DIRILIS Season 4 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 24

This is the story of EPISODE 24 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. My dear friend stand up I want to hug you, Titan. It's not Titan! But, Suleyman Shah’s son, Ertugrul! Ertugrul Haydir Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah) Haydir Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah) It's a trap Kill them all! Haydir Ajlah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah) Allahu ekber (Allah is the Greatest) ...


This is the story of EPISODE 24 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. My dear friend stand up I want to hug you, Titan. It's not Titan! But, Suleyman Shah’s son, Ertugrul! Ertugrul Haydir Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah) Haydir Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah) It's a trap Kill them all! Haydir Ajlah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah) Allahu ekber (Allah is the Greatest) iM IIVO Smash them! Allahu ekber (Allah is the Greatest) Ya! Allah Haydir Allah (Al Hayy - The Everlasting Allah) Alps, don’t let our Bey go alone! Don't let anyone pass through at the cost of your life. II come back to get you, Ertugrul Ertugrul is here Where did you go? Ah, so you went in there, hah? What's going on? -The Turks have invaded the fortress What9 Ertugrul, he is alive Hide yourself, Madam. Come with me, right away. We need to get out of the fortress. I'll save you. Go to Hell, Ares! You vile worn n! You, traitor1 Ah m going to kill you Run, get out of here! Don’t be afraid, don't be afraid. Don't be afraid. You’re now free. Go to your spouses and children, reunite with your families, go. You re free May God bless you. May God protect you, we’re grateful to you. We’re grateful to you. We’re grateful to you. Thank heavens May God protect you Thank heavens We’re grateful to you. EyvAllah (don’t mention it) Go on, go on You’re free now, you may go. Come on then, hey, Masha Allah. Brothers, go and look everywhere. Don't miss even a single soldier. Come on, come on, be quick about that. Come on then There is no way I can walk out of the fortress alive. But I can get out as a dead man. isuieg The lives of these soldiers are entrusted to us Throw them into the dungeon, till the safety of the fortress is restored. As you order, my Bey. Come on then, come on. Come on, get going Ertugrul Bey. What happened to that vile Ares? I wounded him Just when I was about to take his life, his soldiers came. He ran away like a dog with the tail between his legs. The Alps are hot on his heels. We took over the control of his lair, anyhow. Sooner or later, the Alps will catch up with him. Gunkut, Abdurrahman. Search in every nook and cranny of this Castle. But, bring him to me dead or alive. As you command, my Bey As you command, my Bey. Go on Aag A|/| What is the situation in the fortress, Bamsi? No infidel is left in the fortress.

The fortress is now under our authority, evelAllah, my Bey. EyvAllah (well done), Bamsi. In that case, bring our banner immediately And tell the other tribes the good news of our victory. As you command, my Bey. Where are you, you vile dog? Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [In the name of Allah swt, the Merciful and the Compassionate]. Ya Haqq (Al-Haqq - The Truly Existing Allah). Ya Haqq (Al-Haqq - The Truly Existing Allah). Praise be to Allah SWT. Thanks to Allah SWT. Thanks to Allah SWT. Praise be to our Allah SWT, brother. He has granted us to see this blessed victory. Praise be to Allah, my brother, praise be. We will see many more beautiful victories, In shaa Allah. Long live my Ertugrul Bey Long ive my Ertugrul Bey Long live my Ertugrul Bey Long live my Ertugrul Bey Long live my Ertugrul Bey Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live my Ertugrul Bey Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Our blessed banner... carrying justice interwoven in its every inch, stitch by stitch. with Allah's grace and. providence... has brought honor to this place as well. This is not an end in essence, this is just the beginning. Today, we have planted the seed here. This seed... will germinate, then. . it will grow into a Platanus tree, whose shadows. will cover the entire world, In shaa Allah. Now. we will proclaim our conquest... with Adhan (call to prayer) as recited by Muhammad (pbuh). O All h SWT Mother. All sisters are attending to their duties. They keep patrolling day and night. Excellent My daughter, you didn’t get a wink of sleep, the whole night. Take a breath, come here. Mother There is still no news from Ertugrul Bey. I can't help myself but have to wonder about their situation. My daughter we are obliged to ensure the safety of our tribe... and to pray for them to be victorious. Allah (swt) will help them.

In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. Is there permission, Hayme Hatun? O my Allah, may there be a good news, In shaa Allah. Please, come in, Artuk Bey. The word has come from my Ertugrul Bey. Praise be to Allah, we have planted our banners on the Castle. Adhan of Muhammad (pbuh) was called out. O my Allah, thank You, o my Lord (Rabb). Praise be to Allah (swt). Praise be to You, o my Lord (Rabb). Praise be to Allah (swt). Thank You Allah for allowing us to see this victory. Well, they dared to take me captive, hah And so, my father took that Castle from their hands! This time, I will go there not as a captive, but... as Ertugrul Bey's son, Gunduz. Hey, Masha Allah. My Ertugrul Bey expects me at Castle, immediately. And you, you convey the good news to our people and... come to the Castle together with the Alps. Artuk B y Is Marya alright? I’m worried about her. Who is Marya, Gunduz? Artuk B y Mary a is one lady from the Castle. When they kidnapped my Gunduz, she helped him a lot. Alright. Gunduz As soon as I get to the Castle, I'll find it out. Well, come on, take them away Seems you’ve forgotten that those lands still belong to us, Ertugrul Bey. Even though you are paying tribute to our Sultan I know very well that you occupy those positions The ruling over these lands still belongs to me, Ertugrul Bey. This Castle... was the nest... of so many intrigues. traps and evilness. Their atrocities could have only been purged with their own blood. Thanks to Allah, we destroyed the darkness of oppression in this place... now the Sun of our justice will be born. This blow that you dealt to Karacahisar, will not only... shake Nikea but Constantinople, as well You said that this conquest will open the gates of even greater horizons, my Bey. Now I understand better what you mean. I said that the borders cannot hold you back, my Bey. Now everyone will see that, evelAllah. Eyvallah (may it be so), my brothers. The Alps have to keep their eyes and ears open.

Password: Karacahisar0cThronec

It would behoove us to be cautious until the things settle down. You can take a look at our surroundings. Let's see how things are going. Eyvallah (alright), my Bey My Bey. There's a locked chest in here. Bring it here, Bamsi. Eyvallah (alright), my Bey Turgut brother I’m coming, brother, I’m coming. O Allah (swt) Here you go, my Bey. I wonder if this is a hidden treasure of this blind Tekfur? Tu gut Come on, bismillah (in the name of Allah). Yah. It’s my own sharp, sky-blue sword So, it was in the hands of this blind Tekfur. The first thing that welcomed you here you was your sky-blue sword, Ertugrul Bey As if that blackguard was afraid even of your sword, my Bey... so, he hid it m a locked chest. Hey, Masha Allah. Obviously, he dreamed of defeating me with my own sword. However, I turned his dreams into a nightmare. Now, as the tradition requires... I'm going to tear his throne down with my sword. Ah The executioner of oppressors is justice. The truth has come, the falsehood has ended This is not going to end here I’ll be back again. I will both, take your life and take my fortress back, Ertugrul. Uhm What is the situation outside, Dumrul? We have sent Ares' dead soldiers to be buried, my Bey. We also gathered our martyrs and we ll send them to the tribe. To this day we have fought so many battles. If today we have a homeland it is owing to our martyrs. May Allah rest their precious souls in peace. Amin Amin Amin We conquered the fortes. However it is necessary to take extra precautions. The Emperor may have sent his army. Bamsi! You warn the Alps who are stationed outside. Until I give command, they are not to move from their respective places. Tekfurfrom Bilecik may also send unit of troops. Send a group of Alps to lie in ambush along the road to Bilecik. As you command, my Bey. Did you find Ares? We didn’t find him yet, my Bey. But our Alps keep looking for him. Dumrul, caution the Alps that took Ares' soldiers for burial. Atsiz, take some Alps with you. Ares might have escaped from the fortress. If he managed to escape, he will take shelter with Tekfur of Bilecik. Be on the alert. Don t worry, Ertugrul Bey All Ares' escape's routes are known to me. I will swoop on him and bring him to you, of course. Eyvallah (alright). Gunkut, you notify^the priests^

They can come to get portraits and crosses to take them to the churches. As you command, mt Bey. Well, go on! Hoo! Alps, come here, give me a hand. What happened here? Ares, Ares has run away. He hid himself among the dead. You go and notify Ertugrul Bey. We are going after Ares. Come on. Yah! Ertugrul Bey, the Christian population is concerned about their freedom of worship. We want to know your attitude in relation to that. We do not interfere with anyone’s worship, Reverend Father. Our only concern will be to secure justice to those under our administration. From now on, you are my people too. Almighty Allah, in his Supreme Book, states. There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion." [Al-Baqarah; 2:256] In accordance with that, you are free to live and worship as you wish... as long as you do not disturb the peace of the people Now, ring the bells and assemble your people in the courtyard, directly. I have words to tell them. Thank you, Ertugrul Bey. ome o Take everything Alright Hah Get down, check those tracks. They are leading from here This is the road to Bilecik. Ertugrul Bey was right. He will take shelter with the Tekfur of Bilecik and will gather the army. We need to catch up with him. Come on, get on the horses. Come on, my valiants. Hah Hah Aag A|AI Thanks to Allah (swt) we have seen these days, too. May Allah (swt) make our victory everlasting. Amin, Artuk Bey We have experienced these days, thanks to our Almighty Lord (Rabb). Turgut Alp. May Allah give strength to your wrists, my brave-hearts. Eyvallah (may it be so) Artuk Bey. isiueg May your swords never be notched EyvAllah (let it be so), Artuk Bey, eyvAllah. We found these in the cellar, my Bey Eyvallah (well done), Alps. There may be important secret documents in them, my Bey You read them, Artuk Bey, every single one. I want you to find a link between Ares and Emir Sadeddm. When I go to our Sultan, I want to have strong evidence. As you command, my Bey. I'll study them thoroughly and I’ll inform you of my findings. Eyvallah (thank you), Artuk Bey. One fifth of this prize I will take to our Sultan, when I go to see him.

Firstly, use one part of this to open an almshouse (home for the poor). Yet another part to build a mosque. And the rest, divide among the tribes in equal shares As you command, my Bey. Speak up, Dumrul. Atsiz sent the word, my Bey. He’s found Ares' tracks. He’s gone after him. Atsiz will find Ares, for sure. Send the Alps to the surrounding area, immediately. As you command, my Bey. Hayme Mother, welcome here. Welcome here, Hayme Mother. Welcome to you, Hayme Mother] Glad to see you. O, my great Allah (swt) what incredible things You are able to do. This Byzantine's nest, which has been spreading evilness until yesterday... has been honored by Islam, today. Praise be to Allah, mother. It was bestowed on us to live through these days. In shaa Allah, we will bring this Castle to life and make it prosperous. In shaa Allah, my daughter] For allowing us to enjoy such a victory... no matter how much we thank Allah, it wouldn't be enough. My d ughter What happened? Hafsa, are you alright9 In this Castle where I was born and raised. I have suffered so many great sorrows. They killed my father. I ve been left alone What would I do without you, Hayme Mother? And now, when I came to the Castle together with you, like this. my happiness and my sadness got mixed. Ah, my beautiful daughter We will experience many more beautiful days, In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah. Welcome to you, Hayme Mother. Glad to see you, Gunkut., I will take you to my Ertugrul Bey. Alright Why do these bells ring? My Ertugrul Bey wants to talk to the townsfolk. So, this is to assemble the townsfolk, Hayme Mother. Mother, I know this Castle very well. If you wish, I will show you around. Eeh, alright, my Gunduz. Well, th n Come on, take us to your father then. Then follow me. grandma You can't take over the Castle, you cannot." you told me... Whether I can do it or not, everyone will see." I told you. I trampled on your authority I destroyed your order Now both, the Karacahisar fortress and your throne as well, are my under my supremacy. Both Nikea and the Emperor will also see that soon. Sit down and write, Password for this Episode is KaracahisarThrone. Watch and Pray for us.