DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 40

Your are Watching 40th Episode of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Once upon a time the Turks have lived in a land where two rivers merged their flows  Tugla Tok and Selenge rivers in the place called Kumlangu in the lands of Uighur The Turks have sent their armies to the all four sides of the world And everyone swore their allegiance to them At that ...


Your are Watching 40th Episode of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Once upon a time the Turks have lived in a land where two rivers merged their flows  Tugla Tok and Selenge rivers in the place called Kumlangu in the lands of Uighur The Turks have sent their armies to the all four sides of the world And everyone swore their allegiance to them At that time there was a big great piece of rock in their homeland They said that this rock was called Kutlu Dag the Blessed Mountain Five generations later there was a Khan ensconced on their throne  Ulghur Khan Gali Tigin Kagan This Khan has married a Chinese Princess The Chinese were of a mind to cheat the Khan and to weaken the Turks through their Princess To that end the Chinese came all together one day  in the palace of Kiu Lien ruler The unity and livelihood of the Turks and all their strength depends on this rock called Kutlu Dag the Blessed Mountain they said Thus they went to the Khan and requested the rock in exchange for the Princess The Khan gave them the rock without a second thought The Chinese took the large rock then smashed it into pieces and took small chunks to their homes After that day disasters began to befall the Turks homeland The rivers dried one after another The trees have withered The famine and drought afflicted the Turk s homeland Seven days after that the reckless Khan was killed And in his wake the others were killed in succession One night when they were in this sad state the Turks woke up to the sounds Migrate Migrate They looked around and all the animals trees and mountains deeply moaned and called for their migration The Turks listened to these divine voices and realized they had to leave and keep migrating until their former strength and unity is recovered once again  the Legend of Kutlu Dag Have we been migrating ever since also father Well yes son We have been migrating ever since that day In shaa Allah we will find our unity in our new homeland father In shaa Allah my valiant In shaa Allah But see what kind of lesson our legend teaches us If you let your enemy have not only your homeland but even just a fraction of its stone a disaster would befall us That s why we will not give Sogut over to the enemy We will migrate there and recover our former strength and unity In shaa Allah In shaa Allah father When I grow up I want to go to China to get that rock back from the Chinese I will take my brothers along too Hey Masha Allah Just let your new brother be born Then together you will bring our tribe and our lineage to prosperity In shaa Allah In shaa Allah Off to bed now Aslihan Hatun we consulted with Beys for a long time regarding migration issue They are all in agreement with us None of them wants to move our tribe to Sogiit in no circumstances You are the daughter of Candar Bey You are the Hatun of Qavdar tribe You wanted to marry Turgut Bey we said EyvAllah alright You wanted him to be the Bey we said EyvAllah alright But we will not agree on this issue of migration .

By tradition you cannot make a decision on your own Without the other Bey s approval it cannot happen My Beys we are subjected to Ertugrul Bey We have merged our tribes Besides he s our Bey of Principality If this migration is not something beneficial and necessary would Ertugrul Bey relocate his own tribe then That is none of our concern Aslihan Hatun If Ertugrul Bey considers such a move appropriate for his tribe he is welcome to relocate them However this is how we decided You can go with your Bey if that s what you want As for Qavdars we will remain here Deh My Ahmet There are important things you need to know my Bey Well tell me Who is this man Sungur Bey A friend of Ertugrul Bey Tekfur Kritos will wait in lay for you in Sogut just as you have assumed He has set his mind on taking his son s revenge They will be in quite a large number j The Hell Warriors brought by Titan will also be there wielding their swords We will teach them a lesson today Ahmet There is more my Bey I wanted to be with you during this ambush and to give them a merciless beating but Tekfur Kritos has assigned me an important duty What duty did he give you Emir Sadeddin and Tekfur Kritos have arranged to meet at the Caravanserai They want to form an alliance in order to settle the account with you Tekfur Kritos wants me to meet with Emir Sadeddin as his envoy My Bey if you want it and if I have your permission I would like to finish Emir Sadeddin off once for all If you managed to gain Sadeddin s trust we will then be informed of both Sadeddin s and Emperors intrigues You are right my Bey Ahmet Emir Sadeddin holds a great grudge against you Take care Don t you worry about me at all my Bey I ll take care of myself May Allah help and assist you May you enjoy good health my Bey May your path be open my brave heart .

His Excellency Sultan Giyaseddin Keyhusrev Are preparations for the Amida campaign ready Cemaleddin  Amida Diyarbakir today Our Army is ready But we all have some concerns my Sultan What are your concerns As if the Mongols were not enough now we have the problem of Ertugrul to deal with my Sultan Emir Sadeddin I do not want a single word about Ertugrul Bey to be uttered in this Divan How many times do I have to say that My Sultan The rumors are circulating in Konya in connection with Ertugrul Bey What do they say Some people claim that you intentionally killed your father together with Ertugrul Bey my Sul What are you talking about My Sultan your anger at Gurcuoglu Zahireddin would not solve this problem Of course everyone present at this Divan knows very well that you have not been involved in such an evil act What do you mean to say Sadeddin Any further words would be unnecessary after this time my Sultan Ertugrul Bey has brought a great problem for us yet again Explain yourself Ertugrul Bey has opposed the peace treaty that we were about to sign with Tekfur Kritos And to make matters worse he had tried to kill Tekfur Kritos Then on top of that he has thrown Gunalp Bey into the dungeon Why woul hejio that Clearly he is preparing for a rebellion against your Sultanate my Sultan My Sultan Emir Sadeddin is correct Ertugrul Bey must be stopped now This is not going to end well my Sultan In such a situation it seems unlikely that you will crown your Amida campaign with victory my Sultan My Sultan having such a thorny issue as Ertugrul Bey who is sowing discord at our western borders while you are engaged in Amida campaign with your army is a matter of concern to all of us Do you expect me to take the head of Ertugrul Bey the man in whose loyalty I have not one iota of doubt No I m aware my Sultan that the Amide campaign is so very important to you You place a substantial value on this campaign to prove to your people that you are one great Sultan However while there is such a thorn in the flesh as Ertugrul Bey none of us present here in this Divan would consider it right for you to leave for the Amide campaign What would you want me to do then. Password for this Episode is GunalpoBeyyc.

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It is obvious that Ertugrul Bey does not want to surrender Sogut which our late Sultan has granted him as his homeland to anyone Fine then In that case let him retain Sogiit as their homeland Let him serve out State from there Let him bring us delight with his raids and his Holy Struggle May his chest be like a shield to our State against any kind of threat And we all know that the fearless Ertugrul Bey being like a fighting falcon at our western borders will protect our State the best possible way But in no case at all can he retain the Beylik of Principality His acting in the capacity of the Bey of Principality is a treat for our State Because a situation is as such we request that you strip him of his Principality s Beylik and appoint Giinalp Bey in his stead When you sign this decree that I have prepared for you all of us will be ready to follow you on your Amida campaign with our heart and soul my Sultan My Efendi following your advice I have been trying to acquaint myself better with our beloved Prophet pbuh and the more I discover about this blessed man the more I love him However there are number of thin s that I am curious about  If you allow me may I ask you some questions about it Please do son My Ef ndi What Islam  SUB LU Islam means submission son It means to submit to Allah the One and Only and to live your life not to satisfy your Nafs  ego but to attain Allah s approval It means to adopt the principles of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa pbuh Islam is the only religion that encompasses all the Heavenly religions son Almighty Allah swt recommends in the Noble Qur an Indeed the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam  All Imran In another verse He swt counsels us This day have I perfected your religion for you ■ completed My favor upon you and have chosen for you Islam as your religion  Al Maa idah I am eternally grateful to my Lord Rabb Who has granted me the entry into such a Sublime religion Amin May Allah swt grant me to live in this faith to follow the right path Amin son Well my Efendi in order to become a good Muslim what am I supposed to do You must be someone who is reliable Our beloved Prophet pbuh advises us that Muslim is the one from the evils of whose tongue and hands people are safe  Tirmizi Iman Nasai Hadith No Our Prophet pbuh has set an example to us by living this way This blessed man was so much trustworthy that even Mushrikeen have trusfecTTiim and deposited their valuables with him  Mushrikeen polytheists Before our Prophet pbuh had set out on Hijrah with Hazrat Abu Bakr ra  Hijrah migration from Mecca to Yathrib Medina AD he had in possession various goods given to him in trust.

Do you know who these precious goods belonged to son They belonged to Mushrikeen who intended to kill him And before our beloved Prophet embarked on Hijrah he appointed Hazrat Ali ra to return to the people possessions they had entrusted him with Imagine a community that plans to make an attempt on a person s life but for all that they can entrust only that very same person with their most valuable goods So you see being Al Amin means to be  Al Amin one of names of Prophet pbuh a trustworthy person my son There is much wisdom in this We must follow the example of our Prophet pbuh in every matter We should try to emulate him within our own capacity Only then can we be good Muslims If we start some work with good intentions and if we try our hardest Allah swt will complement our shortcomings How fortunate I am that I was able to join the Ummah of such a blessed man  Ummah Muslim community May Allah swt make me one of those who strive hard Amin My Efendi Ertugrul Bey has assigned me an important duty Perhaps at the end of this dangerous road I may meet my Al Haqq Allah swt For that reason before I embark on my duty I would like to ask you to pray for me If your intention is goodT tfien tfie end result will be auspicious son  Refers to Hadith Sahih al Bukhari Sahih Muslim And those who strive in Our blessed cause for verily Allah is with those who do right  al Ankabut Our prayers will always be with you and with those who have suffered misfortune in the way of Allah swt May you enjoy good health my Efendi May your path be open may your destiny be good son Hey Masha Allah I have never seen such fertile lands in my lifetime my Bey You ve accomplished what you said you would Ertugrul Bey I wish Gundogdu was here today too he would be so proud of you In shaa Allah one day he will be here too brother Gundogdu brother will move with us along with you all In shaa Allah When I return I will discuss this matter with Gundogdu Bey As for me I think the same as you do And what do you think Gunalp Bey This is a beautiful land Here the tribe may find shelter and the herd can grow fat However you would be right under infidels nose You will have permanent struggle on your hands Especially with Tekfur Kritos who can t tolerate you making your homeland here .

You killed his son You razed his reputation to the ground back in the fortress He will do ever thine to take his revenc e  Well then we came to see that too I wanted you to see for yourself who Emir Sadeddin is whom you hold in respect as well as his accomplice with whom he wants to sign the peace What does that mean Tekfur Kritos has made an alliance with Emir Sadeddin However this alliance is not for the sake of peace rather it s an alliance for the sake of treason against the State You better be careful with your words Ertugrul Bey What kind of betrayal we were all drawn in as well as your own obliviousness of that it will all be clear to you soon enough Gunalp Bey Well let s go Kayis have crossed into the valley Sir How many men do they have Leon They are few in numbers There is Ertugrul Bey along with up to ten Alps They will be easy prey That is the best summer pasture They wish their herd to grow fat Only jackals and ravens will grow fat around here picking on their corpses Leo You return to the fortress Go back and protect the fortress As you order Sir The time has come to take our revenge Are you ready to kill those Turks We are Blood blood blood Revenge revenge revenge Let s go After our Sultan s now there is Altun Aba s blood on Sadeddin s hands He and his associated Emirs are intimidating Sultan to deter him from the campaign Sadeddin s intention is to kill Ertugrul and to eliminate all the obstacles in front of him one by one I m afraid that after he kills Ertugrul he would take the sole control over our Sultan Then you d be the only remaining obstacle left on his path I am concern that he is going to kill you There is no reason for concern Taceddin Pervane Our reality is this Sadeddin s next tare ets are ou and me  We are obliged to take measures to avert that reality You ve got to stop him Taceddin Pervane How How will I do that For the welfare of our State and for the sake of my son s Sultanate you ve got to do that You are going to kill Sadeddin Kopek Get you men and go after him at once He is going to the Caravansary to meet with Tekfur Kritos Let s get it over and done with now .

We can no longer tolerate it But what about Ertugrul His time will come too But for now Sadeddin must die first I know very well that you regard Emir Sadeddin as your father For that reason you don t allow anyone to speak ill of him He used all his power to make you assigned the Bey of Principality For now I stopped him However I am aware that he will not give up Employing all kinds of intrigue and intimidation he will try to persuade our Sultan to strip me of my Beylik of Principality You don t really know Emir Sadeddin Ertugrul Bey Besides even if you re right he wouldn t need to do that You disregarded the State s order and violated the peace treaty You will endanger your own post as the Bey of Principality Let go of being stubborn while there s still time Today he wants to take Sogut away from me this beautiful homeland given to me by the Sultan Alaeddin And it is obvious what he will want tomorrow. Password is in the last line of third paragraph. Click here to go to the password.