DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 52

You are Watching 52st Episode of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Let me soothe his soul with Surah Al Fatiha. He was short of breath. He was born on the joyous day of Nevruz. In your pure destiny, a black soil was written, my son. I could not get quite enough of him... now the black soil will have its fill. Oy, my precious, my darling. Hayme Mother, I did ...


You are Watching 52st Episode of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Let me soothe his soul with Surah Al Fatiha. He was short of breath. He was born on the joyous day of Nevruz. In your pure destiny, a black soil was written, my son. I could not get quite enough of him... now the black soil will have its fill. Oy, my precious, my darling. Hayme Mother, I did what I could. However, my milk would not be enough for Osman. My baby is very small. And, I need to feed him too. If another hatun could be found, it would be much better. We will find one We will find one, of course. My Allah is the One who can open many doors. May Allah be pleased with you. You suckled our Osman. You brought us hope Don’t mention it, Hayme Mother, it was a great pleasure for me. O my Allah, please help us, my Allah. Please help us, my Allah. Oy, my lamb, oy. my lamb Oy, my I mb ey, yah Come on then, bring Ertugrul to me soon. My gallant horse. The one who shares my sorrow on this sad day for me. My winsome steed, who is more than a brother to me. In this dark day, you brought hope for my Osman. Burble, burble, oh, waters that gushes under the rock. Oh, water that tosses ships made of wood" Oh. water for which Hassan (ra) and Hussein (ra) once yearned." [the grandsons of Prophet, pbuh] Oh, water a treasure for gardens and vineyards Oh, water so cherished by Ayshe (ra) and Fatimah (ra)." Oh, water the drink of all beautiful horses " Oh, water that red camels cross over." Oh, water on whose banks the flocks of white sheep lie. Have you any news of what happen to my child? Oh, speak May my poor head be a sacrifice to you. [Dede Korkut - Poem] May our Lord (Rabb) never part us from our pure faith at the time of death. May He (swt) welcome this innocent.. in Jannah (Paradise) in honor of our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh)." [Dede Korkut - Dua] Amin. Do you have no one to go back to, hatun? Then I will take you to my tribe before the nightfall. You go back to your tribe, my Bey. While you are drowning in your pain as deep as the ocean... leave me here with my pain Go back to your children. And I will stay with my child I can't leave you here all on your own, hatun. When the night comes you may fall prey to some evilness.

How can I leave my son here alone, my Bey? How can I go and leave my son alone here... in this wilderness, at the mercy of this darkness and cold nights? I will not leave him as long as there is one breath left in me. Don’t do it, woman. Do you want to fall prey to the wolves, right here at his grave? It you do so, then... it amounts to a rebellion against Allah's will. Deh! - Deh I won't give them my son Leave here, my Bey! Get on your horse and go Don't get yourself into trouble with these accursed ones. Who are they, hatun? Come on. I suppose you could not separate yourself from your wife. Anyhow, no need to worry yourself I'll see to it that the two of you get reunited very soon. My Turgut Bey As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you). Alaykumu as-salam (peace be upon you too). What’s the matter, Ahmet brother? Nothing good, Turgut Bey Tekfur Kritos is getting ready to launch a raid. A raid? What raid, where he would attack? He intends to raid a tanning yard set up recently by someone. That place is managed by Almila Hatun and her men. My Ertugrul Bey is in mourning and he decided to... take advantage of this situation. And to hit him below the belt. You re right, JBunalpBeyj He wants to attack him while he is at his weakest. Where is our Bey? My Bey headed for the mountains to be alone for a while. Maybe he's already returned to the tribe. Well, in that case let's go to the tribe. No. it w uldn td There's no time to go to the tribe. Tekfur can attack at any moment We’ll have to reach the tanning yard as soon as possible. What about my Ertugrul Bey? While you go to the tannery, an Alp cap go to the tribe to inform Ertugrul Bey. And I’M go to the fortress to get my troops. Let's be quick about it. EyvAllah (let’s do so), Gunalp Bey. You’re right] Let our Bey mourn in peace. We will not disappoint him, we will finish this, evelAllah. EvelAllah. In that case, I'll meet you there... and I’ll fight at your side. May Allahhelp us all] Amin -Amin. Let’s go, valiants. Let’s go get this job done. Let’s go, then. Oguz, ride quickly to the tribe and notify my Ertugrul Bey. Tell him that Tekfur is going to raid the tannery.

Password: AhmedAlp

As for us, we are going to the tannery right now. As you order, my Bey. Come on, brothers, let’s go. Come on! The bird of prey has started closing in on its prey for a kill. Come, let me see you, you mad boy. Sugay H tun So, you have laid our Bey's grandson to rest. You will pay for your actions Take this woman! You will answer to our Bey for this. This hatun’s pain is great. I don t know what your issue is. But, I will not allow you to take her by force. And, who you might be? Suleyman Shah s son, Ertugrul. Principality Bey title doesn't give you the right to interfere, Ertugrul Bey This matter is out of your depth. Leave here, my Bey. In that case, come here and get Sugay Hatun. n a. And who are you? Get out of my way Just give it some thought. Perhaps you’ll remember. Who the heck is this? A Traveller. You’ll get acquainted soon enough. You are Tekfur Kritos's weird acquaintance. What do you want from me9 Your soul What does that mean now? Former Tekfur Ares! Now going by the new name of Ahmet Alp. Everyone now knows who you are and what you do... and that you are doing undercover work for Ertugrul. And, Kritos is aware of that, too. What are you talking about, you half wit dog? Get out of my way before I run you through Would it be polite to refuse you, Ahmet Alp? We know that you informed Ertugrul s men about our raid. You just preformed your last undercover work for Ertugrul. For. Ertuc rul is oin to be killed. And, Noyan will take your life. You are Noyan, Ogeday's commander! You joined forces with Kritos, to set a trap for Ertugrul! I’m going to run you through I won't let them fall into that trap Let’s see you, go for it then, you mad boy. Show your devotion to Ertugrul Bey. Ah' Vultures and ravens are getting impatient. They are waiting to feast on your carcass, any time now. They call the carcass a dead body of a man like you. If I die for the sake of my Daw’ah I’ll attain the honor of martyrdom. Well th n You should be grateful to me... for helping you attain that rank, mad boy. Vultures and ravens may wait a bit longer. Now this is time for the bird of prey.

The birds of prey cruise in circles, high above their prey. As they are cruising, the death is drawing nearer. Ugh' Ah' The black vulture of Gok Tengri (Father Heaven). the one concealing the Sun with its right wing. the one concealing the Moon with its left wing. let me gird you with the spirit of a black eagle with copper claws. Ah I’m hearing the dark voice of Death. The flapping of death-bearing black wings When the black eagle descends down into the ground waters... the son of a man cannot find a place to hide. Ugh And you won't be able to escape from me. Ah Death will come to you all by Noyan's sword. Ah Uh Ugh Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah. [I bear witness that there is no god except Allah] Wa-Ash-hadu anna.. [And I bear witness that] Muhammadan [Muhammad is] Abduhoo Wa Rasooluhu [His servant and Messenger] Ah! There are people coming. The guards are warning us It must be Ertugrul coming The time has come. May everyone be on the alert. Don’t you dare give yourself away. Everyone go back to what you were doing Why didn t Ertugrul come9 He will come with his Alps. Be patient. My Bamsi Head-Alp, my Turgut Bey] We come ere. Glad to see you, Almila Hatun. Glad to see you. Glad to see you, Almila Hatun. You have brought honor to our tanning yard You are always welcome. Your tannery is very fine, very nicely done, however... the situation is not good. What are you talking about, my Bamsi Head-Alp? Tekfur Kritos To prevent the arrival of craftsmen invited by Ertugrul Bey... he decided to attack your place May that infidel go to Hell! We are not afraid of him. We will take our swords and resist him along with our brothers. Brothers, your bravery is undisputable, but... you won’t be able to do anything They will attack you before the sundown. And then, when the darkness falls, they will hide all their traces. Well, what about Ertugrul Bey? My Ertugrul Bey is not informed of this. We will take care of this. Why the Bey of Principality is not informed? Where is he? Our Ertugrul Bey has just lost his hatun, he is in mourning I heard about it. May Allah rest her soul.

Now, you are all going to leave this place. And, we will lure them into a trap along with our Alps. Almila We can't leave this place just like that. Eynece, Turgut Bey is right. We will do as he requested. Password for this Episode is AhmedAlp. Well, go on then. Now, tell me, hatun. Who are you? My husband was a shepherd. He used to herd the Greeks’s animals. He went to Amida campaign and become martyr. [Amida - now named Diyarbakir] I have no one left in this world, Ertugrul Bey. I had no one but my son who died before he could get his fill of my milk. Well, who were these men, then? They were my husband’s family members. When my husband was martyred. they wanted to force me to marry his younger brother. But, I was against it. So I ran away I became a shepherd, too. I shepherded the Greeks' goats. On the Day of Nevruz I bore my son. [Nevruz - the first Day of Spring] I wanted to bring him up, however... he succumbed to the fever. And by the early morning, he closed his eyes forever And, once again.. If they managed to find you todays they will track you down tomorrow, for sure. I don't care now even if I die. Which clar^doyou belong to? Where do you come from? Tell me. I just need to know, so that I can put an end to these hostilities. I’m not from these parts, my Bey. My tribe is from Khwarazm, north of Aral Sea. [Khwarazm or Hazerm - part of Persian Empire] I came from far away. Listen to me, hatun. I am looking for someone who can suckle my son. Come with me to my tribe, hatun. You may feed your milk to my son. You may become the hatun of my tribe. Whenever you wish to visit your son’s resting place and to pray... you may come here. Maybe, by Allah's grace, while you're suckling my son. you will find a little solace for the life you’ve lost. Come on, my brave-heart. Don't let gloom shroud your heart so. Try to pull yourself together a little. Hmh7 How can I overcome this pain of losing my mother, grandma? I'm trying to be patient.. but my heart is hurting, grandma What would I and my brothers do without our mother'? Ah From n w on. I will be both, your grandmother and mother. I'm not going to leave you boys alone. Don't you forget it, son. Showing so much sorrow... in the face of death... displeases Allah (swt). He (swt) is the one who gives life and causes death. [Al- A raf 7:158; Al-Hijr 15:23; Al Baqarah 2:258] Besides, your father will always stand behind you like a mountain. Grandma. Hmh? My father doesn't show it, but he is so broken-hearted. Keep your heart at ease, my boy. After my Ertugrul comes to terms with his grief... he will return to his tribe and to his sons. Grandma, Osman is hungry. -Hmh?

He is left without his milk. Look at him, see how he cries. We will find it, son. You keep praying. Allah does not reject the supplications of those afflicted with pain. [refers to Surah Al Ghafir; 40:60] He (swt) wil[ surely show us his Mercy. In shaa Allah, grandma. Endure, my Osman My blessed, brave son. Be patient a bit more. We will get your milk soon enough, In shaa Allah. O my Allah please he p us. Do not withhold Your Mercy from... this blessed trust of Yours, o Lord (Rabb). Is there permission, Artuk Bey? Come in, Oguz Alp What is it, Oguz Alp? My Bey, Ahmet Alp has brought news regarding Tekfur. Tekfur is going to attack the tanning yard. He is going to raid it? My Turgut Bey, Gunalp Bey and my Bamsi Head-Alp are gone to... set him a trap at the tannery. Well, what about my Ertugrul Bey?j I came here to notify my Ertugrul Bey, my Bey. However, he is not in the tribe. My Ertugrul Bey will come back, of course. But for now, this duty rests on our shoulders, Oguz Alp. You get Alps from our tribe as reinforcements and go to their aid. As for Ertugrul Bey, I will explain the situation to him. As you order, Artuk Bey Go with peace My milk, which I could not have given you. . will now nourish Ertugrul Bey's son, Osman, my son. I will always be coming back to visit you. I will neither leave your grave without water, nor your soul without a prayer Let's not leave Osman starving, Ertugrul Bey. The spirits want you to die, Ertugrul. Gok Tengri (Father Heaven) is after your flesh. Erleg Khan (ruler of the Underworld) desires your soul. [Erleg Khan - son of Gok Tengri] Sacred mountains and mystical rivers want to get their fill of your blood. The wolves desire your rotten flesh... the deep roots of sacred trees want to rejoice in feasting on your carcass. Talk to me Did Ertugrul come? Ertugrul didn’t come, brother 6}OU J9AdAq/V Turgut and Bamsi came.They said that Ertugrul is in mourning for Halime. They don't know where he went. We can talk to Tekfur and postpone setting the trap. Ahmet is dead! It is too late for that, now. What’s the use of entrapping Ertugrul, if he doesn’t die then, brother? Ertugrul will regret that he is not dead. You will take your men and attack the tannery. Besiege them and launch the attack simultaneously, so no one escapes. As you order, sir. And you, take the rest of the soldiers and follow me.