in contempt. When he went on a journey [to city of Ta’if] to illuminate their dark souls... they scorn him and made fun of him. That not being enough, he (pbuh) was stoned and chased by their youth in Ta if. But, while they deem it proper to subject him to stoning, he could... neither curse the people of Ta'if nor wish their destruction. He prayed for their salvation, instead. After he lost his friend, companion and confidant his beloved wife, our Mother Hz Khadija (RA)... and his paternal uncle Abu Talib (RA). he was so overcome with sorrow. He (pbuh) has been overcome with such a great sorrow that... he (pbuh) named that year "The Year of Grief. [Am al-Huzn, 619 CE] He buried his children in the soil with his own hands, while they were still at a tender age. And do you know what he (pbuh) did to sooth all his pains, son? What he did, my Efendi? He (pbuh) didn’t show any resentment. Not one word of rebellion against his fate has left his (pbuh) mouth. Rather, with fortitude. . and commitment to his cause (Daw'ah) he followed his path and never turned away from it. Who was this blessed person, my Efendi? Why was he subjected to so much suffering? That was our beloved Master (pbuh) in the both worlds... who was sent as a mercy for all creatures... our blessed Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh), son. How full of fortitude and how generous man our beloved Prophet (pbuh was He (pbuh) has endured so many tests and trials with patience. Hmh-hm. uiq quin My father always advises us to follow the path of our Prophet (pbuh) . and to taKe him as our gu de. Now I find out why, from this story. Son, this world is the place of trials and tribulations When Allah (swt) loves people, He (swt) tests them most sorely. [refers to: hasan Hadith by at-Tirmidhi; 2396] For if Allah (swt) loves a person and wants good for him... He (swt) puts him through test and trials to make him stronger and to elevate his ranks. [recorded by Buhari and Muslim] You know, it is somewhat like stretching the bow to shoot an arrow... the more you stretch it. the farther the arrow will fly. Now it's up to you to take your brothers who are left behind under your wing and look after them. Find Password for this Episode is within the text with red colour text. Thank you!