DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 47

Your are Watching 47th Episode of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. What do you want? Move out my way We have to speak to the Sultan. What are you talking about? Why would the sultan be in the tribe9 Ah' Traitors! O Allah! Nothing s wrong, In shaa Allah Who are they, Artuk Bey? O Allah' What's going on, Artuk Bey9 This is not a good ...


Your are Watching 47th Episode of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. What do you want? Move out my way We have to speak to the Sultan. What are you talking about? Why would the sultan be in the tribe9 Ah' Traitors! O Allah! Nothing s wrong, In shaa Allah Who are they, Artuk Bey? O Allah' What's going on, Artuk Bey9 This is not a good omen, my Sultan. They are going to slaughter my son! Mahperi Hatun! Wait here. -I can t wait! He pulled a sword on my son, I can t wait. Do you know what I see when I look at you. Ertugrul Bey? A liar pretending to be a hero Now you shall surrender. Surrender your life to Emir Sadeddin... in front of the brave men who are going on a conquest. We only surrender to Al Haqq, Gunalp Bey [Al Haqq - the Absolute Truth, Allah] Well then, you have just... walked up to your own appointed hour Ertugrul Bey. And, I shall be the one to bring about your appointed hour! Today will be the blessed day for all those valiants who... sacrificed their own lives for their State. May Allah bring you to reason you, Gunalp Bey. Know that... I won’t stop until I take the life of that dog Sadeddin. Now do not hesitate to... use all the power you possess. Well then, this is the end of you, Ertugrul Bey. Ah' Ugh sJailW Who do you think you are to storm the tent which the Sultan occupies? Now you will all die. Attack them! O Allah' Mahperi Hatun, we need to protect this place. Mother, bring the swords. If they happen to come in here, we shall protect our children. Give me a sword too, Hayme Hatun. Give me anything I shall wait for them, the sword in my hand Ahh O Allah! Artuk Bey I ve got to know you so well Ertugrul Bey, that... I knew you weren’t going to give up on Emir Sadeddin. My Gunalp Bey Blessed Emir. Gunalp Why did you sneak in from behind the States tent? Ertugrul is after you. My Gunalp Bey. with all the soldiers present.. Ertugrul Bey cannot just walk into the Army encampment. He will come, Giinalp is right.

In that case we will take further precautions. We will not increase precautions, we will leave it as it is. Let Ertugrul come to kill me. Tomorrow, it won't be possible for him to kill you, since you d be off on a campaign. However, tonight he will find a way to sneak into the State tent. He will not even wait for tonight. He will come when least expected. Blessed Emir I have some unfinished business with him. Give me permission and I will take care of him. I am proud of your loyalty and determination. Gunalp Come on, my Bey Come on, finish that dog off. Ertugrul will come out when he kills him. We need to err on the side of caution. and take him out of here safe and sound. After Sadeddin dies. Husamettin Karaca will take control and deal with the rest. In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah What is happening What are these soldiers doing? Bring them here to me! Ahh Ahh Who sent you? Who7 He handed his sword before entering, Blessed Emir. Gunalp should have come out with Ertugrul Bey s head by now You still don t know Ertugrul well enough Kayraldi. Ertugrul s weapon is his determination Surrender, Ertugrul Surrender! And take refuge in the mercy of my justice. Surrender yourself. Ertugrul Bey. This is the end. There is no way out for you. Stay back! Don't come any closer! Ah Artuk Bey Ugh' Die Giyaseddin! Ugh My Sultan! Ah Ah' I am going to tear you into pieces I am going to tear you into pieces Come on then, let s see who will tear whom apart Now... Now let your master come to save you from me! Now, see if your master comes to save you from my clutches! Ertugrul! Surrender! You are in my Army encampment. surrounded by my soldiers. There is no way out! My Bey Stop there, hold on hold on Hold on Ertugrul has fallen into a trap. We are the only ones who can save him. They will kill my Bey.

If we come into their sight, they will kill us as well If anything happens to him, it will be our duty to kill Sadeddin If we happen to be compromised no one will be left to kill that dog. It’s either me. or Kopek It’s either justice... or oppression, Gunalp Bey. The way youjakejiow^. will decide your fate. They’ve set a trap to Ertugrul Bey. We must take this dogs head, before... something bad happens to Ertugrul Bey. Turgut Bey and Sungur Bey are still within the Army camp. We still have hope. Finally, he is in my hands. Praise be to Allah. Before embarking on the campaign you will take his head then you’ll leave. This is enough of waiting. Get ready We are going to attack the tent! Walk in front of me, Giinalp Bey You loved him as a father.. you would sacrifice your own life for Sadeddin s sake... let’s see now, how much he really loves you. Go on May Allah curse him! He has taken Gunalp hostage There is still hope. Turgut. As long as Ertugrul is alive, there will always be hope. EvelAllah (with Allah's help)] I will kill you Get ready. We are going to attack! Are you going to sacrifice Gunalp Bey, Blessed Emir? For the sake of our State ... I would even face the death of my own son. EvelAllah (by Allah)! My son. are you alright? I’m fine mother, don’t worry. Go, tend to your wound, Artuk Bey. As you command, my Sultan You dared to raid the State tent, hah? Attempting to slaughter our Sultan, hah? Your master is a dog. and you’re the son of a dog My Sultan! Give me permission, let me take this degenerate s head in your presence Not yet, Bamsi Alp Why don t you kill this traitor who wanted to end your life, my Sultan? This blackguard’s head must be taken immediately. -Mother! Not now, I said. Do not force me to repeat my order again Ertugrul! Did you think that.. by taking Gunalp hostage... I would let you save yourself, ha?

Password: TurgutBeySungurc

Don’t you know that I’d be ready to... even sacrifice Gunalp. whom I love like my own son. in order to bring down a traitor like you? Surrender and take refuge in my justice! Or die along with Gunalp. This is my last warning to you Archers! You have just seen that dog you considered as your father... with your own eyes, Giinalp Bey. Sooner or later you will understand who he really is. If I die you’re obliged to take over my duty. This is my word to yoir Gunalp^Bey Now in order to save your life... I will surrender myself. Capture him1 Ugh Give me permission to take his head right now and here. Blessed Emir. No His life belongs to me But. it'll wait for now Firstly. Password for this Episode is TurgutBeySungurc. I need to know who he has been cooperating with. How did he sneak into my Army encampment.. who helped him slip in ... and who were these two commanders? What power is behind them, which Emir? I will find it out. And your death won t be an easy one. The Sultan you trusted so... is so afraid and is such a coward, that... he went to your tribe.. holding his mother s hand out of fear They have no one else to whom they can trust, except you. Only you Now tell me, how did you sneak into my Army encampment? So, you mean to keep quiet, ha? Let s see if you will be able to keep quiet after the things I am going to do to you?? Kayraldi. Take him to my tent. Who is the one, who gave him the courage to sneak into my Army encampment.. along with those to commanders? I will find it out I will find it out! The Emperor will be pleased with this planning, Ares. I am of the same thinking, Kritos. The Emperor will be glad. What’s the matter Marya? What was the issue you wanted to talk to me about? Sir. I have brought you important information regarding the Kayis. What it is. Marya? Sultan Giyaseddin has left Konya... and took refuge in the Kayi tribe. Are you sure? I'm sure. Sir I did tell you that there are places where I can get information about them Where did you get this information from, Marya? There is a hatun from the Qavdar tribe. Sadeddin Kopek is quite powerful within his State. And the Sultan, knowing this . and believing that Sadeddin Kopek will overrun him. he has taken refuge in Ertugrul’s tribe. This is a great opportunity for us to create uproar among the Turks. We must take advantage of this. Since the Sultan is hiding behind Ertugrul. then. we will kill him in the very place where he is hiding. By doing so Ertugrul s reputation will be razed to the ground. This duty is your personal responsibility, Ares. Yes. Kritos This time you hold the Turks in the palm of your hands.

In that case don't waste time Take your men along with you and go there, take the offensive. The Sultan must not get out of there with his life. That's what I was waiting from you, Kritos. So you intended to raid the State tent and take my life, in broad daylight? And you are wearing the uniform of my State s soldier, without any shame. Tell me. whose dog are you? Tell me My Sultan, this dog is Giinalp Bey’s right hand man. Gunalp Bey, the Commander in Chief? Ertugrul Bey said that Gunalp Bey was loyal to his State. How can a traitor like him be Giinalp Bey's right hand man? This dog would not act by himself without orders, my Sultan. Who is pulling your strings? Is it Sadeddin Kopek? Whose do are ou? Traitor! The real traitor is you! You betrayed the State by killing the Sultan in unison with your mother You will pay for this. Aaa! How dare you speak to our Sultan that way? How dare you speak to our Sultan like that9 Blessed Emir will finish you off, all of you. You will die groaning in agony. Leave him be. Bamsi Head-Alp. It’s clear that Sadeddin dog has poisoned this jackal. My Sultan, what are you going to do with him? isiueg To pardon these jackals... would be the violation of Justice. It’ll be first your miserable life... then Sadeddin Kopek s next. My Sultan. Who stole you into my encampment, Ertugrul? Who were those two commanders? No one knows who those two commanders were, Blessed Emir. If we can find out. who those two commanders were... then we can find out who helped Ertugrul sneak into my tent. They were brave valiants loyal to their State, who wanted the death of a degenerate like you. who desires to be the Sultan. Know that there are many more just like those two out there, Sadeddin. Sooner or later someone will come along and take that evil head of yours.

I will personally take yours in the sight of all my commanders. Ertugrul. I will promenade your head from end to end of the land I will exhibit it until it rots But firstly you will tell me the names of those two commanders. We were all told to be ready. Alright then Hurry up There are soldiers everywhere. It is impossible to rescue Ertugrul from the encampment. Now they will torture my Bey and try to make him talk. Ertugrul won’t talk Kopek knows this, as well. Now we need to think wisely Our first objective should be to find a way to rescue Ertugrul safely. How will we do that? Togan Bey showed us one tent to go to. We will sneak into that tent and meet with him there in secret. Then we will discuss this matter in great detail. You are right Let's go then Thank you, Halime Hatun. May Allah be pleased with you. How do you feel, Artuk Bey? There’s nothing to worry about my Sultan. I am well, praise be to Allah. Do I have permission, my Sultan? Come in My Sultan, Ertugrul Bey has managed to safely rescue Emir Kamberi. And afterwards, he has set off towards Sadeddin Kopek s Army encampment... along with Husamettin Karaca. to carry out a raid My brave-hearts. O my Allah, praise be to You. Superb. Superb. I have no doubt at all that Ertugrul Bey will be successful. My Sultan, Emir Kamberi's army is ready. They have set off towards Konya. If anything goes wrong. Emir Kamberi s army will attack Sadeddin Kopek’s army. Excellent. In that case they shall wait for my command. I will personally lead them. As you command, my Sultan. My Sultan. Emir Sadeddin and his jackals have found out that you are here. If you give permission. I can invite the tribe leaders who are loyal to Ertugrul Bey. Their presence will strengthen our unity and existence. And this would be necessary for your safety, my Sultan. You thought it well, Artuk Bey However, wouldn’t they be afraid of Emir Sadeddin and hesitate to come? We will inform them anyway, my Sultan. Superb. In that case send a messenger to the tribe leaders. If they love their State and homeland, they will come. As you command, my Sultan. Password is in the fourth Paragraph of this story.