DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 35

This is the story of EPISODE 35 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles.I, Emir Sadeddin Kopek I am returning to the Palace from which I was expelled. holding the power now in my hands. First, I have been appointed as the Soubashi Sadeddin. [Soubashi - Commander of the town or castle]. Then afterward, I was promoted to ...


This is the story of EPISODE 35 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles.I, Emir Sadeddin Kopek I am returning to the Palace from which I was expelled. holding the power now in my hands. First, I have been appointed as the Soubashi Sadeddin. [Soubashi - Commander of the town or castle]. Then afterward, I was promoted to the Emir Sadeddin. [Emir - military commander] And now. the time has come for me to become the Sultan Sadeddin. We donned the attires of flame and set off on the path of Al-Haqq. [Al-Haqq - the Absolite truth]. For this cause, we were ready to be chained and thrown into prison, but... now even if they hang us by our neck on the gallows... our last words will be "the justice forever." Now, they believe they have created a dam in front of us. But, like a turbulent, wild river, we will overrun that dam they built and tear it apart. I steadily drew closer to my goal... working my way through the fire and thorns. I was not discouraged... I never gave up, I was patient. The real odyssey is about to start right now. Mimar (architect) Sadeddin, is going to create his greatest masterpiece yet. He will rebuild the State all over again. The Seljuk Dynasty will... continue from the Sultan Sadeddin’s line. Hey, my good old Sultan Aleadin, hey. You never listened to what I said. And see here... your State has not been predestined to continue with you... rather, it’s predestined to continue with me You may sleep peacefully in your grave. An adolescent, like your son Giyaseddin, will not... rule over this State, but a competent Vizier like Emir Sadeddin will Even the Sultan himself was not able to stand against me. Who will save you from my wrath now, Ertugrul? I will make a mincemeat of you and your tribe, both. Blessed Emir. The Palace officials are ready for the Sultan’s funeral, Blessed Emir. Superb Let's perform our last duty to the Sultan. From now on we are the State, Kayraldi. Not only did our power increase... but our responsibilities did, as well. I expect an unconditional loyalty from you on this path. If you doubt it, then take my life here and now Once, I brought you even the head of my own brother. So, you only have to give an order... and I will take my own life, myself. I keep you at my side because I’m sure of it, Kayraldi. Come on, let’s go. Let's bury Sultan Aleaddin, and bring his era to an end. Then our time will begin And who are you, Alp? What is your name?

Are you the son of Ertugrul Bey? Hey, Masha Allah. A lion just like his father I've never seen you before. What's your name, I asked you My name is Sungur Tekin, my Gunduz Bey. Sungur Tekin, is it? Are you, perhaps. Well, yes. I am your uncle, Sungur Tekin, my valiant. Come here My lion Tell me then, where is your grandma Hayme? Come with me. Ah, grandma’s joy. Oh, grandma sjoy Is there permission, grandma? Come in here, come. What is it. tell us, my Gunduz Alp. This Ertugrul has been wayward again, Hayme mother. He’s been rambunctious and out of hand. What are you going to do with this son of yours? My s . My son! -My mother! My mother' My son My beautiful mother1 My son! My son! My son! Let me kiss your hand, mother. My swarthy faced. My dark-eyed son. I would sacrifice myself for the roads that brought you to me. You lifted the burden of yearning that weighted down on my heart Welcome here. You brought us delight. I’m glad to be here, my mother. Glad to see you. And my yearning for you that was... burning in my troubled heart has now been eased. Welcome here, my brother. Glad to see you, Halime Hatun. May you be healthy. Is this your Savci Alp, Halime Hatun? Yes, brother, this is Savci Alp] May Allah protect him Amin May my Lord (Rabb) never take him away from you] Amin Masha Allah Masha Allah. Gunduz Alp Go, open my saddlebags. I brought you some gifts Brother, take a seat, you’ve traveled a long distance. Wash your face. Come, my son, come over here. Come There you are, brother. May you live long. Bismillah (in the name of Allah). May you live long. Thank y u Let me take it, brother. May you live long, Halime Hatun Where are. Gundogdu and Dundar. son? Are they perhaps still on their way? They stayed backjn ttie tribe, mother. They are going to join the Sultan's Hamit campaign. In shaa Allah, they will also be here before long. Ha. May Allah bless their holy struggle Shhh W II? Where is our rambunctious Ertugrul Bey? Is he hunting for preys or is he gone after infidels? What’s wrong, mother? Did something happen? He’s neither gone after the prey, nor... after infidels, either He went on a campaign, but... Ana! Halime Hatun1 Tell me then, what’s happened? Well, brother.. if you are going to join our Ertugrul Bey now, with 100 Alps. . why don't I accompany you too? I cannot sit here peacefully, while... you are there fighting, brother. You should remain here, brother. If you were not here, who would protect the two tribes, then? Turgut istelhng the truth, Bamsi. The fortress and Bazaar are entrusted to me and the tribes to you. We can’t wait any longer. I have to set off on the road, immediately. EyvAllah (as you say so), brother, eyvAllah. Well then, come back with our Bey, safe and alive. We will, evelAllah (with Allah's help). Is there permission, my Artuk Bey? Co e in My Bey, the Commander in chief, Gunalp Bey is approaching the fortress. He is bringing a great number of soldiers with him. What’s going on, Artuk Bey, who is this Commander in chief? We will find it out now Let’s welcome him, then. Let’s see who he is. Open the door. Emir Sadeddin! No mother .

I cannot leave Ertugrul, on his own. I will gather the Alps and go to his side at once. We can expect anything from that corrupted evil one. Neither Emir Sadeddin nor Mahperi Hatun will get off his back. While my brother put his life on the line for our State. I can’t sit idly here in Akga (the Beylik) tent, mother. Go then, son. Go, don't leave your brother alone If the blood has to be shed for... our State and our peace and harmony, then so be it! Blood for blood, so may it be Do not hesitate to sacrifice your life or to be wounded. That is worthy of the of Suleyman Shah’s sons. May Allah (swt) protect you EyvAllah (may is be so). Turgut Bey also intends to go to Ertugrul Bey’s side. He went to the fortress to confer with Artuk Bey and Bamsi Head-Alp. EyvAllah (alright), Aslihan Hatun. I won’t be alone then, mother Don t trouble yourself I will gather our Alps and get ready at once. We need to rescue my brother before he’s been... swallowed by this fire of betrayal. You are entrusted to Allah (swt). This must be Gunalp Bey. It is obvious by his arrogant posture. Welcome, Gunalp Bey. I am not Gunalp Bey I am his aide, Aydogmu§ We were told Gunalp Bey would be coming. And, he did come, too. As a matter of fact, he is sitting in his seat of authority, right now. Have you gone crazy? What are you talking about? Is he Jinn or is he a man? How could he have gotten in? Besides, what do you mean by... he is sitting in his seat of authority, right now? Gunalp Bey flies as a hawk and moves like a wolf, with no one the wiser. Go and see with your own eyes if you’d like You just wait here Let’s go and see whether this wolf has wormed his way in. What kind of impertinence is this! Why are you sitting on our Bey’s seat of Principality? How did you get in? This fortress has... many weaknesses, all the way from the ground up. Is this the way to protect such an important fortress? How could have Ertugrul entrusted this fortress to you? Who are you to sit in this seat? You answer to that question Know your place Should I explain myself to you? Who are you I am Turgut Bey, the Bey of Qavdars. And who are you? I have been. transferred here from the Ahlat fortress... on behest of Emir Sadeddin and Atabey Altun Aba... and by the order of our Sultan Giyaseddin Keyhusrev. This is now my new duty Which Sultan are you talking about, Commander in chief? I’m talking about the son of the late Sultan Alaeddin, whom your Bey has killed. Do you even hear what you are saying, ha? That traitor you call your Bey has... conspired with the Sultan’s aide Aziz. and together they have killed our Sultan Now he is now sitting in dungeon and waiting for execution. And from now... Karacahisar, as well as. these surrounding lands are under my jurisdiction. This is a trap, this is a conspiracy! Know your place, Head-Alp! Do not raise your voice at me You are facing the State’s Commander in chief. Bamsi! Your Ertugrul Bey has... stealthily crept to our Sultan’s side and... has poisoned him. As soon as our Sultan Giyaseddin. .. understood that the assassin was Ertugrul. he arrested him personally. He will give his verdict regarding him, any time now.

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He will tear him apart] We will neither obey your orders, nor those who sent you here. So, you will rebel against the State’s orders? Do you regard the State something like your tribe? The verdict concerning you has also been issued. What are you talking about, man? You were found guilty of collaboration with Ertugrul in the murder of our Sultan. Soldiers! Detain them! Those who resist, kill for the reason of rebellion against the State. You would disobey your State’s order, as well as... kill its’ soldiers, wouldn’t you9 Bamsi! Tu gut It wouldn’t be worthy of us to draw our swords against the State We will not give reason to anyone here to... claim that Kayis have killed the soldiers of the State, today. While we are fully justified here, that would make us the guilty ones. Seize them! For the time being... the power is in your hands. However, you will not get away with this. Not only us, but the Beys of all other tribes will take you to account for this. Don’t worry about that. I will request the presence of all the Turkmen’s Beys. In front of all of them... I will execute you. . because you collaborated with Ertugrul. Nothing can hurt me anymore, my Bey, but that we were... thrown into a dark dungeon under defamation that we killed our Sultan. . that burns in my heart like a hot ember Do not despair, Aziz. Instead of enjoying ourselves while... sitting in a position of authority.. that is based on defamations, betrayals and intrigues. it is far more valuable to be thrown... into a dark dungeon and to be with the Al-Haqq. [al-Haqq - the Apsolute truth] My Lord (Rabb) counsels us. Do not, then, either... lose heart or grieve. For you shall surely gain. . the upper hand if you are [true] believers." [Al'i Imran; 3:139] If, for the defense of justice we were thrown into a dark dungeon it means that this destiny was intended for us. so then, just like... Yusuf (Joseph) alayhi wa sallam did once... we too will illuminate this dark dungeon with our faith. I believe that just as our Lord (Rabb)... rescued Yusuf (a.s) from dungeon and made him Sultan of Egypt... He will show us a way out, too. In shaa Allah, my Bey, In shaa Allah. You will come with us, Ertugrul. Where are you taking him? Shut your mouth, Aziz! I would never let Ertugrul Bey to be taken anywhere, unprotected. Calm down, Aziz Just as we will go, so we will return, evelAllah. They can’t do anything. You are mistaken, this is a mistake. You are making a mistake A mistake! You are making a mistake! Blighter'! You are making a mistake, a mistake! Neither we nor our Ertugrul Bey had anything to do with. the murder of our Sultan You are making a mistake. Shut your mouth, no more talking Well, you are making a mistake The death verdicts for us and for our Bey have been prepared by... those devils in the Palace. What are we going to do, Artuk Bey? Are we supposed to wait like this, bound hand and foot? We are caught up in a major intrigue, Bamsi. Our State, our tribe and our Bey are in danger. We cannot handle a situation such as this either with courage or by sword. Commander in chief, Gunalp. He claims that he came here by the order of Emir Sadeddin and Altun Aba.

If the verdict was issued by the new Sultan. That means Emir Sadeddin has enthroned the Sultan who was in his heart, Turgut. Then, then our State is done for, Artuk Bey. Our State is done for, Artuk Bey. And the carrion crows have come to the fore. Who is this man, called Altun Aba, Artuk Bey? He is Sultan Giyaseddin's Atabey. I'm afraid he has been conspiring with Emir Sadeddin and. he was a partner in the trap they set up for our Bey. Ugh Throw this murderer on his knees in front of Emir Sadeddin. Md: Md. Did our Sultan have to pay with his life... for you to get back to the position of authority? Whose turn is next, Sadeddin? It s yours, Ertugrul. It’s yours. Do you think it will be that easy, Ertugrul? It won't be that easy, Ertugrul. I will give you equal treatment in return for the misery you caused to... our Sultan when you took his life We have put our Sultan's body into the ground, just a little while ago Now, your turn has come. And not only you, but all those who have collaborated with you. ill di Everyone will be punished. What does that mean, Sadeddin? I am aware that you could not have done... such an accursed deed only by yourself, Ertugrul. Artuk B y Bamsi Alp... and Turgut Bey All of them will get what they deserve for their crimes, just like you will. Md hCk. I will make you pay for this, Sadeddin! I will make you pay for this Md Md. Md 0 *. c Md «d Md «d Md: Md. And, how would you do that? How would you do that in this miserable, pathetic state of you, Ertugrul? If you think that you can... deceive our Sultan Giyaseddin, like you did our late Sultan. may he sleep in his grave illuminated by heavenly light... then you are largely mistaken. I can expect everything from you now. Superb That means you know your place. And what about the things you’ve done to me, hah? What about your slanders. an' Did you believe that I would forget how you went beyond your limits and humiliated me... in front of the Palace dignitaries, Ertugrul? Of course, I will bring you to reckoning for that. For that reason I wanted you to know the following. You wpold not be the only one who would be... punished. You have been deprived of your Principality's Beylik, by our Sultan’s decree. And, as the head of Karacahisar, the fortress you have conquered... the Commander in chief, Gunalp Bey has been appointed. And all those with whom you collaborated. will get what they deserve, just like you will So, in due time, Gunalp Bey will execute every single henchman of yours. Your death, however It will be such a magnificent celebration, the likes of which Konya has never seen, Ertugrul. I am going to put on a show... your flesh torn into pieces, enclosed in a cage. You will die in front of your followers... suffering great agony, endlessly braying from pain. Exactly how you have made me lose face... in front of the high State's dignitaries... I will ensure that you die in the most humiliating and... most gruesome ways possible, in front of all Konya's people.

And your allies Artuk, Bamsi and Turgut will be executed together. Moreover, it will be done in the plain sight of the Beys of all tribes loyal to you. Gunalp Bey will... raze Kayi’s honor to the ground, just the way you did it with mine, before. The time for reckoning has come, Sadeddin. Praise be to Allah (swt)... we are not afraid to die, not in the slightest degree. Just so you know... neither will I let you get away with all you’ve done... nor will these chains that you shackled me with... protect you from my wrath. You will choke on your own blood... while braying out the anger and frustration in you. It is over and done with. Do you understand9 For you, everything is over and done with. Remove this murderer from here. Open the door! My Alaeddin. My Sultan The father of my son. He was everything to me. They buriedjnejilivejn thisj’alace, along with^hjm. Guards' Mother, mother. Don t do it We must be dignified and show a brave face despite our pain. How can we9 How can we endure such a pain with dignity, my Sultan? Your lion of a father, has been buried into the soil at his prime. The smell of soil I scraped with my nails will be with me as long as I live. I poured the black soil over his body wrapped in a shroud. With these hands, these cursed, wretched, ominous hands, I poured that soil over him. How can you expect me to be dignified? The punishment will be drawn to those who did this to my father, mother My Suit n. T II m .. can t you see that... I am suffocating while... they are still here, in our Palace, while they are still breathing? Don't you know that with every breath Ertugrul takes. I am being buried alive in this Palace, over and over again? Death would mean salvation for Ertugrul, mother. But he will not have the right to salvation in the both worlds. Why are you so unwilling to tear Ertugrul s body limb from limb? Why are you so reluctant to parade Ertugrul’s dead body down the streets of Konya? Why don't you want to feed his rotten flesh to the carrion crows? Why? Why? - Mother! Don’t! Leave it alone! My Sultan. His subjects fought shoulder to shoulder with him... in the Palace, on the streets and in the glorious towns he conquered. Wouldn't these brave soldiers have the right to expect retaliation from you? Why are you j^illjToldingJjack, then^ Everyone expects retaliation from you, son Your father is waiting in his grave to finally find peace. And you? You are killing your mother, instead. Didn’t you have enough of it? Didn't you clear up your doubts and confusions, yet? Didn tyou? Password for this Episode is KopekisKopek. Watch and please pray for us. Thank you!