DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 39

Your are Watching 39th Episode of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. You cannot treat me like this when I am innocent I have come here as a guest You want to take me to your tribe to execute me Our Emperor will have a reckoning with you for doing this Shut your mouth and keep going What do you think you re doing How dare you imprison the ...


Your are Watching 39th Episode of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. You cannot treat me like this when I am innocent I have come here as a guest You want to take me to your tribe to execute me Our Emperor will have a reckoning with you for doing this Shut your mouth and keep going What do you think you re doing How dare you imprison the State s Kaledar who was assigned here by edict From now on you will follow the orders of Ertugrul Bey Failing that you will be faced with many consequences Let it be Aydogmu Our State will do the necessary Sadeddin Kopek He s attempting to use Gunalp to stab us in the back again The dagger he hurled at us has struck into his back brother From now we must increase our precautions We will give no quarter to anyone Why are you being silent Artuk Bey Do tell me I would like to point out something my Bey However I do not know how to say it Just tell me Artuk Bey Your word is better than gold Aag A it is not my place to show you the right way However I don t think that you treated Tekfur of Bilecik properly He might have come to make an alliance hostile to us He might be our enemy too However my Bey he did come here at our State s invitation He did come carrying the white banner It would be unworthy of us to execute the one carrying the white banner no matter who invited him my Bey The decision is yours my Bey Ah We re attacked take action Alps Ah It s ambush Leon Ambush Eh Did you think I would surrender Tekfur of Bilecik to you This time you re going to die you blackguards Attack him brothers Ya Allah Ah You ve arrived just in time Ares Else these barbarians would have killed us I am indebted to you I told you that I ve been defeated but I haven t died yet Kritos From this day forth you will always be at my side in the position you rightfully deserve I give you my word Ares That is not important Kritos Our sacred cause is what matters And Ertugrul is what matters too  w s going to bogut tomorrow to explore the land for resettlement He will pay the ultimate price for everything he s done to me I will impale his head on a spike in the middle of Sogut We had better get going before the Alps come We have to return to the fortress Let us go Ertugrul must not return from Sogut alive Is everyone alright brothers We are fine We are alright We are fine Ahmet brother made the infidel fall for our game just nicely Yes However our Ertugrul Bey s game is just beginning They viciously slaughtered the young Prince I still see it in my mind s eye Emir Sadeddin along with his squad of criminals won t rest till they take over the State Ertugrul Sadeddin Kopek s aim will be to dispose of the Sultan as well .

You are telling the truth Ertugrul Bey But he wil want to take care of you first To that end Tekfur Kritos has received a peace envoy that has been sent from Konya What peace I m not aware of the particulars However Tekfur Kritos has gone to Karacahisar to conduct peace negotiation Kopek That dog is behind this for sure He intends to take advantage of my absence and to have Tekfur Kritos sign the peace treaty with Gunalp Bey instead What kind of agreement would it be Ertugrul One that would surely inflict me a great damage brother Else Emir Sadeddin would not have stood behind it If so Giinalp Bey will be authorized to speak on behalf of the State And he is Kopek s a yes man he follows his every word Ertugrul Bey If you wish just give me an order and I will kill Tekfur Kritos for you straightaway Eyvallah thank you Ahmet Eyvallah Iknow you would However at this stage we want him alive rather than dead So you have to gain a large amount of respect in his eyes How would I do that Now there is a difficult task ahead of you Are you ready At ail times Ertugrul Bey Then pay attention to my every word As you see I have deliberately arrested Tekfur of Bilecik so that Ahmet could have save him and get in his good graces Allah is my witness my Bey a thought have crossed my mind that my Ertugrul Bey must know what he is doing However my heart was not at ease Praise be to Allah my Bey In shaa Allah everything will turn out the way you planned it my Bey Eyv Allah may it be so Artuk Bey  Now l must head to bogut without delay to ascertain the location suitable for our tribe s campsite The Tekfur of Bilecik will not sit idle by my Bey He will set a trap for you He s aware you re going there Definitely Artuk Bey Most definitely However while he would be convinced that he is the one ambushing us we will lure him into the real trap with Ahmet s assistance Along with the Tekfur of BilecikT we will remove the rest of infidels from our path Then afterwards Sadeddin Kopek s turn will come too The time has now come to take his life While he the whole State is at his mercy how will we be able to do this my Bey If the State is lost then the customs will depart from the straight and narrow Artuk Bey We cannot allow this to happen Turks can go hungry they can go thirsty however they cannot be without a State This State will be based on justice o else we will establish our own fair State based on justice I will make you regret doing this Ertugrul Be thankful to the Almighty that you are Principality s Bey But somehow or other I will get out of here.

Let s find out what will you do then What is wrong my brave heart My Bey our Alps who escorted Tekfur of Bilecik have been ambushed They ve all been martyred Des icable ones Send Alps after them immediately brother Even if the earth opened up and swallowed them they must not return without them To cut the long story short not only did I escape from Ertugrul s clutches but I turned the Seljuk State upside down Look Sultan Alaeddin is dead The heir to the throne supported by Ertugrul Kilig Arslan is de d too The Seljuk State is going through a crisis You have greatly contributed to this Ares Our Emperor will appreciate this In fact when Ertugrul is finally dead and when Sadeddin Kopek s finally is finished off only then the Turks will go tumbling down the cliff Everything you have done is admirable Ares Now Emir Sadeddin is supposed to wait for me at the Caravansary However you will go in my stead You will go to meet him as my envoy The onl thin he desires  is Ertugrul s death You will inform him that I will set a snare for Ertugrul but in return I need assurance from him with regard to Sogiit I don t have any doubt in my mind that you come to terms with him by fair means or foul Am I mistaken in my assumption Absolutely not Kritos You leave Sadeddin Kopek to me You go to Sogut And finish with Ertugrul I am going to Sogut in order to take Ertugrul s life Tomorrow is a big day To your honor my friend Ares Ahh D mn Never mind it We can atone for it at another time I ll be expecting good news from you And I will from you as well Kritos I look forward to hearinc c ood news from Soc ut  How did Altun Aba dare to go against my orders and commit such butchery How could he have killed a young man and a woman in spite of my orders It is not only this my Sultan The repercussions of this incident are much greater Enlighten me then Emir Sadeddin Ertugrul Bey has been involved yet again I m afraid my Sultan What does this have to do with Ertugrul Sadeddin I reckon he was going to save the Prince Kilig Arslan and he was in the process of organizing a widespread rebellion against you my Sultan Altun Aba must have been seized by fear so much so that he had disobeyed your orders and has killed the Prince and his mother And consequently Altun Aba has paid the ultimate price for committing this heinous crime out of his weaknesses and lack of loyalty Now Ertugrul is in line my Sultan.

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Password for this Episode is KopekShouldbeKilled. You ought not to turn a blind eye to this situation Black uard  Exactly Ertugrul Bey must suffer the consequence It has been enough My Sultan in our State there is neither peace nor order left Enough Ertugrul has sent me a letter Sadeddin Has he What did he write in that letter my Sultan He explained how Altun Aba tried to kill my brother by strangulation with a bowstring along the route instead of escorting him to Ankara Castle When he was prevented in his intent and when the Prince run away he stabbed him with his dagger and then he fled Is that so Yes Altun Aba has committed this atrocity not because Ertugrul was on his way but of his own accord Hmph Then he had his Alps deliver my brother s body to my Palace And I have buried his late mother into the soil of Ankara Castle I m sorry for our loss for all of us However what I can t understand is that after all this happenings you still believe Ertugrul to be completely honest and morally good person I will stand by my assertion till the end of my days Ertugrul is loyal to me and to his State You ve drawn punishment to Altun Aba for killing my brother and his mother You will realize one of these days that Ertugrul is not a person to be trusted In shaa Allah my Sultan rtugrul Bey has carried out both my father s order and my wishes He risked his life in order to take my brother safely to Ankara Castle I believe in that I will see whether you will be of the same mind when he gathers all the Turkmen tribes around himself and shows up in Konya my Sultan It is not your place to challenge my decisions Sadeddin I know that all the State Dignitaries present at this Divan are of the same opinion too my Sultan Blessed Emir is right my Sultan My Sultan it would be best if you would consider to review your decision for the benefit of our State We have an obligation to obey our Sultan We have fulfilled our obligation and we have counseled you May Allah SWT never leave us without you My Bey we held an in depth discussion among ourselves as the Beys Since our tribe has just settled in we do not see the need to migrate from here yet again We weathered so many storms and came through so many hardships so why is this migration causing you so much anxiety My Bey we put a lot of effort into these lands we shed our sweat and our blood We consider this place our homeland Why should we go to foreign lands now Furthermore we would be right in front of infidels very eyes there They would not give us any peace Oh Beys Beys Now when our two tribes have merged who would be able to stand against us Who could separate us if we are intertwined so tightly Why are you so afraid There was our State previously standing by us .

We felt protected under the shadow of our State Now our State has given up on us It will be hard for us to cope there Turgut Bey My Beys come to your senses When didn t we have sufficient strength and power that we had to back off Our way is not the way of the cowards Our Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat has given Sogut to our Ertugrul Bey so that we could make it our homeland Ertugrul Bey and I as well have spoken our final words We are going to migrate to Sdgiit From now on this matter is no longer open to discussion Aslihan the trials you ve been through were not easy If my Ertugrul Bey didn t arrive you would lay your husband into the black soil However it does not suit us to depart from our path when we face hardships Halime Hatun I cannot seem to be able to explain my reasoning to anyone Or no one wants to understand it The situation this time around is much more serious than ever before We are now faced with Emir who seized the control of the State Why does no one understand this Emir Sadeddin cannot do us much harm Aslihan We are obliged to have confidence in our husbands and our Alps and to stand by them My sister you speak as if you are unaware how venomous person Emir Sadeddin is Have you forgotten that he nurture enmity towards Turgut and me Don t be anxious about it Our husbands will bring about Emir Sadeddin s downfall evelAllah Emir Sadeddin is not an enemy who fight courageously For this reason alone it is difficult for us to stand up to him He is a raving villain who dared to poison us in our own tent And they traitors make a scheme and Allah makes a thousand scheme Aslihan  al Anfal I understand your anxiety However if you don t let go of your anxiety it would bring no good for the well being of our tribe Regarding the murder of Prince Kilig Arslan and his mother were you privy to it mother Altun Aba has exceeded his limits And Emir Sadeddin did what was necessary May Allah forgive their sins I asked you a single question Answer to me mother Were you involved in that Are you aware what would have happened if Ertugrul rescued K I Arslan my Sultan The army and the State s dignitaries stand by me Wasn t it what you said to me mother It was however you are aware of Emir Sadeddin s influence over the State dignitaries too More importantly that scourge of Turkmen tribes is all astir

Furthermore that fierce Babai Brotherhood may start a rebellion at any time Do you not know that their rebellion would drive our State apart son Answer to my question mother Are you in any way involved in the deaths of my brother and his mother If I hadn t been I wouldn t have done my duties as your mother If you were not my mother I would have killed you right here and now And without a second thought too If I am to die then let it be from your blessed hands my son Do you think I would even care I do believe that I have only done my duty I don t even care about death at all Do you still believe that Sadeddin killed that demon Altun Aba out of his loyalty to me Do you not see that you threw me into the wolfs lair I spared no effort to do everything necessary for your Sultanate After this I will not grieve even if I die And what about Sadeddin mother What about him The three of you have made me Sultan He has killed Altun Aba Now you re the only one left And you keep me prisoner in my room If you re afraid of him release me from my prison room where you hold me Release me so that I may take him in hand Do you really still believe that he will show me loyalty Well how am I supposed to be sure of your loyalty to me What possible reason could I have to contemplate otherwise my Sultan You are my child And regarding Sadeddin He wants you to keep your Sultanate As does everyone else He wants you to gain power He wants to keep on the right side of you As for you you have to keep him under your control It s him who keeps me under his control mother He plays with me like a fox with a rabbit Thanks to you we came to the point that my army and my State now submit to him Can you not see that If he overstepped the mark you are obliged to do the necessary You must accustom yourself to the dirty politics played within your Sultanate Understand that I will be with you until my last breath I will pray for you to take the right path Ertugrul this Gunalp is a wicked person As soon as he arrived he has acted exceeding his power If you didn t come on time he would have hung our Beys and Alps Gunalp is a person with pure intentions loyal to his State His eyes are blindfolded Emir Sadeddin keeps him under his control. Password for this Episode is on the start of 4th paragraph under the first Ad. Thank you. Watch and pray for us! Click Here to go up.