DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 32

This is the story of EPISODE 32 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Ertugrul, Mahperi Hatun brandishes an iron fist in the velvet glove, under our very noses. And that woman is not the only one In shaa Allah, she will not influence the Sultan's mind. We will all see the outcome after our Sultan's verdict tomorrow, my Halime. If his verdict happens to ...


This is the story of EPISODE 32 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Ertugrul, Mahperi Hatun brandishes an iron fist in the velvet glove, under our very noses. And that woman is not the only one In shaa Allah, she will not influence the Sultan's mind. We will all see the outcome after our Sultan's verdict tomorrow, my Halime. If his verdict happens to be an unjust one. our State will be greatly damaged by that. Ertugrul, I told that woman. I said we won’t stay in a place where there is no justice. The eyes of the serpents are on us. We have to leave here. We did what we were obliged to do, my Halime. Our entire struggle was so that the justice would prevail. And we will continue to struggle for that till the very end. Even if the Sultan himself, and even if our ancestors oppose us. . we won't ever compromise on justice. For this cause, even if I fall from our Sultan's grace, it won't grieve me. Being a lone fighter for justice is... more superior to being a Sultan of the whole world. I risked my life in the name of our holy Empire. I have fought bravely. I have gone through many difficulties. I have tempted death. Everything, I’ve done everything for our Sacred Cause. But, nobody was there for me during these difficult times. Neither the Emperor for whom I made so many sacrifices... nor my friend Titan with whom I fought side by side. nor the Tekfur, from whom I asked help... nor Angelos. Apparently, the only one who cared for this so-called Sacred Cause, was me. And everyone else was just in pursuit of their own agendas. If I get out of here, I will take revenge on all of yow However... I wonder would Ertugrul be as good as his word? Ares, wake up Wake up, Ares Ares wake up Ares, wake up Hmh! Hmh! And who you might be? I’m a lone traveler wandering the hearts that seek consolation and relief Come, sit by me. Why did you give me this water? Water is Allah's mercy and grace. It is a blessing. It allows the seeds planted in your heart to sprout. The seeds in my heart are rotten. I am nothing more than one forsaken... and defeated man You have lost only your fortress and your title. However, a person’s most precious treasures are. his heart and his soul. Genuine losers are those whose hearts and souls are decayed. Those who have forsaken you are on the side of persecution. But your heart. is yearning to see the light. what about all these pains I suffer now.. and all the tears I shed? The path you have walked to this day was not the path of Al-Haqq. [Al-Haqq - The Absolute Truth] In a pursuit of the false cause... you were drifting like a dry fallen leaf, being tossed about by the winds. Now that your soul is being born again, you're suffering the pains of rebirth.

The tears you’re shedding... drain the pus and purify your heart. If it were not so, Allah would not have given you that pain. nor would He bless you with these tears. For, as the Noble Qur'an enjoins... Surely, He is Ever-Knowing [the thoughts] within the breasts. [Fatir; 35:38] well ...but even a great sinner like me... someone who had persecuted you, the Muslims, in particular? Almighty Allah (SWT) in the Noble Qur'an says. Say. O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy of Allahj Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is...j the Forgiving, the most Merciful. [Az-Zumar; 39:53] thus He counsels us. You must not allow yourself to give way to despair. The water you drank, the tears that you shed are the spring of mercy and grace. With your words, you did me the world of good. It seems like with my every teardrop, I'm finding myself. P ease. Tell me. How could I better acquaint myself with your faith? There is no room for despair in our faith. Unless you don’t turn away from the path of Allah. if you do not inflict cruelty to anyone, and if you do not sin... no door will be closed to you... nor would you run out of opportunities The doors to our noble religion of Islam. are open to anyone who sincerely seeks to open that door. Please, please, please do not go. Don’t go, do not leave me here in this darkness, all alone. I don't want to be confined with those shackles again. Your darkness will be dispelled. by the light of guidance that has appeared in your heart. And you will unfasten the chains around your heart. with the mercy Allah (swt) has bestowed upon you. May Allah's guidance, mercy and blessings be upon you. Don t go Don t go Don’t go D n t go Water is Allah's mercy and grace, it's a blessing. It allows the seeds planted in your heart to sprout. Blessed Emir... may Allah keep you safe. In shaa Allah... this slanders... that sullied your reputation will be cleared, shortly. Goktug.. you are my loyal Ghulam [Ghulam - Servant in Arabic] You’re my son We have always walked on the right path. We’ve put our lives on the line walking down this path. Whatever our destiny might be, we will carry it as a crown on our head. Blessed Emir... you mean more to me than my own father This situation you found yourself in. gives me great anguish. I wish, if it were somehow possible. if I could give my life for you] Allah is great, Goktug. Our Sultan will not deviate from the justice. In the face of justice, necks of all of us are thinner than hair. If I die, you will continue to faithfully serve our State.

This State has a need of brave and loyal men like you. And, do not ever forget me Blessed Emir. That will be enough! It’s time. Take him, now. Where's that messenger, what's keeping him? I’m sitting here idle by, with my hands folded. Let him come here and tell me their whereabouts.. then I know what I'll do. Bamsi, for goodness sake, ah Be quiet! You are not to do anything to the messenger. If the messenger they sent, doesn’t return to them... they will do some evilness to our hatuns. You are right, Artuk Bey, you are right. I will curb my anger. I will curb my anger Is there permission, Hayme Mother? Com in Commander Titan is curious what your decision might be. Bamsi! You return to him now and say that.. we have made our decision. I will bring Ares and.. I will get the hatuns in exchange. You just now tell us the location where we ll meet. Commander Titan will be waiting for you in the Kor Valley before sunset. Hmh O my Allah (swt). . keep them safe, o my Lord (Rabb). Enemies are swooping down on us from all sides, Hayme Hatun. We must not leave the fortress unattended. I’ll have to go back to the fortress. You are correct, Artuk Bey. Be fast, Tekfur is waiting for us. We need to get to the Bilecik border before sunset Angelos Come, let’s go. His Excellency, Abu’l-Muzaffar Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat! [Abu'l-Muzaffar - the father of victorious ones] Aziz! Bring Emir Sadeddin into my presence. Sadeddin! I haven’t been able to sleep at all last night, for... I was thinking about Ertugrul Bey's allegations. Taking Ares's claims into consideration, I have reached a verdict. Regarding the allegations... they are too serious to be taken lightly. Especially, since . these allegations came from Ertugrul Bey I would like to investigate them thoroughly. My spies in Nikea.. as well as my State's Officials... in every corner of my State... will pursue these allegations. Upon mu return from the campaign... I will reach the final verdict. I put my trust, first in Allah’s... then in your justice, my Sultan release you from all of your duties, Sadeddin. From now on you do not represent any authority in this State. Take him away My Sultan You either take Emir Sadeddin's head now, while he is in your presence... or I'm afraid, the day will come... when this man will bring your State to ruin And the blame will be on your own head, too. That’s enough,

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Ertugrul Bey, that’s enough! You have performed your duty in a proper manner. My decision is final Now, do not go beyond your limits. You are obliged to... implement the orders that I have given you. And now, go back to.. your Principality's Beylik and resume your duties. Take him away Ho Turgut' Attack him Kill him Come here, come on Your appointed hours are imminent, you vile dogs! You barbarous Turk! You’re not going to die that fast, you sod Before that, you will tell me where the hatuns are kept. Speak up, man The fate has decided, Emir Sadeddin. Let him do what he pleases, days and nights. It warms the cockles of your heart, when the fate decides. Do not be impatient for the passions of the night. What soul is immortal... whose beloved is eternal. My loyalty to Mahperi Hatun Is eternal. If I'm still alive today it is thanks to her, I know. What about our Sultan? Of course I will prevent the Sultan to. drag our State into disaster... with his delusions and his appointed heir. Even if you’ve been dismissed from your post and exiled? My dismissal won't clip my wings. On the contrary, it will empower me. And to ensure that the Prince Giyaseddin claims the throne... I will use that very power, you will see. How will you do that? Let everyone act according to the power which he possesses. Before leaving the Palace... I would like to pay a visit to Mahperi Hatun. Mahperi Hatun will be extremely pleased by that visit. When I clear the path for our Prince to claim the Sultanate . you will show me your appreciation. Open the door! When I return to this Palace... this throne will be mine. If I couldn't get better of you as an Emir then I will defeat you as a Sultan, Ertugrul. Speak up Where are the hatuns? You can't make me talk. If you are so curious, go find them yourself. You will start to speak... or you're going to die. If you kill me, you've no idea what problems you will cause for yourself. Stop! Stop Wait! My father is the Tekfur of Bilecik. And my father... is the most important man of our Emperor. Well, in that case... I will take you to the Karacahisar fortress and... put you in front of your merchants, and I’ll tell them... how you abducted two innocent women and kept them captive; so then... when the Emperor brings your father to reckoning. . and when your father in turn... takes you to account for the reputation that you destroyed, let's see how you will... justify yourself before your father, the Tekfur. I will rough you up, until you speak, you immoral dog Get up1 Get up Get up! Get going!

Get going Walk Walk Sharpen your swords really well. They ought to make mincemeat of them, when they come. Tell me, what did they say? Bamsi has agreed to bring Tekfur Ares. He will be waiting in the Kor Valley, before sunset. Pathetic losers! Since they don't have Ares, they intend to fight and. they will try playing mind games to entrap us. I'll show them how the real trap is made. Tell me then, does my sword... needs to be even sharper to cut your husbands' heads? We’ll see who will take whose head! Hafsa! Continu Aslihan! The lives of all of us are at stake. We can't leave it just in their hands. We have to get out of here. e rea Is there permission, Blessed Emir? Come in, come in. It's time to bid farewell to my humble abode, Goktug. I don't know if I would rather rejoice... that you are still alive, or mourn because you were... dismissed from your duties and you were exiled, Blessed Emir. For those who live on the summit of the Holy Mountain.. the smallest wind can feel like a hurricane, and . a gentle sunshine can turn into a living hell I swore that I will serve you until the end of my life. rtugrul he promised Ares that he would spare his life if he exposes me. If I know Ertugrul, he will be true to his word. We cannot allow that good-for-nothing infidel to escape with his life. Whoever gets in my way I take their lives, you know that, Goktug. And now, it is Ares’ turn. You will go after him. You will get him and bring him to me, so I can take his life. I will fulfill your orders, along with your loyal soldiers, Blessed Emir. Now, you may go The door! Farewell, Emir Sadeddin. Welcome to you, Sultan Sadeddin. Where are you going, Ertugrul? As I promised him, I would like to set Ares free, my Halime. And, you get yourself ready, meantime. As soon as I’m done, we will set off on the road Ertugrul Ares resentment against you is immense.

You know too, that he will come back to take his revenge on you. He is a wretched soul who came before Sultan. and narrated his State's secrets in order to save his life. There’s no longer an army, not even a single soldier behind him. He no longer even has a homeland to return to, Halime. I am still afraid, Ertugrul. He is a man who didn't hesitate to even mishandle our child. When we left Karacahisar... I told you that. Ares would give us Sadeddin. And, I still think the same. Walk, man, walk! Walk, you good-for-nothing Walk Who is this, son? One of those degenerates who abducted our hatuns. His name is Angelos. He’s the son of the Tekfur of Bilecik. This infidel will be our secret weapon to get our hatuns back. You thought itjwell j5qn,jDut..d Bamsi is already gone to save the hatuns. What are you saying, mother? Bamsi couldn't stay put. He just couldn’t contain himself. He had no other alternative. He decided to cover the face of one Alp and to present him as Ares. Ah Bamsi! Ah Bamsi, what did I told you. This will not work, I told you Obviously there is something else in this game, mother. It is obvious that these infidels mean to lure them into a trap. They will all die You will not even find their dead bodies. Ah, h You, shut up Shut up, you dirty sod1 Do you know where they went, mother? To the place called Kor Valley, son. I need to get this villain there before something terrible happens to them. Go, son Get there in time. Get going! Get up! Get up' Walk W Ik! The time has come, Ares You kept your word Now, it’s my turn Are you really going to set me free? Why are you surprised? Because. my friends everybody I knew have sold me. None of them were as good as their words. And now you, you who are my enemy you want to keep your word, without reservation. If my hostility towards you was guided be my Nafs (inner-self)... I would have torn you to pieces, by now, Ares. I gave you my word. Now it’s time for me to stand by my word. It has been years since I come across an honorable friend or an enemy... Ertugrul Bey. I couldn't have been your friend, but... for me it was an honor to have you even as an enemy. I got a horse ready for you. There is also a pouch of gold under the rear of the saddle. After this, you are on your own to look after yourself, Ares. Do not let me see you ever again. For, that time I would not forgive you. Close the door. I am grateful to you for receiving me into your presence, Mahperi Hatun. How do you plan to kill Sultan, Sadeddin? When our Sultan declares his heir apparent in Kayseri... I know that he will organize a great parade. And I will always be close to him... like his shadow. I asked you how you would do that, Sadeddin. How will you wind your way through his army? How will you manage to slip past his Ghilman? [Ghilman - Arabic for servants] I hold the strings of his main cook Nasruddin Ali in my hand... M hp ri Hatun The one who prepares his food and... who never leaves his side... is your most trusted man. A main cook, hah? Hmh That's impossible. And, it's not only that I hold his strings... but I know all his sins and weaknesses. If he is still alive today... it’s only thanks to me. What do you expect from my son Giyaseddin. .. in return for your loyalty to our State? For the sake of our State it is my duty to be at our Sultan Giyaseddin's disposal. In fact I have a question to ask you, Mahperi Hatun. If you will allow me, of course. What about Melike (Princess) Adile Sultan. and her son Kilig Arslan, what will happen to them? A struggle for the throne can wear down the State. When you do away with the Sultan... then I will dispose of, both Melike Adile Sultan and her son. I will never allow them to come to Konya in order to claim the throne. Password for this Episode is AhmednotAres. Watch and pray for us!