DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 33

This is the story of EPISODE 33 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Ertugrul, My Ertugrul Bey is coming Ares' Praise be to Allah, you came back What is Ares doing here, Ertugrul? He’s no longer Ares, my Halime His name is Ahmet now. Ahmet decided to shed the dirty cloak of the past he was wrapped in . and he now seeks to follow the way of the ...


This is the story of EPISODE 33 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Ertugrul, My Ertugrul Bey is coming Ares' Praise be to Allah, you came back What is Ares doing here, Ertugrul? He’s no longer Ares, my Halime His name is Ahmet now. Ahmet decided to shed the dirty cloak of the past he was wrapped in . and he now seeks to follow the way of the Haqq. [Al Haqq - the Absolute Truth] I do not believe that, my Bey After what he did to you, to our child, to our Alps, how can I believe in that? Halime Hatun For all the evilness I did to you, to your child and to your tribe, forgive me please. And all of you, Ertugrul Bey's brave Alps. You too, please forgive me. I've let my lifego to waste for nothing. Henceforth, I want to become an Alp and to . devote my life to the service of Islam and to serve Ertugrul Bey. I may only beg forgiveness from Allah... and ask you to accept me as one of you. a. H lim Don t do it Ahmet's intentions are sincere. If you do that, you will suffer pangs of guilt for the rest of your life. I endorse Ahmet with my whole heart. In that case, may Allah forgive you all your past sins, Ahmet Alp. We will wipe away your past sins... and it is up to you to follow the path of the faith. On the path of Al-Haqq, you are our brother from now on. [Al-Haqq - the Absolute Truth] May you live long, Halime Hatun. My Alps Sadeddin has sent his dog Goktug after Ahmet... in order to kill him. Just at the moment when the Goktug was about to kill Ahmet... I took his life If Sadeddin could find courage in himself to do. such an act at the time when he was dismissed and exiled, it means. . all the intrigues have not been brought to an end, yet. I am aware and I firmly believe that... the life of our Sultan is in danger In such a situation... it is not possible for me to go back to the tribe with you d|v Aiai Halime Sultan is entrusted to you. I don't have any doubt at all that you will protect her even.. at the cost of your lives and get her safely to the tribe. As for me, I'll be on my way back... to our Sultan to stir him up from his state of oblivion... into which he had fell. May your road be open. Eyvallah (as you say), my Ertugrul Bey. H lim Ahmet will describe to you how to locate the cave in which that villain Titan is holed up. And as soon as you return to the tribe pass this information on Turgut and Bamsi will do what is necessary. As you order, my Bey The cave in which Titan hides is at the foot of Ayastefanos Valley. From the entrance to the valley, follow the northern slope. You will see the river that branches off to the East. Follow the river to its’ very end. There, you will see a great old beech tree The cave’s entrance is hidden in front of that beech tree. It is covered with leaves, but if you look carefully, you will see that surely^ Have you completed your assignment, Sadeddin? The Sultan’s main cook Nasureddin Ali waits for my orders.

Upon your order, I will set off immediately... and I will make sure that our Sultan dies. In that case, you issue you my order, Sadeddin Take to the road immediately And I wiU gather the Emirs that are faithful to the Prince Giyaseddm and inform them to be ready I have informed all my friends on all sides of our State. Everyone will be ready to come to the Palace when it’s time for Prince Gyaseaddm to ascend. . to the throne Then it's up to me now to dispose of the Prince Kilig Aslan and his mother. I will never allow them to come to Konya. Superb In return for your loyalty and your service to our State... you both will become chief assistants to the Sultan Giyaseddin. Being the two great statesmen... you will serve my son well. May Allah not allow our State to suffer any harm. May Allah keep our Sultan Giyaseddin safe. There is another issue that needs to be addressed. It's Goktug Ertugrul He remained as stubborn as ever He went after me and tried to kill me. My guess is that he is aware of everything. He knows very well your intentions and mine as well. Ertugrul must be stopped immediately, Sadeddin. If Ertugrul gets to the Sultan, all of our plans will be over Don’t trouble yourself over him. I figured out how to solve this problem Ertugrul will be stopped not by us, but by the Sultan himself. How9 You will put your own seal on this letter and... you will deliver it to our Sultan What is written in this letter? This letter explains how Ertugrul violated the Sultan's justice... and how he went after me and then killed Goktug. How he collaborated with Emir Nizamettin in attempted assassinations. first in Hanli Bazaar, then in the Palace You are a Devil incarnate, Sadeddin And also, how Ertugrul is now on his way back to the Sultan. since he is adamant to complete his half-finished mission. This letter will seal Ertugrul's death verdict. When the Sultan read this letter it is sure that he will fly into rage. He will have him caught and brought into his presence. Ertugrul will not... draw a sword either against Aziz or the Sultan's guards. How will you prevent him to appear before the Sultan? Ertugrul will never be able to come into the Sultan’s presence. When Ertugrul surrenders himself to Aziz and his soldiers. they will all then die in another attack. Everyone will be convinced that he died while resisting the Sultan's guards. So far you have carried out many duties... and have overcome many problems, Ertugrul. Whenever I bade you farewell. I was always filled with deep apprehension, burning in my heart. However, this time... this time round, I’m afraid than ever before My Halime . by Allah's leave, I will return to you and to our children. But if I don't fulfill this mission. . we will no longer have our State, on which we relied so far. We will lose our homeland for which so many of our martyrs have died. May your paths be open,

Ertugrul May the Sun not burn your skin. May the rain not make you cold. May the stone never hit your foot. May you go and return to your tribe, smoothly like the flowing water. I will travel even at night to get to the tribe as fast as I can, to tell them where the hideout of that dog Titan is, Ertugrul. I entrust you to Allah, Halime. I entrust you to Allah too, Ertugrul. Well, let’s go, Alps I entrust you to Allah. My Hafsa, my baby. My b by. my b by Ah Hah, hah. - My daughter My Hafsa, come to yourself, my Hafsa. Hafsa. My Hafsa My Hafsa, come to yourself. My daughter, what happened to you' It’s the work of those immoral infidels It’s the work of those immoral infidels, my mother. Let my Hafsa and my baby recover, then... those dogs will face a terrible reckoning. As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you). Alaykumu as-salam (peace be upon you too). Sir, welcome to you Welcome back. Welcome back. Tell me please, is there anything you can do for my Hafsa? As long as Allah (swt) shows us His Grace... the remedies are endless, my son. Will my Hafsa be well? Will my baby be alright9 Tell me then, Sir, tell me that. Tell me that, and give relief to this heart of mine. isweg UOS A|/| There’s a fire burning in your heart, I know it. But, don’t be distraught. My Lord (Rabb) will spare them for us, In shaa Allah. We will do whatever we can, my son. The rest is the discretion of Allah (swt). Now you leave here, so I can find a cure for Hafsa. I’ll leave. I'll leave, Sir. As long as you find the cure for her. My Hafsa. I’m leaving. I’m leaving. Mother, what am I to do if... something happens to my Hafsa and my baby? Firstly, you need to calm down. Nothing^ will Jiappen^tq^them. They will be fine, In shaa Allah, my son. Hayme Mother, how is Hafsa doing? Ibn-i Arabi is with her. We can only wait. She will be fine, In shaa Allah. She will be fine. - In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. We went through so much trouble, for nothing. If you just listened to my words we wouldn't be in such precarious situation Don t, Bamsi This is not the right time. And when would be the right time, Turgut? When would the right time come? Would that be when my Hafsa and my baby die? nan' Hah? When they die? I told you, it's not the right time.

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This isn’t the right time, I said, Bamsi. Bamsi! Bamsi! That’s enough Come to your senses now, both of you That’s enough For Allah’s sake, don’t do this. Now is not the time to argue among ourselves. Besides, there's something more important I need to tell you. What is it, my girl? I heard the blackguards who kidnapped us talking among themselves. I learned from them that Ares has been taken to Konya. Even the two of us didn't know that information But considering that they knew about that... There's a traitor among us Who could have known about that, apart from you? Who that traitor could be? Is there permission? Come m My Turgut Bey, my Bamsi Head-Alp... Artuk Bey summons you to the fortress. What is it? I don’t know why he summons you, my Bey. He only said it's important and you have to come right away. Eyvallah (alright). My mother, my mother. Artuk Bey would not have called us if he hadn't found the trail of these dogs. My mother, I have to go. But my mind will stay behind. You keep me informed about everything. Keep your heart at ease, son. am ere. You will go and return in no time at all, In shaa Allah. If you’ll excuse me, mother. Excuse me. If that snake Mahperi Hatun didn't interfere with her forked tongue... the Sultan would finish off Sadeddin, then and there. When Mahperi Hatun learned from the Sultan which Prince will inherit the throne, she breathed... a new lease of life to Sadeddin, who’s drowning in his own filth. So, with his last will, the Sultan in fact created this alliance of evil, himself. And our thousand-year-old Empire is heading for collapse... due to the ever-present struggle for power, Ertugrul Bey. Only you can save the Seljuks from the ruination. I am going to stay close to our Sultan to guard him, Ahmet. I will do whatever it takes to prevent him from being killed. If Mahperi Hatun and Emir Sadeddin succeed to kill the Sultan. Giyaseddm's reign will begin with overriding of the Sultan's will and with bloodshed. The struggle between the Princes would cause a great destruction. And the Mongols will benefit from that. Their path will be open not only to Constantinople but also to Europe. In that case, we’d be obliged to execute the Sultan’s will, Ahmet. With the Turkmen tribes under my jurisdiction . I'll do everything to ensure Prince Kill? Aslan's ascension to the throne. I am at your disposal, Ertugrul Bey. Eyvallah (thank you), Ahmet.

The high State Officials who are loyal to you... will come into your presence, Mahperi Hatun. Excellent. I have confidence m all of them, however. .. I want them to swear their allegiance to me, Altun Aba. As you order. Have you heard from Prince Giyaseddin, yet? Our Prince most likely has already come to the Sultan, Mahperi Hatun. My son loves his father very much, so it will be. very bitter for him when he learns the truth from the Sultan. When he finds out about his father's betrayal, he will learn at... such a young age what it means to be trampled upon. He will realize that his life depends on only one word of his brother Kilig Aslan When he gets such a blow from his father... he will no longer be a young boy... but he will become a real man. That is when he will arrive to the realization that he is a true Sultan, Mahperi Hatun. Prince Giyaseddm must never know the truth, Altun Aba. I want him convinced that he was entitled to take the reign. . and to sit on the throne with a clean conscience. He will never find out about it, Mahperi Hatun. Neither from you. nor from me, and not certainly from Emir Sadeddin He will, under no circumstances learn the truth, ever. The Prince Giyaseddin Keyhusrev. My Sultan. Welcome to you, my Prince. Welcome, my son. Come into my State’s tent You've come from a long way. You should catch your breath My Sultan. I came here to go to the campaign with you and to become a martyr. uos A in I've always been proud of you and your brother That at such a young age, you want to wear armor and follow me on the campaign... pleases me enormously. May my life be sacrificed for your sake, my Sultan. There are some important issues I want to tell you about, Giyaseddin. For that reason, I will set up my State’s tent in Kayseri for two days, so... Is there permission, my Sultan? Come in, Aziz. A messenger from Atabey Altun Aba has arrived, my Sultan. That messenger said that this contains very important information. Ertugrul Nothing’s wrong, In shaa Allah, my Sultan? Instead of going back to his lands, Ertugrul went... in pursuit of Sadeddm with the intention to kill him. He killed his Aide Goktug. What about Sadeddin? Altun Aba thinks that Ertugrul killed Sadeddin, too. They are looking for his body What is Ertugrul Bey after, my Sultan?

He believes that Ertugrul was in an alliance with Emir Nizamettin. And he writes... that now Ertugrul took off after me... with the intention to kill me. My Sultan, allow me to bring that degenerate to account. I do not want him to die. but. . I want him to explain what's going on here. Aziz Find Ertugrul Bey straightaway and. . bring him into my presence. Your order is my command, my Sultan. What was the important issue you wanted to tell me, my Sultan? It's been such a long time since we hunted together, Giyaseddin. Let’s re train our rusty skills before leaving on the campaign. I've organized a hunting feast for tomorrow... and I wish to have a long talk with you then. In that case, let our hunting be fruitful, my Sultan. Well, did you weigh it well, Turgut Bey? I’ve brought the papers, Artuk Bey. Leave it on the table, Marya Hatun. You have withdrawn the Qavdar Alps from the Hanli Bazaar. What are you trying to do now, Turgut Bey? I also consulted on this matter with my Bey. Acting in the capacity of Qavdars now... our decision is to migrate from these lands. And I will also withdraw Qavdar Alps stationed the fortress. You would act on your own, contrary to the order of our Ertugrul Bey. You went well beyond your limits. You will abandon us while we are in dire straits! Bamsi, watch your tongue. Turgut Bey, Bamsi. Let Turgut Bey do what he thinks is necessary. We certainly can take care of ourselves. We’ll bring our Alps from the Hanli Bazaar to the fortress. No, that won't do, Artuk Bey! Apparently, the biggest traitor among us is you! You betrayed your Ertugrul Bey, as well as... your brothers and your tribe The lives of my hatun and my baby were in jeopardy because of... your arrogance and your ignorance! That’s enough, Bamsi! That’s enough I will do whatever is best for my tribe As for your hatun and baby, what’s happened has happened. What am I supposed to do, huh? What am I supposed to do? Bamsi! Bamsi! Bamsi! Bamsi! Don't do it! Wait, is that worthy of you? Artuk B y' My Bey, are you all right? You have betrayed our cause You re a traitor! I will not forgive your treachery! I will not forgive your betrayal You're a traitor! You're a traitor! You're a traitor! You're a traitor! You're a traitor! Bamsi! password for this Episode is Kopek00Evilc. Watch and pray for us!