DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 30

This is the story of EPISODE 30 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. I give you my solemn oath, your death will be by my hand, Sadeddin Kopek. Aag A|A| Did you meet with Emir Nizamettin's family, Abdurrahman? I didn t my Bey Emir Nizamettin's wives, children and their brides have been banished to Erzurum. Who was there with him when he died? He was all ...


This is the story of EPISODE 30 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. I give you my solemn oath, your death will be by my hand, Sadeddin Kopek. Aag A|A| Did you meet with Emir Nizamettin's family, Abdurrahman? I didn t my Bey Emir Nizamettin's wives, children and their brides have been banished to Erzurum. Who was there with him when he died? He was all alone in the dungeon, my Bey. When the head physician went to see him, he found his body. Obviously they did not want the Sultan to question him. I want to talk to every single dungeon guard, who was on duty that day, Abdurrahman. I wanted to go down to the dungeon to investigate, my Bey. But they didn’t allow it. Call Aziz to me. The only person who can get us into the dungeon is Aziz. As you order, my Bey. How beautiful it is to come together like this... and share the same dinner table. This merging of our two tribes will strengthen us even more, with Allah's will. Now it is the obligation of all of us to... do our best to make our unity permanent... and not allow us to drift apart from each other. You've said everything well, my Hayme Mother... you said it well, yet I feel uneasy with regard to. the site of this tribe, my Hayme Mother. For the safety of the Alps, as well as for our own... the locality of the tribe is risky, my Hayme Mother. I said I would remain silent, but... I can’t dismiss this issue from my mind. Bamsi! I already told you... we will place the Alps on all four sides of the tribe. Can’t you understand that, brother? The Alps will keep guard day and night. Brother... This matter is closed, here and now. Turgut brother didn't our Ertugrul Bey say: "Resettle your tribe alongside our tribe"? Now, we personally give the enemy an invite to enter our tribe. We are bringing a hornet’s nest upon our otherwise untroubled head. My Ertugrul Bey will understand me. Since I’m the Bey of Qavdars, the responsibility for them lies with me, Bamsi. There is no need for more explanation. We got hojd of that dog Ares. That devious Titan is out there in pursuit of evil. He spent so much time in our tribe. He must have memorized every place around here. Brother, that infidel will look for our weak spot by any means, don't you know? We are not afraid of that degenerate, evelAllah.

Just as my Ertugrul Bey draws Ares’ punishment over there. so, I'm going to draw Titan's punishment here. Don’t be worried, none of you Before my Bey comes back... I will finish Titan off, once for all. Ha Good Since you are doing all the thinking and planning by yourself. since you want to do everything on your own... then I don't have anything else to say in this gathering. Would you excuse me, my Hayme Mother? Sit back down, Bamsi! To ensure the unity of the two tribes... we went through all kind of trials and hardships... we have shed the blood of so many villains. Do you want to now to break this unity? What kind of brotherhood is this, huh? We will not tolerate anyone who wants to create disputes. Everyone is obliged to know their place. You will go to see Artuk Bey tomorrow . and talk this matter through with him. Now, everyone eat your dinner When you put Emir Nizamettin in dungeon by the orders of our Sultan... you did not take his locket ring off. Apart of his shroud, he didn’t have anything on, Ertugrul Bey. There were no rings either on his fingers or anywhere on him. What’s going on, Aziz? Are you still following the case of that traitor, Nizamettin? My Ertugrul Bey wants to follow it up. Every single guard who was on duty that day was... questioned by Emir Sadettin personally, Ertugrul Bey. By Emir Sadeddin? If you still harbor any doubts, then read Emir Nizamettin's disloyal correspondence with the infidels, found in his home If Emir Nizamettin was a traitor, why would he keep his secret correspondence with... the Emperor and the Tekfur of Bilecik at his residence, Commander? There is no window in the dungeon. In that case one of the guards must have given him that ring. Maybe he even poisoned him and then left a ring with him strategically, so... that everyone would think that he took his own life. Ertugrul Bey, the traitor has died.1 I am aware what he did to you and your Alps. Your anger is great. However, this case has been closed. I want to see the letters that were found in Emir Nizamettin's home, Aziz. The letters are with our Sultan, my Ertugrul Bey. We can ask for them when he returns.

Why do you still harbor doubts over this, my Ertugrul Bey? Betrayals run deep, Aziz. So many Scholars, friends of Allah (Evliya'ullah) and Sultans were... lead to lose their bearings, due to that. The things that keep our State and us standing... are our loyalty of the heart and our suspicious mind. Please go ahead, hatuns. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [In the name of Allah swt, the Merciful and the Compassionate]. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [In the name of Allah swt, the Merciful and the Compassionate] I remember your father, Prince Numan taking a refuge... in the fortress of my father Kir Fard in Alanya (Kalonoros), at one time. [Kir Fard - Armenian nobleman of the Roupenian branche] He faced up to everything in order to save the lives of your brother Prince Yigit and you. At that time, your late brother and you were still young children. I remember how your father betrayed the Sultan, as it was yesterday. Mahperi Hatun... my father has never been. involved in any insidious act against our State or our Sultan. On the contrary, he stood up against all those. Princes, Kings and even the Pope, who on the pretext... of helping him ascend to the throne of the Seljuks... wanted to use him in their intrigues. My father’s only wish was to live a peaceful life with his children. However, he hasn’t been allowed that. Moreover, among those who wanted to use my father was your father, Kir Fard, as well. But we managed to escape from your fortress. It is all in the past, now. The fortress of my father, Kir Fard. .. has been conquered by our Sultan Alaeddin. [the conquest of Kalonoros, 1221.] I become his wife And, I have born him his heir apparent, since. My son, the Prince Keyhusrev. The life could bring us many surprises, Halima Hatun, could it not? My father's grandson, who was the biggest enemy of our Sultan, at one time... will be the heir to the throne of the mighty Seljuks. I have heard of your friendship with... our Sultan's second wife, the Ayyubid's Melike, Adile Sultan. [Melike - Ayyubid’s title for Princess and Queen] My father finally found shelter with Melike, Adile Sultan's father. Our friendship was born at that time. I have not seen her for a long time. But, I’ve heard. . that she has brought up a valiant young Prince, by the name of Prince KiIiq Arslan.

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They live in Kayser. Since she is aware that her son would never become the Sultan. and that is as it should be so, she and her son do not come to the Palace much. They prefer to live a solitary life. My esteemed hatuns of our Emirs. I want us to express once again our welcome to... our Bey of Principality, Ertugrul Bey and Halime Hatun to our Palace. Welcome back, Halime Hatun. Welcome back, Halime Hatun. We can only weaken the Turks with sudden attacks. For, until our army arrives, we are outnumbered by them. It's just a right task for your hired assassins, Titan. Sir, this is a new note from our spy in the Castle. What does she say9 The opportunity we've been waiting for just presented itself. For the safety reason, the Qavdars are going to move near the Kayi tribe. But the location they are settling on is a risky one. And as such, very convenient for our raids. The time for our raids is here, my warriors of hell! Hu hu, hu. hu! Hu. hu hu, hu1 Hu hu, hu hu! Hu hu hu, hu1 Hu. hu. hu, hu1 Hu. hu, hu' Hu hu hu! Mahperi Hatun is very arrogant. What is more, she is one very ambitious hatun, Ertugrul She is so confident that her son will be the next Sultan that... she is blinded to anything else. She holds Melike (Princess) Adile Sultan and her son in contempt. O, my Allah, protect us If something were to happen to our Sultan. That would be the reason for war between the brothers. As Mongols are getting closer slowly but steadily... their conflict over the throne would bring disaster to our State. Is there permission, my Bey? Come in, Abdurrahman. You summoned me, my Bey. Tomorrow when I go into the Sultan's presence, bring Ares to the Palace. Be careful while on the road and when you get into the Palace. As you order, my Bey Emir Sadeddin is overconfident, my Bey. And it’s clear that he had deluded the Sultan When you bring Ares into his presence.. what if our Sultan doesn't believe to your words, but those of Emir Sadeddin? Let the word of the truth hurt the feelings of a friend, my Halime. We have submitted ourselves to the Al-Haqq once forever. [Al-Haqq - The Absolute Truth, Allah’s name] I am not afraid either, of the lies of Emir Sadeddin... nor of the unjust treatment of our Sultan. We are on the right path, Alhamdulillah (praise be to Allah). I will not deviate from my path now, my Halime. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [In the name of Allah swt, the Merciful and the Compassionate]. Eyvallah (thank you), hatun. There you are. I’m going to the fortress. Let us talk this through. In shaa Allah,

Turgut won't prove to be obstinate and will let go of that idea. isiueg Don't stress yourself. You’ve done all you could Everything will work out for the best. Besides, I have glad tidings I wish to share with you. I had this inner feeling for a while now. But I did not want to share it with you before I was absolutely certain. Now, I am certain. My Hafsa. I wonder if, I wonder if you are.. isiueg We are going to have a baby. You will become a father Allah All h< I’m going to be a father! My baby is coming! Bamsi stop! You will knock the whole place down. My baby is coming! My Hafsa! My Hafsa My Hafsa, that means you now, you now carry our baby under your heart? SojJurjDaby is jiow therein your belly? Ah, my Hafsa? Ah, my Hafsa? My Hafsa! My Hafsa So, is our baby there in your belly? Hafsa, our baby is silent. Bamsi, how can you hear the voice of a baby in my belly? Hah My little baby. My little baby My little baby. My Hafsa. My Hafsa, is it a girl or a boy, tell me that. I don’t know it myself, before he’s born, Bamsi. Whom our baby will look like? Let him look like me. Let him be like me So when he gets his teeth, he may... chew the meat and drink the goat milk, gluglugluglug. My Hafsa, may hejook likejne. Alright, Bamsi, alright Off with you now, go to the Castle Do not keep Artuk Bey waiting. And, I will also go to Aslihan Hatun. Don’t let any animosity to develop between us Go on. Alright, alright. Don’t worry I'm going Don t worry I m going My Hafsa I wonder what our child will be like? Will it be a rompy, very mischievous boy... with hair like a lion mane as his father... or. or will it be a irl like her mother. small and graceful as gazelle... and with gentle eyes as a lamb? Bamsi, off you go] Go on, may your path be open I m going iM IIVO Supervise everything while our tribe is being resettled, Aslihan Turgut, you should first talk this through with Artuk Bey Artuk Bey will understand why we are going to resettle there.

He knows very well what the Beylik responsibilities are. Do not worry. Is it free to come in7 Please, come in, Hafsa Hatun What’s going on, Aslihan Hatun. are you going somewhere? I have to supervise the tribe as we are relocating. I’m on my way there. I’m going to oversee everything until Turgut Bey comes back. Shouldn’t they consult with Artuk Bey first We need to conclude this matter, as soon as possible. We will dismantle our tents if needed, and set them up alongside Kayi tribe. Did you want to tell me something? Yes, I did. I have something important to share with you. Then, youmay come along with me. We may talk along the way. we will return before lunch time, evelAllah. Alright His Exellency, Abu'l-Muzaffar Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat! [Abu'l-Muzaffar - father of victorious ones] Welcome here, Ertugrul Bey. Very pleased to see you, my Sultan. You've conquered the Karacahisar fortress, for which the mighty armies. . would have need months of siege to accomplish it, and which. should have been the right of Emirs, even Sultans By doing this you have added the power to our state, Ertugrul Bey. May Allah (swt) grant you and your descendants a blessed life in the both worlds Amin, my Sultan As the Bey of Principality, I did but my duty, my Sultan. I conquered it thanks to the faith.. that you had in the Turkmen tribes and in Oghuz clans. May Allah (swt) make our State everlasting, may He preserve you as our leader, my Sultan. Now, if you would accept... I would like to offer you the spoils of Karacahisar. Bring it in At the time, when I'm surrounded by my enemies on all four sides... you expanded my lands, you made me more powerful. you increased my feelings of pride, Ertugrul Bey. And, in front of all those who are present here. .. I wish to give you this edict] So far, no Bey of Principality... not even any of my Emirs have been granted such a privilege the privilege by which. . Karacahisar fortress.. and Sogut, as well as even Domamg... are entrusted to you and your descendants. Even if I am to die, this lands you conquered will belong to you. I know that with you and your lineage... these lands and our State... will expand and grow stronger... that you will bring it to life and make it prosper. Ertugrul Bey, may Allah (swt) help and assist you. Amin, my Suit n May you live long. Let me give you some water. May you live long, my sister. May you live long. Hafsa9 Are you feeling better now, my sister? Yes, I am much better, Aslihan Hatun. I’m much better indeed. I’m sorry about this. Password for this Episode is QUicKEpiSOde006. Watch Now and pray for us!