DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 29

This is the story of EPISODE 29 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Let the horses rest. Tie Ares firmly to the tree What tidings do you bring from Konya, my Melik§ah9 Our SultanJias left the Palace, my Bey They said, he went to inspect the army that will go to the campaign. Moreover, they said they have caught the traitor in the Sultan’s Palace, my Bey Who was that ...


This is the story of EPISODE 29 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Let the horses rest. Tie Ares firmly to the tree What tidings do you bring from Konya, my Melik§ah9 Our SultanJias left the Palace, my Bey They said, he went to inspect the army that will go to the campaign. Moreover, they said they have caught the traitor in the Sultan’s Palace, my Bey Who was that traitor9 They said it was Emir Nizamettm, my Bey He has attempted on Sultan’s life and has been thrown into dungeon. Later, as they said he took his own life in the dungeon, my Bey. My Bey, this doesn’t bode well, at all. What are we going to do? Alps, I will proceed to the Palace ahead of you with Halime Hatun. Abdurrahman, you follow after us and deliver the spoils of our Conquest. As you order, my Bey. Ah My Bey, what about Ares? Apparently, Sadeddin has concocted a scheme to deceive the Sultan. We will not present Ares, until the Sultan returns to the Palace. Ah, Ertugrul ah Your State is rotten from within. And you still assume that you can keep it standing on your own But you too will be buried under its rubble. I’ve destroyed a great fortress over your head. You first consider the rubble under which you are buried. Just as I brought you down to your knees, so I will... vanquish that traitor Emir Sadeddin with whom you joined forces, too After you have delivered the prize, you will return to bring Ares in, when I order you so. As you order, my Bey. As you order, my Bey. Let’s get going, my Halime. As you wish, my Bey Get our horses. Come on Why are you as edgy as a rabbit... who has caught the scent of a wolf, Goktug? Ertugrul is on his way here, Blessed Emir. I think, our only choice is to kill him before he approaches the Palace Do you think that the Sultan would not grow suspicious again if... something was to happen to Ertugrul on his way here? The actual disaster would not be Ertugrul's arrival to the Palace, but... the rekindling of the Sultan's doubts. It is clear that he intends to entrap you.

He will relate everything he has learned about you to the Sultan I will set up such a game to Ertugrul that I will... bury him forever under the foundations of this Palace along with his trap. Tell me then, what do you think... Mahperi Hatun’s reaction would be when she finds out that... the Sultan will not proclaim her son, Keyhusrev, as the heir to the throne... but Kili$arslan instead, the son he has with. the Melike (Princess), Adele Sultan? She will be deeply devastated, Blessed Emir. Wei, yes. And now, in order to break this bleak news to her, you will. immediately summon Altun Aba, Keyhusrev’s atabey, to my quarters. [Atabey - tutor to a Seljuk Prince] Mahperi Hatun must be made aware that the only person who can... put the Sultan's signet ring on her son's finger, is me. Then, the one who will decide the new Sultan of Seljuk’s Empire will be you, Blessed Emir. The time is ripe for the Sultanate to be handed over to another, Goktug. To be handed over first to the Sultan Keyhusrev, then... afterwards to the Sultan Sadeddin. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [In the name of Allah swt, the Merciful and the Compassionate]. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [In the name of Allah swt, the Merciful and the Compassionate]. The prospect of the two tribes merging is a good thing, Aslihan. It will reinforce our ranks against the enemy. My Turgut Bey. I can't say anything against the consolidating of our ranks. But the immediate proximity of the two tribes gives me a cause for concern. Although we are as close as brothers... their order of the things is different than ours, my Bey. Owing to the close proximity to each other, Allah forbid, the problems may arise in days to come. You’re right, Aslihan, that’s not to be ignored. We certainly must consider every possibility. There are two places where we may set up our tribe. One is at a little distance from the tribe, but close to water sources And with the broad sweeping grasslands. If it's appropriate, then let's settle there, my Bey. Besides, I consulted with the Beys. They want our tribe to settle a little farther away, too. And, my opinion is the same, too. We will start the relocation of our tribe there, shortly. Turgut, Ertugrul Bey will see our decision as appropriate too, In shaa Allah. I’m obliged to consider my own tribe, now. My Ertugrul Bey will understand us. Don’t trouble yourself over it. Deh' Co eon. Ah I yearned to ride with you at a full gallop Ertugrul, then to take rest... breathing freely, sitting close knee to knee on a rough tree trunk, gazing at each other’s eyes Do you think I didn’t miss that too, my Halime?

Do not let my words burden you I know that you shoulder a heavy load, Ertugrul. Feeling your warm breath when I go to sleep is enough for me, you know. Every place I go I carry you in my heart, my Halime. Now, the crazy, exuberant time when we couldn't contain ourselves, has passed, Ertugrul. We have now our Principality Beylik to think of, our duties and our babies. It is enough that Allah never leave us without you. My mother, she saw in the dream that another son was born to us... Osman. If you were to have sons, name them after... Savci Alp, who has given his life for me fighting against the Mongols • • Gunduz Alp, who was martyred and passed away in my arms. . and my late martyred uncle, Osman Alp. uewso That was the last bequest of my Suleyman Shah. If we get one more son, he wanted us to name him Osman. We will soon be able to receive our Osman into our arms, In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. And during my most agonizing days, I saw Osman too. Ertugrul, how blessed and good news this is for us. So after you, my mother saw him too And now, it made my heart swell. In shaa Allah Let’s wish that what we saw in our dreams may turn into good fortune. May Osman become a brave world conqueror and a great Statesman, as I saw him in my dream. In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. Ee. Ertugrul, in the past, you would take your stretched bow covered with a black dust and... you would go hunting for preys and birds, to feed your wife Do not worry. Ertugrul still have dominion over the hunting grounds. Then you rake care of the hunt, and the hearth is my worry, Ertugrul So, Emir Sadeddin wanted to talk to you No good news could ever be heard from his mouth, Mahperi Hatun. But, I reckon it might be beneficial to see him. You are right. Go talk to him, see what the matter is. As you wish. Is there any news from Ertugrul Bey? -Nothing yet. I wish to get acquainted with that Bey of Principality, whom our Sultan granted so much favors Let me see whether Ertugrul Bey is kind of a person, who would one day.. show the same loyalty to my prince Keyhusref, as he had shown to the Sultan, so far? Ertugrul is the most dangerous Oghuz Bey I’ve ever seen, Mahperi Hatun. With his tribe of only a handful of people he waged war against. .

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Mongols and Tekfurs, like he had an army. He conquered Karacahisar. When our Sultan's affection for Ertugrul is so evident... it would be beneficial for us to be wary, I say. His loyalty to the Sultan would always interfere with our aims. I’ll keep an eye on him, at all times. Now, go and learn what Emir Sadeddin has to say. As you order Bismillah (in the name of Allah). Bismillah. Make sure the tents are set ten steps apart! Keep that in mind Also, leave space for the sheep pen You best be quick, come on, brothers, come on Turgut brother Turgut brother Welcome, my brother Glad to see you, my brother, glad to see you. Praise be to Allah, we have brought the two tribes together we have brought them together, brother But, brother this is not a secure place. I told you about that already. If you resettle your tribe in this spot, then... it will be left exposed to that hill over there. In that case, the enemy would come through that mountain pass yonder... and easily attack both tribes, brother. Do not worry yourself over that, brother. I took everything into consideration. Our Alps will keep constant vigil on those peaks, day and night. We will not give the enemy opportunity to do anything, evelAllah. If we were to establish our tribe on the spot you advised. the grasslands wouldn't be sufficient for the flocks of both This place is close to the water sources, Bamsi Head-Alp. The sensible choice for us is here. For the sake of our flocks and because of... the proximity of the water springs, this is the right place for us. Well, my Beys. Aslihan Hatun, Turgut brother... if you set up your tribe where I recommended, the enemy’s attacks from. the direction of that hill will be prevented in advance. As for the water, you don’t have to worry about the water. Should the occasion arise, we will. explore and excavate the soil and will bring it to you, anew. Aw puy my concern is only for the safety of the two tribes. I cannot comprehend how you don’t see it. isweg You keep out of my affairs, brother. Just tend to your own business. I have been a Head-Alp for years. I know what is needed to be done. Brother. Well, you have been that, yet. you don't see the danger sitting right under your very nose. Now, I am the Bey of the Qavdar tribe. If I consider it appropriate for us to resettle here, then... that is how it is going to be. From now on, my words won't be challenged. Goo Good then my Bey As you command! As you command, my Bey Hayme Mother! My Hayme Mother! Hayme Mother! Welcome here Pleased to see you, my daughter. Welcome here, my mother.

Pleased to see you, son You should have rested at the Castle. Why did you get up? Don’t worry yourself about me, I am well. My sons are coming. I have to get everything ready] That's why I came to the tribe. And at the same time, I wanted to see you, too You have brought us delight, my mother But, if you have sent us a word in advance, we would escort you here. What is wrong with Bamsi? Bamsi claims that this place is not safe for us. However, both... my Beys and I consider this location as appropriate. Moreover, if we set our tribe where he advised, the pastures. wouldn’t be sufficient for the flocks of both tribes, mother And Bamsi took offence at that. You just do what you’re supposed to do, son Come on brothers, you best be quick, come on See, these are the warriors of death I have spoken to you about. Look at my man, Angelos. The Catalonian Butcher! The Viking ’ s Devi I' The Celtic Knight' Every single one is a warrior from Hell. Every single one has bloods from hundreds of Turks on their hands They are growing impatient to... start spilling the blood of Ertugrul and the neighboring tribes. As long as that's what they want. We will give them that opportunity. Death to the Turks! Death to the Turks! Death to the Turks! Death to the Turks! Death to the Turks! Death to the Turks! Death to the Turks! Death to the Turks! Death to the Turks! Her appearance is clearly all telling. It's plain as day that she is a hatun of some rich man. And a beautiful hatun, at that too. We can sell her on the slave market. She would bring us a lot of gold coins, a lot of it. Let's not tarry then, let's go grab her. Ertugrul Ertugrul Hahme Who are you? We are the owners of this mountain. And you are now our captive Don't be worried, we'll feed to your heart’s content Get her rtugr I' rtugrul This woman proved to be quite a tough one. Ertugrul rtugr I' Ertugrul My Haliiru My Halime Are you alright, my Halime? I’m alright, I’m fine Ertugrul. You arrived just like al-Khidr. [the Green One - Surat al-Kahf; Sahih al-Bukhari, 3221] Just like al-Khidr. Atabeyi, §emseddin Altun Aba. §emseddin Altun Aba You’ve brought honor to my humble quarters. Have a seat, please. You wanted to discuss an important matter with me. Or at least, Goktug informed me so.

Well, in view of my respect for Mahperi Hatun and you... I wanted to share with you a little secret that I have learned. And what is it that you know and we don’t? Our Sultan... he is putting the State in order He has already removed... not only his heir apparent, but you too, and even all of his Emirs, as well. The recent heinous incident within the Palace had forced his hand Are you aware of what you're saying, Sadeddin? I won’t beat about the bush, but. I will come to the point and tell you the true facts. Our Sultan has settled upon. the Princ K1I19 Arslan as his successor to the throne That is not possible. I know that you. . being his Atabey, have raised one very worthy Prince However, our Sultan has decided to let Keyhusrev remain. in the position of the Emir of Erzincan, he currently occupies. here is no way! This is absolutely impossible. Our Sultan would never do such a thing. When he returns to the Palace... he will announce his successor before embarking on a campaign. If Mahperi Hatun and you have any doubts, then at that point.. you will realize that I was telling the truth, all along Why are you telling me these things, Sadeddin? First of all... be ever mindful of the Bey of Principality, Ertugrul If ur Sultan may Allah forbid happens to die... in order to execute his last request and... proclaim Kilig Arslan as the new Sultan, he will not hesitate to . encourage uprising of all Turkmen tribes against you Yes. There is no doubt about that, at all. Superb, at least you understand who Ertugrul is. Forward this to Mahperi Hatun. .. as my modest gift When she is convinced that my words are nothing but the truth. tell her that I would like to discuss this subject with her. Open the door! Is there permission, my Hayme Mother? Come in here, Bamsi. My mother, you called me, my mother. Come, sit here. Well, tell me, Bamsi. What is the matter between Turgut and you? Nothing, there is nothing of the kind, my mother. What issue could ever arise between us? Bamsi! It is apparent that you two grew apart due to some issue. Your tongue says one thing, but something quite different is... sitting in your heart. I saw it with my own eyes today You had an altercation. Go ahead, tell me about that, my son. What has happened? What was the issue? Password for this Episode is qUiCkEpIsOdE005. Watch and Pray for us