DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 43

Your are Watching 43rd Episode of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles.And this is for what you've done to Ertugrul Bey and what you ve done to my tribe. Die Sadeddin! Die so that the world will be purged Kay raid i1 Kayraldi' Kayraldi! How many men will die because or your loyalty to Emir Sadeddin Gunalp Bey I swear that I won’t leave ...


Your are Watching 43rd Episode of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles.And this is for what you've done to Ertugrul Bey and what you ve done to my tribe. Die Sadeddin! Die so that the world will be purged Kay raid i1 Kayraldi' Kayraldi! How many men will die because or your loyalty to Emir Sadeddin Gunalp Bey I swear that I won’t leave the State... in the hands of jackals like you Ertugrul Bey. Gunalp Bey My daughter, were you able to find any traces of her? No mother Neither her saddlebag is here. Obviously she has taken it with herself. Hasnt Aliyar Bey’s sword been over there? It has She has taken that too, then. Oh my Allah oh my Allah, please protect her It is clear that she is off to do something Her intention is clear. Artuk Bey, we have got some news from our Alps. Did they see Aslihan Hatun? A shepherd says that he saw a woman on the road to Konya on horseback. Was she alone? Yes my Bey, she was riding her dark swarthy horse. That’s Aslihan Hatun’s horse. You were right Halime Hatun What if Aslihan makes it to the Palace? What if that villainous Emir Sadeddin does something bad to her? Abdurrahman, be quick, send some Alps after Aslihan Hatun. They must catch up with her before anything bad happens to her. As you order, my Bey! We better pray that... our Alps catch up with her. Ah Aslihan Hatun! Ah Kayraldi! No one no one will be able to save you from me, Sadeddin, no one! Don’t do it Aslihan1 You will pay dear price for that. Lots of blood will be shed in your tribe. You're risking sending your tribe and yourself to your deaths. I'm telling you one last time. Don t do it iueqi| v My tribe has split up because of you. They turned away from... my brother’s and Ertugrul Bey’s path. But if you if you die my tribe and my loved ones will be saved. You will die, Sadeddin. You will no longer be able to take my beloved ones away from me. I won t let that happen. I won t! Die Sadeddin, die! Come on. die! Don t do it K yraldi Aslihan Aslihan. Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah. [I bear witness that there is no god except Allah] Wa-Ash-hadu anna Muhammadan ‘Abduhoo Wa Rasooluhu [And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger] Aslihan. Aslihan. Aslihan Aslihan. I ve come, my bravehearts. I've come for you! Who are they? He is my uncle Garkin Bey Stop the archers' Hold it1 Archers, hold it! Is there permission, Blessed Emir? Blessed Emi ' Blessed Emir! Blessed Emir! Blessed Emir! Aslihan.

You’re going to jive. Blessed Emir! You II urvive1 Soldier, soldier, soldier! I’m going to take you away from here. Call the physician, hurry up Blessed Emir! Kayraldi Take Aslihan to her tribe. Everyone ought to hear that I killed her. Don’t tire yourself, Blessed Emir. I’m going to take you away from here. Do as I say Send Aslihan off to her tribe. Both Turgut and Ertugrul shall learn that I’ve killed her. That s an order, Kayraldi. I'll do it, Blessed Emir. I will send that woman to her tribe. Providing that you will be fine] Emir Hazretleri! Emir Hazretleri! Emir Hazretleri! Emir Hazretleri! Emir Hazretleri! Gunalp Bey .. let's not risk having even more soldiers hurt. We will settle this matter between ourselves, here. Do not allow more blood to be spilled Then, let's get it over and done with, Ertugrul Bey. Surrender yourself, Gunalp Bey. Give up on being so stubborn Your loyalty to Emir Sadeddin has cost many lives Put an end to this I would prefer to die, rather then... surrender to a traitor such as you, Ertugrul Bey. You’re such a smart woman. Marya. First you betrayed me. And then, the Turks too. What will you do next? Are you going to betray Tekfur Kritos, as well? You have killed my little brother, Ares. On the other hand. Tekfur Kritos saved me from the Turks. Whyever would I betray him? And what’s more, I did not betray you. You only suffered the consequences for killing my brother. Yes. I killed your brother. But what about the Turks? What have they done to you? Ertugrul protected you. The Turks welcomed you into their fold. They wed you to someone like Artuk Bey. So why did you betrayed them then? I never was able to assimilate among them. I took shelter with them because I didn’t have any other choice. I was compelled to marry someone in order to stay there, so I did it. What a woeful fairytale is that, Marya. But as always, it is so hardly believable. Anyhow, let’s call a halt to it. We’ve come together, here under the same roof for a common purpose. To dispose of Ertugrul. But I will be watching you, Marya. If I see any mistake of yours... rest assured that I won’t have mercy on you. You may burn in Hell. Ares You may burn in Hell The Beys that took part in the Council were so resolute to rebel against Sadeddin. However, they .. gave up the idea, for they figured out that their State might go down. And you tried to stop them, is that so Ertugrul Bey? Is there no end to your lies, huh?

Because you see that your end is near. you’re trying to ensure you stay alive. You killed so many innocent people. From now on. you you’re going to suffer the consequences in the both world for what you ve done You re going to die.. as Sadeddin's dog. as a killer with blood on your hands. Well then go the way of all flesh, Ertugrul Bey Hey! Hold it' Drop to your knees! For now he is the victor. You’ve given me your word, Ertugrul Bey Let my soldiers go Alps et them go Go now This is my command, go Finish me off, Ertugrul Bey. Emir Sadeddin will take you to reckoning for this, at any rate. I’ve realized from the beginning that your intentions were good. Though your loyalty has cost many Beys their lives. I won’t kill you here and today, Giinalp Bey. Don’t let that murderer get away with his life, Ertugrul Bey! That dog Sadeddin will go to any lengths to get me killed. However, being the Bey of Principality... you’re honorable enough not to bring any harm to either Karacahisar or my tribe. Our problems are not with the State... but rather with that dog Sadeddin Kopek. From now, if he has an account to square with me, he is to see me in person. Now I'm going to release you, Giinalp Bey. In shaa Allah, you will live long enough to perceive the truth. You re free to go now This matter will not end here, Ertugrul Bey. We will most assuredly face each other again. Is there permission Mahperi Hatun9 Come in My Mahperi Hatun. What happened? There was an attempt on Emir Sadeddin s life. What are you talking about? Who did it? Who was bold enough to do such a thing? It was one woman, my Hatun Who is that woman? We don’t know who she is, yet. What about Emir Sadeddin? I’ve heard that he suffered serious injuries. Where is he now? I don t know He must be in his quarters. This is the grace sent to us by Allah (swt), Abdullah. You’re going to k[ll him^whHe^. he is helpless in the throes of death. The prosperity of the State depends on that. May my life be sacrificed for the sake of our State and our Sultan Mahperi Hatun. Come in, Ares, come here. You ve summoned me, Kritos I’m going to entrust you with a very important duty. Ares You'll entrust me with a very important duty, hah? So what could that be? You re going to set off to Nikea? To Nikea? Whyever for? You re going to deliver this letter to the Emperor. In order to prevent Ertugrul from settling in Sogut, we need military support. In my letter, I explained everything to the Emperor and... requested that he send the army. Alright but Emir Sadeddm will finish Ertugrul off by then What do we need the army for? Hmh. It’s not only because of Ertugrul. of cource. While Emir Sadeddin is engaged in the conquest of Samsat... we re going to make use of that opportunity and get Karacahisar back. I hope the Emperor accepts to send the Army and men-of-arms. He will, Ares. in order to retain bogut and to reposess Karacahisar. he will certainly accept my request. And you’ll return here at the lead of that Army. Then I better take to the road. Make me proud, Ares Don t forget that with the support of this upcoming troops. we will all be able take our revenge on Ertugrul. How did you find us. Garkin Bey? We caught the dog that flew the news to Emir Sadeddin about our Council.

Password: ccGarkinccBeycc

Password for this Episode is GarkinBey. As soon as I found out that he was going to dispatch his soldiers to do slaughter here. I set off on the road. I headed over here in order to inform you about that. But I was too late. Many of our brave Beys and Alps have been murdered. Garkin Bey. relocate your tribe from your habitat somewhere else, without delay And don’t leave any traces behind. Failing that Emir Sadeddin will... send his soldiers to massacre everyone, down to small children. We must inform the the tribes whose Beys have been killed about their death. And they must put precautionary measures in piece, too. Ertugrul Bey... Sadeddin dog slaved so many valiants and disposed of so many tribes Beys... because of his greed. I wish you had killed Gunalp too. Ertugrul Bey. We would not benefit from the death of Gunalp His intentions are good. ooner or la er I e wii e awo en o reali y. Our target is. that dog. Sadeddin So many tribal Beys have died. But in the end, the rebellion has been avoided. Our State and our tribes have taken their hands off of each other s throats. Unfortunately the way things stand, this State which we hold as... the crown on our heads will belong to that dog Sadettin. It won t belong to him, Garkin Bey. Even at the cost of our lives, we won’t let that happen. And when the time is right... I will kill Emir Sadeddin, myself. Ertugrul Bey... none of us have any doubt regarding your courage and your bravery. You’re going to fight to the bitter end, that s without question. But what if that Kopek doesn't die7 Then, the rebellion will be lawful to you as your mother's milk Garkin Bey. However, until all possibilities are exhausted. rebelling against our State is not acceptable. If you do not succeed in killing him. that dog Sadettin will have violent reckonkig with all Turkmen tribes. In that case we should pack up our tribes... and go up into the mountains. And then, anyone who is able to hold a sword should. join the rebellion. Until our State finds relief from this we re all going to live like fugitives. Until we set our State free from this scourge called Kopek.. return to our tribes and our homes, is forbidden to us.

Regardless if it leads across the mountains or steppes. come the winter or snow, we will walk our path. Maybe we will never return to our tribes. We will risk everything, but we will bring this matter to an end. We will take to the road at the dawn. May Allah (swt) help us all. Amin Amin We have tough days ahead of us. On the tough days, brave men are obliged to. have strength to face up to and endure the hardship. We are ready for every kind of hardship. If we are streadfast and show patience, then. at the end of this road there will be salvation. This is the duty of everyone who loves his State who loves his homeland. Emir Sadeddin must not leave his quarters alive. We will finish this quickly. Afterwards, we will dispose of all soldiers loyal to him. Tonight, plenty of blood will be shed, in this Palace. But the State will be purged. You. how dare you enter into Emir Sadeddin’s quarters without his permit? Where is Emir Sadeddin? Blessed Emir has embarked on the campaign at the helm of the Army. Now leave here, at once! You’re lying Somebody has made an attempt to kill Emir Sadeddin. Where is he now? What nonsense are you talking about again? So, you won’t tell us where Emir Sadeddin is? Then you II be held accountable for the blood that’s been shed in this place. Detain him Leave me alone. What do you think you’re doing? Let go of me. Let go! The time for reckoning has come Sadeddin. Praise be to Allah (swt). we are not afraid to die. not in the slightest degree. Just so you know... neither will I let you get away with all you’ve done... nor will these chains that you shackled me with. protect you from my wrath. Die Sadeddin. Die so that the world will be purged.

Blessed Emir. Aslihan. Blessed Emir, that hatun has died. You’ll be alright. Blessed Emir, you’ll be fine. Aslihan You’ll be alright, Blessed Emir. You II be fine Kayral... Kayraldi. What is this place? It's Cervansaray. efendi. I was atraid that they might kill you, so l brought you here. Do they know that I m here? No, Blessed Emir. I’ve brought you here in secret. Excellent. Ah You’ll be amply rewarded for your quick wit. If I have stayed in the Palace.. Mahperi Hatun would make use of this opportunity to try to murder me. You re safe, Blessed Emir. Now take some rest. Wait Did you send Aslihan s corpse to her tribe? Yes I did, just like you ordered. Blessed Emir. Her death will bring Ertugrul and Turgut to me. Your Army is ready, waiting for you As soon as ou re ain our stren th. we will take to the road, Blessed Emir. Is there permission Mahperi Hatun? Come in What happened Abdullah? Did he die? There was no one in his quarters apart from soldiers. Madam. May he be damned! Where is he, then? The soldier said thet he went on a campaign with his Army. How? How can it be? Wasn't it true then what I heard? I believe it was true. How so9 There was a blood stain on the floor. That means, what we heard was right. That hatun attemted to kill Sadeddin however she ended up dead herself. And Sadeddin was secretly spirited away from the Palace. He must’ve been taken from the Palace in secret, to. some other place, for they knew what was coming. His Army is in readiness, waiting for him to go to Samsat. That dirty dog So, that means he managed to save himself. Go and learn who that hatun was. As you order, Mahperi Hatun! When will the Sultan be back from hunting? We don t know. Madam. What kind of hunt is that, Giyaseddin? What kind of hunt is that now? Let him pass through. My Sultan Soldiers! Emir of Sivas Husamettin Karaca! Welcome here. I see that you’re doing fine. Thanks to your favour, my Sultan. Does anyone know that you were comeing here? No, nobody knows As you know, even the roads I pass by don’t recognize me. I know. I know. I summoned you here to assign you an important duty I am at your command, my Sultan The State is going through turbulent days, lately There is a snake coiled around our neck, squeezing. And, it is suffocating us day by day. Now it is time to cut off that sneak’s head. and to take a sigh of relief. It is that dog Emir Sadeddin, isn’t it? Password for this Episode is in the first line of 4th paragraph in red color font. Click Here to go up towards the password. Watch and Pray for us! Thank you!