DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 50

Your are Watching 50th Episode of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. From my ashes, I was born again and I returned, Ertugrul. To burn you and your lineage into ashes. A andoya. I am at your disposal, brother. I’ve been grooming you for these days. Alandoya. Come to me, my brave little sister. Apprise me of what you have done? I fulfilled the duty ...


Your are Watching 50th Episode of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. From my ashes, I was born again and I returned, Ertugrul. To burn you and your lineage into ashes. A andoya. I am at your disposal, brother. I’ve been grooming you for these days. Alandoya. Come to me, my brave little sister. Apprise me of what you have done? I fulfilled the duty you entrusted to me, my brother Have you seen Ertugrul? -1 have, brother. Tell me about it. As per your advice. I played upon Ertugrul s sense of honesty and chivalry... and have secured myself a place in the Bazaar. And I gained his trust. Moreover when I went to his tent I even got to meet his mother and hatun That’s my untamed hawk Well done1 You've proven once again that you are Noyan's pride. I am forever making vow offering to the spirits for granting me a sister like you From now on. your offerings will include even the blood and flesh of the Turks, brother. My Nokers... I sacrificed my Nokers to the bandits, so that you could. [Noker - Mongolian Alps warriors or soldiers] worm your way into Ertugrul’s heart. May the souls (good ghosts) protect them from the wrath of Erleg Khan... [Erleg Khan - King of the Dead the Underworld and Hell] may they (good ghosts) open the paths for them to fly. [in Shamanism - after death people fly to Sky] Let's get to it now and perform our duty. What are you talking about brother ime . - nc w lere c u i oyan come rom. He is dead. My Bey, that Satan died. We saw it with our own eyes. Are you acquainted with that Demon, my Bey? I am. Ahmet. I am acquainted with him quite well. Welcome to the Hel of Noyan, Ertugrul. So, you a e Noyan. I am Demon of this Hell... Ah! Brother. Brother? Brother brother! Hang on Hang on; you will be alright brother. My Bey. My Bey. how can that be possible? We were all witnesses to that. When my brother Sungur got wounded we were all in a state of panic and... we set off focused on how to get him back to the tribe We left Noyan s body just lying there, Bamsi. My Bey. My Bey. you left Noyan leaking like a sieve. There was no place left on him that your sword didn’t cut.

That degenerate was oozing blood all over the place, my Bey. I know. Bamsi, I know it. Obviously, he didn t die In that case, the first aim of that dog is not. . an invasion of Anatolia. Firstly, he will go after you,jny Bey.j Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! For the Chay Khan of the Upper Realm. [Cay/Chay Khan - the Summer God] Chay Khan! Chay Khan! Chay Khan! For Erleg Khan in the lower realm, for his sons and daughters [Erleg Khan - Mongolian Mythology of Creation] Erleg Khan! Erleg Khan! Erleg Khan! For the sake of Muncak and Mus Khan! Muncak Mus Khan! Muncak Mus Khan! Muncak Mus Khan! Muncak Mus Khat ! For the blessed lineage of Genghis Khan and. my brave warriors who eagerly went into the arms of death. Become their nightmare. Swoop down on them like death. For the sake of Muncak and Mus Khan! Muncak Mus Khan! Muncak Mus Khan* Muncak Mus Khan! Muncak Mus Khan! We are vanguard forces coming into these lands to occupy them. Like the steady flow of Syr Darya (laxartes) and Amu Darya (Oxus) rivers . we will clear the path for our Army. We will drink the blood of Turks till we re full to overflowing. Do not forget! We will have courageous and honorab e warriors against us. And, one dauntless warrior among them! Ertugrul! Ertugrul! Ertugrul! Ertugrul! Ertugrul! Ertugrul! Ertugrul! The most intelligent and the most daring warrior of all the Turks. We didn't come here to solely fight him and his Alps, but we came.. to kill their souls... and to confine them to the Hell of Erleg Khan. We came to destroy the Seljuk State. For the sake of Muncak and Mus Khan! May our valiant warriors’ sweat reach the Gok Tengri. Sky God. [belief - souls evaporate to the Sky, to be reincarnated] May the great Steel Mountain that the Sun cannot circle, be gleeful with their souls. May the Golden Mountain that the Moon cannot get around it. [Mount Siimer/Golden - considered to be center of Universe] may the Ethereal World Tree that the axe cannot fell down. [Tree - symbolizes place where Heaven and Earth touch] find its power with their (Ndkers) souls.

The owner of the Moon and Sun, Ayaz Hakan. the blessed trees adorned with pieces of cloth. [Mongol's belief - trees were once souls of humans] the leafy blessed Beech trees... [the "Shaman tree"] the patron of fiery fire. Ak Yayik Khan... [Ak Yayik Khan - one of 99 Gods] Hey, Gok Tengri (Father Heaven)... hey the ground springs with a thousand ears the blessed soul of the cloud-eyed Bugra Hakan the blessed Er Kishi with icy feet... [Er/Bey Kishi - demonic character created by Father Heaven] the cloud, the colt, the vault of Heaven^ [invocation of various spirits in Mongolian Shamanism] accept them to the realm of Souls. Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! They're far off. my Bey. Since they're far off they can't bring us any harm. That is, until the Mongols decide to launch an invasion on our State. No, Gunalp Bey. If Noyan has been assigned the duty to invade our homeland. he will first look for a way isolate and disable us. He will plant his men everyplace, and not only in our tribe but even into the Palace. His hatred towards me is so great that... it doesn t matter where I am. on our western border... or if I go to the other side of the world... he would move heaven and earth to find me. Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! From my ashes, I was born again and I returned, Ertugrul. To burn you and your lineage into ashes... and to rip your heart out. Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! Noyan! Push, Halime Hatun push. Mother. Give me sip of water please. My mouth is dry. Alright.

Password: HalimESultaNc

Right away my daughter. Hatun, bring some water. Password for this Episode is HalimESultaNc. There you are my daughter. Oh. Make an effort, my baby. My Allah...oh my Allah, help her. Balgigek, didn’t you send word to Artuk Bey? We did Hayme Mother. He is on his way. Come on. my lamb, try your best. By Allah s leave you will have a beautiful and healthy child. Come on Come here Tekfur, come. Sit there, opposite me. Welcome. Drink it. I don’t feel like drinking now the Traveller. Drink drink! It gives pleasure and health to spiritless ones. What sort of wine is this? It looks like blood. The drink I served you in this cup is not wine, it is blood. Oh' I had a craving for Turk’s blood. Go on. drink it, drink. It’ll relieve the pain you feel for your son. I won’t drink it. I came here to tell you that you were right. Mary a has admitted that she was working for the benefit of Sadeddin. That means you believe me now, ha? Now it’s this convert Ares's turn who goes by the name of Ahmet. Don t you dare lay your hands on Ares. What is on your mind, the Traveller? Ares will deliver Ertugrul to me, and then you can take his life. Did you understand me? That s great] We will cooperate really well. But tell me who you are, first. I told you to simply call me the Traveller. Tekfur. I'll be the best friend you've ever had and whom you II ever have in this world. Know me as the Traveler who devoted himself to dog Ertugrul s footsteps. You will learn more when I lure him into my trap. Won’t you have a sip of it, Tekfur? Hah? Drink it. Father! My little brother is coming. He is coming, son he is coming. How is your mother doing? My grandma and midwives are attending to my mother, father Hey, Mash Allah. When your brother is born, you will be responsible for him. EvelAllah (of course), father. You may trust me with my little brother. And when he grows up, I will train him to handle his sword. Hey, Mash Allah, that’s my lion hey, Mash Allah. Mother. Son How is my Halime doing? She is doing fine, son. Do not stress yourself. Everything is going as it should praise be to Allah. Praise be to Allah, mother. Praise be to Allah. I am unable to contain myself, mother. I know son. Have just a little bit more patience. Now, I have to return to my daughter. And you keep praying that your baby arrives safe and healthy. I will mother I will.

Father, will I get a brother or a sister? Come with me. son. Everything happens with Allah's will and decree. [refers to At-Tawbah: 9:51] However the arrival of our Osman has been heralded to us And, your mother and I both, as well as your grandma have seen him in our dreams. However, "Allah (swt) knows the best" son. [Al Isnhiqaq, 84.23] Even if it’s a girl, let her be born without any problem. and I will always keep her safe, father. You will, son. you will of course. Hey, Masha Allah, that is my brave-heart You are very big Giindiiz Alp Father, tell me how did you meet my mother? Why doyou^call^her "my gazelle eyedone"? It was one gazelle that has brought me to your mother, my Gunduz Father1 Halime! Ya Allah! We have to take to the road at once. You may go. We will take care of ourselves. It was easy to defeat one regiment of Crusaders Let’s see him now. Ertugrul is done for, now. Allah helps those in need, my brother. And he needs help badly. What can you do you are just a woman? I said we won’t be coming with you, man. We owe you one life. We will repay you one day. Give me your name. I am Ertugrul of the Kayi clan. May it be as you wish. May Allah help you. May it be easy on you. Let s go with them, sister. Is your tribe far off? So, because of that you call my mother "my gazelle", father? Well, yes, for that reason, son. Your mother is as graceful as gazelle. And her eyes have that soft glossy look like gazelle’s. Father, may I go to my mother? I will boost her endurance Wouldn't that be unheard of, my valiant? Men do not attend childbirth. We will wait for your brother to be born. Look, Ertugrul is in main room. He is waiting for the good news that his baby is born. Come on, my beautiful daughter. Did Ertu rul come? He did, he did come. Come on. Halime Hatun Come on grit your teeth and bear down. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [In the name of Allah swt. the Merciful and the Compassionate]. Try harder, baby, that s it. My baby has arrived. Father it's my brother’s voice. Yes, son. your brother has been born. All praise belongs to You my Allah o my Lord (Rabb). Praise be to You. Praise be to Allah (swt).

O my Allah all praises belong to You alone, o my Lord (Rabb). Praise be to You (swt). Masha Allah, you’ve given birth to a healthy and beautiful valiant, Halime Hatun. Oy, grandma’s bundle of joy, I would give my life for you. My heavenly scented one. Praise be to my Lord (Rabb) for giving you to us. May Allah grant you a blessed life. You are healthy and strong. Masha Allah. Mother^ -My daughter. Is that my Osman? -It's Osman Mother... -Here, take our Osman My Osman. . My lionheart who has been heralded to us. Your mother would sacrifice everything for you. You brought happiness to our tribe and to our tent, my lion. My baby Mother what a beautiful baby, isn't he. O Allah, I am grateful to You for allowing me to experience this blessed moment in my life... praise be to You (swt). May Allah extend your family line and increase our tribe through him Halime Hatun. May Allah grant him a favorable destiny In shaa Allah. u.iuv May Allah be pleased with you too hatuns. May you live long. May you enjoy good health, hatuns. With your permission. My daughter? Are you alright? I’m fine, mother. You... take the joyful news to my Ertugrul. Take my Osman to him. My daughter, are you well? I'm fine, mother. Take Osman to him. Alright. And, you try to get some rest, ha? My mother. A brave-heart has been born, my valiant. Our Osman has arrived Hey. Masha Allah. Hey. Masha Allah. My Osman My valiant child. Praise be to my Lord (Rabb) for initially heralding your arrival and then for granting you to us. Father What you saw in your dream has come true. Osman has arrived. My little brother. Mother. How is my Halime doing, tell me mother. She is doing well, son. After she get some rest, she will be even better, In shaa Allah. In shaa AI[ah, In shaa Allah. Aag Aiai Come here, Artuk Bey. Welcome here, Artuk Bey. Our Osman has arrived, my Artuk Bey. Hey. Masha Al ah. My gorgeous son with the glorious name has been born in our State tent like the rising Sun. May Allah protect him for you, my Bey. May He (swt) make him victorious in the both worlds. In shaa Allah. Amin. Amin.