DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 28

This is the story of EPISODE 28 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. They found it in your residence Your correspondence with the Emperor and Bilecik’s Tekfur! You wrote about the strength and the number of our army that is to... go on the campaign, and the route of the expedition, everything! Moreover. they advised you where to obtain the poison ...


This is the story of EPISODE 28 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. They found it in your residence Your correspondence with the Emperor and Bilecik’s Tekfur! You wrote about the strength and the number of our army that is to... go on the campaign, and the route of the expedition, everything! Moreover. they advised you where to obtain the poison that was to be given to me! All of these, all of these are just false accusations. Ah The letters are false! The chest is false! Shame on you, Nizamettin I have served you my whole life, my Sultan. My father served your father... my grandfather has served your grandfather. When your brother Izzettin had arrested you and threw you into the dungeon... I didn't want to leave you alone, so I spent eight years there with you. During the battle of Alaiye (Alanya)... [Conquest of Kalanoros; 1221] during the battle of Yassi Chemen, and. [Erzincan Province, 1230] and so many others, I was always by your side. My body is full of. scars from arrow punctures and from sword blows that I received... while protecting you. These are the works... of the snakes, that coiled themselves around our State, my Sultan. They are the ones who wanted to. feed you the poison, and not me. There is forgiveness for everything according to this State customs, however... there is no forgiveness for betrayal. To this end, a father would not spare his son, nor... would a brother his own brother. You took advantage of the privileges I bestowed upon you and you have. envisioned yourself in the post of a Sultan, Nizamettin. oweve the two swords cannot fit in the same sheath. In this State, the only sword (rule) is my sword (rule) The judgment belongs to me, the justice is mine, as well! Your punishment will be drawn Throw him into the dungeon He will rot away in that dungeon until... he says the names of every single person with whom he collaborated! My Sultan, you are putting the wrong person to the sword. You are throwing your State into the fire! And you may dislike a thing yet it may be good for you", my Sultan [Al-Baqarah 2 216]

It's good that you unearthed the traitors before they were able to... jeopardize you and the State. I too, ask for your permission to leave. Ah' Inglorious sod Uhm Uhm Finally you got enmeshed in the nets of your own traps You’ve got what you deserve. Uhm Ah' You have done so many dirty treacheries, that even if... I tear you apart, it wouldn't be enough to pacify me. I put your head under my feet... in this very Castle, in which. you once used to feel so sheltered. The fate of all traitors will be just the same as yours is. Kill me Ertugrul Kill me' Save your breath! We are going to have some more reckoning with you. You will tell me everything you know, every single thing f you resist... I'll force you to talk, till blood comes out of your mouth in profusion. Take this one away. The Sultanate may probably continue to exist with the lack of belief' but, if cruelty is applied, it can never be eternal.” [Grand Vezier Nizam al-Mulk - "Seyasat-nameh"] How well you said it, the great vizier Nizam-ul Mulk. May Allah save us from inflicting cruelty and protect us from being persecuted. Is there permission, my Sultan? Com in What is it, Aziz? Was there some incident? Speak up I just came from the dungeon, my Sultan. It's Emir Nizamettin Emir Nizamettin took his own life, my Sultan. What do you mean, he took his own life? How can it be? I’m one of the watchmen in the dungeon, my Sultan. He killed himself by taking the poison. The chief physician is examining the Emir s body right now, my Sultan Summon the physician and Emir Sadettin into my presence, at once! At once! Kill me, Ertugrul. Get it over and done with. Don't be in such a hurry. I will give you an opportunity to save your life. I will take you to Konya. In the presence of Sultan Alaaddin, you will tell all about... your collaboration with Emir Sadettin, every single detail. Explain to me how this could have happened? There was poison concealed in his socket ring, my Sultan. He took his own life by taking this poison dissolved in some water This poison is the same as the one that killed your soldier... at the Divan of Poets, my Sultan Traitor. He understood that since his nefarious ambitions have... come to light he no longer can save himself. Therefore, he took his own life by his own hands. There is even more, my Sultan. This poison is the same poison they have used in an attempt to... murder you at the Hanli Bazaar. Nizam ttin Why would you want to kill me? His greed for power... has drawn a veil over his eyes, my Sultan. By killing you and putting a discord between your sons. he wanted to seize the control.

There is no other explanation for this. Tr itor. How you set a trap for me and my Alps, while we were en route to the Sultan's campaign.. how you made an alliance with him regarding Hanli Bazaar... you'll say about all things you have done in cooperation with Emir Sadeddin. If you confess. . in the presence of the Sultan... I will spare your life. I am a knight who was knighted at the Sword Ceremony... I am sworn to my Empire and to our Holy Cause, Ertugrul. I would never do anything to serve either you or your State. I will not tell anything. Neither your Empire nor your Cause would be able to save you. And I treaded your knighthood underfoot. Now you are nothing. The only thing you have left is your life. If you have any sense at all, you will... do as I say and save your life. Failing that, tomorrow morning... I will reveal to your people, what kind of villain you were and I will execute you in front of your own people. All of your people will spit in your face. You will die while being cursed by your own people. You can’t do this to me Ertugrul! I didn’t deserve this! Ah You did not deserve it? You can think about this until daybreak. If you don’t decide to save your life by dawn... you’ll never be given that chance again. Shsh, shsh. Oh, mother s heart. Shsh, shsh... Karacahisar has been conquered. That blackguard Ares has been captured. And, my mother regained her health, too. Now, the good days are ahead of us, mother. In shaa Allah, my daughter. In shaa Allah. Don’t get up, mother, don’t How are you doing? How is your health, are you eating well? lam well, son. You look exhausted. I am well, mother, I am alright. I've just been to see that villain Ares. I am finished with him. However, the future of our State is at stake, mother. Why do you think so? Well, please be seated mother, there’s something I need to tell you. It's time for you to be enlightened about the situation. Every tree is eaten by a worm grown within the tree itself, mother. Our magnificent State is being eaten by its' own traitors from within. And, it’s not only our State that is at stake... but also all our tribes are.

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When we're going to get rid of these traitors? They'll either have Sultan's blood on their hands or plant discord among Princes. Praise be to Allah, the roots of our Platanus tree are strong, my Bey. And after today, it won't be moved, even the least bit. This time round, the situation is much more serious, Halime. Behind the poisoning of our Sultan. . behind the trap that was set for me and my Alps... behind Turgut and Aslihan's poisoning. behind all of these, is one and the same person. The Emir of our State, Emir Sadeddin Kopek. 6uipp p SJ<w We all know how much corrupted man he is. But, a mighty Emir! How could he have been involved in such evil acts, son? My Bey. I can get my head around everything, but. you are talking about the poisoning of the Sultan. It is a wickedness from which he cannot extricate himself. Do you have any evidence at hand? I do, my Halime But, it’s not enough. That blackguard Ares knows everything. And if he confesses all to the Sultan, then. . everything will come out. Our State will be saved from such a traitor as Kopek. But Ares is not willing to confess everything he knows. Well, what are you going to do, son? I gave him time to think it through until the dawn. If he is still unwilling to confess to everything, then. I will draw his punishment in front of his own people. Then I will go to Konya to tell the Sultan what I have learned. For Allah’s sake, Ertugrul. If Ares doesn’t speak up, how will you prove your claims? You know it as well as I do. You said it yourself that the Palace is a cruel wolves' den. Who knows how many others like Emir Sadeddin, are in there. And, if you cannot prove it, Allah forbid. they are likely to do you a great harm. We will do everything in our power to prevent Emir Sadeddm from succeeding, my Halime. If we bow to Sadeddin's intrigues, then... our State will be in a grave situation.

If we are not more dauntless than those traitors, then shame on us. The safeguarding of our State is far more valuable than our own lives. You are going to Konya with me too, Halime. As you say, my Bey. Son, you are setting off on a difficult path yet again. May Allah give you strength to cross the deep waters and to. overcome the great mountains, In shaa Allh. Amin, mother, amm. If our State comes into the wrong hands, our traditions will be lost. Now. the time has come to purge our State from those immoral ones, mother. Now, with your leave... I wish to see Muhyiddin Ibnu'l Arabi, mother As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you). Alaykumu as-salam (peace be upon you too). Please, join me, son. With the Grace of our Lord (Rabb) you eliminated those who were setting traps. Praise be to Allah (swt). Yet, I see you were unable to escape your mental traps. Get it off your chest, so you may find relief. The wild horses galloping in my heart... are taking me to the endless steppes Well, what is there, in those endless steppes? A long-living great Empire (Platanus) and the brave warriors. [the Platanus symbolizes the Ottoman Empire] A fleet bringing the seas to the heel. The keys to so many towns. Well, what is it then that troubles you so? These wild horses are whispering in my ear. What do they say? They say Plant a seedling, then as it grows, may it become a Platanus tree. May the shade of that Platanus spread all over the world. May your State thus be established. May Allah (swt) bestow such crazy horses upon everyone. How can that State be established? What attributes are required for a person who would establish a State? And do I have those attributes? To start with, a State you are talking about is not about... the seat of authority, nor the status, nor... the Sultan, the King, nor the Khan. The State is all about the state of the mind and of the heart. Just as the purity of the body, mind and heart makes us human, so... the quality of State is affected by the attributes of its own people. The better the attributes of the citizens. the better the State will be established. Hence, it is said: "Let people live so that the State may survive." [Sheikh Edebali (1206—1326)] A powerful nation arises from... the courageous and capable people.

A great viziers, commanders, scholars and students will... emerge from the virtuous people. And all told, a great State may be established. WeM, what kind of attributes should .. characterize the head of these people? The head, as you named it, controls the movements of the entire body. The head is endowed with your eyes, your ear and your mouth. A head must be "the Head", so the body would be robust. It must be compassionate. It must be just It must be courageous. It must be strong-minded and resolute. It must consider the future of the nation before its' Nafs (own self). It must envision the new goals for its nation. The problems of the Ummah (Muslim community) will become his own concern. Well, what can bring ruin to one State? Almighty Allah (swt) in the Noble Qur'an advises... O men! Certainly the promise of Allah is true. Let not then this present life deceive you nor. let the Chief Deceiver deceive you about Allah." [Surah Fatir; 35:5] Devil will employ all kinds of deceits to ruin a State. Devil will impose blindness to injustice on people's Nafs (soul). He will make a bribe look alluring. He will whisper falsehood as the truth. Everyone will focus on the problems of one's own Nafs (ego). And the will for et the problems of their nation and their Ummah. The people will then become so disorderly, that they will no longer... listen to their own Sultans, nor will they show respect for their customs... nor will they comply with laws the Al-Haqq has laid down. [Al-Haqq - The Truly Existing Allah] May Allah preserve us. May Allah preserve us. May Allah preserve us. May Allah preserve us. Almighty God, I only rely upon You and... on my friend Titan to save my life. I have no other choice but to pretend to surrender to Ertugrul. Give assistance to my friend Titan to find me and save me. before we reach Konya. The time has come, Aresj Where is Ertugrul Bey? We will take you to the town square, to face your own people. You will see Ertugrul Bey there, Ares. Password for thi Episode is QuIcKePiSoDe004. Watch and Pray for us!