DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 42

Your are Watching 42nd Episode of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles.Therefore. I have saved the State from such an immoral and greedy man. as Tacedd n Pervane. We will now drain out all the purulent matter from the abscesses within the State Including Ertugrul. You’re doing your best for the survival of the State. I know. But I'm not that ...


Your are Watching 42nd Episode of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles.Therefore. I have saved the State from such an immoral and greedy man. as Tacedd n Pervane. We will now drain out all the purulent matter from the abscesses within the State Including Ertugrul. You’re doing your best for the survival of the State. I know. But I'm not that sure that Ertugrul... would do anything at all to violate the State’s customs. What you mean, Giinalp? If Ertugrul Bey wanted it he d move heaven and earth. to keep his hold on the fortress and on Principality’s Beylik. But in order not to defy the State... he even gave up on what was his right by sword. Giinalp. My son Being under the impression of Ertugrul s manners. you were not able to see his underlying intention. Ertugrul didn't give up his sword's rights, in order not to. defy the State, but rather because he knows that while I'm here, he is not powerful enough. If there is another Emir in my place... he would obey neither the Sultan nor the State. I have accompanied Ertugrul Bey on the road. We have fought shoulder to shoulder. He is a brav one I have perceived neither in his eyes nor in his words the ambition... for the title and position. But you know better. Giinalp. My brave son. It is for sure that you will see one day... what kind of man Ertugrul is. Certainly, you will be assured of his deceit one day. But don't think about this right now. There is more important matter at hand. And, this is why I have summoned you here I am at your disposal. Some Turkmen Beys have been meeting secretly. with the intention of starting rebellion. A rebellion? What kind of rebellion is this9 After Sultan Alaeddin they have become thoroughly uncontrollable They saw that our Sultan Giyaseddin is a young man. and they want to rebel. In their minds, they devised to take what they want from the State... and to create anarchy. But this State won’t go down on its knees before three or five plunderers. Would it cave in and kneel? It will never ever cave in and kneel. The survival of our State will... depend on what you do. Giinalp. You will quench this rebellion in the harshest possible way. You'll quench it so that it will... serve as an example up to 7th generation of their family lines. As you command, Blessed Emir Sadeddin. Now go With your permission. Permission is yours. It was obvious that Emir Sadeddin would not remain still. I told you that! But no one listened to me. Not one. If we migrate to Sogut, we will be in for a real trouble. Thanks to that blackguard Sadeddin Kopek... we are going to split up and leave, Halime. If someone would not stop him... he’s going to make us even bigger problems All of this is actually my fault.

What are you talking about, Aslihan? What’s that got to do with you? When I became Tu gut s hatun.. he has marked both of us down as his enemies. He will hurt both, me and those who are close to me. His desire for revenge has blinded his eyes. Until he dies... we are forbidden to see the light of day. Aslihan Hatun. This duty is the responsibility of our husbands. As for us, we need to be patient. In this there II be no discrimination between men and women, Halime Hatun. This villain's death must come where he least expects it. and at a time when he cannot foresee it. so that... there would be no place for him to run. Aslihan Hatun. You will see, both... Ertugrul Bey and Turgut Bey will defeat him. Emir Sadeddin is backed by the State's power. Turgut and Ertugrul Bey will hardly be able to deal with him. If they stand up against Sadeddin Kopek... so many innocents will die. To that end, a thousand of innocents will die so it is much more worthy to. . sacrifice one person and save a thousand people Deh! Aslihan, my sister. He was your Bey. he was my brother. He was a valiant like a mountain who shared my sorrows and my burdens. My brother has spoken his last word in this world and he went into the presence of our Lord. Now. it is our turn to speak. We will stand tall. Following his path we will protect our tribe, our traditions and our piece. Keep in mind that our tribe will not be left without its leader. Until the Bey is elected, my brother's trust rests on my shoulders. I have sworn an oath to keep my tribe safe, brother. I gave you my word that our tribe will not... fall to pieces and that I will protect your legacy. Now, for the sake of our tribe, for the sake of my husband Turgut... for the sake of Ertugrul Bey, I’ve given up on myself. Now is the time to retaliate against Sadeddin Kopek. Your death will be by my hand, Kopek. What is he doing here? Is not this man the dog of Giinalp? Who do you think you are to intercept my path? You shall not pass, Ertugrul Bey. Who is going to stop me? You? I will Obviously you are Kopek's dog, for you got this insolence from him. Measure your words carefully, Ertugrul Bey. I'm the soldier of this State. If you draw the sword against the State’s soldiers. you will pay dear price for that. You heard him, valiants... No swords are to be drawn. Attack! Ertugrul Bey, I'm an officer of the State. Be grateful that I'm short of time. Or I would beat the living daylights out of you. Now if you ever dare to do something like this again. I will squash you under the horseshoe of my horse. Forward it to your master exactly like this Come on valiants, let s go Hatuns. begin with preparations. Get the bullock carts ready. Everybody start collecting their belongings.

Shepherds are to get the herds to the summer pastures. Prepare dried meats supply for eating along the migration path. Halime my daughter you are personally in charge of hatuns. You must personally supervise the preparation of everything. As you order mother. Is there permission. Hayme Mother? Come in, my girl. Hayme Mother I looked at Aslihan Hatun's tent she wasn't there. I looked everywhere, asked everybody but no one has seen her. What do you mean, Burge? Where did that hatun go? I don’t know. Hayme Mother. She packed up some personal belongings and her horse is missing. I felt uneasy, Hayme Mother. I wanted to inform you straight away. You did well my girl. Halime, let's go in search of her at once. Burge girl you go and notify our Alps. They are to go in search of Aslihan Hatun, too. As you order Hayme Mother Go on hatuns, return to your duties. Let’s go. my daughter. He has stoned Taceddin Pervane to death, mother. Who is going to be next? You? Or perhaps, me? My father's main killer is slaughtering degenerates who ride on my mother's tail. Should I be happy about it or be sorry? Should I be happy because these dogs are killing each other? Tell me mother, what should I be? Forgive me. my son. Forgive me Will your tears be of help? Will Allah forgive you? We will all pay the price of your sins. I wish that it was so easy to pay the price for killing my father. You left our State in the hands of that dog. This State will be in his hands as long as Sadeddin Kopek lives. EmirTaceddin sent his men to kill Saddedin Kopek. However, all of them have been killed. And I was forced to fight against them. By this way, I was able to gain Kopek's confidence. Masha Allah my brave-heart. The confidence you obtained with Emir Sadeddin and Tekfur Kritos .. will not only... gain us the advantage over those two, but also over the Emperor. Kopek would have to answer for this. They knew Taceddins whereabouts. He must have already sent his men after him. They're going to kill him, definitely. Emir Taceddin was always against him. He d killed another opponent. He got the State completely under his thumb And even the Sultan. At the same time. Kopek also wants to use me to dispose of Tekfur Kritos. He promised to make me a Tekfur. He assumes that he'll bring me into his fold. He said he stripped you of your Beylik of Principality. For now But justice will be served, Ahmet. Kopek will let you keep Sogut and make it your home. Yet in that way he throws you into the receiving arms of Tekfur Kritos. Password for this Episode is AslihanKopek. but it will work only when the other part will be uploaded.

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His aim is to have Kritos and me collaborate with each other, in order to... eliminate you and your tribe, both. And if Tekfur fails in that... he will try to finish us off using Giinalp. I have confidence in Giinalp, in this respect. It is very well that Giinalp is the Bey of Principality for now. If Emir Sadeddin tries to attack me or my tribe again. Giinalp would not allow this. He’s under the assumption that by sending us to Sogiit, he send us to our graves. Let them assume they will make Sogut our grave Bamsi. Nevertheless, no one will be able to impede the rise of the blessed Platanius from Sogut Al-Haqq (The Truly Existing Allah)! Don't leave Tekfur. Ahmet. And do not lose touch with Kopek. Any information you can get from both, Kopek and Tekfur, will be of importance to us. However you wish, my Bey. As you order. These are hard times for all of us, Ahmet. I know that what you are doing is a difficult task too. But have just a little bit more patience Hold on a bit longer. Everything will end soon, In shaa Allah. After that you too will come to our tribe to be with us. May you enjoy good health my Bey. In shaa Allah. Where did this girl go? If you were to go somewhere why wouldn't you tell anyone? How will this work out? Is there permission? Please, do come in, Artuk Bey. I hope noth'ng s wrong Artuk Bey were you able to find Aslihan Hatun? We have looked everywhere However,

Aslihan Hatun is nowhere to be found. And no one has sighted her. Did she tell you something? Where could she have gone? She didn t tell me anything] Why would she do something like this I don’t get it. Emir Sadeddin is backed by the State’s power. Turgut and Ertugrul Bey will hardly be able to deal with him. If they stand up against Sadeddin Kopek, so many innocents will die. To that end. a thousand of innocents will die, so... it is much more worthy to sacrifice one person and save a thousand people. Mother! Artuk Bey! I am afraid that Aslihan Hatun went to see Emir Sadeddin. Wh ata rey o u^s ayi n my^d au g hte r ^ What business would she have with Sadeddin Kopek? Mother, I went to see Aslihan Hatun, yesterday. She was accusing herself of everything Emir Sadeddin has done. She said that one person should be sacrifice to. save a thousand other people. I'm afraid that she went to Emir Sadeddin, with the intention of killing him. She is going to sacrifice herself, to save the rest of us. You don’t say so Ah. Aslihan my daughter, ah. Oh my Allah, You protect her. In that case I II send our Alps promptly to look for her along the road to Konya. You act wisely, Artuk Bey. Go in peace After our Sultan Alaeddin went to meet Al-Haqq our tranquility has vanished. That devil called Sadeddin Kopek, wants to make life unbearable for us in our own homeland. We will show to both, to the State and to Kopek who we are. We will! Everybody have to swear an oath on your sky-blue sword. Kayi's Bey, Suleyman Shah s son, Ertugrul has arrived. Ertugrul Bey has arrived. Ertugrul Bey has arrived. Ertugrul Bey came. Ertugrul Bey... Ertugrul Bey. is he? Welcome here, Ertugrul Bey! Glad to see you, blessed Oguz Beys. Please, take asit EyvAllah (thank you). Please, take some Ertugrul Bey. Eyvallah (thank you). What wind blew you here. Ertugrul Bey? Did you come to align yourself with us? Your swords on which you were going to swear an oath. will slide back into their sheaths, Beys. I didn t come here to join you I came to stop you We all know you are valiant and honest man. my Ertugrul Bey. We hold you in high esteem. But the issue here is different. It's not bearable for us anymore. There is no going back from this path. You are right.

No going back. He is right. I am well aware of all the atrocities done by Sadeddin Kopek. However the way to stop him and to bring the State back to life... is not to revolt. Well, what else are we to do, Ertugrul Bey? Will we sit idly without making a sound regarding his cruelty? Beys, there are Mongols on our eastern border and there are. Byzantines on our western border and they both are itching to swoop down on us. At the sign of the slightest weakness of our State they are ready to sink their claws into it. The revolt will make our State weak. We cannot throw the State into the fire just to defeat Kopek. We cannot cut off our nose to spite our face. Beys. Kopek is not worth the trouble of throwing our State and our homeland into the fire. Kopek will be defeat ultimately, of course. We carry the glorious Oguz name. Beys. We are obliged to think wisely, rather than to rebel. Let’s nether, carry a stain on our own brow. nor leave a disgraced name to our descendants. Placidity will not benefit us, Ertugrul Bey. If necessary, we will destroy this State and establish another State. But we will not turn back from this path. We won t. Mahperi Hatun. -Welcome back, Emir Sadeddin. Glad to see you Mahperi Hatun. As soon as you have arrived... you removed the Statesmen from the Palace from their duties. And you have appointed those loyal to you in their places. After the painful incident I have experienced, and for. the benefit of our Sultan and the survival of our State. I removed all those who were associated with this immoral Taceddin Pervane: that is correct. What was the matter? I learned that he was involved in an illicit relationship with a prostitute in Ak§ehir. Well, it would not suit us to leave such immorality unpunished. Would it? In shaa Allah, when our Sultan asked you to explain why. you will have enough evidence at hand, Emir Sadeddin. I do, Mahperi Hatun, I do have. Don't doubt it. Perhaps you heard about it through the grapevine. When I went to meet Tekfur Kritos at the Caravansaray. I was attacked by some assassins. Allah Almighty has spared you for us, Emir Sadeddin. You are well, In shaa Allah?

I'm well. Pretty much so However when I find out who are the ones behind it. I will not leave heads on their shoulders ... nor eyes on their heads. For the sake of prosperity of our State. I will firstly pluck their eyes out and then I will take their heads I will do all in my power to help you find out who did this. I suppose our Sultan has set you free you from the harem, where he kept you under observation He understood his mistake, praise be to Allah (swt). Praise be to Allah, praise be to Allah (swt). May Allah never leave us without our Sultan. Mahperl Hatun.. we will make our State everlasting. In shaa Allh. Our enemies will perish under our boots. The lands given to us by our Sultan, are being taken away from us.. and our taxes were increased. And what’s more, anyone at the State level who was close to us is being removed one by one. We are sick and tired of this persecution, Ertugrul Bey! If the rebellion was the way to solve the problem. be sure that I would be the first to start that rebellion There were many Sadeddin Kopeks throughout history. However before they could have achieved all their nefarious ambitions, they were removed. But the State has always been constant. Password for this Episode is in the last line of thir paragraph. click here to go up. Thanks watch and pray for us!