DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 41

Your are Watching 41st Episode of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. All the corpses have been collected, Blessed Emir. This Taceddin, Kayraldi. Find that traitor wherever he is and bring him to me. His hatun's brother works for us. He's there right now It's not far from here. I will bring him to you immediately. Good. And send word to


Your are Watching 41st Episode of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. All the corpses have been collected, Blessed Emir. This Taceddin, Kayraldi. Find that traitor wherever he is and bring him to me. His hatun's brother works for us. He's there right now It's not far from here. I will bring him to you immediately. Good. And send word to Gunalp Bey. I want him to come to me, directly. I’ve got an important task for him. As you command. Blessed Emir. You escaped the big trap Sadeddin. And you saved me from being stabbed, as well. You fought beside me against my enemies. Never mind about that. Like I said to you, I came here to negotiate with you I won't negotiate with Tekfur Kritos, but with you here. But, do not leave Tekfur Kritos’ side. I will support you when the time comes... and I will rehabilitate your reputation. However, first we have to do away with Ertugrul and Kayis. Both your reputation... and your revenge, as well as... my Sultanate will be born from the blood of Ertugrul. From Ertugrul's blood, hah? It’s a deal. From now on, your Bey is one big nothing in my eyes. And all of you too! Because of his unruly wilderness, he has lost his Beylik of Principality today... and tomorrow, I will deprive him of Sogiit. too. And I'm your... Stop here! What do you th nk you're doing? What do you hope to achieve with your high-handedness? I’ll show you your high-handedness! Bamsi! When the time comes you will be held responsible for what you did, Aydogmu§. Your Bey is no longer the Bey of Principality. You will know your limits and your place. Otherwise we will not let any of you get away with your lives. Soldiers! Untie Tekfur Kritos’ hands. Our Bey of Principality Giinalp Bey wants to... personally show him hospitality in his seat of authority. Ah! Ah' Ah! Now I am obliged to release Tekfur Kritos and to seal the peace treaty with him. Such is the order of our State. Ertugrul Bey. Know that I wa not aware of the edict that was sent by our Sultan. And. I do not know why he has sent this edict. However this is the order of our State. And I am obliged to obey it. As far as I know your intentions are good, however... I also know that Emir Sadeddin drew a veil over your eyes. Giinalp Bey. Ertugru Bey. I knew this was going to end like this sooner or later Giinalp Bey. Emir Sadeddin misled our Sultan with all kinds of intrigues... and he has forced him to sign this edict. Don t, Ertugrul Bey. You are not acquainted with Blessed Emir Sadeddin. You don’t know all he has done for the sake of our State. He has been beside our Sultan in so many battles. I know best what is in his heart. Giinalp Bey. Sadeddin doesn't work in the interest of the State... rather the State works in the interest of Sadeddin.

Now you have to choose up sides. I conquered this fortress and I obtained my Beylik of Principality by the right of the sword. Now. to avoid bloodshed and.. at the behest of my State I surrender it to you. Knowing that I delivered Karacahisar to a valiant Kaledar, who will... protect it to the last drop of his blood gives me a peace of mind EyvAllah (you may be et ease). Now. I will go to Sogiit with my tribe However, this dog Tekfur Kritos. will not give you peace, over there. We are not afraid of anyone, Alhamdulillah. And you too keep your eyes open. Don't let yourself be deceived by Emir Sadeddin who has seized our State. He never cares about anybody. Giinalp Bey. Be aware that, just as. he has tricked our Sultan, if one day... you stand in his way he will not hesitate to sacrifice you too. May Allah help and assist you. Ertugrul Bey. If someday you find yourself in dire straits in Sogiit... know that you have a friend back in Karacahisar fortress. EyvAllah (I appreciate it). If Ertugrul extricate himself from Kritos' ambush. his wrath against both of you will be that much greater. But he cannot do anything. I stripped him of his Beylik of Principality by Sultan's edict. What9 How did you do t? How did you persuade the Sultan to do that? It's useful if you know when to take the advantac e of our :>ower. So you see I convinced the Sultan too. using that very power. But . he gave Sogut to Ertugrul to make it his homeland. Hmh. You isolated Ertugrul. You set him against Tekfur Kritos in Sogiit, head to head. Against Tekfur Kritos and you too, Ares. Am I not correct? I have thrown Ertugrul in front of you. Now, it’s your turn. Finish him off! You will come out as the biggest winner from this mission Ares. Kill Ertugrul and... take back your title of Tekfur. Even Emperor’s seat of authority has little value, compared with taking revenge on Ertugrul. Don't worry about Ertugrul. Leave Ertugrul to me. I will personally finish him off. However I need to get back to Sogiit now. I will be expecting good news from you, Ares. My Bey. Aag A|/y Aag A|/y Are we going to leave and abandon the fortress we’ve conquered just like that? Even if we consider this injustice as undeserved. we will not rebel now, Bamsi. Justice will surely be served. By placing our Sultan in an awkward position, Sadeddin Kopek has... accomplished what he was aiming for. This situation in which our Sultan found himself... implies that our State is under greater threat than I have first thought. Be aware that this is my greatest command yet to you as your Bey.

We are obliged to protect, not only our fortress and our tribe, but... we have a duty to safeguard all the lands of the State No matter where the fire in our homeland happen to be... we will be there too Let Giinalp Bey act the Bey of Principality here. However this fortress will always remain under the auspices of our lineage. The blood of our martyrs will never be left unavanged. Our glorious banner will be flying on the Karacahisars walls, until the end of time. Eyvallah (may it be so) my Bey. Eyvallah (may it be so), my Bey. May Allah never leave us without you as our leader, my Bey. ujiuv Eyvallah (may it be so), Artuk Bey. You made the right decision, My BeyJ Or else, there would be no end in sight to the bloodbath that would follow. Now... the time has come for us to fly our banner in Sogiit. We will commit Kopek’s intention to our memory, really well. He knows well that I will not give up on Sogiit. He wants us to fell prey to Kritos. And we are going dispatch that jackal to his son my Bey. EyvAllah (we will do that). Bamsi. I have no doubt about that at all, evelAllah. Let them flatter themselves that they made us their prey. In reality they will fell prey to us. Now, we are going to kindle the fire on our new hearth, in Sogiit. All the Turkmen tribes and all the Turks’ Beys will. get together around the fire burning on our hearth Now, we have one last task left to perform. We will kill Emir Sadeddin You summoned me, my Bey. Gunkut You will convey this letter to our Sultan without delay. This not just a letter I entrusted you with. This represents the honor of Kayis, as well as of our State. This letter is not be handed over to anyone other than the Sultan is that understood? As you comman , my Bey Go on and make me proud, my valiant. Let s go my brave-hearts. Open the door. The door. I’m begging you. let me out of here, please. You will get out. They persecuted you But Blessed Emir Sadeddin has shown you mercy. You are perfectly clear who you are working for aren't you? [will make Artuk Bey pay for this. From now on, they all will have to be afraid of me. Beautiful. Now you'll be assigned your first task. Password for this Episode is TajuddinParwan.

Password: TcajuddinParwanc

I'll do whatever you want me to. You will go to Bilecik, to TekfurJ5ritoSj We want to be informed of whatever is going on there. I'll do it gladly. I am grateful to you. I assure you I'll make it worth your while. If you try to do something contrary to what we agreed... you won't be able to escape Emir Sadeddin wrath, keep that in mind. Rest assured that I will fulfill my duty properly. Very good We'll be expecting news from you. After Ertugrul leaves the fortress with his Alps, you will. get out of here without anyone being any the wiser. My God’ Aag A|/y Did we hear it right my Bey? My Alps We consign this fortress we have conquered and for which.. so many of our martyrs have died, to our State again. Do not give way to despair and sadness. Above all don't nurse a grudge against our State don't even look like you do. We have conquered this fortress on behalf of our State. and we hand it over to our State yet again. Our wrists are strong our swords are sharp. We have enough power to conquer other fortresses anew... by the right of our swords, evelAllah. EvelAllah my Bey EvelAllah my Bey. Obedience is what makes one State the State, Giinalp Bey. Your loyalty to Emir Sadeddin will... also bring strength to you, as well as to your State. And in addition, the peace and tranquility to us too. Fortunately, with a savvy Bey of Principality such as you... we will be able to ensure peace. This peace that Ertugrul considered to be too much for us... we will keep alive together. The day of reckoning is coming Ertugrul. The day of reckoning is coming. When you come to Sogiit, I'm going to get my revenge. Ertugrul Bey took his lesson: he turned tail and went quietly.

If Ertugrul Bey had not been loyal to his State... he would have torn you to shreds right where he caught you. And I wouldn’t prevent it after what you’ve done, Tekfur. My Gunalp Bey.. the peace agreements have been prepared again at your order. When Ertugrul migrate to Sogiit, if you try to... lay a finger on him, I will trample you underfoot. Do not forget this promise of mine. This dagger's dint will remind you of that. Now think about it well while you seal these. Memorize well what will happen if you do not keep your promise. May God bless our peace treaty. Aydogmu . Escort Tekfur Kritos out if the fortress. As you order. Come on, let's have a look, come. Don't take our banner down! Why are the soldiers taking it down? Why are you taking our banner down9 What are you doing? They’re taking our banner down What are you doing? They cannot do it. -Look what they did. It cannot be happening May it be a blessing in disguise. What are you doing my boy? Why are you taking our banner down? This is the order of our Sultan. From now on. Ertugrul Bey is no longer Bey of Principality. What does that mean, Ertugrul Bey in no longer the Bey? What are you saying? How is that possible? How is that possible? The new Bay of Principality is Giinalp Bey. For that reason we are taking your banners down. I have seen this coming. We have told you, Aslihan Hatun. Is this the time for that now? We said we can't set the State against us. Ertugrul Bey did not listen to us. We can no longer migrate to Sogiit. Beys! Are these issues to be discussed here and now? When Ertugrul Bey comes back tell him whatever you have to say. We cannot speak while my Ertugrul Bey is not here. What is this? Mother What are we going to do now? Are we not going to do something? This is the time for patience my daughter. Let's wait for Ertugrul Bey’s return. And we will get through this problem too, evelAllah. We will evelAllah! EvelAllah! We will wait for our Ertugrul Bey! Don’t do it! Don't do it! - After our Ertugrul Bey comes. Is there permission my Bey? Come in Ertugrul and all his Alps have left the fortress, my Bey. Almighty Allah says in the Noble Qur’an like this. In the end We fulfilled to them Our Promise..." and We saved them and those whom We willed..." but We destroyed those who transgressed beyond bounds. [Al-Anbya, 2 .9] Do you think you went beyond your limits, my Bey?

Do you doubt the correctness of what you did? I fought beside Ertugrul Bey, shoulder to shoulder. I have witnessed that his perseverance, his courage and. the strength of his wrist, come from his faith (Iman). When you take to the road with a man like this... how can this doubt not prey on my mind? Then you do not doubt only yourself. Do you also doubt Emir Sadeddin? I will not allow the murder of either your father nor... your mother, nor so many brave soldiers to go unavenged. I will bring this cursed battle of Princes to an end. And I will make you an honorable warrior and. a glorious Kaledar, just as your father was. Emir Sadeddin means more than my father to me. But I'm afraid he might be in the wrong here, too. Is there permission, my Bey? Come in. Emir Sadeddin has sent you a letter by the pigeon, my Bey. Our Sultan and our State are under a great threat. Come to the Caravansary posthaste. EmirSadeddin Kopek. Emir Sadeddin is expecting me Get my horse ready! Dispatch some scouts and watchmen to the Kayi tribe. I want to be informed of Ertugrul s every move. As you command, my Bey Come closer, Mary a] Sit down. If I can be of use to get revenge on Turks, I’m at your disposal, Sir. You no longer need do anything Marya. You’ve already served me well throughout all this time. From now onward you may live your life as you please. I have lived among the Turks for so long. Sir. I know many details about Ertugrul Bey and his kith and kin. I can disclose to you many weaknesses of theirs. All I want is to serve our Holy Cause. Ertugrul must die. And you are the only one. who may be able to do this. To that end, I am ready to do whatever you want me to. Good do you know anything about Ares? No, I don’t, Sir Last I know they took him to Konya. Ares ha . escaped from Ertugrul's clutches and... he is now in my service. How can it be possible, Sir? He is the murderer of my younger brother. I know that. If you wish to stay here, then... the rift between you and Ares must be resolved Marya. Both of you are obliged to do it, for the sake of our Holy Cause. You will get close to him... and you will gain his trust. You will keep me informed about him. Ares may be able to restore his reputation through me and. he may try to take possession of the title of Tekfur. He shouldn't be allowed to use us. but, we should take advantage of him, instead. As you wish, my Sir. Hayme Hatun. Now. Ertugrul Bey has been stripped of his Beylik of Principality. We cannot defy our State. If he moves us to Sogiit, they’ll make life difficult for us, over there. You’d better give it up.) We should stay here and take care of our tribe. Migrating to Sogut is not a wise move. What is it, Beys? Password is in the last line of third paragraph. Click Here to go up. Thank you! Watch and pray for us!