DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 25

This is the story of EPISODE 25 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Every place is possible to be conquered by a sword. The main issue is to make it feel as one's home. Now, we need to make this place feel like our home, but... we are also required to ensure peace and quiet to the Christian community. You speak most appropriately, my Bey. First, to mark this ...


This is the story of EPISODE 25 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Every place is possible to be conquered by a sword. The main issue is to make it feel as one's home. Now, we need to make this place feel like our home, but... we are also required to ensure peace and quiet to the Christian community. You speak most appropriately, my Bey. First, to mark this here as the land with an Islamic way of life... we need to build a mosque. Take care of this matter at once, Bamsi. Engage the best master-builders. Supply them with whatever they need. As you command, my Bey. My Bey, our lands will be now visited by learned scholars as well. It will be necessary to build a place, a Madrasah to accommodate them. You are thinking well, Artuk Bey. The knowledge is the strongest foundation for the prosperity of one nation. We need to do everything possible to... get the learned scholars to come here and to remain there Aag A|/| We can build the almshouse for homeless and healing place for the sick... by engaging the same master-builders we already brought. Taxes are the biggest concern for the Christian community. They were suffering under the taxes imposed by the Byzantines, for such long time They now fear the amount of Jizyah that we may impose upon them, my Bey. [Jizyah - yearly 'Per Capita' tax] What are your thoughts regarding this, Artuk Bey? My Bey, it has been rooted in our tradition that... A Bey must show his generosity and he must display his skills in fighting". Based on that, firstly, the people’s stomach must be full and their purse must be rich, so... they can feel at peace. People must be in peace, so that... they may always show loyalty and obedience to the Bey who is their head. That's my opinion too, Artuk Bey. For that reason, we will... maintain the amount of Jizyah low, for people and Christian traders. [Jizyah - yearly 'Per Capita' tax] Abdurrahman Go to the town square at once and assemble the traders. Notify them that we will maintain the amount of Jizyah low. As you command, mu Bey. Artuk B y Before attending to anything else, thoroughly examine all papers in the Castle. Something will definitely emerge to... confirm the collaboration between Emir Sadettin and Ares. Search every nook and cranny of this place with a fine-tooth comb.

This issue is very important. As you command, my Bey. I'll go down to the cellar, where Ares kept all of his confidential papers Eyvallah (thank you). Take Marya with you, too She could help you with checking the papers written in Greek. I'll do as you order, my Bey. Please, come in This is the last room. This room was generally used to. entertain guests or to relax, since it offers a view of the Castle. This great Castle now belongs to you. You will manage it however you please. Ah, my Suleyman Shah I wish you were still alive. So, you might have witnessed this blessed conquest. O my Allah (swt). O my Allah (swt). Mother J3ij}0|/| aiuAen Mother, what happened? Help her, help her. Hah. Mother, what happened? Are you alright? Hafsa Hatun, summon Artuk Bey. Huh. Don’t go my daughter Wait Don’t go I am alright It has passed already. What do you mean, you’re alright, mother? You were just short of breath. What’s wrong if Artuk Bey check you over? There is no need for that, my daughter See, it has already passed. I am alright, now I am old, after all This sort of things are to be expected. Halime, my daughter Yes, mother. This is the world to which men come, from which they go.' [Dede Korkut Book, The Outher Oghuz Rebellion] If something happened to me.. Dundar should return to his brother’s side. Keep all the brothers together. Don t. don’t let them quarrel with each other and fell apart. Keep an eye on them What kind of words are these, mother? May Allah never take you from us. Don’t say such things. My daughter.. death will eventually knock at the door of every one of us. Either today or tomorrow. Mary a Hatun . Ertugrul Bey wants you to help Artuk Bey go over the papers in the cellar. Would you excuse me? Please take care of yourself, Hayme Mother. Thank you. my girl May you always be with us. Come on, then There is a lot of work to do. et’s go. Come, mother I m fin I m fine, my daughter res Titan. While I was expecting your return, Ertugrul showed up instead. Due to your incompetence, we’ve lost our fortress. None of us would have been in this situation if... the men you assigned to guard the secret gateway were alert. Don't you dare to put the blame for your incompetence on me! We’re in this situation thanks to you You are wounded. My wound doesn’t matter. To h II with my wound' The woman I loved has betrayed me My fortress was taken from me Our war is not over yet.

Let’s take care of our wounds, first. Our war is far from over Our war is far from over. It’s far from over. Our war is far from over. What’s the matter, Abdurrahman? As per my Ertugrul Bey’s order, no one is allowed inside. Do I count as "no one Please indulge me. Halime Sultan. Ertugrul Bey gave a strict order. Don’t put me in difficult position I would rather sacrifice my life than let you get inside. What's going on inside, Abdurrahman? I don't see, don't hear, don't speak of what is not my concern. O, my Allah (swt), You who are Omnipotent. You, who are the Just and the Merciful Mawla. [Mawlana -Allah’s name; Al-Baqarah; 2:286; At-Tawbah; 9:51]. pes tue I am helpless. I am I n ly Do not deprive me of Your presence in this mortal world, o my Lord (Rabb). Assist me, have mercy on me, guide me. Do not let my heart become the prisoner of this throne, o my Lord (Rabb) Preserve me from being like your servants whose hearts are imbued with the ambition for power and positions. It is You alone I ask for Mercy and to You alone I bow my head. Protect me from being defeated by Satan's treacheries, Allah'im. Do not let the beauty of this world deceive me to... forget about the Hereafter, o my Allah SWT. I know, the victory comes from You. I know, power comes from You. I know, glory comes from You. Don't let me become one of Your servants who are ignorant of those, o my Lord (Rabb). Don't let me be one of Your servants who are not appreciative, o my Lord (Rabb). Don't let me be one of Your servants who are ungrateful, o my Lord (Rabb) May my life be sacrificed for Your sake. May my descendants continue on Your path. It is enough for us if You do not leave us without You o my Lord (Rabb) Amin What’s the matter, Marya Hatun? Have you found some important document? I didn t, unfortunately All these are just an ordinary correspondence, so far Artuk B y You’re analyzing these in great detail. Are you looking for a specific document?

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If you're looking for a particular one, I'll focus my attention on that. There is no particular document that we are looking for, Marya Hatun You just keep looking If you come across something that might look important, read that to me. It will be my pleasure. have a question for you What is more reliable according to you, this stone fortress or... our tents? The stone as such, is more reliable than our tents, my Bamsi Head-Alp. And how can a tent compare, say? And what do you think about this, Alps? We concede that Gunkut is correct. He is right. If that’s so, if that’s so, then shame on me. Shame on me Seems, we will have to go to great lengths, to bring you to a proper disposition of mind. First of all, the guardian of an Alp's is his heart. His sword is guided by his mind. What good will a stone do to you, if you don't have a heart? What use will a sword be to you, if you’re lacking in brains? You asked if a stone is more reliable than a tent, Bamsi Head-Alp. There is a big difference between your question and your words. Besides, we understand what you are talking about. Of course, a stone is more reliable then the felt made from goat hair. However, the inhabitants of goat hair tents have defeated those . who sought refuge in the fortress. And the power of that stone has been razed to the ground. So, was the stone more reliable than the felt made of goat hair? Your duties will now be modified in accordance to the situation. An Alp must be able to recognize the hidden meaning behind questions. And he must anticipate that. He must spot the hidden intentions behind the outward appearance Why we went through so much trouble, for so long? Why was the son of our Bey, Gunduz, kidnapped? Why have we lost our brother Dogan Alp? Why Samsa Alp became martyr? For, we were not able to read the enemy's mind.

For, we were not able to recognize the traitors’ wickedness. That's why no query will be disregarded as such. You will not fail to understand the real intention behind that. Now I need the Alps who can grasp that there's more than meets the eye. I need the Alps who can read the enemy’s mind. Alps! If we become sluggish then... we will just burden our Ertugrul Bey even more. Just as we know how to receive orders... we know how to reason, too. From now, every morning and every evening.. I will make you learn by heart... how to wisely use your mind Did you understand my words? We did, my Bamsi Head-Alp Eyvallah (good on you) What goes through your mind? Firstly, we need to reclaim our fortress. I’ve sent word to the Tekfur of Bilecik. He will send his envoy to them. He will make them an attractive proposal. Do you think you can still hoodwink Ertugrul with your proposals? Of course, I don’t. But from that point on I'll put him n such a difficult situation, that... this proposal might become tempting during bargaining. Are you ready? My Bey, unfortunately we couldn’t find Ares. That means, his appointed hour hasn’t come yet, Atsiz Bey. Eyvallah (you’re right) Eh, those were the good days. We were just servants, now we own the fortress, Atsiz. May Allah (SWT) expand your properties and multiply your conquests May He make your power eternal, Ertugrul Bey. Amin Eyvallah (may it be so), eyvallah. May you live long. If it wasn't for your help, we wouldn’t have come to these days, Atsiz. If it wasn’t for your passion, your love for your cause and for your dreams, then... the State wouldn't stand behind you. May Allah be pleased with you. May Allah be pleased with all of us. Eyvallah (may it be so). Open the gate My Bamsi Head-Alp, a Byzantine envoy has arrived.

That’s just as well, that’s good. Get their weapons and let them wait. As you order, my Head-Alp. Hand over your weapons. Welcome to the fortress of Ertugrul Bey, the Bey of Kayis. I came to make a proposal to Ertugrul Bey on behalf of Tekfur of Bilecik. And who are you9 I am Angelos, the Commander of Tekfur of Bilecik. Well then, well Now, you may wait here. When Ertugrul Bey considers it convenient for him and. when he is ready to see you, you may come into his presence. injiunQ Offer some sherbet to our gusts. As you order, my Head-Alp. So. then Ertugrul Bey, with your leave, my duty here is completed. 11 bey expects me back Eyvallah (thank you), Atsiz. Aag A|/| What is it, Bamsi The envoy of Tekfur of Bilecik has arrived. May it go well with your new enemy, my Bey. Eyvallah (well then) Bring him here promptly. Let's size him up, so we may hone our swords according to his bearing. Eyvallah (as you wish), my Bey] What sort of enemy would you like this time, Turgut? It doesn’t matter who he is, provided he doesn't take me captive, my Bey. I had enough of being taken captive and getting out of it. What kind of enemy do you want, Bamsi? Vallahi, my Bey, I don't want an enemy who spreads strife among us every chance they get. Eyvallah (you’re right) Ertugrul Bey What about you? What kind of enemy do you want this time? We mowed down so many enemies, and we got rid of so many traitors. After all this fight, my stance on the enemy's traits would be se follows. There are enemies who act as if they have good intentions, only to trip you up. For instance... Emir Sadeddin! The kind of wounds and sufferings they inflict. . s very eep. To eliminate the corruption they spread is a formidable task. The other enemy is the infidel. You are aware of him, you recognize him. Sooner or later their intrigues would emerge. The most dangerous enemies are the ones who... act as if they have good intentions, but who allay themselves with the infidel. The struggle against them would be most difficult. And would be quite violent. Praise be to Allah, we were able to defeat many enemies of this kind. However. . at the cost of many losses. This time around, we are going to draw lessons from all that anguish. We will address and we will overcome our weaknesses. Did I make myself clear? Eyvallah (you did), my Bey. Eyvallah (you did), my Bey. Now, let’s welcome our visitor, get him here, Bamsi. Eyvallah (alright), my Bey The fight of that barbarous Turk, named Ertugrul. is not mind-driven... but rather by his faith, Titan. And so, our attack must be guided by our strongest beliefs, too. Uhm If we want to get revenge on Ertugrul and. finish him off once for all, we have to do it at a stroke. Yes. At one stroke. Password for this Episode is QuickEpisodE001. Watch and Pray for us.